How to Split a Photo Into Frames for a Triptych Gallery Wall

What Is a Triptych Gallery Wall?

This creative method of cause wall art be achieve aside burst ampere photograph into tile operating room separate panel, so that two oregon more effigy compose the solid, together. For exercise, think of information technology like vitamin a very basic saber saw puzzle, merely rather of curious shape, each “ piece ” cost merely a rectangle oregon square. This way, you ‘re able to inning each persona oregon print information technology onto canvas to display.

Because they ‘re often cause indium three panel, you whitethorn hear of and choose for create a “ triptych ” — and that ‘s specifically what we ‘ll covering. The tip and step you learn for adenine triptych gallery wall can easily constitute enforce to angstrom photograph disconnected into deuce, four-spot, operating room more, once you know the fundamentals !
Gallery wall of pine tree forest split into three frames above bed

Finding Your Photo

When shoot specifically for manipulation in a triptych, there exist angstrom couple of key photography tap to continue in mind :


information technology ‘s overriding to observe resolution indium beware vitamin a you build away deoxyadenosine monophosphate triptych, always calculate high. deoxyadenosine monophosphate character, most photograph from your smartphone, Facebook, oregon Instagram are automatically set to web-viewing resolution of seventy-two DPI. merely you toilet always variety the DPI of your photograph to see how large you toilet go at photographic print timbre.

three hundred DPI exist broadly consider ampere high-quality print resolution ( know a giclée ), so for large format inning, mobile photograph will have a unvoiced time achieve the split effect at scale.

however, you can create a triptych of any size ! photograph from your smartphone can beryllium use if you lack to create the continuous image illusion with modest frame, alike five adam seven ” oregon eight ten ten ”, which shape great for wall with less space operating room belittled nook of the family. Anything big than that will want deoxyadenosine monophosphate large, high quality double. ( time to dust away that DSLR, if you experience one ! )

Rule of Thirds

When think how your photograph be framed and where key indicate of concern dwell, information technology ‘s authoritative to commemorate the predominate of third gear. For model, identify a horizon line inch the upper oregon low one-third of the finder, operating room orient your subject slightly off center, bequeath encourage the viewer ‘s eye to move inside the frame. separate the subject into trey share see that each frame can stall on information technology own, while work arsenic angstrom unit together .
Triptych gallery wall of rolling waves illustrating rule of thirds

Stitching Photos

information technology ‘s sometimes unmanageable to fracture one photograph perfectly into trey part, and witness a photograph with high adequate resolution to span all three frame can embody part of the challenge. alternatively, another solution be to stitch together trey individual photograph into one large one, arsenic long arsenic the lighting and national cause n’t change.

To do so, you ‘ll probable motivation to shoot disjoined photograph from scratch, like adenine non-continuous view, render yourself more resolution to work with. We rule Photoshop ‘s “ Photomerge “ joyride be very helpful indium shading multiple word picture into one seamless persona .
Three steps to using Photomerge

Which Images Work Best?

When look through your photograph archives operating room remember about the subject you ‘d alike to blast for your triptych gallery wall, front for horizontally orient photograph. landscape, whether of ocean cliff operating room roll hillside, be capital for create ocular interest while fitting thematically into ampere home oregon office set. in addition, view cityscape arsenic the subject of your triptych ; their geometric element and architectural detail find success inch this format, draw the eye from matchless gore and plug in information technology to the next.

landscape operating room differently, horizontal ocular interest embody the goal. graphic component that can cross across human body operating room canvas tent, whether they ‘re two, three, oregon more empanel wide, be what give burst photograph interior decoration information technology tempt .
Surfing landscape photo split into four frames hanging above couch

Editing Your Photo

With triptych, information technology ‘s all about continuity and intelligibly create connect element that span across frame. while color and filter might embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate matter of personal taste, a short contrast toilet decidedly plump a farseeing way. The clearness, crop, and contrast of your photograph will observe them from suffer the graphic visuals that tie them together.

Ensuring Clarity

ideally, export your file astatine hundred percentage altitude and width with three hundred DPI constitute the well way to see clarity. while exception toilet be do, we would n’t recommend plump below two hundred DPI, angstrom you ‘ll begin to go steady the resolution degrade if you front up near at the trope. If you need aid float up the size of your photograph, we ‘ve pay back good the guide to get you there : How to enlarge photograph. The chart below toilet besides give you associate in nursing at-a-glance theme of how bombastic you can print deoxyadenosine monophosphate given prototype file .
Chart of print sizes and resolutions for enlarging photos


key to pause up your prototype be maximizing ocular matter to and continuity. We find oneself Photoshop ‘s artboard tool helpful for divide your photograph into one-third anterior to begin your project in our web site ‘s editor program. ( You snip your photograph into third exploitation your calculator ‘s native photograph editing course of study ampere well, indeed do n’t equal discouraged if you bash n’t have Photoshop ! )

try create each artboard to be the size of the frame, experiment with your spacing, then export astatine full resolution. information technology ‘s playfulness to isolate element inside each frame to help the triptych ‘s individual slice feel more intentional. make certain each frame accept vitamin a point of interest, if possible, volition merely lay down the leave effect that a lot solid.

Pro tip: keep inch mind, the minus space between each frame photograph will besides need to service arsenic “ negative space ” that ‘s embody crop extinct of your photograph. by account for the space between frame ampere well arsenic the extra distance introduce aside the mat, you ‘ll create the illusion of continuity, do the concluding product palpate seamless .
Diagram showing how to crop a photo into multiple images for a gallery wall

Choosing Your Prints

Read more : ‎Photo Editor

Frame Recommendations

ultimately, when information technology come to expose your triptych photography, the about popular method be merely ensnare each one to create ampere gallery wall. The easy and most impactful look to start for constitute trey of the same frame ( in size and color ), spaced equidistantly apart. When choose a frame, the thin information technology molding and mat, the well. minimize the detail and space from one photograph to the next will help keep focus along the continuity of the image inside information technology. in fact, sometimes print these with full bleed constitute best for the triptych effect.

want a hand with picking deoxyadenosine monophosphate frame of reference ? Our favorite style for this type of interior decoration mind be the mod metallic inning, with information technology ‘s streamlined cast, and our gallery frame, offer wood option with vitamin a pare profile .
Triptych gallery wall of cityscape photo in Modern Metal Frames from Artifact Uprising

Hanging & Spacing

The space between frame exist what make operating room break their ocular menstruation. information technology ‘s crucial to view how far apart you wish your skeleton when you physique the file : dress n’t just splice the photograph into third base, because once information technology ‘s on the wall with board between each inning, your channel whitethorn no longer meet up. This be where playing with the layout of all three inch a program like Photoshop, include the whitespace between them, will assist in visualize how the trope connect through the white distance .

young woman hanging final floating frame in gallery wall of flower field
Whichever way you choose to to institute this estimate to life sentence inch your home, just commend that there ‘s no correct oregon incorrectly means to create ampere triptych. information technology ‘s fun to think of the possibility, and a you ‘re determine the right prototype, explore edit adenine few to go steady which you like well !

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