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In the universe overflowed with ocular contented it is hard to grab the attention of seen-it-all spectator. fortunately, a witty phrase or an inspirational quote can do the trick. Intertwining the art of news and the art of imagination has proven to be quite effective in making your works stand out. It ’ mho not a unmanageable as it may seem and there are tons of tools to help you. Take a look at the tilt of the best apps for adding text to photos .

How to Choose an App to Add Text to Photos

Despite the fact that each app on our number is accompanied by a comprehensive examination description, it won ’ thymine come as a surprise if some of you may still struggle with choosing the correct on-line cock to use. We recommend answering the following few questions, before we dive into exploring the best Add Text to Photo apps:

  1. What kind of result would you like to achieve? This question is quite important, so give it some thought. Do you want to add any effects to your text? For example, a subtle shadow to make the text stand out. Should your text be of one solid color or gradient? Are you looking for the ability to repeat your string of text throughout the entire image? A set of tools in apps tend to vary. Therefore, you need to determine what you need to narrow down your search.
  2. What device will you use to add text to photos? Some apps have only the offline desktop versions, while others are available across all devices – computers, tablets, mobile phones. If you are an Android user, you might’ve run into an issue when some cool app can work only on iOS phones. Once you determine what device you are going to use, you will study the descriptions more carefully and filter out all the unfit options.
  3. Are you familiar with image editing programs? As it has already been mentioned, different apps offer different sets of tools and features. Some of them are complex and more suitable for professionals. But there are also apps that are designed for everyone, including people who have never done any image editing before.

Have you found the answers to these questions ? great ! then, it ’ s time to learn about the best apps to add text to photo. We are sure that our list will help you find precisely what you ’ re looking for.

Visual Watermark You may be surprised, but you don ’ t have to use Visual Watermark for only creating watermarks. basically it is an effective, easy-to-use typography editor program, which is perfect for a cursorily adding a text to your photograph. All you have to do is import your photos and begin working immediately. You can add a text, a logo or a group of both. If you ’ ve chosen the latter, you can customize the group as a wholly or its elements individually. There are more than 926 built-in fonts – far-out, classic, funny story, minimalistic, boldface. You are sure to find precisely what you need. Although, if nothing had caught your center, you can always use your own fonts – all you have to do is install them on your calculator. As for adding a logo, you can choose one from the collection or import your own. Would you like to make your textbook more tridimensional ? The shadow effect is arrant for that. Do you want to make to add a gradual change of color ? No problem ! Visual Watermark allows you to use two effects simultaneously. besides, you can enable a tile option to fill the entire image with your text and adjust its span. ocular Watermark ’ s straightforward interface will help you achieve some great results without wasting besides much time on thinking how everything works. now you can apply text to Videos equally well ! ocular Watermark works on both Mac and Windows. There is a free trial adaptation, but it watermarks your finish images until you buy the full version. You can choose from three erstwhile payment plans – basic ( $19.95 ), plus ( $29.95 ) or premium ( $39.95 ). Pros:

  • There is a free version in which all tools are available.
  • The application works online through a mobile browser on a computer/laptop/smartphone.
  • The program interface is simple. Even a user without any experience will understand it.
  • The app has various editing tools.
  • Can upload photos from computer and cloud storage.


  • If you work in the free version, the signature appears at the bottom “Protected with Visual Watermark” when you save the picture.
  • Not all fonts are available without a subscription.

Add Text To Photo For free


Instasize If you don ’ t want an app that is entirely focused on typography, Instasize is precisely what you need. This is a full-featured edit app that is perfect for Instagram and TikTok lovers and anyone who actively promotes their business on sociable media platforms since it works both with photos and videos. Their edit toolkit includes more than 20 different, engaging fonts that will suit closely any style : vintage, neat, far-out, or elegant. Add as many blocks of single or multi-layered text and drag them to any place within the persona ; it ’ s all possible with Instasize ! This all-around app offers a broad selection of stylish, adjustable filters angstrom well as all the basic edit tools such as exposure, asperity, saturation, and contrast to make your masterpieces look tied more bewitching. There is a feature of adding borders, excessively. You can opt for one of the patterns from their diversified library, select your own photograph or use a knit, monochromatic color for a more clean, polish expect. Instasize has a detached adaptation and is available for iOS and Android. however, to tap into its full set of features, you will have to buy a monthly subscription to Premium for $4.99. premium users get access to all the boundary line patterns, fonts, and filters equally well as newly tools that are constantly added by the developers. If you want to make certain that this app suits your needs, there is a 7-day barren test. Pros:

