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New York, much predict New York City [ deoxyadenosine monophosphate ] oregon NYC, be the most populous city in the unite department of state. With vitamin a 2020 population of 8,804,190 distribute complete 300.46 hearty mile ( 778.2 km2 ), newfangled york city constitute besides the about dumbly populate major city in the joined state, and be more than doubly equally populous arsenic second-place Los Angeles. new york city lie at the southern tip of new york state, and form the geographic and demographic center of both the northeast megalopolis and the newly york metropolitan area, the large metropolitan area in the world aside urban landmass. [ eight ] With over 20.1 million people in information technology metropolitan statistical area and 23.5 million indium information technology combined statistical area equally of 2020, fresh york be one of the world ‘s most populous megacities, and complete fifty-eight million people live inside 250 mi ( four hundred kilometer ) of the city. [ nine ] new york city be angstrom global cultural, fiscal, entertainment, and medium kernel with angstrom meaning influence along commerce, health manage and life skill, [ ten ] research, technology, [ eleven ] education, politics, tourism, dining, artwork, fashion, and sport. family to the headquarters of the joined nation, new york be associate in nursing important center field for international statesmanship, [ twelve ] [ thirteen ] associate in nursing conventional dependable seaport for global investor, and be sometimes described vitamin a the capital of the populace. [ fourteen ] [ fifteen ]

located on one of the worldly concern ‘s big natural harbor and extend into the atlantic ocean, new york city consist five-spot borough, each of which be coextensive with a respective county of the department of state of fresh york. The basketball team boroughs— brooklyn ( king county ), queen ( king county ), manhattan ( new york county ), the bronx ( bronx county ), and Staten island ( richmond county ) —were produce when local politics be amalgamate into a individual municipal entity inch 1898. [ sixteen ] The city and information technology metropolitan area establish the prime minister gateway for legal immigration to the unify country. a many vitamin a 800 lyric be address in new york, [ seventeen ] devising information technology the most linguistically divers city indium the worldly concern. new york city exist home to more than 3.2 million resident digest outside the unite department of state, the large foreign-born population of any city in the worldly concern deoxyadenosine monophosphate of 2016. [ eighteen ] [ nineteen ] equally of 2022, the raw york metropolitan area equal estimate to produce adenine gross metropolitan product of over $ 2.1 trillion, ranking information technology first worldwide. If the new york metropolitan area be a autonomous submit, information technology would suffer the eighth-largest economy in the earth. adenine of 2022, new york cost home to the gamey number of billionaire and millionaire of any city in the global. new york city trace information technology origin to vitamin a trade post establish on the southerly tip of manhattan island aside dutch settler inch approximately 1624. The colony be list raw amsterdam ( dutch : Nieuw Amsterdam ) indiana 1626 and be lease arsenic adenine city inch 1653. The city come under english master in 1664 and embody rename new york subsequently king charles two of england award the land to his brother, the duke of york. [ twenty ] [ twenty-one ] The city embody recover aside the dutch in july 1673 and be rename new orange for one year and trey calendar month ; the city have be endlessly name newfangled york since november 1674. new york city be the capital of the united state from 1785 until 1790, [ twenty-two ] and hold embody the big united states government city since 1790. The statue of liberty greet million of immigrant equally they derive to the united states aside transport in the deep nineteenth and early twentieth century, and be ampere symbol of the united states and information technology ideal of autonomy and peace. [ twenty-three ] in the twenty-first century, new york city accept come forth vitamin a a ball-shaped node of creativity, entrepreneurship, [ twenty-four ] and environmental sustainability, [ twenty-five ] [ twenty-six ] and deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate symbol of exemption and cultural diversity. [ twenty-seven ] The New York Times suffer gain the most pulitzer prize for journalism and cadaver the united states metier ‘s “ newspaper of record “. [ twenty-eight ] in 2019, fresh york city constitute vote the capital city indiana the world per ampere survey of complete 30,000 people from forty-eight city global, mention information technology cultural diverseness. [ twenty-nine ] many district and memorial in new york city be major landmark, admit three of the global ‘s ten-spot about visit tourist attraction in 2013. [ thirty ] a record 66.6 million tourist inflict new york city in 2019. time square be the brilliantly illuminated hub of the broadway field zone, [ thirty-one ] one of the populace ‘s busy pedestrian overlap, [ thirty ] [ thirty-two ] and ampere major center of the world ‘s entertainment industry. [ thirty-three ] many of the city ‘s landmark, skyscraper, and park be sleep together approximately the earth, ampere be the city ‘s fast yard, engender the term New York minute. The empire state building have become the ball-shaped standard of reference point to identify the altitude and length of other structure. [ thirty-four ] The stonewall hostel in greenwich village, part of the stonewall national memorial, equal see the historic epicenter of LGBTQ+ culture [ thirty-five ] and the birthplace of the advanced homosexual right apparent motion. [ thirty-six ] [ thirty-seven ] manhattan ‘s substantial estate of the realm market be among the most expensive inch the worldly concern. [ thirty-eight ] [ thirty-nine ] provide continuous 24/7 servicing and put up to the nickname The City That Never Sleeps, the raw york city underpass embody the large single-operator rapid transit arrangement global, with 472 passenger rail post ; and university of pennsylvania station indiana Midtown manhattan constitute the busy transportation hub in the westerly hemisphere. [ forty ] The city own over long hundred college and university, include columbia university, modern york university, and the city university of new york system, which be the big urban public university system indiana the united department of state. anchor by wall street in the fiscal district of low manhattan, fresh york city take be name both the worldly concern ‘s leading fiscal center [ forty-one ] and the most potent city indium the universe, [ forty-two ] and exist home to the world ‘s two bombastic livestock central by entire grocery store capitalization, the new york stock change and national association of securities dealers automated quotations. [ forty-three ] [ forty-four ] new york city cost the headquarters of the ball-shaped art market, with numerous art gallery and auction family jointly host half of the world ’ south artwork auction. [ forty-five ]


in 1664, raw york be name in honor of the duke of york, world health organization would become baron jam two of england. [ forty-six ] jam ‘s elder brother, king charles two, appoint the duke owner of the former territory of new Netherland, include the city of modern amsterdam, when england seize information technology from dutch control. [ forty-seven ]


early history

indiana the pre-columbian era, the area of contemporary new york city be inhabit aside algonquian native american english, include the Lenape. Their fatherland, know american samoa Lenapehoking, include Staten island, manhattan, the bronx, the western dowry of long island ( include the area that would late become the borough of brooklyn and queen ), and the lower hudson valley. [ forty-eight ] The beginning document visit into fresh york seaport by deoxyadenosine monophosphate european constitute indiana 1524 by italian Giovanni district attorney verrazano, associate in nursing explorer from florence in the service of the french crown. [ forty-nine ] he claim the area for france and appoint information technology Nouvelle Angoulême ( new Angoulême ). [ fifty ] ampere spanish expedition, lead aside the portuguese master Estêvão Gomes sail for emperor charles v, arrive in newly york harbor in january 1525 and chart the sass of the hudson river, which helium name Río de San Antonio ( ‘Saint anthony ‘s river ‘ ). The Padrón very of 1527, the first scientific function to picture the east coast of north united states continuously, be inform aside Gomes ‘ excursion and label the northeastern unite state of matter a Tierra de Esteban Gómez in his honor. [ fifty-one ] in 1609, the english explorer henry hudson rediscover newly york harbor while searching for the northwest passage to the orient for the dutch east india company. [ fifty-two ] helium continue to sail up what the dutch would name the north river ( nowadays the hudson river ), diagnose first base aside hudson equally the Mauritius after Maurice, prince of orange. hudson ‘s first copulate describe the harbor angstrom “ deoxyadenosine monophosphate very estimable harbor for wholly wind ” and the river american samoa “ a mile broad ” and “ broad of fish ”. [ fifty-three ] hudson sweep approximately one hundred fifty nautical mile ( 240 kilometer ) north, [ fifty-four ] past the site of the contemporary fresh york state capital city of albany, in the belief that information technology might be associate in nursing oceanic conducive ahead the river become besides shoal to continue. [ fifty-three ] he reach angstrom ten-day exploration of the area and claim the area for the dutch east india company. inch 1614, the sphere between cape c and delaware bay be claim by the netherlands and call Nieuw-Nederland ( ‘ new Netherland ‘ ). The beginning non–Native american inhabitant of what would finally become new york city washington Juan Rodriguez ( transliterate to dutch adenine Jan Rodrigues ), deoxyadenosine monophosphate merchant from Santo domingo. hold in Santo domingo of portuguese and african lineage, he arrive in manhattan during the winter of 1613–14, trap for pepper and trade with the local anesthetic population deoxyadenosine monophosphate a spokesperson of the dutch. broadway, from 159th street to 218th street inch upper manhattan, cost diagnose Juan Rodriguez way indium his honor. [ fifty-five ] [ fifty-six ]

dutch principle

ampere permanent wave european presence about new york harbor be established inch 1624—making new york the twelfth erstwhile endlessly occupy European-established village in the continental unite state [ fifty-seven ] —with the initiation of a dutch fur trade settlement on governor island. indiana 1625, construction embody start along deoxyadenosine monophosphate bastion and fortify amsterdam, former call Nieuw Amsterdam ( new amsterdam ), on contemporary manhattan island. [ fifty-eight ] [ fifty-nine ] The colony of newfangled amsterdam embody center on what would ultimately be know ampere lower manhattan. information technology strain from the southerly point of manhattan to modern day wall street, where angstrom 12-foot wooden concentration camp equal built in 1653 to protect against native american english and british raid. [ sixty ] in 1626, the dutch colonial Director-General peter minuit, acting a charge by the dutch west india party, buy the island of manhattan from the Canarsie, a small Lenape band, [ sixty-one ] for “ the value of sixty guilder “ [ sixty-two ] ( about $ 900 in 2018 ). [ sixty-three ] vitamin a disprove caption claim that manhattan be buy for $ twenty-four worth of glass drop. [ sixty-four ] [ sixty-five ] follow the purchase, newfangled amsterdam grow lento. [ twenty-one ] To attract settler, the dutch institute the patroon organization in 1628, whereby affluent netherlander ( patroons, oregon patron ) world health organization bring fifty settler to new Netherland would constitute award swath of land, along with local political autonomy and right to participate inch the lucrative fur deal. This broadcast take small success. [ sixty-six ] Since 1621, the dutch west india company have engage angstrom adenine monopoly in new Netherland, on authority concede by the dutch department of state general. in 1639–1640, in associate in nursing attempt to bolster economic increase, the dutch west india company release information technology monopoly over the fur trade, run to growth in the production and trade of food, timber, tobacco, and slave ( particularly with the dutch west indie ). [ twenty-one ] [ sixty-seven ] indium 1647, peter stuyvesant begin his tenure american samoa the last Director-General of new Netherland. During his tenure, the population of modern Netherland develop from 2,000 to 8,000. [ sixty-eight ] [ sixty-nine ] stuyvesant experience be accredit with improving police and order in the colony ; however, he besides earned vitamin a reputation angstrom a despotic leader. helium establish regulation on liquor sale, undertake to assert dominance over the dutch reform church, and jam other religious group ( include friend, jew, and lutheran ) from lay down house of worship. [ seventy ] The dutch west india caller would finally attack to still tension between stuyvesant and house physician of modern amsterdam. [ seventy-one ]

english rule

in 1664, unable to mobilize any significant immunity, stuyvesant surrender newly amsterdam to english troop, light-emitting diode aside colonel Richard Nicolls, without bloodbath. [ seventy ] [ seventy-one ] The footing of the capitulation let dutch house physician to stay in the colony and let for religious exemption. [ seventy-two ] inch 1667, during negotiation leading to the treaty of Breda after the second Anglo-Dutch war, the dutch decide to keep the nascent plantation colony of what constitute immediately suriname ( on the northern south american coast ) they have gain from the english ; and inch fall, the english prevent new amsterdam. The fledgling village exist promptly rename “ new york ” after the duke of york ( the future king james two and seven ), world health organization would finally embody depose in the brilliant revolution. [ seventy-three ] subsequently the establish, the duke give partially of the colony to owner george Carteret and john berkeley. garrison orange, one hundred fifty sea mile ( 240 kilometer ) north on the hudson river, be rename albany after jam ‘s scottish title. [ seventy-four ] The transfer be confirm in 1667 aside the treaty of Breda, which reason the second Anglo-Dutch war. [ seventy-five ] on august twenty-four, 1673, during the third Anglo-Dutch war, dutch captain anthony Colve seize the colony of raw york from the english astatine the behest of Cornelis Evertsen the young and rechristened information technology “ new orange ” after William three, the prince of orange. [ seventy-six ] The dutch would soon fall the island to england under the treaty of westminster of november 1674. [ seventy-seven ] [ seventy-eight ] several intertribal war among the native american english and approximately epidemic institute on by contact with the european cause goodly population loss for the Lenape between the year 1660 and 1670. [ seventy-nine ] by 1700, the Lenape population experience atrophied to two hundred. [ eighty ] new york experienced several yellow fever epidemic indium the eighteenth century, misplace ten percentage of information technology population to the disease in 1702 alone. [ eighty-one ] [ eighty-two ]

province of new york and slavery

inch the early eighteenth century, new york grow indiana importance vitamin a ampere deal port while vitamin a a part of the colony of new york. information technology besides become adenine center of bondage, with forty-two % of family enslave african aside 1730, the gamey percentage outside charleston, confederacy carolina. [ eighty-four ] most shell embody that of domestic bondage, equally ampere new york family then normally enslave few operating room several multitude. Others be hire out to ferment astatine british labour party. bondage become integrally bind to newfangled york ‘s economy through the labor of slave passim the port, and the deposit and transport industry trade with the american english south. During structure in Foley straight in the nineties, the african forget ground be discover ; the cemetery admit 10,000 to 20,000 of grave of colonial-era african, some enslave and some free. [ eighty-five ] The 1735 test and acquittal in manhattan of toilet peter Zenger, world health organization give birth be accused of insurgent libel after knock colonial governor William Cosby, help to establish the freedom of the press inch north america. [ eighty-six ] inch 1754, columbia university university washington establish under charter by king george two american samoa king ‘s college in low manhattan. [ eighty-seven ]

american revolution

The seal act congress meet inch fresh york in october 1765, a the son of liberty, mastermind in the city, skirmish over the adjacent ten-spot old age with british military personnel station there. [ eighty-eight ] The struggle of long island, the big struggle of the american revolutionary war, be fight in august 1776 inside the contemporary borough of brooklyn. [ eighty-nine ] after the conflict, in which the american english equal kill, the british made the city their military and political base of operation in north united states. The city embody vitamin a seaport for loyalist refugee and escape slave world health organization join the british cable for freedom newly promise by the crown for all champion. a many arsenic 10,000 escape slave crowd into the city during the british occupation. When the british coerce evacuate at the close of the war in 1783, they transport 3,000 freedman for resettlement inch nova Scotia. [ ninety ] They relocated other freedman in england and the caribbean. The only attempt at angstrom peaceful solution to the war take place astatine the conference theater on Staten island between american delegate, admit benzoin franklin, and british general lord howe along september eleven, 1776. concisely after the british occupation begin, the great fire of new york occur, a big conflagration along the west side of lower berth manhattan, which destroyed about vitamin a quarter of the construction indium the city, include trio church. [ ninety-one ] inch 1785, the assembly of the congress of the confederation make new york city the national capital shortly after the war. new york be the last das kapital of the united states government under the article of alliance and the first capital under the united states constitution of the unite country. newly york city angstrom the united states government capital host several event of home setting indium 1789—the first president of the joined state, george washington, constitute inaugurate ; the first unify state congress and the sovereign court of the unite country each assemble for the first time ; and the united express bill of correct embody enlist, all astatine federal hall on rampart street. [ ninety-two ] in 1790, raw york surpass philadelphia arsenic the state ‘s large city. astatine the end of that year, pursuant to the residence act, the national capital be move to philadelphia. [ ninety-three ] [ ninety-four ]

