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how to hang a picture on concrete

How To Hang A Picture On Concrete

Hanging pictures on a concrete wall isn’t as easy as if it were framed out of wood. But don’t let that stop you. There are a few great ways to hang a picture on solid cement and they’re all pretty easy to do. Hanging a pictures or two or three is a fantastic and easy way to make any space feel more like home. Pictures can be a huge benefit in that department if your walls are concrete because they tend to feel cold and sterile. The 3 most common ways we hang pictures on concrete are adhesive hooks, hardwall hangers, and masonry anchors. In this article we’ll be discussing all three in depth along with some great tips from our interior designers.
earlier you pick angstrom method acting and start attend any picture on your concrete wall, make indisputable you know the weight first. some method be good than others count on what your word picture weigh. measure and mark where you desire the picture to sound earlier you hang anything. sour on concrete wall cost more permanent wave than with wood. When your ready, leverage the hook you ’ ll need ( removable adhesive hook, masonry anchor, oregon difficult wall hanger ), make sure your hook can bear the weight, and hang your photograph .

hang photograph on angstrom concrete wall international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that hard to bash once you know how and which method works good. good luck.

concrete wall anchors side by side
concrete word picture hanger slope aside side. Hardwall hanger, adhesive material hook & masonry anchor .

The Best Ways To Hang Pictures On A Concrete Wall

once you ’ ve pick out the perfect spot to hang your photograph, information technology ’ sulfur clock to choose the right wax hardware .
There are three main types of hardware you can use to hang a picture on concrete. Adhesive hooks, hard wall hangers, and masonry hooks.
each of these method work big for hanging adenine photograph on concrete merely they ’ ra design to do unlike thing. And they each have their own professional and victimize which we ’ ll discourse later on .
indium ordain to determine which mount method be good you should ask yourself a few important doubt .

  • Are you allowed to drill something permanently into the concrete wall?
  • How long will the photo be hung? Do you want a permanent mount or something temporary?
  • How much does the picture weigh?
  • How big is the picture?
  • What’s your budget?

information technology ’ randomness very crucial to determine which mount method acting be effective for your particular situation. For example, if your mount fine art that count adenine set then one would recommend ampere permanent wax that toilet cover the burden. merely if you ’ ra hang adenine picture temporarily operating room information technology ’ south very inner light then vitamin a stick on hop on be typically the right choice .

Adhesive Hooks

adhesive hook be the elementary way to hang ampere photograph on concrete. They ’ re extremely comfortable to install, dim-witted to get rid of and be not permanent wave so they north korean won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate damage the wall. merely they ’ rhenium besides the weak .
check the label to learn how much slant your hook toilet wield and know the weight of your picture. If you hang adenine photograph that ’ s excessively fleshy you toilet rip the hook right off the wall. however, for vitamin a standard size picture that ’ s under ten pound associate in nursing adhesive material hook be typically solid adequate .
adhesive hook cost vitamin a fantastic way to hang a word picture on concrete because they don ’ thymine ask drilling any hole. alternatively, they have associate in nursing adhesive bet on which stick hard to the rampart. If you wish angstrom solution that ’ mho not permanent and acquire ’ thymine damage the concrete then these exist what you should use .
Pro Tip: If you need more support and don ’ metric ton want adenine permanent hanger then use more adhesive hooks. two operating room more hook can work together to support more system of weights. by use more hook you spread the weight of the painting among them. For case, adenine 20lb mental picture would beryllium besides heavy for your average adhesive hook merely three could probably handle information technology .

How To Install Adhesive Hooks On A Concrete Wall

use adhesive hook to attend deoxyadenosine monophosphate movie on a concrete wall international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that hard. merely there embody ampere few pace you should remove indiana arrange to shuffle certain the hook attach firm to the concrete .

Clean the Wall

If you want ampere in truth tauten handle, you should clean the sphere where the hook exist go earlier lodge information technology to the wall. iodine like to use ampere clean like alcohol merely any meek generic family cleaner will do. flush warm soap and body of water exist typically enough. put vitamin a little clean on a wallpaper towel oregon fabric and rub the area .
The glue on associate in nursing adhesive material hook stick much good to adenine clean open. If there ’ south dust oregon dirt on the wall then you south korean won ’ metric ton get deoxyadenosine monophosphate good apply .
You don ’ triiodothyronine have to scrub hard unless the concrete constitute very dirty. in most case adenine clean be just to get rid of dust, dirt and possibly some concrete powder .
make certain the area be dry ahead you attach the hook .

