What are 25 Examples of System Software And Application Software?

There are two major types of computer software namely system software and application software. Application software allows the user to perform particular functions and come up with content; however, this type of software cannot perform tasks on its own. Therefore, this calls for a combination of system utilities and an operating system for this specific software to function. Spreadsheets, databases, and web browsers are placed in this category.

What is Application software?

Application software is widely known as even productivity programs or end-user programs that help the user to complete numerous tasks that include making notes, conducting an online search, performing calculations, maintaining accounts, making notes, playing computer games, and designing graphics. They are essentially above the system software and are utilized by the end-user for tasks and specific functionality that they are designed to perform.

Application software is mostly developed with custom software development based on the requirements established by the users. There is a variety of application software that the article will mention.

What is system software?

The system software is an example of a computer program that is primarily designed to run the application programs as well as the computer’s hardware. Think of the computer system as a layered model and the system software as an interface between the user applications and the hardware; the operating system also known as the OS is the best example of system software. The OS is responsible for managing all other programs on a computer.

The system software functions as an environment or as a platform that enables other software to easily work in. therefore, it is the main reason why this type of software is so much important in managing the entire computer system. As soon as you turn on the computer, the system software first gets initialized before it gets loaded into the memory of the system.

System software will run in the background and it is not used by end-users; because of this, it is called also termed as ‘low-level software’. Companies always aim to hire only the best software company to build their system software.

Notable examples of system software include the basic input/output system (BIOS) which start up the computer system after switching it on; the BIOS also manages any data flow between the OS and other attached devices like the video adapter, hard disk, mouse, keyboard, and the printer.

The boot program is responsible for loading the operating system into the RAM (Random Access Memory) which is the computer’s main memory. An assembler converts all basic computer instructions to form patterns of bits which the processor of the computer uses to perform the basic operations. The device driver is the one controlling any particular form of device which is attached to the computer like the mouse or the keyboard.

This article mentions some system software and application software commonly used today. Let us start with application software:

1. MS access

The database management software is capable of performing several tasks including the creation of Macros, queries, tables, forms, relationships, modules, and reports; you can also create PDF files and manage, run, or enter larger reports.

2. MS Word

Created in 1983, the feature allows you to create tabs, margins, and insert page breaks for any document; there have been several updates including Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019.

3. MS Excel

This spreadsheet software program contains a boosted intelligence design meaning it learns your patterns and organizes various data for you. Additionally, there is the freedom to have your forms and carry out calculations as needed. You can use it alone or as a team.

4. Firefox

This web browser keeps your information safe and thanks to integrated browser features and pop-up blockers you can create security and privacy measures to keep your transmissions and documents safe.

5. Safari

Designed by Apple, the web browser can be used with several iOS devices like different models iPhones and iPads and the built-in privacy barriers keep your data hidden from other devices around. Control your settings and make the necessary adjustments.

6. Chrome

This browser is used with plenty of operating systems and the platform provides the ability to support various applications too.

7. AutoCAD

Create and draft various designs with AutoCAD; several AutoCAD programs work with Mac, iOS, Windows, and other android operating systems.

8. Microsoft PowerPoint

Make custom presentations with this program and the built-in tools allow the user to create, view, and share information. The program can be useful on any Microsoft product like computers, iPhones, and tablets.

9. WordPad

This a simple word-processing application software that is common in most Microsoft products. You can type and arrange your information as needed and WordPad is great for sending longer emails and correspondences.

10. Apple Numbers

This spreadsheet application software program is available in Apple platform products. You can create diagrams and charts corresponding to the information you place into the spreadsheet.

Examples of system software:

1. Utility

Utility is a system software meant to assist the user to analyze, optimize, configure, and also maintain a given computer system. This system software also provides support to other computer infrastructure; it includes software like management tools, disk cleanup, defragmenters, anti-viruses, and compression tools among many others that fall in the utility software category. Some other examples include

  1. McAfee Antivirus
  2. Norton Antivirus
  3. WinRAR
  4. WinZip
  5. Windows File Explorer
  6. Razer Cortex
  7. Piriform CCleaner
  8. Directory Opus

2. Operating system
as an example of system software

This is the most prominent system software among the rest; this software is simply a collection of other software that not only deals with resources but also provides general services for different other applications that can run over them. There are several types of operating systems for example there is real-time, multi-user, embedded, single-user, distributed, internet, mobile, and much more. Other full-stack services for web development create apps that operate on mobile operating systems like the two major ones namely android and iOS. Some of the major examples of operating systems include

  1. MS-Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Linux
  4. Ubuntu
  5. iOS
  6. Android
  7. Unix
  8. CentOS

As you can see you can find a lot more such examples of system and application software, but this article is an extensive list where we discuss examples of system and application software.

I hope this helps you find good examples of system and application software.

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