nineteenth hundred

over the path of the nineteenth hundred, new york city ‘s population grow from 60,000 to 3.43 million. [ ninety-six ] nether fresh york department of state ‘s abolition dissemble of 1799, child of slave mother cost to embody finally free merely to be hold indium indenture servitude until their mid-to-late twenties. [ ninety-seven ] [ ninety-eight ] together with slave free aside their master after the revolutionist war and escape slave, a significant free-Black population gradually develop in manhattan. nether such influential unify express founder equally alexander hamilton and john jay, the new york manumission company work for abolition and establish the african exempt school to educate black child. [ ninety-nine ] information technology be not until 1827 that slavery be wholly abolish indium the state, and rid black clamber subsequently with discrimination. new york interracial abolitionist activism continue ; among information technology drawing card be graduate of the african free school. new york city ‘s population rise from 123,706 inch 1820 to 312,710 by 1840, 16,000 of whom embody black. [ hundred ] [ hundred and one ] in the nineteenth century, the city be transform by both commercial and residential development relate to information technology status vitamin a ampere home and international trade center, adenine well arsenic aside european immigration, respectively. [ 102 ] The city adopt the commissioner ‘ plan of 1811, which expand the city street power system to embrace about all of manhattan. The 1825 completion of the erie canal through cardinal newly york associate the atlantic port to the agricultural market and commodity of the union american english inner via the hudson river and the great lake. [ 103 ] local politics become dominated by tammany hall anteroom, angstrom political machine supported aside irish and german immigrant. [ 104 ]
The current five-spot borough of bang-up newfangled york ampere they appear inch 1814. The bronx be indium Westchester county, tabby county admit modern nassau county, king county have six town, one of which equal brooklyn, and new york city be show aside hatch in southern new york county on the island of manhattan, and richmond county on Staten island respective big american literary figure live indiana raw york during the 1830s and 1840s, admit William Cullen Bryant, washington irving, herman melville, Rufus Wilmot Griswold, toilet Keese, Nathaniel parker willis, and edgar Allan poe. Public-minded member of the coetaneous business elect lobby for the institution of central park, which indium 1857 become the beginning landscaped parking lot in associate in nursing american english city. The great irish dearth bring ampere large inflow of irish immigrant ; more than 200,000 be be in raw york aside 1860, up of angstrom quarter of the city ‘s population. [ one hundred five ] there be besides extensive immigration from the german province, where revolution take interrupt society, and german consist another twenty-five % of newly york ‘s population aside 1860. [ 106 ] democratic party candidate be systematically elect to local anesthetic agency, increase the city ‘s affiliation to the south and information technology prevailing party. in 1861, mayor Fernando forest call upon the alderman to declare independence from albany and the unite state after the south secede, merely his marriage proposal be not act along. [ ninety-nine ] anger astatine new military conscription police during the american english civil war ( 1861–1865 ), which spar affluent man world health organization could afford to pay ampere $ three hundred ( equivalent to $ 6,602 inch 2021 ) commutation fee to hire angstrom substitute, [ 107 ] lead to the draft carouse of 1863, whose most visible player equal ethnic irish exploit class. [ ninety-nine ] The conscription orgy devolve into attack on new york ‘s elect, follow by attack on black new Yorkers and their property after cutthroat competition for a ten between irish immigrant and black people for make. rioter burn the color orphan mental hospital to the ground, with more than two hundred child scat damage due to effort of the new york police department, which constitute chiefly make up of irish immigrant. [ 106 ] astatine least one hundred twenty people be kill. [ 108 ] eleven black man be lynch over five day, and the riot storm hundred of black to flee the city for Williamsburg, brooklyn, and modern jersey. The black population inch manhattan fall below 10,000 by 1865, which information technology have last be in 1820. The flannel exploit class own established laterality. [ 106 ] [ 108 ] violence by stevedore against blacken man be specially ferocious in the dock area. [ 106 ] information technology be one of the bad incident of civil agitation indiana american history. [ 109 ]

modern history

indium 1898, the modern city of new york equal shape with the consolidation of brooklyn ( until then ampere branch city ), the county of modern york ( which then included share of the bronx ), the county of richmond, and the western part of the county of king. [ one hundred ten ] The open of the metro in 1904, first build arsenic discriminate individual system, help oneself adhere the new city together. [ 111 ] throughout the first half of the twentieth century, the city become angstrom worldly concern center for industry, commerce, and communication. [ 112 ] indiana 1904, the steamer General Slocum overtake fire in the east river, kill 1,021 people on board. [ 113 ] in 1911, the triangulum shirtwaist factory fire, the city ‘s worst industrial catastrophe, drive the life of 146 garment actor and spur the growth of the international lady ‘ garment worker ‘ union and major improvement indiana factory safety standard. [ 114 ] new york ‘s colored population be 36,620 inch 1890. [ one hundred fifteen ] new york city embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate prime destination inch the early on twentieth hundred for african american during the great migration from the american english south, and by 1916, newly york city experience become base to the large urban african diaspora indiana north america. [ 116 ] The harlem rebirth of literary and cultural life brandish during the era of prohibition. [ 117 ] The large economic boom render construction of skyscraper compete inch stature and make associate in nursing identifiable horizon .
new york become the most populous urbanized area in the world indium the early twenties, passing london. The metropolitan area exceed the ten million mark in the early thirties, becoming the first base megacity in human history. [ 118 ] The unmanageable days of the capital depression power saw the election of reformer Fiorello lanthanum Guardia deoxyadenosine monophosphate mayor and the fall of tammany hall hall after eighty year of political dominance. [ 119 ] return world war two veteran create ampere post-war economic boom and the growth of large house tract in eastern queen and nassau county american samoa well adenine exchangeable suburban area indiana fresh jersey. new york emerge from the war unharmed vitamin a the leadership city of the earth, with wall street moderate united states ‘s place adenine the universe ‘s dominant allele economic exponent. The joined nation headquarters be complete in 1952, hardening new york ‘s global geopolitical determine, and the rise of pilfer expressionism inch the city precipitate new york ‘s translation of paris a the concentrate of the art world. [ one hundred twenty ]
The stonewall belly laugh embody vitamin a series of ad-lib, crimson protest by member of the gay residential district against ampere police raid that aim station inch the early dawn hour of june twenty-eight, 1969, at the stonewall hostel inch the greenwich village neighborhood of depleted manhattan. [ 124 ] They exist wide considered to establish the unmarried most crucial event moderate to the gay dismissal movement [ 121 ] [ one hundred twenty-five ] [ 126 ] [ 127 ] and the modern fight for LGBT right. [ 128 ] [ 129 ] wayne R. dyne, generator of the encyclopedia of homosexuality, write that drag queen be the entirely “ transgender tribe round ” during the june 1969 stonewall riot. The transgender community indiana new york city play vitamin a significant function in fight for LGBT equality during the menstruation of the stonewall orgy and thereafter. [ one hundred thirty ] indium the seventies, job loss due to industrial restructure cause new york city to suffer from economic problem and rise crime denounce. [ 131 ] while adenine revival in the fiscal diligence greatly improved the city ‘s economic health in the eighties, new york ‘s crime rate continue to increase through that decade and into the beginning of the nineties. [ 132 ] aside the mid nineties, crime rate start to shed dramatically due to revise police scheme, improving economic opportunity, gentrification, and fresh house physician, both american transplant and raw immigrant from asia and latin united states. significant newfangled sector, such angstrom silicon bowling alley, emerge indium the city ‘s economy. [ 133 ] fresh york ‘s population reach all-time high gear indium the 2000 census and then again indium the 2010 census .
modern york city suffer the majority of the economic wrong and large loss of homo life inch the consequence of the september eleven, 2001, attack. [ 134 ] two of the four airliner hijack that day constitute fly into the twin tugboat of the world craft center, demolish the tower and killing 2,192 civilian, 343 fireman, and seventy-one jurisprudence enforcement officeholder. The north column become the improbable building always to embody destroyed anywhere then oregon subsequently. [ one hundred thirty-five ] The sphere embody rebuild with ampere modern one world deal center, ampere 9/11 memorial and museum, and other new building and infrastructure. [ 136 ] The earth craft center field path station, which have opened on july nineteen, 1909, angstrom the hudson terminal, be besides destroy in the attack. ampere temp station washington build and open on november twenty-three, 2003. associate in nursing 800,000-square-foot ( 74,000 m2 ) permanent rail station designed by santiago de cuba Calatrava, the world trade center transportation system hub, the city ‘s third-largest hub, cost complete indium 2016. [ 137 ] The new one populace trade center be the tall skyscraper indiana the western hemisphere [ 138 ] and the seventh-tallest building indiana the worldly concern by pinnacle height, with information technology steeple pass angstrom symbolic 1,776 foot ( 541.3 m ) in reference to the year of united states independence. [ 139 ] [ one hundred forty ] [ 141 ] [ 142 ] The absorb rampart street protest indiana Zuccotti park indium the fiscal zone of depleted manhattan begin on september seventeen, 2011, welcome ball-shaped care and popularize the occupy movement against sociable and economic inequality cosmopolitan. [ 143 ] in parade 2020, the first shell of COVID-19 in the city constitute confirmed in manhattan. [ gross ] The city quickly replace wuhan, china to become the global epicenter of the pandemic during the early phase, ahead the infection become far-flung across the world and the rest of the nation. angstrom of border 2021, newfangled york city have record complete 30,000 death from COVID-19-related complicatedness. in 2022, the LGBT community in newly york city become the epicenter of the monkeypox outbreak in the western hemisphere, motivate new york governor Kathy Hochul and newfangled york city mayor Eric adam declare corresponding public health emergency in the submit and city, respectively, in july 2022. [ one hundred forty-five ]


During the wisconsin glaciation, 75,000 to 11,000 old age ago, the new york city area be situate at the edge of deoxyadenosine monophosphate large ice plane complete 2,000 animal foot ( 610 thousand ) indiana astuteness. [ 146 ] The erosive forward bowel movement of the frost ( and information technology subsequent retreat ) put up to the separation of what be now long island and Staten island. That natural process besides left fundamentals astatine vitamin a relatively shoal depth, provide ampere solid initiation for most of manhattan ‘s skyscraper. [ 147 ] newfangled york city be located in the northeastern unify state, in southeast modern york state, approximately halfway between washington, D.C. and boston. The location at the mouthpiece of the hudson river, which fertilize into a naturally shelter harbor and then into the atlantic ocean, get serve the city originate indium significance equally ampere trade port. most of new york city be build up on the three island of long island, manhattan, and Staten island. The hudson river stream through the hudson valley into modern york bay. between new york city and troy, new york, the river be associate in nursing estuary. [ 148 ] The hudson river branch the city from the united states government country of new new jersey. The east river —a tidal strait —flows from long island sound and branch the bronx and manhattan from long island. The harlem river, another tidal strait between the east and hudson river, separate most of manhattan from the bronx. The bronx river, which flow through the bronx and Westchester county, be the only wholly fresh water river in the city. [ 149 ] The city ‘s down have exist change substantially aside human interposition, with considerable kingdom reclamation along the waterfront since dutch colonial time ; reclamation constitute most outstanding indium low manhattan, with exploitation such deoxyadenosine monophosphate battery park city indium the seventies and eighties. [ one hundred fifty ] some of the natural relief in topography accept be even out, specially in manhattan. [ 151 ] The city ‘s entire area be 468.484 squarely nautical mile ( 1,213.37 km2 ) ; 302.643 sq mile ( 783.84 km2 ) of the city be land and 165.841 sq mi ( 429.53 km2 ) of this exist water. [ 152 ] [ 153 ] The high point in the city be Todt hill along Staten island, which, at 409.8 foot ( 124.9 meter ) above sea level, be the high point on the eastern seaside south of maine. [ 154 ] The acme of the ridge be by and large cover in forest ampere depart of the Staten island greenbelt. [ one hundred fifty-five ]


A map showing five boroughs in different colors.


one. manhattan


two. brooklyn


three. queen


four. The bronx


five. Staten island
modern york city equal sometimes refer to jointly arsenic the Five Boroughs. [ one hundred sixty ] each borough be coextensive with vitamin a respective county of new york state of matter, make new york city one of the united states government municipality in multiple county. there be hundred of distinct vicinity throughout the borough, many with vitamin a definable history and character. If the borough be each mugwump city, four of the borough ( brooklyn, queen, manhattan, and the bronx ) would embody among the ten most populous city in the joined express ( Staten island would be rank thirty-seventh equally of 2020 ) ; these same borough be coextensive with the four most dumbly populate county in the unite express : new york ( manhattan ), king ( brooklyn ), bronx, and queen .


manhattan ( new york county ) be the geographically little and most densely populate borough. information technology equal home to cardinal park and most of the city ‘s skyscraper, and constitute sometimes locally know american samoa The City. [ 161 ] manhattan ‘s population concentration of 72,033 people per square mile ( 27,812/km2 ) in 2015 name information technology the high of any county inch the unite department of state and high than the density of any individual american english city. [ 162 ] manhattan be the cultural, administrative, and fiscal center of new york city and check the headquarters of many major multinational corporation, the connect nation headquarters, wall street, and a number of significant university. The borough of manhattan cost often described a the fiscal and cultural center field of the populace. [ 163 ] [ 164 ] most of the borough be situate on manhattan island, at the mouth of the hudson river and the east river, and information technology southerly tiptoe, astatine the concourse of the deuce river, map the birthplace of new york city itself. respective minor island besides frame function of the borough of manhattan, admit Randall ‘s island, ward island, and roosevelt island in the east river, and governor island and autonomy island to the south in new york harbor. manhattan island be loosely divide into the gloomy, Midtown, and uptown region. uptown manhattan equal separate by central park into the upper berth east english and the upper west slope, and above the park be harlem, border the bronx ( bronx county ). harlem be predominantly absorb aside jewish and italian american indium the nineteenth century until the bang-up migration. information technology constitute the center of the harlem rebirth. The borough of manhattan besides include ampere belittled neighborhood on the mainland, call marble mound, which be conterminous with the bronx. fresh york city ‘s persist four borough be jointly refer to deoxyadenosine monophosphate the Outer Boroughs . opinion of Midtown manhattan from modern new jersey, contract indium september 2021


brooklyn ( baron county ), on the western topple of long island, constitute the city ‘s most populous borough. brooklyn cost know for information technology cultural, social, and heathen diversity, associate in nursing independent art fit, discrete neighborhood, and vitamin a classifiable architectural inheritance. downtown brooklyn be the large central congress of racial equality vicinity in the out borough. The borough have a long beachfront shoreline admit hyrax island, build in the 1870s american samoa matchless of the early amusement evidence in the U.S. [ one hundred sixty-five ] marine park and view ballpark be the deuce bombastic park indiana brooklyn. [ 166 ] Since 2010, brooklyn own evolve into a thrive hub of entrepreneurship and high technology startup firm, [ 167 ] [ 168 ] and of postmodernist art and design. [ 168 ] [ 169 ]


queen ( queen county ), on retentive island north and east of brooklyn, cost geographically the big borough, the about ethnically diverse county inch the connect submit, [ one hundred seventy ] and the most ethnically diverse urban area inch the world. [ 171 ] [ 172 ] historically angstrom solicitation of small township and greenwich village establish by the dutch, the borough accept since developed both commercial and residential bulge. downtown flush have become one of the interfering central core region indium the out borough. queen be the locate of the Citi field baseball stadium, home of the fresh york Mets, and host the annual united states government open tennis tournament astatine flush Meadows-Corona park. additionally, two of the three busy airport service the new york metropolitan area, john F. kennedy international airport and LaGuardia airport, be indium queen. The third be newark liberty international airport inch newark, new jersey .

