Twitter now lets you post images, videos and GIFs in a single tweet

chitter is now rolling out a new sport that lets users post images, videos and GIFs in a single pinch. Until now, the platform entirely allowed users to include alone one type of media format in a post, for case, multiple images .
While you can see desegregate media tweets on all platforms, presently you can post desegregate media tweets only from io and Android. The feature allows you to post four individual media items, consisting of images, videos or GIFs, in one tweet .
It ’ randomness reasonably straightforward to create a mix media tweet : go to the pinch composer and tap the photograph icon or the GIF push button, and it will now let you choose from different media formats .

“ We ’ rhenium always looking for new and agitate ways to help creators share more and be seen. Mixing different types of ocular subject in concert in a single Tweet allows creators to express themselves beyond 280 characters and gives them more ways to tell their history, ” Twitter said in a blog post.

TechCrunch reported about Twitter ’ s initial mix media test back in July. At that clock, users couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate view these tweets on the desktop — but now, the company is making the feature of speech available to everyone globally. here are some examples of assorted media tweets ; you ’ ll have to open them on chirrup to see multiple media .

It ’ mho been a busy workweek for Twitter feature rollouts. The social net made the Edit Tweet release available for Twitter Blue subscribers in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The party besides expanded its Status feature with new options for tags like “ Breaking news, ” “ Gaming, ” “ Pet of the day, ” “ then and nowadays, ” “ To whom it may concern, ” “ Twitter do your thing ” and “ Watching cricket. ” Plus, Twitter is rolling out a new full-screen video recording interface to some users with TikTok-like vertical scroll to jump between clips .
While all this was going on, Elon Musk made a u-turn earlier this workweek and said he aimed to complete the Twitter acquisition at a previously agreed price of $ 54.20 per share. The play continues .

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