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Bed Bugs New York

Bed Bugs New YorkConcerned about bed bugs in New York? The Bug Stops Here knows how to stop bed bugs in their tracks with thorough pest control methods by our exterminator team. Known scientifically as “cimex lectularius”, bed bugs are part of the Cimicidae insect family that are known to bite humans, bats, rodents, and birds.

There is a growing infestation of bed bugs in metropolitan areas, particularly around North America, Central Asia, and Europe. Historically, before World War II, bed bug infestations were quite severe. After WWII, pest control and improved living conditions reduced the incidence of these pests. Unfortunately, bed bugs are infesting major urban communities because of crowded and dilapidated housing, as well as wherever sanitary conditions are lacking.

What do bed bugs in New York look like?

Our team of exterminators can easily identify them, using proven pest control techniques that beat out a bed bug infestation. Adult bed bugs are oval, wingless, about 1/5 inch long, and rusty red or mahogany in color. Their bodies are flattened, they have well-developed antennae, their compound eyes are small, and the area behind the head (the prothorax) expands forward on either side of the head. The immature bed bugs appear identical to the adults except for their smaller size, thinner cuticle, and a lighter, yellowish white color. Bed bugs are readily distinguished from another more common bloodsucking species, conenose bugs, by their smaller size, more rounded shape, and lack of wings as adults.

bedbug-slideOur New York-based exterminator team knows where bed bugs hide, too. They seek shelter in the seams of mattresses and box springs, cracks in bed frames, behind picture frames, under loose wallpaper, and inside furniture & upholstery. They’ll even hide out in your luggage and infest your bed after unpacking from your travels.

Bed bugs can go without feeding for 80 to 140 days; older stages can survive longer without feeding than younger ones. Adults have survived without food for as long as 550 days. A bed bug can take six times its weight in blood, and feeding can take 3 to 10 minutes. Adults live about 10 months and there can be up to 3 to 4 generations of bed bugs per year. Bed bugs are nasty and difficult to get rid of, so it’s important to call on The Bug Stops Here exterminator team to use their pest control experience to eradicate bed bugs all together. Contact The Bug Stops Here, Inc. today to get a free estimate.

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