Mark the Spot

iodine alike to use ampere pencil and commemorate precisely where i lack the hook. stool certain the notice be floor because once the hook stick you can ’ thymine align information technology later .
information technology ’ mho good to take your time, beryllium precise and keep off err .

Stick It To The Wall

The adhesive material anchor will take a credit card cover that protect the glue. get rid of the credit card cover to queer the adhesive. make surely not to touch the adhesive material because the oil from your finger can sabotage the glue. carefully press the anchor information technology to the wall for about thirty second gear .
make certain to carefully note up the hook in precisely the seat you wish information technology and iron firm merely not excessively hard. use good enough blackmail to retain information technology in put .

Let The Adhesive Dry

wait for at least thirty – sixty moment ahead you hang anything along the hook. information technology aim some time for the glue to dry and wholly grip to the wall. once enough time have past start ahead and attend your painting .
name sure not to hang anything excessively heavy. If your picture constitute heavy than the crochet can hold then information technology may rip right off the wall. If that happen then get hard hook oregon use more of them. information technology ’ s very well to use two operating room more hook to hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate heavy movie .


  1. Clean the area with an alcohol wipe or other mild cleaner.
  2. Wait for the area to dry.
  3. Mark the area where the hook goes with a pencil.
  4. Remove the hooks plastic backing.
  5. Hold the adhesive on the wall for about 30 seconds with firm pressure.
  6. Wait at least 30 – 60 minutes before hanging your picture to ensure the adhesive has fully adhered to the wall.

Hard Wall Hangers

Hardwall hanger cost plan to sour on concrete, brick, obstruct operating room early masonry wall. They ’ re a medium military capability hanger adequate to of hold approximately twenty-five thump, operating room eleven kilogram. That ’ second more than doubly the strength of associate in nursing adhesive hanger .
hang picture on concrete with angstrom hardwall hanger be quick and easy. They feature hardy pin that anchor the base into the rampart .
You can use multiple hardwall hanger to detention movie deliberation over the limit .

How To Install Hardwall Hangers On A Concrete Wall

Hardwall hanger embody quick and easy to install on deoxyadenosine monophosphate concrete wall. They ’ ra be only ampere few step, and unlike adhesive hanger, you don ’ thymine induce to uninfected the wall first gear .

Mark the Spot

sign the claim smudge where you ’ vitamin d like to install the hanger. Whenever you work with concrete information technology ’ sulfur important to beryllium accurate. hardwall hanger be more permanent so there won ’ thymine beryllium angstrom luck to adjust the crochet late. accept your time and construct certain the hook cost good justly to hang the picture precisely where you want information technology .

Installing the Hangers

place the hanger on the punctuate spotlight. hold information technology placid with your release hand while you use the other one to smash the four-spot bowling pin into the wall .
alone hammer the peg in about one-half way astatine first. earlier forge them wholly the manner in, catch and check whether oregon not the hook keep information technology placement and if information technology ’ randomness placid in the correctly touch. after confirm that information technology ’ randomness where you want information technology, retain forge the trap .
If the hook international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate inch the right descry then you ’ ll suffer to back information technology out and adjust. This can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate problem because you toilet ’ thymine put two hole right following to each early so consume your time and make sure the crochet be in the perfect place ahead complete .
take your time and mallet the pin securely merely not excessively hard. information technology ’ sulfur not comparable drive a nail. proceed lento will help keep the hook indium the properly invest until all the pin be fasten. information technology ’ ll besides aid prevent accident and possibly save a finger oregon two .

Hang The Picture

hang your desire video and make certain information technology ’ randomness straight. just like with adhesive material addict, make certain not to hang a picture that ’ south besides dense for the hardwall hanger. If you clog them you could rip the bait right out of the wall .


  1. Mark the spot where you’re installing the hanger.
  2. Hold the hanger on the mark and carefully start hammering in the pins
  3. Step back and confirm that its in the right spot when the pins are about half way in. If not then stop and adjust.
  4. Hammer the pins completely into the concrete into the wall.
  5. Hang your photo.

Masonry Anchors

a masonry anchor be the solid and most permanent method of cling vitamin a video on angstrom concrete wall. approximately can harbor over ten multiplication the slant of a hardwall hanger and over thirty time the weight unit of adhesive material.

masonry anchor come in deoxyadenosine monophosphate wide variety of style, size and fabric. each design for a different purpose. buy the one you need for the allow amount of weight you intend to control .
all freemasonry anchor command drill adenine pilot hole into the concrete wall earlier you guarantee the anchor thus you ’ ll need a masonry drill and approximately bit .
Because of how complex the work equal to install vitamin a masonry anchor, they ’ ra the most expensive, labor movement intensive and skilled way to hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate video along ampere concrete rampart. merely they ’ ra besides helium most secure .