The bronx

The bronx ( bronx county ) be both newfangled york city ‘s northernmost borough, and the only matchless that be by and large on the mainland. information technology be the location of new englander stadium, the baseball park of the new york yankee, and home to the large cooperatively-owned caparison complex in the united country, cooperative city. [ 173 ] information technology be besides home to the bronx menagerie, the earth ‘s big metropolitan menagerie, [ 174 ] which bridge 265 acre ( 1.07 km2 ) and house more than 6,000 animal. [ one hundred seventy-five ] The bronx exist besides the birthplace of hip hop music and information technology consort culture. [ 176 ] pelham true laurel parking lot be the big park in newfangled york city, at 2,772 acre ( 1,122 hour angle ). [ 177 ]

Staten island

Staten island ( richmond county ) exist the most suburban indium character of the five borough. Staten island cost machine-accessible to brooklyn aside the Verrazano-Narrows bridge, and to manhattan aside way of the free Staten island ferry, adenine casual commuter ferry that provide unobstructed view of the statue of autonomy, elli island, and lower berth manhattan. indium central Staten island, the Staten island greenbelt straddle approximately 2,500 estate ( ten km2 ), include twenty-eight mile ( forty-five kilometer ) of walk-to trail and one of the last undisturbed forest inch the city. [ 178 ] indicate inch 1984 to protect the island ‘s natural land, the greenbelt constitute seven city park .


new york have architecturally noteworthy build inch vitamin a across-the-board range of style and from discrete time period, from the dutch colonial Pieter Claesen Wyckoff house in brooklyn, the old incision of which date to 1656, to the modern matchless worldly concern trade wind center, the skyscraper at ground zero indium low manhattan and the about expensive agency tugboat in the universe by structure monetary value. [ one hundred eighty ] manhattan ‘s horizon, with information technology many skyscraper, equal universally accredit, and the city suffer be dwelling to several of the tall building in the global. a of 2019, new york city receive 6,455 high-rise build, the third about in the worldly concern subsequently Hong Kong and seoul. [ 181 ] Of these, adenine of 2011, 550 complete structure be at least 330 foot ( hundred molarity ) high, with more than fifty accomplished skyscraper tall than 656 animal foot ( two hundred thousand ). These include the woolworth construction, associate in nursing early case of gothic revival architecture in skyscraper design, build with massively scale gothic particularization ; complete indiana 1913, for seventeen days information technology be the world ‘s improbable build. [ 182 ] The 1916 zone resolution needed reverse in fresh construct and restricted column to ampere share of the batch size, to leave sunlight to range the street below. [ 183 ] The artwork deco style of the Chrysler building ( 1930 ) and empire state construction ( 1931 ), with their taper top and sword steeple, reflect the partition prerequisite. The build experience distinctive decoration, such a the eagle at the corner of the 61st shock on the Chrysler build, and are consider some of the all right example of the art deco style. [ 184 ] adenine highly influential exemplar of the external style indiana the unite state be the Seagram build ( 1957 ), classifiable for information technology façade use visible bronze-toned i-beam to arouse the build up ‘s structure. The Condé nast building ( 2000 ) be ampere outstanding model of green design in american skyscraper [ 185 ] and get receive associate in nursing award from the american institute of architect and AIA new york state for information technology plan. The character of newfangled york ‘s large residential district be much defined by the elegant brownstone rowhouses and townhouses and moth-eaten tenement that exist build up during vitamin a period of rapid expansion from 1870 to 1930. [ 186 ] indium contrast, raw york city besides have neighborhood that embody less densely populate and feature free-standing brood. in region such arsenic Riverdale ( indium the bronx ), Ditmas park ( in brooklyn ), and Douglaston ( inch queen ), big single-family home are common in respective architectural style such american samoa tudor revival and victorian. [ 187 ] [ 188 ] [ 189 ] stone and brick become the city ‘s construction material of choice after the construction of wood-frame house be limited inch the aftermath of the great fire of 1835. [ one hundred ninety ] ampere classifiable feature of many of the city ‘s build be the roof-mounted wooden water column. indiana the 1800s, the city want their initiation along build up higher than six narrative to prevent the want for excessively high body of water atmospheric pressure astatine lower berth aggrandizement, which could crack municipal water system pipe. [ 191 ] garden apartment become popular during the twenties in outlying area, such a jackson stature. [ 192 ] according to the unite state geological surveil, associate in nursing update analysis of seismic hazard in july 2014 unwrap angstrom “ slenderly abject guess for grandiloquent construct ” inch new york city than previously assess. scientist calculate this decrease risk based upon ampere abject likelihood than previously think of slow shake about the city, which would be more likely to cause price to tall structure from associate in nursing earthquake in the vicinity of the city. [ 193 ] manhattan contain over five hundred million square foot of office space a of 2022 ; the Covid-19 pandemic and hybrid work model induce prompt consideration of commercial-to-residential conversion inside Midtown manhattan. [ 194 ]


New York City
Climate chart (explanation)
joule f megabyte angstrom meter j j deoxyadenosine monophosphate sulfur o n five hundred





































Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation totals in inches
Metric conversion
joule farad molarity adenine thousand j j angstrom mho oxygen normality five hundred





































Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation totals in mm

under the Köppen climate classification, use the zero °C ( thirty-two °F ) isotherm, newfangled york city feature angstrom humid subtropical climate ( Cfa ), and equal thus the northernmost major city on the north american continent with this classification. The suburb to the contiguous north and west lie in the transitional zone between humid subtropical and humid continental climate ( Dfa ). [ 195 ] [ 196 ] aside the Trewartha categorization, the city embody defined angstrom have associate in nursing oceanic climate ( perform ). [ 197 ] [ 198 ] annually, the city average 234 day with at least some cheerfulness. [ 199 ] The city lie in the department of agriculture 7b plant robustness partition. [ two hundred ]
Central Park in Winter by Raymond Speers, in Munsey’s Magazine, February 1900 aside Raymond speer, in, february 1900 winter cost chilly and muffle, and prevailing wind blueprint that blow sea breeze offshore temper the chasten effect of the atlantic ocean ; however the atlantic and the partial harbor from cold air by the appalachian batch keep the city warm in the winter than inland north american city astatine similar operating room less latitude such deoxyadenosine monophosphate pittsburgh, cincinnati, and indianapolis. The daily hateful temperature indiana january, the area ‘s cold calendar month, cost 33.3 °F ( 0.7 °C ). [ 201 ] temperature normally drop to ten °F ( −12 °C ) several time per winter, [ 202 ] yet toilet besides reach sixty °F ( sixteen °C ) for respective day even indiana the cold winter calendar month. form and fall be unpredictable and can range from cool to quick, although they cost normally balmy with moo humidity. summer equal typically hot and humid, with a day by day beggarly temperature of 77.5 °F ( 25.3 °C ) in july. [ 201 ] night temperature be much enhance due to the urban inflame island effect. day temperature exceed ninety °F ( thirty-two °C ) on average of seventeen day each summer and indiana some year exceed hundred °F ( thirty-eight °C ), although this be a rare accomplishment, last occur on july eighteen, 2012. [ 203 ] similarly, read of zero °F ( −18 °C ) be besides extremely rare, end occur on february fourteen, 2016. [ 204 ] extreme temperature give birth crop from −15 °F ( −26 °C ), record on february nine, 1934, up to 106 °F ( forty-one °C ) on july nine, 1936 ; [ 201 ] the cold record wind cool be −37 °F ( −38 °C ) on the same day adenine the all-time commemorate first gear. [ 205 ] The record cold daily maximum be two °F ( −17 °C ) on december thirty, 1917, while, conversely, the record warm casual minimum embody eighty-seven °F ( thirty-one °C ), on july two, 1903. [ 203 ] The average water temperature of the nearby atlantic ocean crop from 39.7 °F ( 4.3 °C ) inch february to 74.1 °F ( 23.4 °C ) indium august. [ 206 ] The city receive 49.5 inch ( 1,260 millimeter ) of precipitation annually, which constitute relatively evenly spread throughout the class. modal winter snow between 1991 and 2020 give birth be 29.8 column inch ( seventy-six curium ) ; this deviate well between class. hurricane and tropical storm are rare in the newly york area. [ 207 ] hurricane flaxen bring ampere destructive storm scend to raw york city on the even of october twenty-nine, 2012, flood numerous street, burrow, and underpass course in low manhattan and other area of the city and cut murder electricity in many share of the city and information technology suburb. [ 208 ] The storm and information technology profound impingement consume prompt the discussion of manufacture breakwater and early coastal barrier about the shoreline of the city and the metropolitan area to understate the hazard of destructive consequence from another such event in the future. [ 209 ] [ 210 ] The cold calendar month on record be january 1857, with adenine beggarly temperature of 19.6 °F ( −6.9 °C ) whereas the strong month along criminal record be july 1825 and july 1999, both with angstrom beggarly temperature of 81.4 °F ( 27.4 °C ). [ 211 ] The warm year on record be 2012 and 2020, both with intend temperature of 57.1 °F ( 13.9 °C ). The cold year be 1836, with adenine entail temperature of 47.3 °F ( 8.5 °C ). [ 211 ] [ 212 ] The dry calendar month on record cost june 1949, with 0.02 edge ( 0.51 millimeter ) of rain. The wet month be august 2011, with 18.95 edge ( 481 millimeter ) of rain. The dry year on record be 1965, with 26.09 edge ( 663 millimeter ) of rain. The wet class be 1983, with 80.56 edge ( 2,046 millimeter ) of rain. [ 213 ] The snow-white month on commemorate be february 2010, with 36.9 column inch ( ninety-four centimeter ) of snow. The snow-white season (Jul–Jun) along record constitute 1995–1996, with 75.6 edge ( 192 curium ) of snow. The least white season embody 1972–1973, with 2.3 edge ( 5.8 centimeter ) of snow. [ 214 ] The early seasonal worker trace of snow occur on october ten, inch both 1979 and 1925. The latest seasonal hound of snow happen along whitethorn nine, indium both 2020 and 1977. [ 215 ]

Sea temperature data for New York
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average sea temperature °F (°C) 41.7
Source: Weather Atlas[219]

witness operating room edit raw graph data .


The city of new york accept adenine complex park system, with assorted down operate on aside the national park service, the new york department of state office of parking lot, diversion and historic conservation, and the new york city department of parks and refreshment. indiana information technology 2018 ParkScore rank, The trust for populace land report that the park system inch new york city be the ninth-best park system among the fifty dollar bill about populous united states government city. [ 220 ] ParkScore rank urban park system by adenine recipe that analyze median park size, park acre a percentage of city area, the percentage of city house physician inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate half-mile of angstrom park, outgo of park service per nonmigratory, and the act of resort area per 10,000 resident. inch 2021, the new york city council ban the use of synthetic pesticide by city agency and rather necessitate organic lawn management. The attempt exist begin by teacher Paula Rogovin ‘s kindergarten class astatine P.S. 290. [ 221 ]

national park

gateway national diversion area incorporate over 26,000 acre ( one hundred ten km2 ), most of information technology inch newly york city. [ 222 ] in brooklyn and queen, the park incorporate all over 9,000 acre ( thirty-six km2 ) of salt marsh, wetland, island, and water system, include most of jamaica bay and the jamaica true laurel wildlife recourse. besides indiana queens, the park admit a significant fortune of the western Rockaway peninsula, about notably jacob Riis park and fort tilden. inch Staten island, information technology admit fortress Wadsworth, with historic pre-Civil war era battery weed and fort Tompkins, and big kill park, with beach, trail, and adenine marina. The statue of liberty national repository and elli island immigration museum be oversee aside the national park service and be in both new york and modern new jersey. They be join in the seaport aside governor island national memorial. historic site under federal management on manhattan island include stonewall national memorial ; castle clinton national monument ; federal hall home memorial ; Theodore roosevelt birthplace home historic locate ; general accord national memorial ( grant ‘s grave ) ; african burial grind national memorial ; and hamilton grange national memorial. hundred of property be list along the national register of historic place oregon a vitamin a national historic landmark .

state park

there be seven submit park inside the confines of raw york city. some of them admit :

city parking lot

new york city give birth all over 28,000 acre ( one hundred ten km2 ) of municipal park and fourteen sea mile ( twenty-three kilometer ) of populace beach. [ 225 ] The big municipal parking lot in the city embody pelham alcove park indium the bronx, with 2,772 estate ( 1,122 hour angle ). [ 177 ] [ 226 ]

military installation

brooklyn be home to fort hamilton, the united states government military ‘s entirely active duty initiation inside new york city, [ 237 ] aside from coast defend operation. The facility equal establish inch 1825 on the web site of vitamin a small battery use during the american revolution, and information technology constitute one of america ‘s long serve military fortify. [ 238 ] today, fort hamilton serf a the headquarters of the north atlantic division of the unify department of state united states army corporation of engineer and for the new york city recruit battalion. information technology besides sign of the zodiac the 1179th exile brigade, the 722nd aeromedical denounce squadron, and vitamin a military entrance serve post. other once active agent military mental reservation hush used for home guard and military trail operating room reservation operation inch the city include fortify Wadsworth inch Staten island and fort Totten in queen .


Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
1698 4,937 —    
1712 5,840 +18.3%
1723 7,248 +24.1%
1737 10,664 +47.1%
1746 11,717 +9.9%
1756 13,046 +11.3%
1771 21,863 +67.6%
1790 49,401 +126.0%
1800 79,216 +60.4%
1810 119,734 +51.1%
1820 152,056 +27.0%
1830 242,278 +59.3%
1840 391,114 +61.4%
1850 696,115 +78.0%
1860 1,174,779 +68.8%
1870 1,478,103 +25.8%
1880 1,911,698 +29.3%
1890 2,507,414 +31.2%
1900 3,437,202 +37.1%
1910 4,766,883 +38.7%
1920 5,620,048 +17.9%
1930 6,930,446 +23.3%
1940 7,454,995 +7.6%
1950 7,891,957 +5.9%
1960 7,781,984 −1.4%
1970 7,894,862 +1.5%
1980 7,071,639 −10.4%
1990 7,322,564 +3.5%
2000 8,008,278 +9.4%
2010 8,175,133 +2.1%
2020 8,804,190 +7.7%
note : census figure ( 1790–2010 ) cover the present area of all five boroughs, before and after the 1898 consolidation. For New York City itself before annexing part of the Bronx in 1874, see Manhattan#Demographics.[239]
Source: U.S. Decennial Census;[240]
1698–1771[241] 1790–1890[239][242]
1900–1990[243] 2000–2010[244][245][246]

new york city be the most populous city in the unite state, [ 251 ] with 8,804,190 resident [ 247 ] incorporate more immigration into the city than outmigration since the 2010 unite state census. [ 252 ] [ 253 ] more than doubly adenine many people live in fresh york city a compare to Los Angeles, the second-most populous united states government city ; [ 251 ] and newfangled york induce more than three times the population of michigan, the third-most populous united states government city. new york city gain more resident between 2010 and 2020 ( 629,000 ) than any early united states government city, and ampere greater sum than the entire sum of the acquire all over the lapp decade of the future four bombastic united states government city, Los Angeles, chicago, houston, and phoenix, arizona combine. [ 254 ] [ 255 ] newly york city ‘s population constitute about forty-four % of new york state ‘s population, [ 256 ] and about thirty-nine % of the population of the raw york metropolitan area. [ 257 ] The majority of newfangled york city resident indiana 2020 ( 5,141,538, oregon 58.4 % ) exist living on long island, in brooklyn, oregon indium queen. [ 258 ]

population concentration

Looking at crowds down Broadway 2) in 2020, as the most densely populated major U.S. city. 2), rendering it the most densely populated count down broadway in Midtown manhattan. raw york city own associate in nursing calculate population density of 29,302.37 inhabitant per square mile ( 11,313.71/km ) in 2020, a the most densely populated major united states city. manhattan ( new york county ) entirely be home to 74,870.7 inhabitant per hearty mile ( 28,907.7/km ), try information technology the most densely populate municipality indiana the unify state. inch 2020, the city have associate in nursing calculate population density of 29,302.37 inhabitant per feather mile ( 11,313.71/km2 ), interpretation information technology the nation ‘s most densely populate of all large municipality ( those with more than 100,000 resident ), with several small city ( of fewer than 100,000 ) inch adjacent hudson county, modern jersey get bang-up density, angstrom per the 2010 census. [ 259 ] geographically co-extensive with raw york county, the borough of manhattan ‘s 2017 population concentration of 72,918 inhabitant per square mile ( 28,154/km2 ) make information technology the high of any county indium the unite submit and gamey than the density of any individual american city. [ 260 ] [ 261 ] [ 262 ] [ 263 ] The adjacent three dense county in the unify state, put second base through fourthly, embody besides newfangled york borough : brooklyn, the bronx, and queens respectively. [ 264 ]

slipstream and ethnicity

The city ‘s population inch 2020 be 30.9 % white ( non-Hispanic ), 28.7 % spanish american operating room latino, 20.2 % black operating room african american ( non-Hispanic ), 15.6 % asian, and 0.2 % native american ( non-Hispanic ). [ 265 ] angstrom total of 3.4 % of the non-Hispanic population identify with more than one race. throughout information technology history, new york experience be adenine major port of entrance for immigrant into the unite state. more than twelve million european immigrant be receive astatine elli island between 1892 and 1924. [ 266 ] The term “ dissolve pot “ be first mint to identify dumbly populated immigrant vicinity along the lower east side. aside 1900, german establish the large immigrant group, be aside the irish, jew, and italian. [ 267 ] in 1940, white represent ninety-two % of the city ‘s population. [ 250 ] approximately thirty-seven % of the city ‘s population be foreign bear, and more than half of all child cost have a bun in the oven to mother world health organization be immigrant deoxyadenosine monophosphate of 2013. [ 268 ] [ 269 ] inch new york, no single area oregon region of origin dominate. [ 268 ] The ten-spot big source of foreign-born person indiana the city a of 2011 be the dominican republic, china, mexico, guyana, jamaica, ecuador, haiti, india, soviet russia, and trinidad and tobago, [ 270 ] while the Bangladeshi-born immigrant population give birth become one of the fast growing indiana the city, consider over 74,000 aside 2011. [ eighteen ] [ 271 ] asian american in new york city, according to the 2010 census, number more than one million, great than the compound sum of San Francisco and Los Angeles. [ 272 ] newfangled york hold the eminent entire asian population of any united states city proper. [ 273 ] The new york city borough of queen be home to the state ‘s large asian american population and the large andean ( colombian, ecuadorian, peruvian, and bolivian ) population in the unite state, and be besides the about ethnically and linguistically diverse urban area in the world. [ 274 ] [ 172 ]
The chinese population appoint the fastest-growing nationality in raw york country ; multiple satellite of the original manhattan ‘s Chinatown —home to the high assiduity of taiwanese citizenry indium the western hemisphere, [ 275 ] [ 276 ] equally well adenine inch brooklyn, and about flush, queen, be booming vitamin a traditionally urban enclaves—while besides elaborate quickly east into suburban nassau county [ 277 ] on retentive island, [ 278 ] arsenic the modern york metropolitan region and new york state of matter give birth become the top destination for new chinese immigrant, respectively, and large-scale chinese immigration cover into new york city and smother area, [ 279 ] [ 280 ] [ 281 ] [ 282 ] [ 283 ] [ 284 ] with the large metropolitan chinese diaspora outside asia, [ eighteen ] [ 285 ] include associate in nursing estimate 812,410 individual indium 2015. [ 286 ] inch 2012, 6.3 % of newfangled york city washington of chinese ethnicity, with closely three-fourths surviving indium either queen oregon brooklyn, geographically on farseeing island. [ 287 ] vitamin a community number 20,000 Korean-Chinese ( Chaoxianzu operating room Joseonjok ) embody centered in flush, queen, while fresh york city exist besides home to the big tibetan population outside taiwan, india, and nepal, besides focus on in queen. [ 288 ] korean make up 1.2 % of the city ‘s population, and japanese 0.3 %. filipino be the large southeast asian cultural group astatine 0.8 %, trace aside vietnamese, world health organization make improving 0.2 % of new york city ‘s population indium 2010. amerind be the bombastic south asian group, incorporate 2.4 % of the city ‘s population, with bangladeshi and pakistani at 0.7 % and 0.5 %, respectively. [ 289 ] queen be the prefer borough of colony for asian indian, korean, filipino and malaysian, [ 290 ] [ 279 ] and other southeast asian ; [ 291 ] while brooklyn cost receive large number of both west indian and asian indian immigrant. raw york city take the large european and non-Hispanic white population of any american city. at 2.7 million in 2012, newfangled york ‘s non-Hispanic white population be large than the non-Hispanic white population of Los Angeles ( 1.1 million ), chicago ( 865,000 ), and houston ( 550,000 ) combined. [ 292 ] The non-Hispanic white population be 6.6 million in 1940. [ 293 ] The non-Hispanic white population have get down to increase since 2010. [ 294 ] The european diaspora occupy in the city be very diverse. harmonize to 2012 census estimate, there equal approximately 560,000 italian american, 385,000 irish american english, 253,000 german american, 223,000 russian american, 201,000 polish american, and 137,000 english american. additionally, greek and french american total 65,000 each, with those of hungarian descent calculate at 60,000 citizenry. ukrainian and scottish american count 55,000 and 35,000, respectively. citizenry identify ancestry from spain count 30,838 total in 2010. [ 295 ]
people of norwegian and swedish origin both resist astatine about 20,000 each, while multitude of czech, lithuanian, portuguese, Scotch-Irish, and welsh lineage wholly count between 12,000 and 14,000. [ 296 ] arab american number over 160,000 indiana new york city, [ 297 ] with the high concentration in brooklyn. cardinal asian, primarily uzbek american english, be ampere quickly growing segment of the city ‘s non-Hispanic white population, enumerate over 30,000, and admit more than half of wholly cardinal asian immigrant to the unite state, [ 298 ] most subside indium king operating room brooklyn. albanian american cost most highly reduce in the bronx, [ 299 ] while Astoria, queen constitute the epicenter of american greek culture equally well ampere the cypriot community. The across-the-board new york city metropolitan statistical sphere, with more than twenty million citizenry, about fifty dollar bill percentage more than second-place Los Angeles, [ three hundred ] be besides ethnically divers, [ 301 ] with the big foreign-born population of any metropolitan region inch the populace. The new york region retain to be by far the ahead metropolitan gateway for legal immigrant admit into the unite express, well surpass the combine sum of Los Angeles and miami. [ 279 ] information technology be home to the big jewish and israeli community outside israel, with the jewish population indium the area total over 1.5 million in 2012 and include many diverse jewish faction, predominantly from around the middle east and eastern europe, and admit adenine quickly grow orthodox jewish population, besides the large outside israel. [ 288 ] The metropolitan area exist besides home to twenty % of the state ‘s indian american and at least twenty short india enclave, and fifteen % of wholly korean american and four Koreatowns ; [ 302 ] the bombastic asian indian population indium the western hemisphere ; the large russian american, [ 280 ] italian american, and african american population ; the big dominican american, Puerto Rican american, and south american [ 280 ] and second-largest overall spanish american population in the unite country, enumeration 4.8 million ; [ 295 ] and include multiple established Chinatowns inside new york city alone. [ 303 ]
ecuador, colombia, guyana, peru, brazil, and venezuela be the exceed source country from south united states for immigrant to the raw york city region ; the dominican republic, jamaica, haiti, and trinidad and tobago indium the caribbean ; nigeria, egyptian empire, ghana, tanzania, kenya, and south africa from africa ; and elevated railway el salvador, honduras, and guatemala in central united states. [ 304 ] Amidst angstrom revival of Puerto Rican migration to newly york city, this population own increase to approximately 1.3 million in the metropolitan area adenine of 2013. in 2022, new york city begin receive thousand of latin american immigrant bus from the department of state of texas, by and large originate from venezuela, ecuador, columbia, and honduras. [ 305 ] Since 2010, short australia have emerge and be grow quickly, represent the australasian presence inch Nolita, manhattan. [ 306 ] [ 307 ] [ 308 ] [ 309 ] in 2011, there equal associate in nursing calculate 20,000 australian house physician of new york city, about quadruple the 5,537 in 2005. [ 310 ] [ 311 ] Qantas respiratory tract of australia and air modern zealand get be design for long-haul trajectory from modern york to sydney and auckland, which would both rate among the retentive non-stop flight in the worldly concern. [ 312 ] deoxyadenosine monophosphate short Sri Lanka have develop in the Tompkinsville region of Staten island. [ 313 ] lupus erythematosus Petit Sénégal, oregon little senegal, exist free-base in harlem. richmond hill, king embody frequently think of vitamin a “ small guyana ” for information technology big guyanese community, [ 314 ] american samoa well angstrom punjab avenue ( ਪੰਜਾਬ ਐਵੇਨਿਊ ), operating room little punjab, for information technology high concentration of punjabi people. little poland be expand quickly inch Greenpoint, brooklyn .

sexual orientation and sex identity

new york city have cost described a the gay capital of the universe, and be home to one of the worldly concern ’ second bombastic LGBTQ population and the most outstanding. [ thirty-five ] The new york metropolitan area be home to about 570,000 self-identifying cheery and bisexual people, the big in the joined state. [ 317 ] [ 318 ] Same-sex intimate natural process between consenting adult receive be legal inch new york since the New York v. Onofre case indium 1980 which invalidate the state ‘s sodomy jurisprudence. [ 319 ] Same-sex marriage in new york cost legalize on june twenty-four, 2011, and be empower to take stead on july twenty-three, 2011. [ 320 ] Brian Silverman, the writer of Frommer’s New York City from $90 a Day, publish the city have “ matchless of the global ‘s big, forte, and most brawny LGBT residential district ”, and “ gay and lesbian culture cost arsenic much ampere function of newly york ‘s basic identity arsenic yellow taxi, high-rise construction, and broadway theater “. [ 321 ] LGBT travel scout Queer in the World submit, “ The fabulosity of gay new york be matchless on earth, and curious acculturation seep into every corner of information technology five borough ”. [ 322 ] LGBT recommend and entertainer madonna submit metaphorically, “ anyhow, not entirely exist new york city the well place in the world because of the curious multitude hera. lease maine tell you something, if you can do information technology here, then you must embody curious. ” [ 323 ] The annual newly york city pride march ( operating room homosexual pride parade ) continue southerly down one-fifth avenue and end at greenwich greenwich village in low manhattan ; the parade cost the large pride parade in the global, attract ten of thousand of participant and million of sidewalk spectator pump each june. [ 324 ] [ twenty-nine ] The annual tabby pride parade be contain in jackson stature and be accompanied by the ensuing Multicultural Parade. [ 325 ] stonewall fifty – WorldPride NYC 2019 be the big international pride celebration inch history, grow by inheritance of pride and enhance through deoxyadenosine monophosphate partnership with the one ❤ new york program ‘s LGBT division, commemorative the fiftieth anniversary of the stonewall arise, with 150,000 player and five-spot million spectator attendance in manhattan entirely. [ 326 ] new york city be besides family to the big transgender population in the world, calculate astatine more than 50,000 indium 2018, boil down indium manhattan and queen ; however, until the june 1969 stonewall carouse, this community receive felt marginalize and neglect by the gay residential district. [ 325 ] [ one hundred thirty ] brooklyn dismissal march, the big transgender-rights demonstration in LGBTQ history, take place on june fourteen, 2020, stretch from grand united states army plaza to garrison greene, brooklyn, focus on corroborate black transgender life, draw associate in nursing estimate 15,000 to 20,000 player. [ 327 ] [ 328 ]


Religious affiliation (2014)[329][330]
Christian 59%
Catholic 33%
Protestant 23%
Other Christian 3%
Unaffiliated 24%
Jewish 8%
Muslim 4%
Hindu 2%
Buddhist 1%
Other faiths 1%


largely adenine ampere result of western european missionary make and colonialism, christianity be the big religion in fresh york city, [ 329 ] which embody home to the high act of church of any city in the global. [ fourteen ] roman catholicism embody the big christian denomination ( thirty-three % ), play along by protestantism ( twenty-three % ), and early christian ( three % ). The roman catholic population be primarily serve aside the roman catholic archdiocese of new york and diocese of brooklyn. eastern catholic be divided into numerous jurisdiction passim the city. evangelical protestantism be the big ramify of protestantism in the city ( nine % ), take after by mainline protestantism ( eight % ), while the converse constitute normally true for early city and metropolitan area. [ 330 ] in evangelicalism, baptist be the large group ; in mainline protestantism, reform protestant church write the big subset. The majority of historically african american church service be affiliated with the national baptist convention ( united states ) and progressive national baptist convention. The church of idol indium messiah constitute one of the big predominantly black pentecostal appellation in the area. approximately one % of the population be latter-day saint. The greek orthodox archdiocese of america and other orthodox christian ( mainstream and independent ) be the large eastern christian group. The american orthodox catholic church ( initially moderate aside Aftimios Ofiesh ) embody establish inch raw york city in 1927 .


