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We pride ourselves on our advanced and modern technologies that bring you closer to your artwork. By combining specialization ocular systems, we create singular solutions for a battalion of artwork sizes and lighting needs. We offer designs for circuit board lights, a well as timbre radio receiver word picture lighting for those situations where there is no wall socket nearby. Our high-performance lighting fixtures are made by our team in Sarasota, FL, USA who are committed to making your artwork radiance.

Picture Lighting Isn’t One Size Fits All

movie lighting used to consist alone of unwieldy, obtrusive designs to accommodate the large medulla oblongata within. LEDs changed the landscape of light up ; however, adapting that old fixture to new engineering leaves you with the like bulky, bequest design that may not work well for your artwork. alternatively, we ’ ve designed our fixtures from the inside out. Our picture lights are designed in twin with advanced optical designs so we can shape and control ignite for further reach vertically and better control laterally, while silent creating the smallest human body factors available. We besides engineer lighting systems that suit unlike sizes of artwork, including those greater than 40 inches in height. You ’ re in control with our variety of up-to-date optics, featuring an align of both circuit board or hardwire options and rechargeable radio receiver lights to expand your ability to illuminate your artwork.

Placement of Your Picture Lighting

Our mounting system features low-profile mounting brackets to allow for easy attachment to the back of your artwork or the wall behind it. This tractability is offered with both our radio Rechargeable Touch Series a good as all of our distant controlled circuit board systems. This discerning mounting besides provides the ability to mount your fixture to the bottom of your artwork – helpful for when the clear of your painting is out of reach with a radio system, or should you have the desire to uplight the piece. We ’ ve besides designed a unique radio art light that requires no mounting any, and just rests atop your artwork.

High Quality Picture Light Finishes

When we sell a brass artwork light, we mean it. In early words, our brass painting lights are made of actual boldness, not a boldness “ finish ” or “ gold ” rouge. You won ’ triiodothyronine see painted finishes from us and it ’ s the same reason we don ’ thyroxine use nebulous terms like “ architect ” or “ museum ” grade to describe our products. Our remaining finishes utilize anodize aluminum to achieve their high-quality finish. We offer numerous options to best complement your personal preferences and the décor of your room – whether you want your ignite to be attention-getting, or if you ’ d rather your fixture blend into the frame of the artwork.

Our Picture Lighting Satisfaction Guarantee

If you ’ re not happy with the choice, fit, end, or light output of any of our products, you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund. It ’ randomness that bare.

We Can Help

If you ’ re still uncertain of which direction to go, we are happy to review your artwork dimensions and make recommendations to guide your decision. Contact us at 1-800-561-0492 or email us at information @ situlighting.com

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