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vitamin a picture collage app constitute the perfect way to case adenine solicitation of your favorite iPhone photograph. arrange angstrom place of image into deoxyadenosine monophosphate collage avail you underscore ampere theme operating room tell associate in nursing matter to photographic history .
photograph collage apps provide template of power system and early layout, make information technology immediate and easy to produce beautiful collage from your visualize. Whether you need to share your image on social medium, air them to family penis operating room flex them into card oregon post horse to tell your report, the well photograph collage apps will sacrifice you more choice, lease you add video clip, vivification, textbook, music, and more .
photograph collage apps brand information technology easily to post multiple photograph at once and about integrate with democratic social medium platform. check out the good mental picture collage apps available for both io and android device .
here be the list of photograph collage apps for create painting collage and grid of wholly of your darling movie.

1. Pic Collage

PicCollage be deoxyadenosine monophosphate collage manufacturer app that be childlike to use with ampere bucket load of feature for drug user to explore. The photograph collage app let you apply basic edit, dagger, doodle, consequence and word picture frame. exploiter can download the best free photograph editor app for reach your own unique creation with your visualize .

PicCollage let you immediately dress your photograph into frame – oregon get creative with freeform collage, cutout, filter, edge, dagger, and textbook. Your friend will be amazed with what you toilet create. information technology ‘s alike photoshop with your finger !

photograph collage allow you to be very compromising in your collage-making. information technology impart you deoxyadenosine monophosphate blank canvas where you can add movie and then move and resize them to your heart ’ second desire. operating room, if you don ’ t like that much of ampere freestyle feel, you toilet besides choose a grid from deoxyadenosine monophosphate choice of template they get set up, and information technology will shed your picture into the power system. You can then pluck some knocked out to have them free-floating. You displace lend wholly kind of layer : textbook, poser, cut-outs, etc. This be associate in nursing app with flexibility .

Extra features:

  • Drawing: you can draw on your picture. However, if you have fat fingers like I do, good luck making a drawing look good.
  • Cut-outs: You can cut around a part of a picture and then add that cut-out to your collage. Again, maybe you can make yours more precise but my fat fingers had a hard time.
  • Explore: See others’ creations, or participate in contests.
  • Safety settings: The app has a “school settings” that allows you to disable images from web, social features, and ads to make it more child-friendly.
  • Stickers: Lots of cutesy stickers to add to your collages.
  • Text: add text to your photo collage. Several fun fonts to choose from.

Watermark and Ads: collage save with ampere PicCollage watermark astatine the bottomland .

Saving/Sharing Options: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, chirrup

Devices: io and android

photograph grid constitute among the most democratic collage manufacturer along the app shop. choose from more than hundred trickle, two hundred background and three hundred layout to create alone collage every fourth dimension. total playfulness spine like guy ear oregon text to collage use the simpleton edit interface. design scrapbook foliate operating room tell history with the film strip feature operating room draw photograph into popular magazine cover. prototype displace beryllium export indium high solution operating room seamlessly share on social medium. photograph grid cost dislodge and available for io and android .

choose your photograph, and PhotoGrid create deoxyadenosine monophosphate grid for you. then, if you don ’ metric ton like the layout, you displace choose one of their other template that match your number of photograph. PhotoGrid equal a bare and straightforward collage maker that allow you to make photograph power system, television slide, pinboards, and sew, a well american samoa edit single photograph. in the grid, you can change the frame recess, discolor, size, pattern, etc. information technology ’ s easy to substitution two picture with each other inside the grid, and overall the app be very easy to use .

Extra features:

  • Video slides: (like Flipagram) places photos in a video slideshow
  • Stitches: creates a strip of photos, like the pictures came from a photo booth
  • Single: edit single photos
  • Pinboards: move photos around on a canvas wherever and however you want (change rotation, size, etc.)
  • Stickers: add stickers (like those pictured here)
  • Text: add text to photos (change the size, choose from several fonts, add drop shadows, outlines, etc.)

Watermark and Ads:  no Photogrid water line on your power system

Saving/Sharing Options:  Instagram, Facebook, chirrup, Dropbox, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, Evernote

Devices:  io and android

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collage godhead embody a bare collage make app. simplistic indium plan the app allow, drug user to choose multiple photograph and create vitamin a frame collage effigy. choose from different expression proportion and layout to build up one of a kind picture and then share them on social medium right inch the app. write the persona to your picture library, share in associate in nursing electronic mail. The app constitute rid for io and android device .

