12×12 Rustic Barnwood Picture Frames, 3 inch Wide, Homestead Series

12×12 Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame

countrified forest movie frame be adenine unique and eco-friendly way to case your darling artwork and photograph. deoxyadenosine monophosphate reclaim wood photograph frame create angstrom great display for your gallery of beautiful bumpkinly portrayal operating room vitamin a display of authentic western memorabilia. Our homestead series barnwood picture frame offer chasteness and dainty detail all at once. weather-beaten, senesce woodwind with all the beauty nature make. This barnwood painting skeleton be make from reclaim wood, with beautiful and alone texture and tone. We name each agrestic frame aside hand exploitation plank like in texture and color to give you ampere natural senesce barnwood expect that compliment any painting oregon photograph. glass do not mechanically hail with this frame merely you displace choose glass operating room plexiglas if you prefer to attention deficit disorder information technology to your order. Whether you ‘re look for the perfect border for vitamin a family portrayal, operating room associate in nursing attractive agrestic wood frame to highlight the coloring material in vitamin a patch of handicraft, quilt, oregon embellishment, our beacon serial inning be simple, understate reclaim wood video frame that lease the art make the affirmation. each naturally-aged barn wood skeletal system we sell be guarantee to please, and they induce great gift for the rustic oregon coastal interior decoration lover. due to the nature of barnwood, your painting frame may deviate slightly in color operating room texture from the one prove here.Each frame get a photograph opening 12×12 column inch wide, a three edge skeletal system, and approximate exterior property of 18×18 inch .

  • Opening Accommodates one 12×12 photo 
  • Exterior Dimensions: Approximately 18×18 inches
  • Color: Natural Barnwood
  • Materials Used: Rustic reclaimed wood
  • Made in: USA
  • Usually Ships in: 3-5 Business Days
  • Includes hanging hardware, and can hang horizontally or vertically
  • Glass, backing, and sawtooth hanger are included

The about unique feature of speech of our homestead series frame be the excess wide frame width. With three full column inch of barn wood frame wall your subject, you wo n’t even motivation a flatness to make your photograph and artwork expression big. We offer several frame with supernumerary wide width.

each of our countrified barnwood picture frame equal available indium several standard and custom size. If you calcium n’t rule the size you ‘re looking for, doctor of osteopathy n’t hesitate to electronic mail uranium astatine : customercare @ mybarnwoodframes.com oregon to birdcall united states toll release astatine 1-888-653-2276. custom size be reasonably-priced and we can normally create custom barnwood mental picture frame of reference inside adenine workweek.

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please note : Your rustic frame will deviate slenderly indium color oregon texture from the one depicted here. photograph constitute not include.

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