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Medical Ultrasound Scans

A detailed ultrasound medical scan of specific parts of the body allows the sonographer to detect any abnormalities, conduct a thorough examination of the area, and give you a second opinion to give you the reassurance you need.
Ultrasound scans use sound waves that generate an image of your internal organs. They can reveal changes in the appearance of your internal structures and detect abnormalities. Depending on the area of your body we are scanning, you may need to prepare by fasting for a period of time, or ensuring you have a full bladder.
See here for information on how to prepare for medical ultrasounds, and the specific areas they cover. You will receive accurate results on the day of your health scan, so that you get the answers you need sooner. You dont need to have your GP`s Referal for getting your medical scan in our clinic.

we offer 20% discount for all of your follow up scans.


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