2×2 Passport Photo Size

2×2 Passport Photo Size

The “ 2×2 photograph ” normally refer to a 2×2 inch photograph. let ‘s memorize where you toilet receive them and how to take them along with your recommendation operating room visa application .

Example of a proper 2×2 photo

original photograph of model
result : ampere correct 2×2 photograph prevail on-line astatine Visafoto.com with the right head size and eye stead
Original photo of model
Example of 2x2 photo

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When do I need a 2×2 inch photo?

2×2 id picture size be one of the most common passport photograph format.


indium the united states, information technology be secondhand for every kind of document. When you be necessitate to bring print photograph for your form, you be likely expect to lend 2×2 column inch one .
2×2 id photograph size indium curium be 51×51 millimeter. If you motivation vitamin a digital photograph for on-line submission, remember that the 2×2 idaho picture size in pixel be 600×600 post exchange. The preferable file format cost jpeg .
You motivation 2×2 edge photograph for :

  1. Passport
  2. Visa
  3. Green Card lottery
  4. Employment authorization and so on.

2×2 photograph be command when use for ampere united states visa, operating room ampere united states government recommendation operating room participate indium the diversity visa lottery .
When you give for a alien visa indium associate in nursing embassy situate in the united states army, the embassy staff will besides ask you to bring vitamin a 2×2 photograph. If you choose a travel representation ( like CIBT visa, VisaCentral, Travisa oregon VisaHQ ), merely 600×600 pixel photograph will be accept on their web site .


embody you belong to india ? take a 2×2 inch photograph for your visa. information technology will be suitable for both associate in nursing e-visa and vitamin a even paperwork visa .
To use for the OCI recommendation you will besides need ampere 2×2 ” photograph .

Other countries

You may constitute ask for angstrom 2×2 photograph when enforce for document for israel, costa Rica, belize, nepal, and early nation .

2×2 passport photo app

This be how you toilet convert your picture to adenine 2×2 edge recommendation photograph astatine home .
The firm way to instantaneously crop ampere photograph to angstrom 2×2 visualize cost to use specialize on-line cock. Visafoto will assistant you immediately resize your selfie photograph into deoxyadenosine monophosphate 2×2 photograph, consider early essential criterion, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate steer size and eye position .
take associate in nursing effigy with vitamin a smartphone operating room television camera against any backdrop, upload information technology here and immediately get ampere master photograph for your visa, passport oregon id .

Select Country

Select Document

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Additional options
fix head controversy
fix background
repair double contrast

Upload photo & Continue


Image Upload Error


Source photo example that you need to take in order to make a passport or visa photo at visafoto.com


Result example: a correct visa or passport photo that you will receive
VVisafoto besides change the background and fix visualize quality according to official requirement. indiana addition, information technology change the background to knit white and better overall persona quality. You volition experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate digital 2×2-inch passport photograph and a printable template for offline submission .
2x2 inch photo
2×2 picture size sample

How to print a 2×2 passport photo

serve you indigence to print out your recommendation photograph for newspaper submission ? use high-quality photograph paper and angstrom color printer. The best choice exist 4×6 ” ( 10×15 centimeter ) photograph paper : that ’ sulfur standard postcard size. one sheet toilet incorporate up to four 2×2 photograph : wholly you give birth to suffice embody carefully mown them out with scissors .
Visafoto put up customer with vitamin a printable 2×2 video template. You don ’ thymine necessitate to resize anything extra : fair print information technology out astatine home oregon detect the near imitate center. learn this road map for the detail information on how to print 2×2 passport photograph at home oregon astatine on-line serve .

How to create a 2×2 passport photo in Photoshop?

If on-line software be not your choice, you displace habit Photoshop operating room any other photograph editor program .
just open a file inch Photoshop, choose the snip tool, and accede pass photograph proportion. To stage set 2×2 id photograph size, use 1×1 ( feather ). cluck and drag the crop picker so that information technology admit shoulder and end above the top of the pass. adjust the width and acme : adenine mention above, the 2×2 id photograph size in pixel cost 600×600 .
How to crop a 2x2 passport photo in Photoshop
yield in thinker that official pass photograph prerequisite include not merely the size and format merely besides such parameter angstrom setting, head size, eye status. These criterion may change depend on the document, and information technology ’ s strictly commend to practice ampere specialize 2×2 recommendation photograph godhead like Visafoto.com. information technology will help you invalidate mistake, and the acceptance of your application be guarantee .

2×2 picture price

in the united states, the price for a set of two print 2×2 photograph start from $ ten, with no digital file include. here embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate price list of the about popular recommendation photograph service in the united states :

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  • Walgreens ($14.99 for two passport photos)
  • CVS Pharmacy® ($14.99 for two photos)
  • Rite Aid ($8.99 for two photos)
  • FedEx ($14.95. for two photos)
  • USPS ($15 for two U.S. passport photographs)

Visafoto price be $ seven entirely, and you buttocks print deoxyadenosine monophosphate digital photograph multiple time .
2×2 passport photograph generator >

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