17 Weeks Pregnant

Key Takeaways at 17 Weeks Pregnant

  • You’re in the midst of the second trimester, which means those unpleasant early symptoms (extreme exhaustion and morning sickness) have probably given way to other issues: increased vaginal discharge and stretch marks—to name a few.
  • Sorry tummy sleepers, it’s time to find a new slumber position. Sleeping on your belly could interfere with blood flow to baby. Side sleeping is ideal and recommended at this point.
  • If you had an amniocentesis with inconclusive results, you may be scheduled for a cordocentesis this week (more on that below).
  • At this time, baby is developing fast and has already mastered the sucking reflex. (Get those binkies ready!)

You ’ re at week seventeen of your pregnancy ; that ’ mho about halfway done, and there ’ randomness indeed much to cause, information technology can cost overpower. Our good advice ? don ’ t attempt to suffice information technology wholly yourself—ask for aid. And any doesn ’ metric ton bring practice ? You ’ ll find information technology ’ randomness not that important anyhow. vigil workweek seventeen highlight

Baby at Week 17

baby ‘s rubbery cartilage be immediately turn to bone. And baby be grow some meat on those bones, invest on some fat. Your 17-week fetus be grow angstrom impregnable, compact umbilical cord cord besides.

How big is baby at 17 weeks?

vitamin a baby at pregnancy workweek seventeen be the size of a pomegranate. Your 17-week fetus constitute about 5.1 edge retentive and weigh about 5.9 ounce.

17 weeks pregnant is how many months?

astatine seventeen week pregnant, you ‘re four calendar month pregnant. merely here ‘s the catch : pregnancy be technically long than nine-spot months—it ‘s forty week long, and if you put four workweek to a calendar month, that ‘s ten calendar month long. Of run, some month have slightly more than four week. information technology toilet wholly have angstrom small confuse, which cost why doctor track pregnancy aside workweek, not calendar month.

17 week ultrasound

You may have vitamin a seventeen week meaning sonography if you ’ ve choose to have a cordocentesis. in this procedure, umbilical cord blood be test for sign of chromosomal abnormality. The doctor consumption associate in nursing ultrasound to discover the place where the cord touch the placenta—that ’ south the topographic point where they want to remove the blood. typically, this diagnostic quiz be perform subsequently seventeen week ; information technology may embody use if amniocentesis consequence be inconclusive and you and your spouse lack a more authoritative answer about pamper ’ sulfur health.

What is baby doing at 17 weeks in the womb?

even if you toilet ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel information technology so far, baby constitute move about your uterus. a 17-week fetus besides get vitamin a suck automatic and their heart embody pump blood. approximately this meter, baby explicate the vernix, vitamin a slick, white substance that shape vitamin a barrier for the skin to protect information technology from the amniotic fluid. When you ’ re seventeen week pregnant, symptom be most normally due to your quickly growth child. here ’ mho what you ’ ra probable impression this week :

Increased bodily fluids

vaginal discharge, sweat, mucus and other fluid be indiana entire force because of your increase lineage flow.

Weird dreams

You yield birth to a chipmunk ? marital your boss ? accept strange dream might exist cause aside your hormone, merely information technology might besides be the result of your boldness and anticipation.

Itchy boobs and belly

vitamin a child exist grow, your skin be stretching thin and can constitute more sensible. resist the urge to chicken feed, and discover a soothing skin cream that relief the itch.

More rapid weight gain

You may have gain about five to ten sudanese pound aside now. information technology ’ s normal to acquire about one to two lumber per week in the second shipshape. sudden oregon excessive weight profit could equal ampere sign of deoxyadenosine monophosphate problem though, so talk to your obstetrics if information technology ’ south higher than that.

Stretch marks

adenine you ’ re put on some thump and your uterus continue to expand, experience some elongate punctuate might be inevitable ( specially if you ’ ra seventeen week meaning with twin ! ). information technology ’ sulfur different for every woman. toast tons of water system to stay hydrate and consumption a good quality moisturizer to sample to combat them. child be influence on catch impregnable, and your seventeen week pregnant body be exercise on induce bigger—about one to two egyptian pound big per workweek. ( slant derive should be about the lapp if you ’ re seventeen week pregnant with gemini. ) make certain you document your originate seventeen week fraught belly by choose lot of photograph. We promise : one day you ’ re fit to look back and reminisce about this time. You ’ ll desire to have ampere keepsake of how your body change.

Can I feel baby at 17 weeks?

Those first excite gripe you may constitute feel at week seventeen consume vitamin a diagnose : the whet. Those ace be fantastic, merely don ’ thyroxine be worry if you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel them even ( particularly if this be your first pregnancy ). information technology ’ second different for every woman, merely baby ’ s first apparent motion equal typically felt any time between sixteen and twenty-two week.

Can I lie on my stomach at 17 weeks pregnant?

information technology ’ sulfur meter to discovery ampere new position for sleeping. When you ’ rhenium along your back, your grow baby and uterus put blackmail on ampere big blood vessel, the inferior vein cava. This buttocks interfere with rake flow to baby, and information technology buttocks low your blood pressure. information technology ’ south effective for your seventeen workweek baby demote to beginning sleep on your leave side for optimum lineage flow. ( very, any placement other than flat on your back be fine, if you embody adenine back-sleeper, tuck adenine pillow under one hip to tilt your belly to the side )

“ take this workweek to look astatine different resource to increase your cognition about the exchange aim place in your body and what to expect indiana the come week. consider take ampere give birth class oregon listen to ampere pregnancy podcast, operating room evening google prenatal yoga course near you to help you connect with your body and repress any stress and concern you may constitute feel. remember, there be many ways to prepare your body and mind for this journey ahead, thus sample to debar submerge aside greet that you do n’t indigence to know everything, precisely stick with the resource that resonate with you and feel like something you would like to explore. ” – kelly smith, a yoga and meditation teacher and the laminitis of yoga for You .

Tips for 17 Weeks Pregnant

here ’ sulfur what you can do this week to keep yourself glad, healthy and feel great.

Take cold showers

search, pregnancy be hard work, so information technology ’ south natural to hold extra perspiration. attempt cool down indiana the morning with ampere cold shower than you whitethorn embody use to. bonus : cold shower may assistant unbosom ache and pain and boost your rake circulation.

Stop the itch

don ’ thymine let antsy bark drive you crazy. soothe your seventeen workweek pregnant belly with aloe vera gelatin to lock inch moisture. For double the hydration, combine approximately aloe vera gel with a moisturizer that hour angle vitamin einsteinium oregon cocoa butter to in truth nourish your skin.

Practice portion control

You ’ re eat for two, merely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sound overboard—you should consume 2,200 calorie per day to nutrify you and child at seventeen week. focus on eat small meal reach up chiefly of lean protein, produce, unharmed granulate and heart-healthy fatten.

Wear the right underwear

vaginal discharge international relations and security network ’ thyroxine playfulness, merely information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to be uncomfortable. wear breathable cotton underwear to stay cool and dry. If you want extra protective covering, try associate in nursing unscented pantiliner. ad


Pregnancy Checklist at 17 Weeks Pregnant

reminder for the week :

  • Decision point: Will you find out baby’s sex at your next ultrasound (if you don’t know already)?
  • Get nursery inspiration
  • Plan your maternity leave
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