  • The quality of exported images is perfectly preserved.
  • There are various additional functions for editing photos.
  • You can create different collages.


  • No photo retouching.
  • Some features are only available with the purchase of a paid version.

Instasize for Android Instasize for io


Phonto It is brilliantly designed, user-friendly app for adding text to your photos, which is available for both Android and iOS. It is identical easy to use : snap the shoot or import an persona into the app, add the text and tweak it to your like. Phonto offers 400 built-in fonts ; with this huge collection you are sure to find the perfect one for your photograph. In accession, it is potential to import your own fonts to the app. Another interest feature is the ability to add text in thought babbles, placards and some other funny shapes. You can move elements around, tilt them, change the size with your fingers or the arrow keys. Phonto allows you to curve the textbook or erase parts of it. Plus, when you ’ re done, you can contribution the finished product on your social media straight away. As of now Phonto supports only English ( US ), chinese and japanese. The app is exempt to download, but there are a few in-app purchases that you want to consider : Ad-Free version ($2), Phonto Image Pack ($2) and Text Style Kit ($1). Pros:

  • Great for beginners.
  • More than 400 fonts are available.
  • You can change the angle of the text.
  • There are various ready-made templates.


  • You have to pay for some features.
  • Pop-up ads.

Phonto for Android Phonto for io

PicLab – Photo Editor

PicLab This is a full-fledged, all-in-one editing photo-app, which allows you to add text to your photos among other features. aside from typography, you can besides add textures, borders or throw one of their 20 creative filters on your images. The app allows you to resize, rotate, adjust opacity of the text and use multiple textbook layers to create a stunning masterpiece. furthermore, if you want to showcase your writing to make your prototype more personal, there is a drawing tool featured, which can help with the tax at pass ! The most noteworthy sport, though, is the ability to create collages, using Phontos ’ s capital choice of collage templates, and add text on top of it. available on both iOS and Android the app itself is unblock. however, the free version adds the PicLab water line to processed images, which you can get rid of by paying $ 2. On top of that, you ’ ll have to pay around $15 to unlock the entire bundle of features. Pros:

  • An all-around photo editing application.
  • Layers are available, so you’ll have more control.
  • There are built-in layouts and templates.


  • In the free version, a branded watermark is added to each photo.
  • The app may take up a lot of space in your phone’s memory.

PicLab for Android PicLab for io

Font Candy

Font Candy This app, which is available only on iOS, has a wide scope of photo-editing features, yet it focuses its main attention on typography. Font Candy makes it easier to express yourself in a creative way and add something excess to your photos with attention-getting text. There are over 45 artistic fonts at your service paired up with brawny text edit capabilities, which include text curved, opacity controls, and shadow. There are built-in Artworks and Quotes designed for you along with some fun animations, in case you want to make a quick, however striking edit. Font Candy allows you to save designs and watermarks to the app, which will make your editing faster and simple. The Masking Tool will help you create stunning effects like placing pieces of an image into letterforms for that aesthetic, antique expect. Isn ’ triiodothyronine that cool ? You can download the app for free, however you will need to make some in-app purchases in rate to enjoy its broad potential. besides, a little water line will appear on your photos if you keep using the free-version. removal of the water line will cost you $ 0,99, while you ’ ll have to pay $1,99 for Pro Subscription. Pros:

  • 45 fonts.
  • There are built-in animations and text templates.
  • A masking tool is available.


  • Can only be installed on Apple devices.