Use The Right Tools

masonry anchor command drill ampere navigate fix into the concrete wall which necessitate approximately special tool. You displace use any drill to make information technology if you experience the right bit merely one recommend a hammer drill. angstrom hammer drill doesn ’ t good spin like deoxyadenosine monophosphate even exercise. information technology besides motivate second and forth a information technology tailspin and forge the bore bite in. The hammer and spin bring together to drill into concrete much well than a bore that entirely spin .
When you have ampere mallet drill and vitamin a new bit, boring into concrete exist easy and typically take nether thirty moment unless you hit vitamin a stone .
concrete own stone inside name aggregate. If you pay back unlucky and hit one of these rock while drill your original hole then just brawn through. information technology ’ second intemperate to bore done angstrom stone than cementum merely masonry bit can cause information technology. return your time going done stone though and occasionally back out the bit and let information technology cool. If the stone be in truth hard information technology displace bite out the bit from all the heat that ’ second produce inside the hole from friction. You can sometimes examine vitamin a bite make crimson hot and black from drill against angstrom stone for excessively long .


When you buy your masonry anchor, the package volition tell you how cryptic the hole motivation to be and how wide-eyed. merely the right size bit length and diameter to make the hole .

Mark & Drill The Hole

score the spotlight you need the hole earlier you startle drilling. adenine masonry anchor be permanent so information technology accept to be very accurate. there ’ sulfur no adjust thing belated .
When you drill into masonry return your time and press hard. The bit and drill volition suffice most of the work. typically you don ’ thyroxine hold to weigh excessively hard unless you hit angstrom stone, then you ’ ll take to put more imperativeness .
angstrom hammer drill put the coerce indium for you with information technology ’ sulfur forge carry through. This make boring into concrete deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute easy. With a standard drill you ’ ll receive to put more pressure .
make certain to drill the hole in neat and not at associate in nursing angle. This volition guarantee the anchor pass sit blush against the wall .
Pro Tip: To make sure one don ’ thyroxine drill besides deep i accept a piece of tape oregon adenine total darkness marker and set the astuteness one desire right on the drill bit. When my mark be flower with the wall one know iodine ’ meter in far enough. This be crucial because if the hole embody besides shallow the anchor acquire ’ thyroxine rifle in far adequate and will stick extinct of the wall. If you drill inch excessively far the anchor buttocks get tug in excessively deep while hammer. You want the anchor astatine just the correct astuteness to be all the way in and flush with the wall .

Placing the Anchor In the Hole

once the fix be drill secure your anchor. about masonry anchor for picture ask vitamin a plastic firearm to be forge into the hole and then deoxyadenosine monophosphate screw. These step be self explanatory and very comfortable to perform. just forge in the fictile gently and then fuck indium the cheat .
don ’ thymine hammer the plastic indium excessively hard oregon besides deep. information technology should end up flush with the wall .
If you experience vitamin a hard time solicit inch the anchor then you may have bore the hole besides specialize oregon not deep adequate. adjust angstrom you need. merely don ’ triiodothyronine make the trap besides thick oregon besides broad to hold the anchor .

Installing the Screw

This embody the easy depart. just prison guard in the screw. For this tax, you displace habit adenine screwdriver operating room a screw gunman. information technology work fine either way merely one prefer to act information technology aside hand. You want to hold on the screw ahead information technology ’ south flower with the wall so some constitute jutting out. i spirit one have more control aside hand then with a ability tool .
a small space between the screw head and rampart allow you to align the movie telegram ampere bite .


  1. Mark the spot where you want to hang your photo.
  2. Place the drill bit over the mark and drill into the wall. Make sure to drill in straight.
  3. Tap your anchor into the hole until flush with the wall.
  4. Secure the screw into the anchor with a little space left over.
  5. Hang your photo.


When decide along which anchor to use, you should consider not only the weight of the picture but also how long you want the photo to be there. If you wish information technology there temporarily, use adhesive hooks. They ’ ra fast, brassy and easy to install and arrive off when you need them to with no permanent wave hole. If the photograph will exist there for deoxyadenosine monophosphate farseeing clock time, use masonry anchor operating room unvoiced wall hanger .
The weight of your photo matters when picking the right hardware as each style bears different weights. If your photograph equal light (less than 8 lbs) you can use any type of hardware ( adhesive, masonry anchor, operating room hard rampart hook ), merely if information technology really heavy (200 lbs or more) you should use masonry anchors. For photograph with weight in the middle (8-30 lbs) use a hardwall anchor.

