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STAS offers assorted types of art gallery hanging systems. Our systems allow you to display art professionally, flexibly and securely. It consists of movie rail with complementary color visualize hooks, picture hanging cables or hanging rods. The gallery systems cover the broadest scope of applications. From small photograph displays to professional museum systems capable of carrying weights up to 220 lbs per hanger .

Using a gallery hanging system – what are the advantages?

A gallery picture hanging system ‘ s main advantage is that it allows you to change picture frames, paintings and works or art very quickly, adenine frequently as you like, without using any tools and without damaging the walls.

other advantages :

  • – Gallery display systems with supremely professional appearance
  • – Perfect solution when frequently changing artwork, paintings or frames
  • – Sustainable building management: you never have to drill holes in the wall again
  • – Allows visitors to focus on the art without any distractions
  • – Very sturdy gallery systems, suitable for hanging very heavy works of art

Which gallery hanging system / art display system is best suited for you?

STAS minirail STAS cliprail max STAS cliprail pro STAS j-rail STAS j-rail max STAS multirail STAS u-rail multi

Gallery systems for heavy paintings (for weights up to 220 lbs)
STAS j-rail soap – for professional applications, extra anti-theft system is available.

Gallery hanging systems for regular / lightweight picture frames and paintings (for weights up to 44 lbs)
STAS minirail – the thinnest and most advanced drift hanging system in the universe
STAS cliprail – basic hanging organization of flawless quality
STAS cliprail soap – features a lead rim that connects with your ceiling. With this system, your ceiling, wall and hanging system smoothly connect.
STAS cliprail professional – thick-walled and massively strong heavy-duty rail
STAS j-rail – ideal for applications where pictures need to be alternated on high walls

Gallery hanging systems with integrated lighting
STAS mulitrail – a secure, basic rampart mounted multifunctional hang system with incorporate 12V lighting organization
STAS multirail crown – wall mounted system with integrate 12V lighting system which can be about completely shroud using an cosmetic skeleton or a STAS molding.
STAS multirail soap – wall mounted system with integrate lighting that can be installed compressed to the ceiling. Designed for perfectionists.
STAS multirail flat – ceiling mounted system with incorporate 12V lighting system, can be perfectly plastered into a single or bivalent flat cosmetic model.
STAS u-rail multi – purpose-designed for suspend ceilings, with incorporate 12V ignite system
Art gallery display systems with protection against theft
Art gallery display systems with protection against theft With the aid of respective accessories our j-rail soap gallery system can be augmented with a larceny delay organization. These accessories include the STAS j-rail soap security hook, security suspension gat and security cap. The security hook can be closed with a screw, to prevent person removing the painting from the hook. The suspension perch can be fixed to the rail with the security cap to protect it from larceny .
STAS: secure and professional STAS : plug and professional picture hanging

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