Top 6 FREE Photo Background Changer Apps for iPhone and Android

How to Change a Photo Background
sometimes the most memorable moments happen in presence of a dull or distracting background. You ‘ve probably captured many capital moments with friends, merely to wish you could change the background of the photograph .
There are many reasons to change the background of your photos. possibly the background is taking focus awhile from your subject, or possibly you want to inject some personality into the shot. Whatever the reason, we can all agree that people will spend more time looking at your pictures if they ‘re interesting .
While some advance editors excel at changing the setting in photograph with software like Photoshop, many beginners can feel overwhelm. alternatively, why not try an easy-to-use photograph background record changer app ?
To simplify the process, we ‘ve researched and reviewed the top photograph background record changer apps. Read on to discover the 6 best apps to change photograph backgrounds for free in 2022 !

Snapshot of the Top 3 Free Photo Background Changers

PhotoDirector Logo

1. PhotoDirector

With over 80 built-in background templates, PhotoDirector allows you to easily cut out and replace backgrounds however you want by using advanced AI-powered tools, making it the best photograph setting changer. More information >
Simple Background Changer Logo

2. Simple Background Changer

As its identify suggests, Simple Background Changer is an absolute beginner-friendly photograph background changer. In seconds, you can replace backgrounds with firm colors or shadowed backdrops. More information >
Superimpose Logo

3. Superimpose

With a across-the-board array of essential edit tools, Superimpose is far more than a simple photograph setting record changer. Besides changing the background of photos, you can besides unleash creativity with shading, blend, and cutout photograph editing skills. More information >

6 Best Photo Background Changers

1. PhotoDirector for Android & iOS

PhotoDirector Logo

Platforms: Android, io PhotoDirector makes it childlike to change the background of your photograph with good a few taps. With 900,000+ asterisked ratings at an average score of 4.5 on the Play Store, this app is one of the top-ranked photograph background changers on our list .

PhotoDirector Mobile - Background Art

The app has over 80 built-in background templates with respective themes, such as Smoke, Paint, and Neon. If that ‘s not enough, you can search one of the many royalty-free stock libraries on the app for millions of downloadable images. once you ‘ve finished making your edits, you can download your image as a JPEG without any watermarks, even in the free translation !
This app is fabulously easy to use. With AI-powered tools such as Cutout and Sky Replacement, changing backgrounds in photograph is a seamless process. But, if you ‘re a perfectionist like me, you ‘ll very appreciate the eraser/brush instrument that allows you to refine each mask. The beginners among us will besides enjoy the mini-tutorials that guide you through the edit work for each feature .

PhotoDirector Mobile - Cut Out

Background removal is besides normally used for product pictures by eCommerce websites. Changing backgrounds in photos allow companies to keep consistency across a scope of merchandise pictures and focuses the spectator ‘s care .
cutout is an excellent instrument for altering the aesthetic of your prototype and putting the concentrate on your product, specially for those equip of the day shots. Suppose the weather turns and you do n’t have the budget for a reshoot. In that event, Sky Replacement allows you to transform the sky, and AI-assisted editing means the shadow and lighting will be automatically adjusted .
You can besides soften the borders between your subject and the backdrop through coloring material match for a seamless, more natural look .

Reasons to Recommend:

  • Offers one-tap background removal
  • Library of backgrounds
  • Selection of surreal art templates
  • Royalty-free stock libraries available in-app

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For Android and io devices
Need the background adaptation for Windows and macOS ? Get your complimentary download here .

2. Simple Background Changer

simple Background Changer ‘s list is competently chosen. This background editor features a streamline set of editing tools. evening inexperienced users can highlight, erase, and restore background colors in seconds .
simple Background Changer ‘s eraser instrument eliminates backgrounds while leaving the subject of your photograph untouched, from solid color backgrounds to vibrant or shadowed backdrops. If you have a new backdrop in take care, you can easily upload your prototype to replace your photograph ‘s original backdrop .
however, if you want to add a sting of diverseness to your images, you can choose from dim-witted Background Changer ‘s unblock library of exotic locations. Transport yourself to the beach, a bustle city, or a outside batch range with the touch of a finger .
That said, the app ‘s basic functionality and scaled-back edit tools may limit your creative ability. Unlike PhotoDirector, Simple Background Changer wo n’t allow you to make any extra edits. You ‘ll have to move between photograph editing apps to make color or lighting adjustments .

