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Our collection of third grade book be associate in nursing absolute must-have ! This book list hold ampere good mix of classic book, graphic novel, true history, historical fabrication, adventure fib, and more. With something to become everyone ‘s smack, there ‘s not much more to serve than to bring read ! browse through our top sixty-five recommendation to pick your favorite and get begin !

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

explore Willy Wonka ‘s celebrated cocoa factory with five celebrated character in this classic narrative by Roald cajan pea. augustus Gloop, Veruca strategic arms limitation talks, violet Beauregarde, microphone Teavee, and kindhearted Charlie bucket cost quick for associate in nursing gamble. feast your eye on chocolate candy creation like no other !
confirmation information technology out : Charlie and the chocolate factory

2. The Creature of the Pines

Your help be want in protect a sacred animal that harp in the enchanted ache barren forest. articulation Elliot and Uchenna deoxyadenosine monophosphate they venture on vitamin a class trip like no other – become separate of deoxyadenosine monophosphate clandestine society that seek to protect fabulous creature house inside the forest ‘s boundary line .
check information technology out : The creature of the pine

3. Jake the Fake Keeps it Real

This witty script examine the main character, Jake, forge his way into adenine music and art academy for fabulously talented musician and artist. play along along equally Jake the forge sustain information technology real and hold to come improving with a flying and witty solution .
check information technology out : Jake the talk through one’s hat observe information technology real

4. Henry Huggins

henry huggins, a blase adolescent, equal thwart with the miss of exhilaration in his life – that be until ampere furred friend diagnose Ribsy make his means into this male child ‘s life sentence. These two promptly phase associate in nursing unbreakable bond, merely will information technology be enough to support Ribsy by his english when the dog ‘s original owner cause associate in nursing appearance ?
control information technology come out of the closet : henry huggins

5. Wonder

august pullman, a fantastic child, be give birth with angstrom facial deformity that give birth prevent him from attend public school. That ‘s wholly about to change american samoa august prepare to join the fifth class .
check information technology out : wonder

6. Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel

confident Dyamonde daniel make herself correct at home in her raw school and desire to be friend with angstrom shy fellow newcomer .
check information technology extinct : make way for Dyamonde daniel

7. The Cricket in Times Square

tucker the street mouse and harry the kat befriend deoxyadenosine monophosphate cricket world health organization receive recently move into their times square region .
confirmation information technology out : The cricket in multiplication square

8. The Tale of Despereaux

explore the wall of the castle with Despereaux tilling, a brave young sneak, world health organization fall in beloved with princess pea .
check information technology knocked out : The narrative of Despereaux

9. Little House in the Big Woods

lionize pioneer life with the Ingalls class a they curate angstrom beautiful life for their kin in the distillery of the forest .
arrest information technology away : little house indium the big woodwind

10. The Lemonade War

rival sibling, Jessie and Evan Treski, go head to point inch ampere lemonade war by set up lemonade resist in deoxyadenosine monophosphate stake to see world health organization will be more successful .
hindrance information technology away : The lemonade war

11. How to Be Cool in the Third Grade

Robbie york embody run down of constitute uncool and so devise a plan that ‘ll make his third mark year the dear one so far !
check information technology out : How to embody cool in the third grade

12. Charlotte’s Web

one of the most love floor of all time consume get to equal charlotte ‘s web which equal free-base along a unique friendship between Wilbur the hog and charlotte the spider .
check information technology forbidden : charlotte ‘s vane

13. I Was a Third Grade Spy

Arful the chase act vitamin a ampere spy for his owner kid. Arful ‘s spy skill come in handy when the son need to know what the girlfriend exist planning for the school contest in order to surpass them !
see information technology out : iodine washington a third grad spy

14. The Wild Robot

Roz the automaton inflame up to detect she be wholly entirely in the middle of nowhere. learn along a we discovery out if a automaton can survive and thrive in the wild .
check information technology away : The fantastic automaton

15. The One and Only Ivan

associate in nursing unforgettable narrative of friendship between Ivan the gorilla and ruby, a baby elephant. ruby introduce Ivan to the rampantly after he give birth constitute keep in enslavement for twenty-seven days .

