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Blue DotPoster Specifications

  • Print Size: 24″ x 36″
  • Image Area: 24″ x 36″
  • Safe Print Area: 23.5″ x 35.5″ Centered
  • Choosing “No Margin” option will cut off outside edge of image.
  • Minimum Suggested PPI: 150ppi
  • Minimum Pixel Dimension: 3600 X 5400
  • Printed on uncoated 45# Bond
  • Shipping is determined by weight and location.
  • Using a heat action to mount or laminate your post horse print may damage it .

Guide Lines

Specifics about our process

  • All orders follow a strict 5 business day production schedule
  • Normal orders are shipped out on the 5th business day
  • Orders placed before 1PM CST will count that day as the 1st production day
  • We offer 3-Day, 2-Day and 1-Day express production upgrades during checkout
  • 1-Day Express orders must be placed before 10AM CST to ship same day
  • Our printers have a native resolution of 600 DPI
  • We use the standard CMYK color model for all printing
  • We are serious about color and perform daily color verifications

Standard Production: 5 Days + Shipping

Posters are great for letting people know what ‘s going on in a BIG way. They are besides perfect for yard sales, band posters, artwork and of naturally your personal photos .
Our Standard 5 Day Production is for people seeking a quality poster at a low, moo price. production time is based on business days lone and does not include ship time. If you need your posters promptly, you can add an “ express ” choice to your order during checkout.

Adding Express Production is easy ! During check, merely choose how promptly you ‘d like your order. More information is here .

Poster Printing Guidelines

Resolution Comparison

One of the misconceptions about print is that it is possible to scale images to a larger size and they will print correctly. In fact, any digital television camera that is less than 5 MegaPixels will not print an 18 x 24 bill poster without abasement of the visualize. This makes the poster seem pixelated or grainy. The best direction to avoid having this happen is to use a digital television camera rated at 5 MegaPixels or higher, and use the highest resolution setting.

Above you can see two images. The left field persona can be considered what a medium to high resolution persona would look like printed. The right visualize represents what a depleted resoluteness image would look like printed the lapp size. The two have drastic differences and when enlarged to 18 x 24, the low resolution effigy suffers greatly in detail.

The minimum settlement suggested for printing at 18 ” ten 24 ” is 2700 ten 3600, or 150DPI at 100 % size ( 18 ” ten 24 ” ). “ Rezing Up ”, or increasing the resolution with a program like IrfanView will make the image less pixelated, but by and large merely makes it blurry. overall, this is better than not doing anything, but it will not solve any problems .
Another option would be to take a custom photograph or minus and have a graphic architect, photograph shop, or printing provider scan the effigy and place the digital file on a CD-Rom. You can then take this file and upload it to us .
If you have any questions about resolution or bill poster print, please do n’t hesitate to contact us !

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