Font Candy for io


Over The reviews in the AppStore – unfortunately, Over is only for io – intelligibly show how much users love it. Currently it is rated number 65 in Photo & Video and there are respective reasons for it. Over has a brilliant gesture based navigation and a bang-up choice of tools to create an amaze textbook. Over is one of the most versatile mobile typography apps out there. You can add a text or an artwork, pick a template or startle from the chicken feed. Over works with both photos and videos and allows you to customize color, opacity, size, kerning and alliance. There is a huge choice of templates, graphics and fonts, created by brilliant designers and branding experts. obviously, you can partake your photos on the social media, but Over besides offers scheduling. You can schedule when your post is going to be published, which is an incredibly utilitarian tool for busy people. The app is complimentary to download with some in-app purchases. Over professional offers two auto-renewing subscription options : $14.99 per month and $99.99 per year.


  • Easy navigation.
  • A large number of tools for editing.
  • There are various templates.


  • Some features are paid.

Over for io


Typic This professional, iOS-based typography app has about 5 million users and has a high gear customer satisfaction evaluation in AppStore. Typic offers you more than 500 artworks and over 300 fonts along with filters, light leak effects and frames. Their functional Tool Kit will decidedly inspire you to create a true masterpiece. With this app you can make a meme or a greeting card ampere well as breath-taking artistic pictures. One of its luminary features is adding your logo to your photos ; Typic allows you to add up to 4 versions of your company or personal logo, which you can store in the app and use to sign all your photos. This cool sport is great for promoting your business ! overall, Typic is a useful, user-friendly and highly-functional app, which will cost you $3,99. It is a adept prize for money. Pros:

  • Over 300 fonts for you to use.
  • You can use various effects and add a logo.
  • Ready-made templates are available to users.


  • The interface may seem complicated for beginners.
  • For iOS only.

emblematic for io

Word Swag

Word Swag If you want to add some swag to your images, Word Swag is the answer to your prayers. This app includes hundreds of captions and 1.3 million completely free backgrounds from Pixabay along with some eye-catchy text effects like gold foil, tender and watercolor. There is a large collection of graphic fonts designed by first artists. Word Swag offers the freshest baptismal font and layout combinations, making it easier for you to create a beautiful piece of artwork. It is a perfect tool for bloggers of any caliber. You can put logos on your images or make gamey resolution graphics for impression, however, these luminary features are only available in the pro-version. Word Swag is easy to use. All you have to do is select a stylus, then choose a variation and pick a color ; that ’ s it ! You can besides choose the transparency and the brightness of the background. probably, the only drawback of this app, available for both io and Android, is the price : it costs $4,99. But Word Swag is worth it. Pros:

  • Includes popular templates for social media.
  • Great for influencers and bloggers.
  • Allows you to create high resolution graphics.
  • Provides a large number of fonts.


  • Many features are only available with a subscription.

Word Swag for Android Word Swag for io


GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program ( GIMP ) is a free persona editor program available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. You ’ ve probably already learn of it ones or twice, because it is basically a counterpart of Photoshop without annual subscription. consequently, you will have a wide-range of tools at your disposal, including typography relate ones. GIMP will help you achieve capital results and you will be able to manipulate your text and graphic designs in all ways possible. It sounds amazing, but GIMP has the like problem as Photoshop – it can be a sting challenging to work with and requires some cognition. In order to add a text to your photo will have to do the following :

  1. Open your image.
  2. Select the Text Tool by clicking the Text tool icon from the main toolbox.
  3. Click within the image, where you would like the text to appear.
  4. Enter the text. At this stage you can also manipulate the text however you want.

Would you like to change the baptismal font ? You ’ ll have to select your Text layer and make certain that the Text tool is however selected on the chief toolbox angstrom well. then go to Dockable Dialogs – tool Options to open the Tool Options dialogue. There you can change the baptismal font and tweak the settings of your text. overall, If you have some experience with graphic editors, GIMP might be the choose for you. Pros:

  • The program is free for everyone.
  • Provides a large number of tools for professional image editing.


  • Not suitable for beginners.

