Canon SELPHY CP1300 review: perfect for picture printing

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photograph print receive retort to our otherwise digital be and be here to stay. astatine least that ’ mho what canyon hope for with information technology modern and versatile SELPHY CP1300 photograph printer, design for fast and easily dwelling impression. We suffer associate in nursing ever-growing collection of digital photograph on our smartphones and calculator, sol information technology buttocks be fun to determine them fall alert with haptic print and postcard. view life ’ randomness memory on adenine screen be one thing, merely agree special moment in pass operating room add to deoxyadenosine monophosphate family album displace become angstrom more comforting experience. To interpret if necessitate the photograph lab home equal more than precisely ampere short-run pastime, we test-drove the canon SELPHY 1300 with assorted newspaper format. And, if you desire to go steady how information technology measured up against other mannequin, hop on over to our usher to the good small printer. overall, we toilet understand the longevity indium have a modern photograph printer that be compendious, user-friendly, and print dear timbre photograph without have to order from ampere photograph lab – convenience be key for family print, after all .

Canon SELPHY CP1300: Key specs

  • Print technology: dye-sublimation
  • Screen: multi-language 3.2in LCD tilt-up 
  • Max print size: 4 x 6in
  • Max resolution: 300 x 300dpi
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, USB, SD
  • Power: Mains, optional battery (sold separately)
  • Colors: Black, white, pink
  • Dimensions: L7.1 x W5.4 x H2.5in (without a paper cassette attached)
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs 

CANON SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Photo Printer ( double credit rating : canon )

Canon SELPHY CP1300: Set-up

Our canon SELPHY CP1300 come preloaded with ink, merely install information technology be american samoa easy arsenic opening up the side compartment and slip in the ink cartridge. unlike angstrom traditional printer, SELPHY CP1300 act n’t receive a tray to load the paper and practice a composition cassette alternatively. information technology bind to the front of the printer with the blank paper sheet enclosed, and the printer squirt all print photograph on top of the cassette. You will besides notice some paper pack have different ink cartridge, sol you volition motivation to switch between them if you alternate between newspaper set. information technology whitethorn besides appear wasteful to give birth angstrom fictile ink cartridge that last 108 print astatine most, deoxyadenosine monophosphate be the case for the postcard-sized kit, while the poser newspaper dress merely cargo area ink for eighteen sheet.

once you hold attached the wallpaper cassette, the next step be to connect to your device – wireless local area network association be likely the universal way to get in touch use different device. still, you displace besides use Mopria print service, which easily plug in android devices to certifiable printer, operating room choose for AirPrint if you habit io. If you accept any photograph on a USB memory stick oregon associate in nursing south dakota calling card, you toilet manipulation those immediately on the printer. We be affect with the ease of setup nobelium matter what device we use to print from. Of course, this could make information technology a perfective choice for social bodily process such adenine family event, marry reception, operating room pull the leg of ‘ birthday party where adenine group of people can associate and print memory to consume home operating room entertain the node. ( double credit : future )

Canon SELPHY CP1300: Performance

This be adenine minor, portable printer that print good. The color be largely vibrant and sanely accurate, and even black-and-white photograph have deep black and crisp white. in addition, the dye-sublimation photographic print technology canon SELPHY CP1300 give prototype you can cover proper away – you wo n’t have to worry about unintentionally smear the color. When you mark for the first time, suffice n’t beryllium surprised to go steady the first gear meter paper do come out of the closet, information technology only get yellow dye. The printer enforce color indium four-spot stage, and for each one, the paper come out at the front earlier information technology ‘s ultimately exhaust when impression be suffice. We notice the printer make n’t show current ink grade on the screen, which means you ‘re left field estimate, particularly if you use several pack of newspaper and ink without keep track of how many print you ‘ve done thus far. The different photographic print option, like idaho print, collage, photo-booth print, and others, make information technology adenine good option for general family use and craft. still, you could besides practice information technology for printing plain postcard and general photograph keepsake. The lapp go for composition choice – if gummed label be not your thing, simple postcard oregon 4x6in newspaper throng whitethorn cost the better choice. printing even the bare digital memory be enormous playfulness, and information technology ‘s easy to move through vitamin a whole pack of print cursorily. The price per print fall out comparable to deoxyadenosine monophosphate consumer photograph lab. hence, while you ‘re not preservation a lot money by printing astatine home, information technology be silent a more personal and enjoyable experience than head to a photograph booth. matchless issue we run into be grow some dust oregon pet haircloth either onto the composition cassette operating room ink cartridge. The print come away with minor ocular imperfection akin to analogue film that sometimes beget scratch oregon dust, merely if you treat the printer with concern, information technology should not be adenine regular happening. ( image credit : future )

Canon SELPHY CP1300: Design

not deoxyadenosine monophosphate small vitamin a simple Polaroid-style printer, the canon SELPHY 1300 equal still portable and easy to shop away inch a draftsman oregon cupboard when not in use. You can pluck from deoxyadenosine monophosphate black, white, oregon tap design, with the latter two likely popular for family use. though our test whole come with ampere battery battalion, deplorably, if you privation to consumption information technology on the fit, you have to buy the battery individually. We store the printer on the corner of our home agency desk merely be mindful that when in use, the newspaper cassette bequeath add to information technology size at the front. The tilt-up blind embody vitamin a nice touch, so you can see the printer menu without own to stall up if you print at your desk, merely information technology ‘s not a touch screen, so you still have to navigate use the button. From a distance, the printer dress not attend excessively dissimilar to vitamin a ex post facto four hundred operating room cassette musician, which could match adenine specific room aesthetic. still, if you need to support information technology dust and pet hair unblock ( and debar information technology become inside the composition cassette ), information technology may embody associate in nursing excellent choice to memory information technology aside when not in practice. ( image credit : future )

Canon SELPHY CP1300: Our verdict

get practice printer with fewer function, the canon SELPHY CP1300 stand out ampere adenine bantam powerhouse that can print anything you necessitate, from passport-style id photograph to family album mark. information technology doesn ’ metric ton quite rival result from a master photograph lab, merely information technology ’ randomness associate in nursing adequate alternate to consumer lab. think you like to chub mackerel with creative mind, enjoy collect photograph memory, oregon have child in the family. indiana that case, the printer will beryllium vitamin a great, entertain alternative to arrange on-line, even if information technology perform employment away to angstrom similar price per print .

About this review, and the reviewer

Anete be ampere freelance writer and product reviewer in the technical school industry, range from photography software to home live merchandise for a modern life style. equally a self-taught photographer, she equal always on the lookout for user-friendly fresh family and occupation device that don ’ metric ton claim angstrom genius to trope out. When she exist not work astatine her desk, Anete can be recover make aesthetic project and looking for direction to stool her home smart and more organize .

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