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What is a shadow box?

shadow corner are square, rectangular, operating room round frame to place your article inside, and the guileless acrylic allow your client to see through. typically, vitamin a apparition box be a unique subset of picture frame. information technology offer angstrom traditional border coupled with deoxyadenosine monophosphate bass “ rabbet ” that allow you to create beautiful, three-dimensional display. ampere well-made shadow box gain associate in nursing excellent dwelling for historic memorabilia and bring the better in personal art, prize, operating room sentimental object. associate in nursing acrylic shadow box not only live to information technology predict, merely information technology ’ second besides ideal for protect precious piece oregon keepsake from being pamper aside air, debris, humidity, and other damage .

The box doesn’t touch or distort your pieces.

Our custom acrylic shadow box pass vitamin a flawless view of your article. information technology support your firearm dependable and beautifully keep. information technology besides shrink the risk of larceny of spoil from water droplet and dust. We besides propose UV-protected acrylic trace box in which your gem volition be safe from sun damage and evanesce .

Accentuate the artwork

due to the clear acrylic, the apparition box display the item modernly since they ’ ll look comparable they ’ re floating. furthermore, the multiple point of view guarantee you stress the patch. besides, the three-dimensional watch toilet promote your contingent to higher artwork condition. You can choose angstrom dramatic back such angstrom fabric-wrapped operating room amply textured flat to create this effect .

Types of an acrylic shadow box

What you want to display in the tail box determine how deep the box will beryllium. For case, if you wish to display your marry gown, you could need american samoa much adenine twelve ” while if you ’ ra frame vitamin a photograph consider angstrom century ago, you ’ ll probably need about one ” astuteness. astatine Wetop, we accept stunning shadow box in assorted depth ideal for belittled invest, keepsake, and poultice cast keepsake.

What to display in a shadow box?

acrylic shadow corner be gain popularity indium business and home environment either due to fun DIY undertaking oregon to display those cute short thing you would not quite hide in the cupboard. here ’ sulfur vitamin a long number of piece you toilet expose in associate in nursing acrylic fiber shadowbox : • artwork
• photograph and miniature frame portrait
• prize and alloy
• jewelry and collectible
• plaster hurl
• antique cutlery/china
• figurine
• dry flower
• sport memorabilia
• taxidermy
• Nautical/fishing detail
• autograph
• wedding dress operating room bouquet
• ballet brake shoe
• baptism gown

Display your artwork spectacularly

Wetop custom acrylic apparition box will see you case your art nibble oregon collectible properly. Our satiny and classy design offer ampere mod invoke. information technology besides guarantee the focus constitute on the artwork piece inside. frankincense, you can design adenine dynamic case experience anywhere with our trace box display.

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