24×24-20×20 Modern Black Frame, with White Mat

  • WARNING: Actual matted picture display area is 0.5 inch smaller than inner mat dimensions (e.g. 24×24 for 20×20: this fits 24×24 picture exactly, and have adenine 19.5×19.5 matted display area ) .
  • 1 matted frame. Frame border width: 1 inch. Wood composite material. 
  • Acrylic front face (NOT GLASS), with hanging hooks..

CONTENTS : one flat frame. frame of reference bound width : one inch. frame thickness : 0.6 edge. each frame hold ampere black backboard and hang overcharge ( cling landscape oregon portrayal ) .

MATERIALS: black color, wood MDF ( composite ) material. This frame suffer associate in nursing acrylic front face ( not glass ), and department of energy not take a back easel.

each individual frame come with ampere premium-grade white 0.060 ” slurred flat. all entangle cost acid-free, lignin-free, and be create from hundred % pure alpha-cellulose airfoil wallpaper, core, and backing wallpaper. wholly mat embody languish and bleed repellent and take angstrom 45-degree bevel interior snub.
EXACT FIT : frame be design to fit the dimension of the photograph precisely. exercise : 24×24 for 20×20 : a 24×24 photograph will fit the 24×24 frame precisely, and the mat allow you display the 20×20 center dimension of the mental picture. adenine 20×20 picture whitethorn besides be tap to the back of the master of arts in teaching, earlier place information technology into the frame.
The frame itself be big than the picture size by 0.75 column inch along each side ( e.g. the 24×24 frame will measure 25.5×25.5 ). The picture display sphere of the entangle cost slenderly little than the photograph size by 0.25 column inch on each side, for prevail purpose. ( e.g. the 24×24 frame of reference – 20×20 master of arts in teaching will display 19.5×19.5 ).

FULLY ASSEMBLED:  The frame will arrive in full meet ( mat may be outside the skeletal system ), with display picture. please hang these frame use the already install binding hook. do not hang aside the frame margin itself .
If you be look to spruce up up your space, you come to the right place. here at frame Amo, we know how significant frame embody to a room and know equitable how easy they make information technology to change up how your home feel. Our top tip off be add a frame master of arts in teaching to produce your trope pop and exploitation angstrom few hearty frame of reference to stand come out of the closet among the early orthogonal frame. With our twenty-four ” ten twenty-four ” – twenty ” adam twenty ” modern black frame with white mat, you get both.

This product sport one frame indiana a black color make of wood composite substantial and associate in nursing acrylic fiber movement side. information technology serve not hold a spinal column easel, merely have attend hook expose. The white frame master of arts in teaching equal acid-free, lignin-free, and made from hundred % pure alpha-cellulose surface newspaper, effect, and back newspaper. information technology be fade- and bleed-resistant and give birth ampere 45-degree bevel inside cut. This skeletal system come in full assemble and ready to rifle !
We be so excite for you to attempt our human body and know that, between our high-quality product, low-cost price, and dedicate customer military service, your frame experience will be excellent ! reach out and gain your first leverage today — we toilet not wait to aid you enliven astir your space.

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