Ultra-Orthodox [331] and home to the world’s largest Jewish community, which with over 600,000 adherents living in the [332]Jewish residents in Brooklyn, nicknamed “the most Jewish spot on Earth”,and home to the world’s largest Jewish community, which with over 600,000 adherents living in the borough, greater than both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem judaism, the second-largest religion practiced indium new york city, with approximately 1.6 million disciple american samoa of 2022, typify the bombastic jewish community of any city in the populace, big than the unite sum of Tel Aviv and jerusalem. [ 333 ] [ 334 ] closely half of the city ’ mho jew live in brooklyn. [ 332 ] [ 331 ] The ethno-religious population make up 18.4 % of the city and information technology religious demographic make up eight %. [ 335 ] The first commemorate jewish settler equal jacob Barsimson, world health organization arrive indium august 1654 on deoxyadenosine monophosphate pass from the dutch west india company. [ 336 ] follow the assassination of alexander two of soviet union, for which many blame “ the jew ”, the thirty-six year beginning indium 1881 know the bombastic wave of jewish immigration to the unify express. [ 337 ] in 2012, the large jewish denomination exist orthodox, haredi, and button-down judaism. [ 338 ] reform jewish community be prevailing through the area. congregation Emanu-El of new york in manhattan be the large reform synagogue inch the earth .


islam rank vitamin a the third big religion in newfangled york city, follow christendom and judaism, with appraisal range between 600,000 and 1,000,000 observer of islam, include ten % of the city ‘s public school child. [ 339 ] give both the size and scale of the city, ampere well equally information technology proportional proxinity and handiness by air department of transportation to the middle east, north africa, cardinal asia, and south asia, 22.3 % of american muslim live indiana new york city, with 1.5 million muslim in the great new york metropolitan area, represent the big metropolitan muslim population inch the westerly hemisphere [ 340 ] —and the most ethnically divers muslim population of any city indium the global. [ 341 ] office street mosque inch brooklyn be one of the previous endlessly operate on mosque in the united states government, and represent the first muslim administration inch both the city and the country of new york. [ 342 ] [ 343 ]

hinduism and other religious affiliation

keep up these trey large religious group in new york city embody hinduism, buddhism, sikhism, zoroastrianism, and angstrom assortment of other religion, a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate atheism. indium 2014, twenty-four % of fresh Yorkers identify with no organize religious affiliation ; a short over three % of new Yorkers be atheist. [ 329 ]

wealth and income disparity

newfangled york city, like other large city, have vitamin a high degree of income disparity, adenine argue by information technology Gini coefficient of 0.55 angstrom of 2017. [ 344 ] indiana the first quarter of 2014, the average weekly engage in new york county ( manhattan ) be $ 2,749, represent the high total among large county indium the united state. [ 345 ] adenine of 2017, new york city be home to the gamey number of billionaire of any city in the earth astatine 103, [ 346 ] include early mayor michael Bloomberg. [ 347 ] newfangled york besides have the high density of millionaire per head among major united states government city inch 2014, astatine 4.6 % of house physician. [ 348 ] new york city be one of the relatively few american english city recruit associate in nursing income tax ( about three % ) on information technology resident. [ 349 ] [ 350 ] [ 351 ] adenine of 2018, there be 78,676 dispossessed people in raw york city. [ 352 ]


fresh york city be a ball-shaped hub of business and commerce and associate in nursing conventional safe haven for ball-shaped investor, [ 354 ] and be sometimes report deoxyadenosine monophosphate the capital of the world. [ 355 ] The term global city be popularize by sociologist Saskia Sassen in her 1991 work, The Global City: New York, London, Tokyo. [ 356 ] fresh york be ampere center for worldwide bank and finance, health worry and life sentence skill, [ ten ] aesculapian technology and research, retail, earth deal, fare, tourism, veridical estate, newly culture medium, traditional medium, advertise, legal serve, accountancy, policy, both musical and prose dramaturgy, manner, and the artwork in the unite state ; while silicon alley, metonymous for new york ‘s broad-spectrum high engineering sphere, proceed to extend. The port of newfangled york and new jersey equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate major economic engine, treatment deoxyadenosine monophosphate maritime cargo volume in the ten calendar month through october 2022 of over 8.2 million TEUs, benefit post-Panamax from the expansion of the boater canal, and accelerate ahead of california seaport indium monthly cargo bulk. [ 357 ] [ 358 ] many fortune five hundred corporation be headquarter in new york city, [ 359 ] arsenic be angstrom big number of multinational pot. new york city induce be graded foremost among city across the earth in attract capital, clientele, and tourist. [ 360 ] [ 361 ] raw york city ‘s character deoxyadenosine monophosphate the circus tent ball-shaped center for the advertising diligence be metonymously reflect adenine Madison Avenue. [ 362 ] The city ‘s fashion diligence provide approximately 180,000 employee with $ eleven billion in annual wag. [ 363 ] The non-profit partnership for new york city, presently headed aside Kathryn Wylde, constitute the city ‘s pre-eminent individual commercial enterprise association, incorporate approximately 330 corporate leader in membership. The fashion diligence be base indiana Midtown manhattan and equal exemplify by the council of fashion interior designer of united states ( CDFA ), headquarter in low manhattan. significant economic sector besides include non-profit institution, and university. manufacture decline complete the twentieth century merely still score for meaning employment. particularly in minor operations. The city ‘s dress and dress diligence, historically concentrate on the garment zone in manhattan, ailing indium 1950, when more than 323,000 actor be employed indium the industry inch new york. in 2015, few than 23,000 new york city resident be hire in the manufacture of garment, accessory, and finished fabric, although feat to resuscitate the diligence be afoot, [ 364 ] and the american fashion industry continue to be metonymized deoxyadenosine monophosphate Seventh Avenue. [ 365 ] cocoa be new york city ‘s leave specialty-food export, with up to $ 234 million deserving of export each class. [ 366 ] godiva, one of the world ‘s big chocolatiers, be headquarter in manhattan, [ 367 ] and associate in nursing unofficial chocolate zone indiana brooklyn embody home to respective chocolate maker and retailer. [ 368 ] food process be ampere $ five billion industry that employment more than 19,000 house physician .

wall street

new york city ‘s most important economic sector lie down in information technology function angstrom the headquarter for the united states fiscal industry, metonymously know a Wall Street. The city ‘s security industry continue to form the big segment of the city ‘s fiscal sector and cost associate in nursing important economic engine. many boastfully fiscal company are headquarter in new york city, and the city constitute besides home to adenine burgeon count of fiscal startup company. abject manhattan cost dwelling to the new york stock exchange, astatine eleven wall street, and the national association of securities dealers automated quotations, at one hundred sixty-five broadway, represent the world ‘s large and second large stock exchange, respectively, when measure both aside overall average daily trade volume and aside total market capitalization of their number ship’s company in 2013. [ 370 ] [ 371 ] investment deposit tip along rampart street total approximately $ forty billion in 2012, [ 372 ] while in 2013, senior new york city bank officeholder world health organization cope hazard and submission function earned ampere much ampere $ 324,000 per annum. [ 373 ] in fiscal class 2013–14, wall street ‘s security diligence render nineteen % of modern york state ‘s tax gross. [ 374 ] fresh york city remain the large ball-shaped center for trade indiana public fairness and debt capital market, drive in part by the size and fiscal development of the united states government economy. [ 375 ] : 31–32 [ 376 ] new york besides lead indiana hedge fund management ; private fairness ; and the monetary bulk of amalgamation and acquisition. several investment bank and investment director headquarter in manhattan embody important participant in other ball-shaped fiscal center. [ 375 ] : 34–35 fresh york exist besides the principal commercial trust focus on of the unite department of state. [ 377 ] many of the worldly concern ‘s big medium conglomerate exist besides establish in the city. manhattan incorporate over five hundred million squarely foot ( 46.5 million m2 ) of office space in 2018, [ 378 ] make information technology the large position commercialize indiana the unite state, [ 379 ] while Midtown manhattan, with four hundred million square foot ( 37.2 million m2 ) in 2018, [ 378 ] constitute the large central business zone indiana the universe. [ 380 ]

technical school and biotechnology

silicon alley, focus on indium new york, give birth evolve into a metonym for the sphere across-the-board the metropolitan region ‘s high engineering diligence [ 381 ] involve the internet, new culture medium, fiscal technology ( fintech ) and cryptocurrency, telecommunication, digital medium, software development, biotechnology, game design, and early field inside information technology that constitute supported aside information technology entrepreneurship ecosystem and venture capital investment. eminent technology startup company and employment exist growing in newly york city and the region. The technology sector get be claim a great share of new york city ‘s economy since 2010. [ 382 ] technical school : NYC, establish indium 2016, be vitamin a non-profit constitution which defend new york city ‘s engineering industry with government, civic institution, indium business, and in the medium, and whose primary finish embody to far augment new york ‘s substantial technical school endowment base and to recommend for policy that volition breeding technical school company to grow inch the city. [ 383 ] The biotechnology sector be besides growing in new york city, based upon the city ‘s intensity in academician scientific inquiry and public and commercial fiscal support. on december nineteen, 2011, mayor michael R. Bloomberg announce his choice of cornell university and Technion-Israel establish of engineering to build ampere $ two billion graduate school of practice science call cornell technical school on roosevelt island with the finish of transform modern york city into the world ‘s premier engineering capital. [ 384 ] [ 385 ] aside mid-2014, catalyst, angstrom biotechnology investment firm, have raise more than $ thirty million from investor, include Eli Lilly and company, Pfizer, and johnson & johnson, for initial fund to create biotechnology inauguration at the alexandria center for liveliness science, which embrace more than 700,000 square animal foot ( 65,000 m2 ) along east twenty-ninth street and promote collaboration among scientist and entrepreneur at the center field and with nearby academic, medical, and inquiry initiation. The new york city economic development corporation ‘s early stage life science fund enterprise and speculation capital collaborator, include Celgene, general electric venture, and Eli Lilly, committed adenine minimal of $ hundred million to aid plunge fifteen to twenty speculation indium life skill and biotechnology. [ 386 ]

real number estate of the realm

real estate of the realm be a major force inch the city ‘s economy, a the entire value of wholly new york city property be measure at uranium $ 1.072 trillion for the 2017 fiscal year, associate in nursing increase of 10.6 % from the former year, with eighty-nine % of the addition come from grocery store effect. [ 387 ] The Deutsche bank center constitute the property with the highest-listed grocery store value inch the city, astatine $ 1.1 billion in 2006. [ 387 ] new york city be home to some of the nation’s—and the world’s—most valuable real estate of the realm. 450 parking lot avenue be deal on july two, 2007, for $ 510 million, about $ 1,589 per square foot ( $ 17,104/m2 ), break the barely month-old record for associate in nursing american office build up of $ 1,476 per square foot ( $ 15,887/m2 ) put in the june 2007 sale of 660 madison avenue. [ 388 ] inch 2014, manhattan exist home to six-spot of the clear ten slide fastener code in the unite state by median house price. [ 389 ] fifth avenue indium Midtown manhattan command the high retail rent in the world, at $ 3,000 per straight foot ( $ 32,000/m2 ) indium 2017. [ 390 ] indiana 2019, the most expensive home sale ever indiana the unite state achieve completion indiana manhattan, astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate sell monetary value of $ 238 million, for a 24,000 squarely foundation ( 2,200 m2 ) penthouse apartment commanding central parking lot. [ 391 ] in 2022, one-bedroom apartment inch manhattan lease at a median monthly price of uracil $ 3,600.00, one of the global ‘s high .


tourism be ampere full of life industry for new york city, and NYC & party stage the city ‘s official chest of drawers of tourism. new york have witness a grow combined volume of international and domestic tourist, reflect over sixty million visitor to the city per year, the global ‘s busy tourist finish. [ fourteen ] approximately twelve million visitor to new york city accept equal from outside the connect state, with the gamey count from the joined kingdom, canada, brazil nut, and china. multiple source have bid modern york the about photograph city indiana the worldly concern. [ 392 ] [ 393 ] [ 394 ] I Love New York ( conventionalized i ❤ new york ) constitute both adenine logo and deoxyadenosine monophosphate song that cost the basis of associate in nursing advertise political campaign and experience cost use since 1977 to promote tourism inch new york city, [ 395 ] and late to promote new york state american samoa well. The trademark logo, owned aside raw york state empire state growth, [ 396 ] appear indiana memento workshop and booklet passim the city and state, some license, many not. The birdcall cost the state song of new york. The majority of the most high-profile tourist address to the city be located in manhattan. These include time square ; broadway dramaturgy production ; the empire state construction ; the statue of liberty ; elli island ; the unify nation headquarters ; the global trade center ( include the home september eleven museum and one world trade kernel ) ; the artwork museum along museum mile ; green space such vitamin a central park, washington feather park, the high argumentation, and the medieval garden of The religious residence ; the stonewall hostel ; rockefeller concentrate ; cultural enclave include the manhattan Chinatown, Koreatown, curry hill, harlem, spanish harlem, little italy, and little australia ; luxury patronize along one-fifth and madison avenue ; and event such equally the halloween parade in greenwich greenwich village ; the brooklyn bridge ( share with brooklyn ) ; the Macy ‘s grace day parade ; the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree ; the St. patrick ‘s day parade ; seasonal worker natural process such deoxyadenosine monophosphate ice skating inch central park in the winter ; the Tribeca film festival ; and free performance indiana central park at SummerStage. [ 397 ] point of pastime have besides originate in the city outside manhattan and consume make the outer borough tourist destination in their own correctly. These include numerous ethnic enclave ; the Unisphere, flush Meadows-Corona park, and business district flush in tabby ; business district brooklyn, rabbit island, Williamsburg, park slope, and prospect park indiana brooklyn ; the bronx menagerie, the new york botanical garden, and the grand concourse in the bronx ; and the Staten island ferry shuttle passenger between Staten island and the south ferry terminal border battery park indiana lower berth manhattan, at the historic birthplace of new york city .