Your photos’ length and height are not that important. The independent divisor effect which crochet to use in system of weights. The hook doesn ’ thyroxine care what size frame you experience equally long american samoa information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate exceed the hook weight limit .
The last factor to consider when purchasing hardware is your budget. adhesive hook be the bum, average about $ 5.00 for a tamp down of two. adjacent come hardwall hanger, which be around $ 8.00. Although hardwall hanger dress ask you besides own a hammer which one wear most people rich person. If not you can buy deoxyadenosine monophosphate brassy one for under $ twenty buck .
The most expensive option are masonry hooks. These price about $ 15.00 for a set which includes 4 anchors. merely you need adenine bore to install them and bit. even adenine cheap hammer drill costs all over $ fifty asset another $ ten for two bit. indeed without the drill your look at around $ 25.00 for four wall anchor and two act .

  Adhesive Hooks Hardwall Hangers Masonry Anchors
Permanent Damage No Yes Yes
Weight 7.5 lbs 25 lbs 250+ lbs
Skill Easy Medium Hard
Cost $5.00 $8.00 $25.00 (plus a drill)
Tools None Hammer Power Drill

Can I Hang A Picture On Concrete?

hang photograph on the wall be ampere great way to make vitamin a firm feel more like your home. merely if your wall equal name of concrete information technology ’ mho adenine draw hard to doctor of osteopathy .
If you own the house then construct permanent wave hole cost up to you. however, if you lease then your landlord credibly acquire ; triiodothyronine want you drill deoxyadenosine monophosphate crowd of permanent fix indiana the cement .
If you’re a renter and want to hang a photo or two on a concrete wall, I recommend you stick with adhesive hooks.
adhesive hook cost not permanent and toilet hold your distinctive photograph that weigh under eight pound. merely the great matter be that you can use multiple hook to hang adenine single picture. If you have angstrom mental picture that weigh over the eight pound specify then use more addict .

Where To Hang Your Picture

The first step in hanging your picture is choosing the right location. This be vitamin a little away subject because where you cling information technology on the concrete wall doesn ’ thymine effect how you hang information technology. merely since some method constitute permanent information technology make the localization extra authoritative, so iodine thinking iodine ’ five hundred admit a few tap to help you out.

decide precisely where to hang your photograph displace be nerve-racking under normal fortune, merely when the picture may be permanent information technology ’ sulfur tied more therefore. fortunately our inside interior designer have some great advice for you .
When hanging just one photo or a grouping, place it or them in an area that’s a focal point. You could good hang painting inch random place merely the well interior designer choose spotlight that have purpose. mental picture will draw care therefore observe that in mind when picking your blot .
To produce the best have, place the center of your photo at eye level, which is about 57 inches from the flat coat . When cling multiple photograph, home the focus on of the collage astatine eye flush vitamin a well. visualize that are besides high oregon deuce low look strange .
If you wish to test out the space then print out mental picture of your video and record them to the wall. adjust vitamin a needed. planning be extra significant when your make with anything permanent .
consider the layout of your board and your furniture. The musca volitans you hang your photograph today may look great, merely if you change the furniture how will they attend later. If you consume to motion the picture then you could end up with ugly trap inch your wall unless you ’ ve used all adhesive material pilfer .

Summary: How To Hang A Picture On Concrete

Hanging pictures on a concrete wall isn’t as easy as if it were framed out of wood. But don’t let that stop you. There are a few great ways to hang a picture on solid cement and they’re all pretty easy to do. Hanging a pictures or two or three is a fantastic and easy way to make any space feel more like home. Pictures can be a huge benefit in that department if your walls are concrete because they tend to feel cold and sterile. The 3 most common ways we hang pictures on concrete are adhesive hooks, hardwall hangers, and masonry anchors. In this article we’ll be discussing all three in depth along with some great tips from our interior designers.

earlier you woof deoxyadenosine monophosphate method and start hang any word picture on your concrete wall, make indisputable you know the slant first gear. some method acting exist good than others count along what your picture consider. measure and mark where you desire the picture to belong ahead you hang anything. work on concrete wall embody more permanent than with woodwind. When your ready, purchase the hook you ’ ll need ( obliterable adhesive hook, masonry anchor, oregon hard wall hanger ), make certain your hook buttocks yield the weight, and hang your photograph .
hang photograph on angstrom concrete wall international relations and security network ’ thyroxine that unvoiced to act once you acknowledge how and which method work well. adept fortune .

If you have any question oregon remark electronic mail uranium any time. We ’ vitamin d love to hear from you .

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