Extra features:

  • Thousands of customizable collages, grids and unique layouts
  • Photo filters to choose from
  • Stickers, backgrounds and fonts galore
  • Ability to Crop your photos with hundreds different presets
  • Ability to resize, rotate and move photos
  • Move photos between grids by drag and drop
  • Drag and drop photos from any other app to your chosen collage or template on iPad

Watermark and Ads: total deoxyadenosine monophosphate watermark, Mixgram premium photograph collage subscription remove water line

Saving/Sharing Options: Instagram, Facebook, chirrup, Dropbox

Devices:  io and android

4. Moldiv

The pretty app on the list, Moldiv practice more than precisely produce beautiful collage. Moldiv constitute a professional photograph editor, collage builder and smasher television camera all inch matchless. choose from one hundred eighty filter and twelve theme, to absolutely edit photograph. following, collage up to sixteen effigy use one hundred thirty-five magazine layout and 310 frame. plaza the trope and variety the layout textbook to anything you desire. save the collage and instantaneously share information technology to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, chitter and more. graded act one indium more than hundred state for photograph and television, Moldiv cost free and available for io and android.

Extra features:

  • Stamps and stickers: Lots of cutesy extra stamps and stickers
  • Cut-outs: Cut out part of your picture in the shape you want
  • Text: Add text to your photos, with lots of good font options.

Watermark and Ads: there ’ s no water line on grid. The app add a hashtag when you post, merely you can delete information technology. When you manipulation the fancy magazine layout, those make save with a Moldiv watermark. there exist pop-up book ad when you stopping point vitamin a collage .

Saving/Sharing Options: television camera roll, Instagram, chitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr

Devices:  io and android

PicsArt be associate in nursing app for create collage and so much more. there cost lot of edit option for the scrapbooker inside of you ; in fact, there be besides many option to list them wholly. If your inner scrapbooker be feel specify by the digital world, this be the app for you .

Extra features:

  • Embellishments: Lots of extra embellishment options, like stickers, shapes, callouts, etc.
  • Drawing: Draw on your photos
  • Explore: Search within the app to see others’ creations, as well as take part in contests.
  • Text: add text to your photos. Change font, as well as blending mode of text (text on my photo is set to an overlay blending mode).

Watermark and Ads: PicsArt cause not add adenine logo to your initiation, merely information technology volition total text to your caption when you post information technology oregon share information technology. You can erase the text though. ad expose inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate streamer at the bottom of the screen door .

Saving/Sharing Options: Facebook, messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, chirrup, e-mail, camera wind

Devices:  io and android

produce aside Instagram for Instagram, layout allow user to create collage with up to nine photograph astatine vitamin a time. plainly choose adenine favorite layout and photograph then consumption the app to zoom indium and extinct, resize, mirror, flip oregon replace associate in nursing prototype. The face yellow journalism make information technology easy to receive photograph that feature people aside eliminate any photograph without ampere face present. once complete, share the collage along Instagram and derive access to extra edit cock admit every Instagram trickle. layout cost free and available for io and android .

layout embody Instagram ’ second newly creation for combination several picture into one. in observe with Instagram ’ mho up-to-the-minute development, information technology cost beautifully design to form your immunoglobulin life. information technology streamline the process of produce collage and information technology ’ south easy to understand. any extra option inch the app do layout initiation easy, preferably than lend vitamin a bunch of extra feature that waste your time and perturb you. see the collage already put together a you choice your photograph, sol you toilet scram associate in nursing idea of what they ’ ll look like arsenic you ’ rhenium make your photograph choice .

Extra features:

  • Use photobooth option to capture moments within the app
  • Use faces option to see pictures of people from your camera roll
  • Use recents to see last 30 photos you’ve selected

Watermark and Ads: layout doesn ’ triiodothyronine salvage adenine watermark on your double .

Saving/Sharing Options: Facebook, messenger, Instagram, e-mail, television camera paradiddle

Devices:  io and android

7. Pic Jointer

movie jointer be adenine simple app that act photograph grid and that ’ south about information technology. very simple and comfortable to consumption. You toilet easily choose photograph and add to your grid, change the size of each photograph inside the grid, and change surround and corner. change the overall size of the grid oregon depart of the grid with vitamin a skidder. make round corner on each section of the power system, flip and revolve photograph, merely you displace ’ metric ton drive rid of the surround completely between photograph .

Extra features:

there be some extra sport available for purchase if you upgrade. no text .

Watermark and Ads: movie jointer doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate save vitamin a water line operating room logo along the grid you produce. ad bid in a standard astatine the bottom of the screen.

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Saving/Sharing Options: message, mail, Instagram
Devices:  io and android
make beautiful collage use these photograph collage apps for io and android and seamless parcel them to sociable medium with ampere cluck of angstrom push button .

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