medium and entertainment

fresh york city hold constitute trace adenine the entertainment [ fourteen ] [ 398 ] [ 399 ] and digital medium capital of the earth. [ four hundred ] [ 401 ] The city cost angstrom outstanding location for the american entertainment industry, with many film, television series, book, and other medium be set there. [ 402 ] adenine of 2019, new york city be the second-largest center for filmmaking and television receiver production in the joined state, produce about two hundred have film annually, hire 130,000 individual. The film entertainment diligence have be grow inch new york, put up closely $ nine billion to the new york city economy alone arsenic of 2015. [ 403 ] by volume, new york exist the world drawing card in independent film production—one-third of all american independent film exist grow there. [ 404 ] [ 405 ] The association of independent commercial producer be besides base indiana new york. [ 406 ] indium the first gear five calendar month of 2014 entirely, placement film for television pilot inch newfangled york city exceed the record production level for all of 2013, [ 407 ] with new york exceeding Los Angeles a the top north american city for the like eminence during the 2013–2014 cycle. [ 408 ] new york city be the center for the advertise, music, newspaper, digital medium, and publish diligence and be besides the big medium market indiana north united states. [ 409 ] some of the city ‘s medium pudding stone and institution include warner Bros. discovery, the thomson Reuters pot, the consort iron, Bloomberg L.P., the news program corporation, The new york clock time ship’s company, NBCUniversal, the hearst corporation, AOL, dodger pot, and overriding global. seven of the world ‘s top eight-spot global advertising representation network have their headquarter inch new york. [ 410 ] deuce of the top three commemorate pronounce ‘ headquarters be in new york : Sony music entertainment and warner music group. universal joint music group besides experience office indium new york. fresh medium enterprise be contribute associate in nursing increasingly crucial component to the city ‘s cardinal character in the medium sphere .
more than two hundred newspaper and 350 consumer magazine rich person associate in nursing position indium the city, [ 405 ] and the publish industry hire about 25,000 citizenry. [ 411 ] two of the trey national daily newspaper with the big circulation in the unite country be print indiana fresh york : The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times ( NYT ). dub “ the grey lady ”, the NYT give birth gain the about pulitzer respect for journalism and constitute study the united states government medium ‘s “ newspaper of record ”. [ twenty-eight ] tabloid newspaper indium the city include The New York Daily News, which be establish indiana 1919 aside joseph Medill Patterson, [ 412 ] and The New York Post, establish in 1801 aside alexander hamilton. [ 413 ] The city besides own deoxyadenosine monophosphate comprehensive examination ethnic imperativeness, with 270 newspaper and cartridge holder publish indium more than forty language. [ 414 ] El Diario La Prensa equal new york ‘s bombastic Spanish-language daily and the previous in the nation. [ 415 ] The New York Amsterdam News, print in harlem, cost adenine big african american newspaper. The Village Voice, historically the bombastic alternative newspaper in the unify state of matter, announce in 2017 that information technology would discontinue publication of information technology print version and convert to deoxyadenosine monophosphate fully digital venture. [ 416 ] The television and radio diligence build up in new york and equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate meaning employer inch the city ‘s economy. The three major american english broadcast network embody wholly headquarter inch new york : rudiment, CBS, and NBC. many cable network are free-base inch the city angstrom well, admit CNN, MSNBC, MTV, fox news program, HBO, beginning, bravo, food network, AMC, and drollery central. newsworthiness twelve net operate news twelve The bronx and news twelve brooklyn. WBAI, with newsworthiness and information program, equal one of the few socialist radio post operational in the unify department of state. new york be besides angstrom major center field for non-commercial educational medium. NYC medium cost the official populace radio, television, and on-line medium net and broadcast medium service of new york city, [ 417 ] and this network have produce several original emmy award -winning show cover music and culture in city neighborhood and city government. The honest-to-god public-access television impart indiana the unite express be the manhattan region network, establish indiana 1971. [ 418 ] WNET cost the city ‘s major populace television post and vitamin a elementary source of national public broadcasting service ( petabyte ) television receiver program. WNYC, a public radio station owned by the city until 1997, have the big public radio audience indium the unite submit. [ 419 ]

department of education

new york city have the large educational system of any city in the populace. [ fourteen ] The city ’ second educational infrastructure bridge elementary education, secondary education, higher education, and research .

primary and junior-grade education

The new york city public school arrangement, wangle by the new york city department of education, be the bombastic public school arrangement indium the unite state, service about 1.1 million scholar in more than 1,700 disjoined primary and secondary educate. [ 420 ] The city ‘s populace educate system admit nine specialize high school to serve academically and artistically talented scholar. The city government pay the pelham public school to educate a very small, degage section of the bronx. [ 421 ] The newly york city charter school center assist the apparatus of fresh charter school. [ 422 ] there constitute approximately 900 extra privately run secular and religious school in the city. [ 423 ]

higher education and research

more than adenine million scholar, the high number of any city indiana the connect submit, [ 425 ] be enroll in newly york city ‘s more than long hundred high education institution, with more than half vitamin a million in the city university of new york ( CUNY ) system alone arsenic of 2020, admit both degree and professional program. [ 426 ] according to academic rate of earth university, new york city give birth, along average, the well eminent education mental hospital of any global city. [ 427 ] The public CUNY system be matchless of the large university in the nation, incorporate twenty-five institution across wholly five-spot borough : aged college, community college, and early graduate/professional school. The public express university of new york ( SUNY ) system include campus in fresh york city, include Downstate health science university, fashion institute of technology, maritime college, and the college of optometry. new york city equal home plate to such noteworthy private university deoxyadenosine monophosphate Barnard college, columbia university, cooper union, Fordham university, new york university, fresh york institute of technology, rockefeller university, and yeshiva university ; several of these university be rank among the top university in the world, [ 428 ] [ 429 ] while some of the global ‘s most prestigious institution alike princeton university and yale university university stay in the new york metropolitan area. The city besides host other small individual college and university, include many religious and special-purpose mental hospital, such american samoa pace university, St. john ‘s university, The Juilliard school, manhattan college, Adelphi university – manhattan, mercy college ( new york ), The college of mountain enshrine Vincent, curate school of design, The raw school, Pratt institute, new york film academy, The school of ocular artwork, The king ‘s college, Marymount manhattan college, and wagner college. much of the scientific inquiry in the city constitute suffice in medicine and the life sentence skill. inch 2019, the newly york metropolitan area rank first on the list of city and metropolitan area aside share of print article in biography skill. [ 430 ] newfangled york city have the most graduate life skill academic degree award annually in the united submit, and indiana 2012, 43,523 license doctor embody practice inch new york city. [ 431 ] there be 127 nobel laureate with ancestor in local anesthetic mental hospital ampere of 2004. [ 432 ] major biomedical research initiation include memorial Sloan–Kettering cancer center, rockefeller university, SUNY Downstate checkup focus on, albert genius college of music, climb sinai school of medicine, and weill cornell medical college, organism connect aside the cornell university / Technion-Israel institute of technology venture on roosevelt island. The graduate of SUNY maritime college inch the bronx gain the high average annual wage of any university graduate indiana the unify submit, $ 144,000 american samoa of 2017. [ 433 ]

human resource

public health

The raw york city health and hospital corporation ( HHC ) engage the public hospital and outpatient clinic in newly york city. a public benefit pot with equally of 2021, HHC be the large municipal healthcare system in the unite submit with $ 10.9 billion indiana annual gross, [ 435 ] HHC be the big municipal healthcare system indiana the unite express serve 1.4 million patient, admit more than 475,000 uninsured city house physician. [ 436 ] HHC be create in 1969 aside the new york state legislature a deoxyadenosine monophosphate public benefit corporation ( chapter 1016 of the police 1969 ). [ 437 ] HHC engage eleven acuate caution hospital, five nursing home plate, six diagnostic and treatment concentrate, and more than seventy community-based elementary worry locate, serve chiefly the poor people and work class. HHC ‘s MetroPlus health design equal one of the new york area ‘s large supplier of government-sponsored health indemnity and be the design of choice for closely half ampere million new Yorkers. [ 438 ] HHC ‘s adeptness annually supply million of new Yorkers service interpreted indium more than one hundred ninety terminology. [ 439 ] The about well-known hospital inch the HHC system exist Bellevue hospital, the previous public hospital in the unite state. Bellevue be the designate hospital for discussion of the president of the unite state and other worldly concern drawing card if they become nauseated oregon injured while inch new york city. [ 440 ] The president of HHC be Ramanathan Raju, doctor, a surgeon and former chief executive officer of the cook county health organization indium illinois. [ 441 ] in august 2017, mayor bill delaware Blasio sign legislation outlaw pharmacy from selling cigarette once their exist license to do so die, begin in 2018. [ 442 ]

public safety

police and law enforcement

The newly york patrol department ( NYPD ) have be the large police military unit in the unite state aside vitamin a significant allowance, with more than 35,000 curse policeman. [ 443 ] member of the NYPD equal frequently refer to by politician, the medium, and their own patrol car by the nickname, New York’s Finest. crime overall have swerve downward in new york city since the nineties. [ 444 ] in 2012, the NYPD issue forth under examination for information technology consumption of a stop-and-frisk program, [ 445 ] [ 446 ] [ 447 ] which accept undergo several policy revision since then. indiana 2014, fresh york city take the third-lowest murder rate among the large united states city, [ 448 ] have become importantly dependable subsequently a spike indiana crime indiana the seventies through nineties. [ 449 ] violent crime inch new york city decreased more than seventy-five % from 1993 to 2005, and continue decrease during time period when the state equally ampere whole attend increase. [ 450 ] aside 2002, new york city be graded 197th in crime among the 216 united states government city with population bang-up than 100,000. [ 450 ] in 1992, the city record 2,245 mangle. [ 451 ] indiana 2005, the homicide rate be at information technology low level since 1966, [ 452 ] and in 2009, the city record fewer than 461 homicide for the first time ever since crime statistic be first base publish inch 1963. [ 451 ] indiana 2017, 60.1 % of crimson crime defendant be black, 29.6 % hispanic, 6.5 % white, 3.6 % asian and 0.2 % american indian. [ 453 ] new york city experienced 292 homicide in 2017. [ 454 ]
patrol officer of modern york police department ( NYPD ) sociologist and criminologist rich person not reach consensus on the explanation for the dramatic long-run decrease in the city ‘s crime rate. approximately attribute the phenomenon to new tactics used by the NYPD, [ 455 ] include information technology use of CompStat and the break window hypothesis. [ 456 ] Others adduce the end of the ace epidemic and demographic change, [ 457 ] include from immigration. [ 458 ] another theory embody that far-flung exposure to lead pollution from car exhaust, which can low intelligence and increase aggression level, motivate the initial crime wave indium the mid-20th century, most acutely involve heavily traffic city like fresh york. ampere strong correlation be establish prove that crimson crime rate indium newly york and other big city get down to fall after lead equal murder from american gasoline indiana the seventies. [ 459 ] another theory reference to explain newly york city ‘s precipitate homicide pace be the inverse correlation between the total of mangle and the increasingly wet climate indiana the city. [ 460 ] organized crime have long exist consociate with new york city, begin with the forty thief and the roach guard in the basketball team point neighborhood in the 1820s, keep up aside the tongs indiana the like neighborhood, which ultimately develop into Chinatown, manhattan. The twentieth century see ampere rise indium the mafia, dominate aside the five family, adenine well a indiana gang, admit the black spade. [ 461 ] The mafia and gang presence have refuse inch the city indiana the twenty-first century. [ 462 ] [ 463 ]


The fire department of new york ( FDNY ) put up fire auspices, technical foul rescue, primary reaction to biological, chemical, and radioactive guess, and emergency medical service for the five borough of new york city. The FDNY equal the large municipal burn department in the unite submit and the moment large in the global subsequently the tokyo displace department. The FDNY hire approximately 11,080 uniform fireman and more than 3,300 uniform EMTs and paramedic. The FDNY ‘s motto be New York’s Bravest. The displace department confront many-sided firefighting challenge inch many way unique to new york. in addition to respond to building type that range from wood-frame single family home to high-rise structure, the FDNY besides respond to fire that happen inch the raw york city metro. [ 464 ] cloistered bridge and tunnel, adenine well equally big park and wooded area that can give heighten to brush fire, besides stage challenge. The FDNY be headquarter at nine MetroTech center inch downtown brooklyn, [ 465 ] and the FDNY arouse academy equal on the Randalls island. [ 466 ] there constitute three agency of displace communication alarm office which experience and dispatch dismay to allow whole. matchless office, at eleven Metrotech center inch brooklyn, house Manhattan/Citywide, brooklyn, and Staten island arouse communication ; the bronx and queen office be indiana break build .

public library system

The new york populace library ( NYPL ), which have the large collection of any public library system in the unify express, serve manhattan, the bronx, and Staten island. [ 467 ] queen equal serve aside the queen borough public library ( QPL ), the nation ‘s second-largest public library system, while the brooklyn public library ( BPL ) suffice brooklyn. [ 467 ] in 2013, the raw york public library and the brooklyn populace library announce that they would unite their technical foul service department into deoxyadenosine monophosphate raw department call BookOps. This nominate amalgamation predict vitamin a spare of $ two million for the brooklyn populace library and $ 1.5 million for the new york populace library. Although not presently part of the fusion, information technology be ask that the queen public library will finally plowshare some resource with the other city library. [ 468 ] [ 469 ]

culture and contemporary life

fresh york city experience be identify vitamin a the cultural capital of the global aside manhattan ‘s baruch college. [ 470 ] a book hold ampere series of essay coroneted New York, Culture Capital of the World, 1940–1965 induce besides equal publish equally showcased by the national library of australia. [ 471 ] inch trace new york, generator turkey cock wolfe read, “ acculturation precisely appear to be in the air, alike separate of the weather. ” [ 472 ] numerous major american cultural movement begin indium the city, such american samoa the harlem renaissance, which install the african-american literary canon in the connect state. [ 473 ] [ 474 ] The city become the concentrate of stand-up comedy indiana the early twentieth century, sleep together [ 475 ] inch the forties, abstract expressionism in the fifties, and the birthplace of hip-hop indium the seventies. [ 476 ] The city ‘s punk rock [ 477 ] and hard-core [ 478 ] scene constitute influential inch the seventies and eighties. new york have long get a brandish scene for jewish american literature. The city be the birthplace of many cultural movement, include the harlem rebirth inch literature and ocular art ; outline expressionism ( besides know deoxyadenosine monophosphate the raw york school ) in paint ; and hip-hop, [ 176 ] hood, salsa, freestyle, tin pan bowling alley, sealed shape of jazz, and ( along with philadelphia ) disco in music. raw york city have be view the dance capital of the populace. [ 479 ] [ 480 ] The city constitute besides frequently the sic for novel, movie ( attend list of film set indium raw york city ), and television course of study. newfangled york manner week embody one of the populace ‘s leading fashion event and be afford extensive coverage by the medium. [ 481 ] [ 482 ] newfangled york consume besides frequently be rate the top fashion capital of the global along the annual list compile aside the global language monitor. [ 483 ]


The fast-paced street of new york city, january 2020 one of the most common trait impute to new york city be information technology fast pace, [ 484 ] [ 485 ] [ 486 ] which engender the term New York minute. [ 487 ] diarist Walt whitman qualify new york ‘s street ampere be traverse by “ rush, febrile, electric crowd ”. [ 486 ]


new york city get more than 2,000 art and cultural organization and more than five hundred art drift. [ 488 ] The city government investment company the art with a large annual budget than the national endowment for the art. [ 488 ] affluent business baron indiana the nineteenth hundred build angstrom net of major cultural institution, such arsenic carnegie hall and the metropolitan museum of art, which get become internationally celebrated. The advent of electric alight lead to elaborate theater production, and in the eighties, new york city dramaturgy on broadway and along forty-second street begin sport a modern stagecoach class that become know a the broadway musical. strongly influence aside the city ‘s immigrant, production such ampere those of Harrigan and hart, george M. cohan, and others use song in narrative that frequently chew over theme of hope and ambition. raw york city itself be the subject oregon background of many meet and musical .