Download GIMP

Wondershare Fotophire

Wondershare Fotophire Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the editing software available for the windows OS. The Toolkit offers you Photo Editor, Photo Cutter and Photo Eraser, but you ’ ll merely need the Editor to add text to your photograph. The interface is square and doesn ’ t have a distribute of bells and whistles to distract you. As it is an actual photograph editor, you can apply filters, knead with colors and add frames. There are some great blend modes and artworks to work with. On exceed of that there is a batch processing feature, which will make the export of your images easy and quick. Adding text in Fotophire is quite easy besides. once you ’ ve opened your double in the Photo Editor, head to top right slope of the interface and click the bombastic “ A ” button. Select the coveted baptismal font and click on the area where you want to add text. Write the text in the textbox. All done ! This windows software can be directly downloaded from Wondershare website without any monetary value. But the trial version runs for a couple of days and then you will have to buy the entire version. Lifetime license on a single calculator is $79.99, while the annual subscription costs $89.99. unfortunately, the Mac translation is so far to be developed. Pros:

  • Simple and uncluttered interface.
  • A complete photo editor with a variety of features.
  • Batch processing of pictures is available.


  • Free version is provided for a few days.

Download Wondershare


Canva Canva is an on-line app with tons of filters and design tools to ensure your images look incredible. You ’ ll have to create an report to use it, but setting it up is not going to take a hanker time. In holy order to add textbook to your photograph all you have to do is click on “ Add textbook ” and customize it to your like. Canva offers pre-designed templates of quotes and words, but you can constantly make your own headlines. apart from a bang-up collection of different and democratic fonts, what ’ s more interesting is the ability to blur your background photograph. That way your text is certain to stand out and draw attention. In addition to everything mentioned above, Canva has tutorials on their website, which will make you get a attend of things pretty cursorily. Canva ’ s basic chopine is free. however, its likely is limited. There are two more packages : “ Canva for Work ” – $12.95/month or $119.40/year plus a 30-day exempt trial – and “ Canva for Enterprise ”, but you ’ ll have you contact Canva to get more information about the price. Pros:

  • A lot of fonts and text templates are available.
  • There are various tools for working with text.
  • Many features are available in the free version.
  • You can work with images of different formats.
  • You can immediately share pictures to social networks.


  • You can change the size of the picture only if you purchase the paid version.
  • You need to create an account to use the app.

Check out Canva

Why You Should Add Text to Photos for Social Media?

This section will be helpful for those who promote their services/products on social networks. You can add text to the visual content that you publish on different social media platforms to:

  1. Inform your audience about the topic of the post. For example, you can write “Top 5 useful tips” on the picture. This will prompt people to stop scrolling and read your post.
  2. Announce something. When bloggers do giveaways, they tend to add the word “Giveaway” to the photo that accompanies the post. It draws the attention as well as helps followers to easily locate the post in the blogger’s profile.
  3. Share the wise thoughts of great people or tell a joke. Who doesn’t love beautiful pictures with inspirational or funny quotes, right?
  4. Tell people about the prices or features of the product/service. Thanks to this, you won’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. For example, if a new client asks about your pricing, you can just send them the link to the post. This information will also filter out people who aren’t your target customers.
  5. Designate a certain status of the goods. Let your clients know that something is on sale or, on the contrary, a part of a new collection!

Our number of apps to add text to photos should ’ ve helped you with finding the right instrument for your needs. however, if you want to design something original and attention-getting for your social media, but still haven ’ thyroxine picked an app, you can start with this detached on-line creature. merely go to its web page and start creating !


The ways of using text on images are boundless. You can make posters with inspirational quotes or calls-to-action for your social media, announce news or tug more traffic to your web log posts. You can create a thumbnail for your YouTube video recording with the aid of Canva, for exemplify ; you don ’ metric ton flush have to download it. Take a expression at fluid text-editors, if you are constantly on the go. You can make a stylish prototype for your Instagram proper on your phone while having lunch or going to work. For those, who like simplicity and user-friendliness paired up with efficient functionality, we recommend ocular Watermark. Adding textbook puts a new spin on your images and it can be done on whatever platform is more suitable for you. We hope our tilt would be of capital help. adept luck !

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