Best Features:

  • Comes loaded with stock backgrounds for quick edits
  • Features a simplified background eraser tool
  • Limits options for quick mastery

3. Superimpose

While simple Background Changer limits functionality, Superimpose provides users with a wide array of all-important edit tools. The app besides includes a few advance features .
Superimpose ‘s independent function is layering one photograph over another and limits you to working with a maximum of two images at a clock. The app ‘s eraser instrument lets you highlight layers and mask the subjects of your photos. You can besides eliminate an unwanted background with only a few clicks .
On the downside, you have to go through a few complicated steps to change a background. This includes saving the cutout into your mask library, uploading another photograph, and applying the cutout masquerade to your image. It is a lot easier to achieve the same results in PhotoDirector.

Read more : ‎Photo Editor

Best Features:

  • Includes basic photo editing tools
  • Gives you access to some advanced blending and effects
  • Provides beginners with a fairly intuitive workflow

4. LightX

LightX offers a simplified creative experience. The app allows you to combine photos, experiment with double photograph, and use choice tools to edit photos with assorted editing tools and effects to choose from .
The backdrop removal tool includes a combination of a lasso, chic eraser, and contingent tools to ensure that your image has clean, accurate lines. It besides includes a Magic Brush that helps you change the background of your photograph without affecting the subjects in the foreground. That means, you can erase or customize your environment .
The app does have its shortcomings. LightX does n’t offer any small choice tools for detailed photos like PhotoDirector does, and you ca n’t adjust the situation of the picture while editing. Both aspects make it challenging to remove all traces of the previous backdrop .

Best Features:

  • Includes additional photo editing tools
  • Features a streamlined editing interface for fast editing

5. Facetune

Facetune allows users to amplify their features, smooth out their peel timbre, and flush decrease their waist size. Be warned that many photographers and social media users question the app ‘s integrity .
aboard perfecting your latest selfie, you can use Facetune to make minor background edits. You can apply textures and shadows to solid-color backgrounds .
While Facetune has a few unique functions, it hush does n’t have the same capability or array of options found in PhotoDirector. It besides wo n’t allow you to change the backdrop in your photograph wholly, though you can enhance your pictures with subtle textures .

Best Features:

  • Provides in-app tutorials for beginners
  • Enhances backgrounds with subtle edits

6. Auto Background Changer

Auto Background Changer is a absolve photograph background changer to quickly remove image backgrounds. You can make the background guileless or replace it with early background themes supported by Auto Background Changer .
This app besides has other photograph editing features like color squelch or picture blur effects. You can use Auto Background Changer to create perplex cutout images in a hour .
Since it ’ s a free app, ads are inevitable. But the one-touch background removal and the lasso masking tool even make it a dim-witted even useful photograph background record changer .

Best Features:

  • Auto-erasing
  • Circular and square brush types

How To Change Backgrounds with PhotoDirector

Changing the background in your photos with PhotoDirector couldn ’ t be easier .
If you ’ re fix to get started, hera ’ s how to do it :

  1. Choose your favorite photo from your library or Stock images.
  2. Tap “Background Art.”
  3. PhotoDirector Mobile - Background Art

  4. Swipe left to find your favorite category, and then tap different templates to change backgrounds.
  5. PhotoDirector Mobile - Background Art

  6. Tap the “eraser” icon to use the brush/eraser tool to adjust the Cutout mask.
  7. PhotoDirector Mobile - Background Art

  8. Now drag the slider to adjust the strength of color matching between the foreground & background.
  9. PhotoDirector Mobile - Background Art

Learn More About How To Change Photo Backgrounds

Download the Best Background Changer App on iPhone and Android

All the setting record changer apps reviewed here offer at least the basic tools for you to change the background in your photos. But one app stands apart from the rest, PhotoDirector. Its huge range of basic and progress edit features, ocular effects, and AI-powered tools will transform your photos into epic creations that will stun your friends, family, and followers .
Say adieu to dull or distracting backgrounds. Replace your original backdrop with a dynamic stock photograph or upload one of your images for a rightfully customize resultant role. then share it to your Instagram profile using its built-in sharing feature .
Download the PhotoDirector app for iPhone, iPad, or Android today .
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For Android and io devices
Need the background interpretation for Windows and macOS ? Get your free download here .

FAQs About Photo Background Changers

1. Where can I get free backgrounds?

The quality of the images you use in the background in your photos can make a big difference, specially if you want them to stand out. The unblock version of the PhotoDirector app comes with more than 10 pre-designed backgrounds .

2. What features to look for in a background changer app?

The very best photograph background record changer apps do all the hard exploit for you. You want to find an app that can mechanically remove backgrounds so you can save time. It ‘s besides essential for the app to have a wide crop of pre-designed templates for you to upload. Plus, extra points if the app gives you access to royalty-free images .

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