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Format ‍ Please supply your files in JPEG format. If you are uploading mastermind from a telephone, your files should already be in this format. We highly recommend sRGB color profiles and do not support CMYK. File size For optimum print timbre, please upload hi-resolution photos of at least 2MB and 300dpi resolution. Please note that photograph sent to you via WhatsApp will broadly have been reduced in file size ( to 200Kb ) and consequently mark at a identical low quality.

Finish If you intend to frame your print behind glass we recommend you choose flatness coating, if you are wanting photos with vibrant color we would recommend a glossy finish. No can do. We ca n’t turn a regretful photograph into a great print. Please review our professional photograph print advice below and check the photograph mark preview carefully before approving your photos for print. Cropping

sometimes your photograph may be a unlike view ratio to our prints or you may want to print a orthogonal photograph as a squarely print or print a portrayal iPhone snap as a landscape or square print. When you upload a photograph, we don ’ thyroxine know which contribution of your photograph you want to print ! consequently, we provide a dislodge crop tool so that you can select the area of your photograph to print. Our cropping tool means there ’ second no excuse for cut off heads ! Trimming & Bleed Please be mindful that we trim your photos after printing. It ’ south called bleed and means you will lose a very little separate of your print on all four edges – typically around 1-2mm. This may not sound much but we suggest that you crop your photograph to avoid having any crucial soundbox region or text close to the edge of your mark which may be unintentionally cut off. An alternative is to add a white border to your print, that way none of your photograph will be cut off during trimming. Brightness When you view a photograph on a call, pill or calculator the brightness set may mean it appears brighter than it very is. We don ’ t artificially brighten your photos before printing and therefore you should check the truthful brightness of your photograph before printing it out.

Preview We give you the opportunity to preview every print before we print your photograph. It ’ sulfur important to use this opportunity to check your buy as we can not offer returns or refunds for blue or ill cropped photos. Take account of our advice and your prints will turn out great !

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