22×26-18×22 Modern Black Frame, with White Mat

  • WARNING: Actual matted video expose area is 0.5 inch smaller than inner master of arts in teaching dimensions ( e.g. 22×26 for 18×22 : this fits 22×26 picture precisely, and has an 17.5×21.5 matted display area ) .
  • 1 matted frame. Frame surround width : 1 column inch. Wood composite fabric .
  • Acrylic front face ( NOT GLASS ), with hanging hooks .

CONTENTS: 1 Matted Frame. Frame border width : 1 inch. Frame thickness : 0.6 inch. Each frame has a black backboard and hanging hooks ( hangs landscape or portrait ).

MATERIALS: Black Color, Wood MDF ( complex ) material. This frame of reference has an acrylic movement face ( not glass ), and does not have a back easel .
Each individual human body comes with a premium-grade white 0.060 ” thick felt. All Mats are acid-free, lignin-free, and are made from 100 % virgin alpha-cellulose coat newspaper, core, and backing paper. All Mats are fade and bleed insubordinate and have a 45-degree bevel home cut .
EXACT FIT: Frames are designed to fit the dimension of the photograph precisely. exemplar : 22×26 for 18×22 : A 22×26 photograph will fit the 22×26 inning precisely, the entangle allows you display the 18×22 center dimensions of the visualize. A 18×22 mental picture may besides be taped to the back of the flatness, before placing it into the human body .
The frame itself is larger than the picture size by 0.75 edge on each side ( e.g. the 22×26 frame will measure 23.5×27.5 ). The painting display sphere of the flatness is slightly smaller than the photograph size by 0.25 column inch on each side, for holding purposes. ( e.g. the 22×26 ensnare -18×22 mat will display 17.5×21.5 ).

FULLY ASSEMBLED: The frames will arrive amply assembled ( mat may be outside the human body ), with display movie. Please hang these frames using the already installed back hook. Do not hang by the frame frame itself .
never worry about not being able to find the arrant human body for your special memories when you shop at Frame Amo — we are your source for all things inning ! Whether you have treasured posters, puzzles, or pictures, we want to help you craft the beautiful display your images deserve .
The 22×26-18×22 Modern Black Frame With A White Mat is a great choice for larger memories. The dimensions of this frame fit a 22×26 persona absolutely. It is important to note that this frame is fitted with a premium-grade white photograph flatness which makes the display area a morsel smaller at 18×22. Though the mat hides the out portions of the prototype, the resulting display will be enhanced by the mat itself and enjoyed by all !

This frame of reference is designed with providing the best in style and lastingness in mind. Constructed from wood composite fabric and fitted with an acrylic front face, the frame is guaranteed to be lightweight and durable. Plus, the egg white flat included with the frame is made from a 100 % virgo alpha-cellulose paper that is unblock from acerb and lignin resulting in a fade- and bleed-resistant solution .
Using this frame for your memories will besides enhance your base ’ s interior decoration. Without taking away from any aesthetic you ’ rhenium strive for, the frame will provide a bare backdrop allowing each of the aspects you love most about your memories to shine through. once your picture is securely installed in the skeletal system, display it in a landscape or portrait predilection with the hanging hooks attached to the frame. Wherever you choose to hang the frame, it will surely provide an attention-getting display .
not certain if this is the right frame for you ? Contact us for help. We ’ ll make sure you ’ re glad with the final examination result no matter the memory you ’ ve chosen to display .

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