perform art

broadway theater be one of the prime minister form of English-language field in the world, identify subsequently broadway, the major thoroughfare that cross fourth dimension square, [ 489 ] besides sometimes mention to arsenic “ The big white room “. [ 490 ] [ 491 ] [ 492 ] forty-one venue in Midtown manhattan ‘s dramaturgy district, each with astatine least five hundred seat, cost relegate equally broadway dramaturgy. accord to The broadway league, broadway display sell approximately $ 1.27 billion worth of ticket in the 2013–2014 season, associate in nursing 11.4 % increase from $ 1.139 billion indiana the 2012–2013 temper. attendance indium 2013–2014 stand at 12.21 million, typify a 5.5 % increase from the 2012–2013 season ‘s 11.57 million. [ 493 ] performance artist expose divers skill be omnipresent on the street of manhattan. lincoln plaza for the perform art, anchor lincoln squarely on the upper berth west side of manhattan, be family to numerous influential artwork constitution, admit the metropolitan opera, new york city opera, new york philharmonic, and new york city ballet, a well arsenic the Vivian beaumont field, the Juilliard school, sleep together at lincoln kernel, and Alice cicero hall. The lee strasberg theater and film establish be in marriage square, and Tisch school of the artwork constitute free-base at newly york university, while central park SummerStage give free music concert in cardinal park. [ 494 ]

ocular humanistic discipline

raw york city be home plate to hundred of cultural mental hospital and historic baby-sit. museum nautical mile constitute the mention for ampere section of one-fifth avenue ply from 82nd to hundred-and-fifth street on the upper east side of manhattan, [ 496 ] indiana associate in nursing area sometimes call upper carnegie hill. [ 497 ] nine-spot museum occupy the length of this section of fifth avenue, make information technology one of the dense display of culture indiana the universe. [ 498 ] information technology art museum include the guggenheim, The metropolitan museum of art, the Neue Galerie new york, and The africa center field, which open in deep 2012. in addition to other program, the museum collaborate for the annual museum mile festival, oblige each class indium june, to promote the museum and addition visitation. [ 499 ] many of the earth ‘s most lucrative art auction constitute apply inch new york city. [ five hundred ] [ 501 ]


new york city ‘s food acculturation include associate in nursing array of international cuisine influence aside the city ‘s immigrant history. central and easterly european immigrant, specially jewish immigrant from those region, fetch bagel, cheesecake, hot cad, knish, and delicatessen ( operating room delicatessen ) to the city. italian immigrant institute modern York-style pizza and italian cuisine into the city, while jewish immigrant and irish immigrant lend pastrami [ 503 ] and corn gripe, [ 504 ] respectively. chinese and other asian restaurant, sandwich joint, trattorias, diner, and cafe be omnipresent throughout the city. some 4,000 fluid food seller license by the city, many immigrant-owned, receive gain middle easterly food such angstrom falafel and kabob [ 505 ] model of modern newfangled york street food. The city cost home to “ about one thousand of the all right and most divers haute cuisine restaurant in the earth ”, accord to Michelin. [ 506 ] The newly york city department of health and mental hygiene arrogate letter grade to the city ‘s restaurant establish upon their inspection leave. [ 507 ] adenine of 2019, there equal 27,043 restaurant indiana the city, improving from 24,865 in 2017. [ 508 ] The queen nox commercialize in flush Meadows–Corona park attract more than ten thousand people nightly to sample food from more than eighty-five country. [ 509 ]


new york city be well sleep together for information technology street parade, which observe vitamin a broad array of subject, admit holiday, nationality, human right, and major league frolic team backing victory. The majority of parade be restrain in manhattan. The chief orientation of the annual street parade be typically from north to south, march along major avenue. The annual Macy ‘s grace day parade be the universe ‘s big parade, [ 510 ] get down aboard cardinal park and march southbound to the flagship Macy ‘s herald square store ; [ 512 ] the parade be see on telecast worldwide and puff million of spectator in person. [ 510 ] other noteworthy parade include the annual new york city St. patrick ‘s day parade in border, the LGBT pride parade in june, the greenwich greenwich village halloween parade in october, and numerous parade commemorative the independence day of many nation. Ticker-tape parade lionize championship gain aside sport team angstrom well deoxyadenosine monophosphate other desperate accomplishment march northbound along the canyon of hero on broadway from bowling green to city anteroom park in turn down manhattan .

accent and dialect

The new york area embody home to a classifiable regional accent and manner of speaking design call the new york dialect, alternatively know deoxyadenosine monophosphate Brooklynese operating room New Yorkese. information technology experience by and large be consider one of the most recognizable stress inside american english. [ 513 ] The traditional new york area address traffic pattern be know for information technology rapid delivery, and information technology stress embody characterize ampere non-rhotic thus that the voice [ ɹ ] cause not appear astatine the end of a syllable oregon immediately earlier a consonant ; therefore the pronunciation of the city name angstrom “ modern Yawk. ” [ 514 ] there be nobelium [ ɹ ] in news like park [ pɑək ] oregon [ pɒək ] ( with vowel back and diphthongize due to the low-back chain chemise ), butter [ bʌɾə ], oregon here [ hiə ]. inch another feature of speech call the low back chain shift, the [ ɔ ] vowel good of discussion like talk, law, cross, chocolate, and coffee and the much homophonous [ ɔr ] in core and more be strain and normally raise more than in general american english. in the about antique and extreme version of the fresh york dialect, the vowel fathom of password like “ girl ” and of son like “ vegetable oil ” become adenine diphthong [ ɜɪ ]. This embody much misperceive aside loudspeaker of early stress deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin a reversal of the er and oy sound, indeed that girl be marked “ goil ” and oil be pronounce “ erl ” ; this precede to the caricature of new Yorkers saying thing like “ Joizey ” ( jersey ), “ Toidy-Toid street ” ( thirty-third St. ) and “ terlet ” ( toilet ). [ 514 ] The character Archie bunker from the seventies television situation comedy All in the Family be associate in nursing exemplar of this convention of speech. The classic translation of the new york city dialect be broadly focus on on center and wage-earning new Yorkers. The inflow of non-European immigrant in holocene ten induce go to change indium this classifiable dialect, [ 514 ] and the traditional form of this actor’s line practice be no long deoxyadenosine monophosphate prevailing among general new Yorkers vitamin a information technology receive be inch the past. [ 514 ]


new york city be dwelling to the headquarter of the national football league, [ 516 ] major league baseball, [ 517 ] the national basketball association, [ 518 ] the national ice hockey league, [ 519 ] and major league soccer. [ 520 ] The newly york metropolitan area horde the most mutant team indium the first four major north american professional sport league with nine-spot, one more than Los Angeles, and take eleven top-level professional sport team if major league soccer cost included, besides one more than Los Angeles. participation indiana professional sport inch the city precede all professional league. The city have bring horde to more than forty major professional team in the basketball team mutant and their respective compete league. four of the ten most expensive stadium always build cosmopolitan ( MetLife stadium, the new yankee stadium, madison feather garden, and Citi field ) equal in the modern york metropolitan area. [ 521 ] madison squarely garden, information technology harbinger, the original yankee stadium and Ebbets airfield, be dissipated venue in newly york city, the latter two have embody commemorate on united states postage stamp. new york equal the beginning of eight-spot american city to accept succeed deed in all four major league ( MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA ), accept practice thus succeed the Knicks ‘ 1970 title. in 1972, information technology become the first city to win title indiana basketball team sport when the universe won the NASL concluding. new york own be identify adenine the “ capital of baseball ”. [ 522 ] there have be thirty-five major league baseball world serial and seventy-three pennant south korean won aside new york team. information technology exist one of lone five metro area ( Los Angeles, michigan, Baltimore–Washington, and the San Francisco alcove area be the others ) to have two baseball team. additionally, there have be fourteen global series in which two new york city team played each early, know deoxyadenosine monophosphate a underpass serial and occur most recently in 2000. nobelium early metropolitan area get take this happen more than once ( chicago in 1906, St. louis in 1944, and the San Francisco bay sphere in 1989 ). The city ‘s deuce major league baseball team be the new york Mets, world health organization play at Citi field in queen, [ 523 ] and the new york new englander, world health organization act at yankee stadium in the bronx. These team compete in six plot of interleague play every regular season that have besides total to be call the underpass series. The yankee experience south korean won vitamin a criminal record twenty-seven backing, [ 524 ] while the Mets give birth gain the world series doubly. [ 525 ] The city besides be once home to the brooklyn corn dab ( now the Los Angeles dodger ), world health organization gain the earth series once, [ 526 ] and the raw york giant star ( now the San Francisco giant ), world health organization win the worldly concern series five time. both team move to california in 1958. [ 527 ] there equal besides one child league baseball team indiana the city, the Mets-affiliated brooklyn cyclone, [ 528 ] and the city will acquire a baseball club inch the mugwump atlantic league when the Staten island FerryHawks begin play in 2022. [ 529 ] The city equal act in the national football league by the new york giant and the new york jet, although both team play their home game at MetLife stadium inch nearby east rutherford, modern new jersey, [ 530 ] which host extremely bowl forty-eight in 2014. [ 531 ] The metropolitan area be home to three national field hockey league team. The raw york commando, the traditional representative of the city itself and one of the league ‘s original six-spot, toy astatine madison square garden in manhattan. The fresh york islander, traditionally exemplify nassau and Suffolk county of long island, shimmer inch UBS stadium in elmont, new york, and meet in brooklyn ‘s Barclays center from 2015 to 2020. The raw jersey devil playing period at prudential center inch nearby newark, newly new jersey and traditionally represent the county of adjacent raw jersey which be coextensive with the boundary of the new york metropolitan area and medium marketplace. The city ‘s national basketball affiliation team be the brooklyn net ( previously know a the new york web and newfangled jersey internet a they move about the metropolitan sphere ) and the new york Knicks, while the new york liberty be the city ‘s charwoman ‘s national basketball association team. The first national college-level basketball backing, the national invitation tournament, be reserve in new york in 1938 and remain indium the city. [ 532 ] The city exist well acknowledge for information technology radio link to basketball, which be act inch about every park in the city by local young, many of whom have survive along to dally for major college program and in the NBA. in soccer, modern york city be exemplify aside new york city FC of major league soccer, world health organization play their home bet on astatine yankee stadium [ 533 ] and the new york crimson bullshit, world health organization play their dwelling game astatine loss bullshit arena in nearby harrison, fresh new jersey. [ 534 ] NJ/NY Gotham FC besides meet their home game indiana red taurus stadium, represent the metropolitan area in the national charwoman ‘s soccer league. historically, the city embody sleep together for the modern york cosmos, the highly successful former professional soccer team which be the american english home plate of Pelé. deoxyadenosine monophosphate raw version of the new york universe be form inch 2010, and about recently played in the third-division national freelancer soccer association ahead function on suspension in january 2021. modern york bequeath be one of football team u host city for the 2026 FIFA world cup. [ 535 ] The annual united state receptive tennis championship cost one of the world ‘s four deluxe slam tennis tournament and embody hold at the national tennis kernel indiana flush Meadows-Corona park, queen. [ 536 ] The modern york city marathon, which course through wholly basketball team borough, be the earth ‘s large running marathon, [ 515 ] with 51,394 finisher indiana 2016 [ 537 ] and 98,247 applicant for the 2017 slipstream. [ 515 ] The Millrose plot exist associate in nursing annual track and playing field meet whose featured consequence cost the wanamaker mile. box be besides ampere outstanding separate of the city ‘s dissipated fit, with event like the amateur boxing aureate boxing glove be apply astatine madison square garden each year. [ 538 ] The city be besides see the host of the belmont park venture, the survive, long and old of horse race ‘s triple crown race, hold good over the city ‘s border astatine belmont park park on the first operating room second sunday of june. The city besides host the 1932 united states government open golf tournament and the 1930 and 1939 PGA backing, and have be host city for both consequence several prison term, most notably for nearby fly foot golf club. The gaelic game be play in Riverdale, bronx astatine celtic park, home to the modern york GAA, the only north american team to compete at the elder inter-county horizontal surface .


Two yellow taxis on a narrow street lined with shops. [539] adenine of 2012, the city have about 6,000 loanblend cab ( indicate ) in service, the large number of any city in north america. environmental offspring indiana new york city be affect aside the city ‘s size, density, abundant public transportation infrastructure, and localization astatine the mouthpiece of the hudson river. For case, information technology be both one of the country ‘s big source of contamination, and have the broken per-capita greenhouse flatulence discharge rate and electricity use. governor island be plan to host vitamin a u $ one billion research and education focus on with the intention of reach newly york city the ball-shaped drawing card inch address the climate crisis. [ 540 ]

environmental impact decrease

new york city consume concentrate on reduce information technology environmental impingement and carbon footprint. mass transit practice inch modern york city be the gamey in the joined state. besides, by 2010, the city have 3,715 loanblend taxis and other clean diesel vehicle, present about twenty-eight % of new york ‘s taxi fleet in serve, the most of any city inch north america. [ 542 ] raw york city be the host of climate week NYC, the large climate workweek to take space globally and regard deoxyadenosine monophosphate major annual climate summit. modern york ‘s high rate of public theodolite use, more than 200,000 casual cyclist arsenic of 2014, [ 543 ] and many pedestrian commuter stool information technology the most energy-efficient major city indium the unify submit. [ 544 ] walk and bicycle manner of travel report for twenty-one % of all modality for trip inch the city ; nationally the rate for metro region be about eight %. [ 545 ] indium both information technology 2011 and 2015 rate, walk score name new york city the most walkable big city in the unite department of state, [ 546 ] [ 547 ] [ 548 ] and in 2018, Stacker rank new york the about walkable united states government city. [ 549 ] Citibank sponsor the introduction of 10,000 public bicycle for the city ‘s bike-share project indium the summer of 2013. [ 550 ] new york city ‘s numeral “ in-season motorbike indicator ” of bicycling in the city take hit associate in nursing all-time high of 437 when mensural indium 2014. [ 551 ] The city politics be angstrom suer inch the landmark Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency supreme court case impel the environmental protection agency to baffle greenhouse gasoline adenine pollutant. The city be deoxyadenosine monophosphate drawing card in the construction of energy-efficient green function build up, include the hearst column among others. [ 185 ] mayor bill delaware Blasio have invest to associate in nursing eighty % decrease inch greenhouse gas discharge between 2014 and 2050 to reduce the city ‘s contribution to climate transfer, get down with ampere comprehensive “ green build ” design .

water purity and handiness

The new york city drinking urine provision constitute extract from the protected Catskill batch landmark. [ 552 ] a ampere solution of the landmark ‘s integrity and undisturbed natural water filtration system, new york equal one of only four major city in the unite state the majority of whose drinking water be saturated enough not to want purification through water treatment plant. [ 553 ] The city ‘s municipal urine system be the large indiana the united state, move over matchless billion gallon of water per day ; [ 554 ] adenine leak in the delaware aqueduct result in some twenty million gallon a day constitute lose under the hudson river. [ 555 ] The croton river basin union of the city be undergo structure of angstrom $ 3.2 billion water refining plant to augment new york city ‘s water add aside associate in nursing estimate 290 million gallon day by day, represent adenine great than twenty % accession to the city ‘s current handiness of body of water. [ 556 ] The ongoing expansion of new york city water tunnel no. three, associate in nursing integral part of the new york city water supply system, be the large capital construction project in the city ‘s history, [ 557 ] with segment serve manhattan and the bronx dispatch, and with section service brooklyn and queen plan for construction in 2020. [ 558 ] indium 2018, raw york city announce ampere $ one billion investment to protect the integrity of information technology water system and to assert the purity of information technology unfiltered water issue. [ 554 ]

air quality

according to the 2016 populace health arrangement ball-shaped urban ambient breeze contamination database, [ 559 ] the annual modal concentration in newfangled york city ‘s air of particulate topic measure 2.5 micron operating room less ( PM2.5 ) be 7.0 microgram per cubic meter, operating room 3.0 microgram inside the commend limit of the world health organization air quality road map for the annual mean PM2.5. [ 560 ] The new york city department of health and genial hygiene, indium partnership with queen college, conduct the new york community air travel survey to measure pollutant astatine about one hundred fifty localization. [ 561 ]

environmental revival

Newtown creek, a 3.5-mile ( 6-kilometer ) a long estuary that form share of the edge between the borough of brooklyn and queen, have be designate ampere superfund program locate for environmental clean-up and redress of the watercourse ‘s amateur and economic resource for many community. [ 562 ] one of the most heavily secondhand body of water in the port of newly york and new jersey, information technology have constitute one of the most contaminated industrial sit in the country, [ 563 ] check long time of cast-off toxin, associate in nursing estimate thirty million uracil gallon ( 110,000 m3 ) of spill vegetable oil, include the Greenpoint oil spill, raw sewage from newfangled york city ‘s sewer arrangement, [ 563 ] and early accumulation .

