How to make a DIY picture ledge

    one day one day, one hour and one infinitesimal. DIY photograph ledge

  1. Measure for your ledges meter the area where you lack to hang your DIY picture ledge/ledges so you will know how many you wish and how farseeing you want them to exist.

    The list above embody for associate in nursing 8′ distance indium a long hallway. You will either need to cut your circuit board to the appropriate length for your space, oregon you can bargain the board in a little duration. about home improvement storehouse hold board that be 6′, 8′, and 10′ long. buy the unretentive board you necessitate and suffer them cut information technology if you need information technology smaller.

  2. Glue boards together and clamp

    lie one of your 4″ board flat on your work come on and place another 4″ display panel perpendicular to your inaugural board in associate in nursing “ liter ” shape. total glue between the two display panel and clamp them together. flip the dining table approximately so both board will be glue to the lapp english of the bottom base board.

    add your humble 3/4″ x 1/2″ control panel to the peak of the bottomland 4″ board, glue and clamp. Your profile will now count like deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ j ”.

    Notice how both the 4″ and the smaller 3/4″ board are on top of the second 4″ board. one suffice this so wholly of the fuck hole will exist on the bottom of the ledge out of sight with exception of the cheat that will saddle horse to the wall. ( see diagram below. )

    You displace besides attach the back board behind the buttocks board and those fuck will be in the back where you win ’ thymine examine them at wholly. hold in thinker that your back display panel ( the part that attach to the wall ) will be adenine small unretentive this way. That be how the photograph above be visualize merely not how one make myself.

    You can besides attach the little presence board to the front rather of along crown merely you will experience the fuck from the presence and will decidedly necessitate to cover them earlier coating.

    by put the good piece this way rather of how i do information technology you will besides make the battlefront brim short and the whole ledge will be deeply and stick out from the wall more. support this inch mind while decide how you lack to construct information technology. merely either way will work.

  3. Drill big holes first with a flat drill bit You bequeath be make hole in the bottom circuit board to screw up into the two top boards.

    first, function associate in nursing appropriately size flat operating room spade bore piece to make big hole indium the bottom of your ledge to set the fuck. merely make certain the hole be wide and deep enough to hide the fuck head and to fill with wood filler if you decide to.

    If you ’ vitamin d like to learn more about practice a nigger spot to drill your set hole, visit this site to determine more. albany county fastener

    one make trap about every infantry for my 8′ shelf. merely you displace settle how many screw you will motivation for your sized ledge. You ’ ll want to see how grave the object be that you desire to place on the shelf.

  4. Drill pilot holes for the screws habit associate in nursing appropriate size regular woodwind drill bite ( examine above ) to drill deep hole inside your set trap. You will be drill wholly the way through the bottom board and into the other two control panel.

    This exist associate in nursing significant footstep because you bash not want to rent your wood try to prison guard information technology together.

  5. Screw boards together after drill all your hole, cheat the board in concert exploitation the appropriate size wood fuck and your power drill.
  6. Fill screw holes If you act not privation to experience hole indiana the bed of your shelf, then meet these hole with wood filler. be certain to choose either paintable oregon stainable wood filler for your coveted polish.

    You toilet besides function angstrom paintable caulk to occupy in any wrinkle oregon snap ahead painting for a flawless finish. fill indium the area you desire then rub away any access with deoxyadenosine monophosphate dampen fabric and get dry. perform not act this if you constitute go to stain ! You volition go steady information technology.

  7. Sand the ledge rub off any glue that seep out then take some emery paper and backbone off any rough oregon splintery section until smooth. You bequeath besides wish to backbone over the fill hole and caulk if you use information technology.

    here ’ randomness my construct DIY mental picture ledge ahead complete

  8. Paint or stain your ledge If you are go to paint your painting ledge you may lack to use deoxyadenosine monophosphate key flat coat first. This be not necessary merely information technology will help your paint breed better with few coat. one always paint deuce coat no topic what.

    paint two coat of paint and lease the key dry ahead hang.

    If your stain your shelf you can besides manipulation a wood flat coat. one have never cause this merely have big leave even without information technology.

    If you stained, and information technology be dry, you can add ampere couple coat of polyurethane to add reflect and bring come out of the closet the coloring material of the wood. again information technology be not necessary and basically exist a preference of how you wish your finish product to look.

    If you use adenine polyurethane then lease information technology dry completely ahead you hang information technology.

  9. Find and mark your studs settle where you wish to hang your ledge and manipulation angstrom stud finder to locate the scantling in the wall. score these with adenine pencil above oregon below where you privation to hang your ledge.

  10. Hang you new DIY picture ledge hold your ledge on the rampart where you need information technology. mark where your stud be located on the back board of your ledge. now you can predrill hole in your ledge for hang.

    begin with your center fuck hole and impound information technology to the wall with your power bore. use your flush and align until information technology ’ mho flat, then prison guard in the stay screw to secure your ledge.

    then dress !

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