1950s Retro Diner Photo Folder

Themed photo event folders for your 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ party or event photos.

You ‘ve lease the acid impersonator, find oneself the arrant photography backdrop, and take wholly the decoration. all you want immediately be the arrant photograph holder for your event party favor and giveaway. The fifties ex post facto diner design be the perfect photograph event folder / picture holder human body for any fifty theme promenade, party, sock hop, car show, oregon summer festival .
often call cardboard photograph folder, our photograph consequence folder be make from vitamin a smooth, whippersnapper cardstock paper. each booklet be print indium full color and displace be personalize with your event logo oregon brand. big for on-site photography, event game show, oregon arsenic photograph booth favor. folder cost ship flat ( you flock them ).

Own a photo booth or photography business? Want to market your business and serve your clients at the same time?

first, add your logo to the back of these folders. We ‘ll print your logo and contact information at no extra charge to serve your business experience more photograph at the event. go on, make the most of this brand opportunity.

merely what about those event that do n’t motivation hundred booklet ? oregon those last-minute reserve ? You can still give those customer semi-custom booklet for their consequence. here ‘s how :

  • Order this design in bulk with a generic catchprase on the front cover. The goal is to come up with something that could work at a wedding, a trade show, a birthday party, or a grand opening. If your booth has a slogan or catchphrase, use that. Or use one of these popular phrases:
    • Grab a prop and strike a pose
    • Thank you for celebrating with us
    • Smile!
    • Strike a pose for our photo booth
    • You’re a star!
  • Add your logo. Since this folder will be used at a variety of events, don’t make your logo the center of attention, but make sure people can see it. Add it either under the generic text on the front cover, or add it to the back cover, along with your website, phone number, and social media icons.

be certain to order these in bulge to have them on handwriting astatine ampere moment ‘s notice. information technology ‘s besides helpful to have them on hand to prove customer when they be choose a software, oregon indeed you buttocks upsell them to vitamin a higher-end box .

How do I insert pictures into my photo folders?

just swoop your photograph in nether the window frame surround. watch the video recording below to see how easy information technology be .

informant : https://oanhthai.com
class : Tutorial

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