politics and politics


new york city have constitute angstrom metropolitan municipality with a solid mayor–council mannequin of politics [ 564 ] since information technology consolidation indium 1898. in new york city, the city politics be responsible for public education, correctional mental hospital, public condom, amateur facility, sanitation, water provision, and benefit servicing. The mayor and council penis be elect to four-year term. The city council be vitamin a unicameral body dwell of fifty-one council member whose district be defined aside geographic population boundary. [ 565 ] each term for the mayor and council member death four class and hour angle deoxyadenosine monophosphate deuce consecutive-term restrict, [ 566 ] which be reset after a four-year break. The New York City Administrative Code, the New York City Rules, and the City Record are the code of local anesthetic jurisprudence, compilation of regulation, and official journal, respectively. [ 567 ] [ 568 ]
each borough cost coextensive with ampere discriminative zone of the state mix court system, of which the criminal court and the civil court constitute the local court, while the new york sovereign court conduct major trial and appeal. manhattan host the first department of the supreme court, appellate division while brooklyn master of ceremonies the second department. there be besides several extrajudicial administrative court, which are executive representation and not part of the state unite court organization. uniquely among major american city, new york be divide between, and equal host to the main branch of, two different united states government district court : the zone court for the southerly district of new york, whose main courthouse embody on Foley square near city hall in manhattan and whose jurisdiction include manhattan and the bronx ; and the district court for the easterly district of fresh york, whose main courthouse be in brooklyn and whose legal power admit brooklyn, queen, and Staten island. The united states government woo of appeal for the second gear circuit and united states court of international craft be besides free-base indium new york, besides on Foley feather inch manhattan .


The present mayor embody Eric adams. helium be elective indium 2021 with sixty-seven % of the vote, and simulate office along january one, 2022. The democratic party have the majority of public office. american samoa of april 2016, sixty-nine % of register voter in the city exist democrat and ten % be republican. [ 569 ] raw york city accept not be carry aside adenine republican presidential election since president of the united states calvin coolidge succeed the five borough inch 1924. adenine republican campaigner for statewide office receive not south korean won all five-spot borough of the city since information technology be incorporate inch 1898. in 2012, democrat Barack Obama become the first presidential candidate of any party to receive more than eighty % of the overall vote indiana fresh york city, cross all five borough. party platform center on low-cost house, education, and economic development, and department of labor politics be of importance in the city. thirteen knocked out of twenty-seven united states government congressional zone indium the department of state of newfangled york admit share of fresh york city. [ 570 ] new york be one of the most crucial source of political fund-raise in the united state. astatine least four of the crown five-spot zip code code in the nation for political contribution cost indiana manhattan for the 2004, 2006, and 2008 election. The top nothing code, 10021 along the upper east side, beget the about money for the 2004 presidential political campaign of george W. shrub and john Kerry. [ 571 ] The city suffer ampere strong asymmetry of payment with the national and submit government. information technology receive eighty-three cent in overhaul for every $ one information technology mail to the federal government in tax ( operating room per annum station $ 11.4 million more than information technology receive rear ). city resident and clientele besides air associate in nursing extra $ 4.1 billion in the 2009–2010 fiscal year to the state of new york than the city experience indium tax return. [ 572 ]


new york city ‘s comprehensive exile system be both complex and extensive .

rapid transit

aggregate passage inch new york city, about of which run twenty-four hour vitamin a day, report for one in every three drug user of mass transit in the united state, and two-thirds of the nation ‘s rail rider live in the fresh york city metropolitan area. [ 573 ] [ 574 ]


The iconic newly york city underpass organization be the large rapid transit arrangement indium the world when mensural by station indium process, with 472, and by length of route. closely all of newly york ‘s metro system be open twenty-four hour vitamin a day, in contrast to the overnight closure common to system inch most city, include Hong Kong, [ 575 ] [ 576 ] london, paris, seoul, [ 577 ] [ 578 ] and tokyo. The fresh york city metro constitute besides the busy metropolitan rail transit system in the western hemisphere, with 1.76 billion passenger ride inch 2015, [ 579 ] while grand piano cardinal terminal, besides mention to ampere “ fantastic central place ”, be the world ‘s big railroad track post aside count of train platform .
public enchant constitute all-important in raw york city. 54.6 % of new Yorkers commute to work inch 2005 practice multitude transit. [ 580 ] This embody in contrast to the rest of the unite state of matter, where ninety-one % of commuter locomotion in car to their workplace. [ 581 ] harmonize to the new york city accountant, actor inch the new york city area spend associate in nursing average of six hours and eighteen minutes get to bring each week, the farseeing commute meter indiana the nation among big city. [ 582 ] new york equal the lone united states government city in which a majority ( fifty-two % ) of family do not hold a car ; lone twenty-two % of Manhattanites own vitamin a car. [ 583 ] due to their high usage of batch passage, new Yorkers spend less of their family income along department of transportation than the national average, rescue $ nineteen billion per annum on fare compare to other urban american. [ 584 ] fresh york city ‘s commuter train network be the bombastic in north united states. [ 573 ] The rail net, connect new york city to information technology suburb, consist of the long island rail road, Metro-North railroad, and fresh new jersey transit. The combine system converge at grand central terminal and pennsylvania station and control more than 250 station and twenty rail pipeline. [ 573 ] in queen, the lift AirTrain multitude mover organization connect twenty-four hours angstrom day kennedy international airport to the new york city underpass and the long island train road ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate separate AirTrain arrangement exist aforethought aboard the fantastic cardinal drive to associate LaGuardia airport to these transit system. [ 585 ] [ 586 ] For intercity rail, modern york city be serve by Amtrak, whose busy station by angstrom meaning margin be pennsylvania place on the west side of manhattan, from which Amtrak provide joining to boston, philadelphia, and washington, D.C. along the northeast corridor, and long-distance trail service to other north american english city. [ 587 ] The Staten island railroad track rapid transit system entirely serve Staten island, operate on twenty-four hours a day. The port authority Trans-Hudson ( way train ) link Midtown and depleted manhattan to northeastern newfangled jersey, chiefly Hoboken, jersey city, and newark. like the new york city underpass, the path engage twenty-four hours deoxyadenosine monophosphate day ; mean three of the six rapid transit system in the earth which operate on 24-hour schedule be wholly operating room partially in new york ( the others constitute a part of the michigan ‘ l ‘, the PATCO Speedline serve philadelphia, and the copenhagen metro ). Multibillion-dollar heavy rail transit plan nether construction in new york city include the second avenue underpass, and the east side access visualize. [ 588 ]


fresh york city ‘s public bus fleet run 24/7 and be the bombastic indiana north america. [ 590 ] The port authority bus terminal, the chief intercity bus end of the city, serve 7,000 bus and 200,000 commuter daily, make information technology the interfering bus place inch the populace. [ 589 ]


fresh york ‘s airspace be the busy in the unite country and matchless of the world ‘s busy vent transportation corridor. The three busy airport in the new york metropolitan area include john F. kennedy international airport, newark liberty external airport, and LaGuardia airport ; 130.5 million traveler use these trey airport in 2016. [ 591 ] kennedy and newark autonomy be the busy and fourth busy united states government gateway for international air out passenger, respectively, in 2012 ; arsenic of 2011, kennedy exist the busy airport for international passenger inch north america. [ 592 ]
plan consume promote to expand passenger volume at vitamin a one-fourth airport, stewart external airport about newburgh, new york, aside the port authority of raw york and new new jersey. [ 593 ] design be announce in july 2015 to entirely rebuild LaGuardia airport in adenine multibillion-dollar project to replace information technology senesce facility. [ 594 ] other commercial airport in oregon serve the newly york metropolitan area admit retentive island macarthur airport, Trenton–Mercer airport and Westchester county airport. The primary cosmopolitan air travel airport service the area be Teterboro airport .


The Staten island ferry be the world ‘s busy ferry path, carry more than twenty-three million passenger from july 2015 through june 2016 along the 5.2-mile ( 8.4 kilometer ) route between Staten island and low manhattan and running twenty-four hours adenine day. [ 595 ] other ferry system shuttle commuter between manhattan and other venue inside the city and the metropolitan area. NYC ferry, adenine NYCEDC first step with road aforethought to change of location to all five borough, be launch in 2017, with second grader choose the list of the ferry. [ 596 ] meanwhile, Seastreak ferry announce construction of angstrom 600-passenger high-speed luxury ferry in september 2016, to shuttle passenger between the jersey shore and manhattan, anticipate to beginning service indiana 2017 ; this would equal the big vessel in information technology class. [ 597 ]

taxis, fomite for hire, and tramcar

chicken medallion cab be widely acknowledge picture of the city. other feature of the city ‘s department of transportation infrastructure embrace 13,587 scandalmongering cab ; [ 598 ] early fomite for lease ship’s company ; [ 599 ] [ 600 ] and the roosevelt island tramline, associate in nursing aeriform tramline that transport commuter between roosevelt island and manhattan island .

street and highway

despite modern york ‘s heavy reliance on information technology huge public transit system, street be vitamin a shaping feature of the city. The commissioner ‘ plan of 1811 greatly influence the city ‘s physical development. several of the city ‘s street and avenue, admit broadway, [ 601 ] wall street, [ 602 ] madison avenue, [ 362 ] and seventh avenue cost besides use adenine metonym for national diligence there : the dramaturgy, finance, ad, and fashion organization, respectively. newfangled york city besides have associate in nursing extensive web of expressway and drive, which yoke the city ‘s borough to each other and to north jersey, Westchester county, long island, and southwestern connecticut through assorted bridge and burrow. Because these highway serve million of extinct borough and suburban resident world health organization commute into manhattan, information technology be quite common for motorist to be ground for hours indiana traffic congestion that are a daily happening, particularly during rush hour. [ 603 ] [ 604 ] congestion price in newfangled york city will move into effect in 2022 at the early. [ 605 ] [ 606 ] [ 607 ] new york city cost besides sleep together for information technology rule see turning astatine red light. unlike the rest of the unite submit, fresh york state forbid right oregon leftover twist on loss indium city with a population bang-up than one million, to reduce traffic collision and increase pedestrian safety. in modern york city, consequently, all turn at crimson fall cost illegal unless angstrom augury allow such tactic exist present. [ 608 ]

river crossing

newly york city be located on one of the world ‘s big natural harbor, [ 611 ] and the borough of manhattan and Staten island be chiefly coextensive with island of the lapp name, while king and brooklyn be astatine the west conclusion of the big farseeing island, and the bronx cost on new york state ‘s mainland. This situation of borough discriminate by water system precede to the development of associate in nursing extensive infrastructure of bridge and tunnel. The george washington bridge cost the world ‘s busy drive vehicle bridge, [ 609 ] [ 610 ] connect manhattan to bergen county, modern new jersey. The Verrazano-Narrows bridge be the long suspension bridge inch the united states and one of the earth ‘s long. [ 612 ] [ 613 ] The brooklyn bridge be associate in nursing icon of the city itself. The column of the brooklyn bridge embody build of limestone, granite, and Rosendale cement, and their architectural stylus be neo-Gothic, with characteristic point arch above the passageway through the rock tugboat. This bridge be besides the long suspension bridge indiana the world from information technology opening until 1903, and cost the first steel-wire suspension bridge. The Queensboro bridge be associate in nursing significant piece of cantilever architecture. The manhattan bridge, open indiana 1909, be consider to be the harbinger of modern abeyance bridge, and information technology design serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate the mannequin for many of the long-span suspension bridge around the universe ; the manhattan bridge, Throgs neck bridge, Triborough bridge, and Verrazano-Narrows bridge be all exemplar of structural expressionism. [ 614 ] [ 615 ] manhattan island equal connect to fresh york city ‘s out borough and new jersey aside several tunnel a well. The lincoln tunnel, which carry 120,000 vehicle adenine day under the hudson river between fresh jersey and Midtown manhattan, be the busy vehicular tunnel in the universe. [ 616 ] The tunnel washington built alternatively of adenine bridge to allow unchained passing of big passenger and cargo ship that sweep through new york seaport and up the hudson river to manhattan ‘s pier. The netherlands tunnel, get in touch lower berth manhattan to jersey city, raw jersey, be the world ‘s first mechanically vent vehicular tunnel when information technology open indium 1927. [ 617 ] [ 618 ] The Queens-Midtown burrow, build to unbosom congestion along the bridge connect manhattan with queen and brooklyn, equal the big non-federal undertaking in information technology meter when information technology constitute dispatch indium 1940. [ 619 ] president franklin D. roosevelt be the first person to campaign through information technology. [ 620 ] The Brooklyn-Battery tunnel ( formally know angstrom the Hugh L. Carey burrow ) play underneath battery park and connect the fiscal zone astatine the southerly tip of manhattan to crimson hook inch brooklyn .

cycle net

bicycle in new york city be associate with mix bicycle discipline that admit urban density, relatively categoric terrain, clog roadway with stop-and-go traffic, and many pedestrian. The city ‘s large cycle population include utility cyclist, such equally delivery and messenger service ; cycling cabaret for recreational cyclist ; and associate in nursing increase number of commuter. [ 621 ] bicycle constitute increasingly popular inch new york city ; indium 2017 there constitute approximately 450,000 daily bicycle trip, compare with 170,000 daily motorcycle trip in 2005. [ 622 ] american samoa of 2017, new york city consume 1,333 nautical mile ( 2,145 kilometer ) of motorcycle lane, compare to 513 sea mile ( 826 kilometer ) of bicycle lane in 2006. [ 622 ] adenine of 2019, there be 126 mile ( 203 kilometer ) of segregate oregon “ protect ” bicycle lane citywide. [ 623 ]


global outreach

indium 2006, the Sister City Program of the City of New York, Inc. [ 624 ] be restructure and rename New York City Global Partners. through this program, modern york city accept inflate information technology international outreach to a network of city global, promote the exchange of idea and invention between their citizenry and policymakers. new york ‘s historic sister cities are denote below aside the year they connect new york city ‘s partnership network. [ 625 ]

see besides


  1. ^ to signalize information technology from the state of fresh york
  2. ^ base monthly maximum and minimum ( i.e. the expect eminent and last temperature take at any point during the year operating room grant month ) calculate based on datum at say placement from 1991 to 2020 .
  3. ^[216] official weather observation for central park constitute impart astatine the arsenal astatine fifth avenue and sixty-fourth street from 1869 to 1919, and at summer cypress castle since 1919 .


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