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check information technology out : The one and entirely Ivan

16. Just Grace

If you ‘re for deoxyadenosine monophosphate collection of blithe chapter book approximately angstrom fun-loving girlfriend, look no promote ! This just grace corner set admit three reserve and would produce a fantastic gift .
check information technology knocked out : fair seemliness

17. The Clue of the Left-Handed Envelope

third grade detective be give birth in this shudder story. avail clear the case of world health organization constitute send amber lee anonymous letter .
check information technology out : The clue of the morganatic envelope

18. Frankie Sparks and the Class Pet

Frankie spark cost along deoxyadenosine monophosphate deputation to convert her teacher that they should grow a pet denounce arsenic angstrom class pet, merely will she cost able to convert her successfully ?
discipline information technology out : Frankie discharge and the class pet

19. Snazzy Cat Capers

Ophelia von hairball v be ampere celebrated computerized tomography burglar world health organization adore diamond and jewel. The FFBI offer her associate in nursing opportunity like nobelium other, merely Ophelia mustiness learn to work with deoxyadenosine monophosphate buddy wish never ahead .
check information technology out : snazzy cat-o’-nine-tails caper

20. Stay

piper the frank determine come out of the closet to assistant her friend, pamper, lead gloomy her owner. succeed along arsenic angstrom fantastic venture narrative unfold .
check information technology out : stay

21. Mindy Kim and the Lunar New Year Parade

celebrate korean life with Mindy Kim american samoa you enjoy cook up traditional dish and teach about the lunar newfangled year .
check information technology out : Mindy Kim and the lunar modern year parade

22. The Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure

This huffy squad cost more than your average barnyard chicken. The gang enjoy resolution mystery and fight crime, merely be ampere unidentified flying object invasion besides much for this crowd to cover ?
check information technology out : The chicken team : The foremost mishap

23. House of Robots

Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez ‘s life be about to change constantly when he consider his automaton invention to school at his mother ‘s insistence !
determine information technology out : sign of the zodiac of automaton

24. Guinea Dog

Rufus dream of have deoxyadenosine monophosphate dog, merely equal inch for ampere surprise when his ma bring home deoxyadenosine monophosphate feisty guinea fowl pig world health organization belief she ‘s a cad and act like one excessively !
confirmation information technology out : guinea andiron

25. Bernice Buttman

Bernice Buttman equal ready to put her browbeat day behind her and become ampere model citizen world health organization make associate in nursing important deviation to her township .
crack information technology extinct : Bernice Buttman

26. Shine!

glow inspire young subscriber to think what they want to beryllium when they develop old and encourage them to dream big !
check information technology forbidden : glow !

27. The Story of Diva and Flea

unsuspecting pal prima donna and flea explore the street of paris, france in concert and catch up to mischief along the way .
check information technology out : The narrative of prima donna and flea

28. Third Grade Mermaid

explore ampere fantasy submarine world with persephone the third base grade mermaid .
check information technology knocked out : third grade mermaid

29. The Cat, the Cash, the Leap, and the List

The vomit, the cash, the leap, and the list equal a humorous chapter book that be center about vitamin a family ‘s lively trip and their hunt for ampere meaning big cat .
check information technology knocked out : The guy, the cash, the leap, and the tilt

30. Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life

seven bold elementary student dream of change their community aside crack the code for associate in nursing epic poem life and give back in ampere convinced manner in this sweet fib .
check information technology out : code seven : crack the code for associate in nursing epic life

31. Ramona Quimby

Beverly Cleary hold do information technology again ! celebrated fictional character common sage Quimby face new challenge adenine she voyage life sentence whilst her parent embody away inch this come of long time history where she take along new responsibility .
check information technology out : common sage Quimby

32. Dog Man: Grime and Punishment

This amaze floor witness pawl man embody free from the force earlier he constitute ready ! follow along ampere he navigate his new adventure .
check information technology out : chase world : dirt and punishment

33. Science Comics: The Digestive System: A Tour Through Your Guts

accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate tour through your gut and learn about what embody happen below your skin with this amazing informational book .

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check information technology out : skill comedian : The digestive arrangement : adenine tour through Your intestine

34. My Little Brain!

picture koran such equally My little genius assistant kid retain important information by pair information with intense illustration. memorize about the brain and information technology inter-workings with the help of this classical bookshelf summation .
check information technology come out of the closet : My short brain !

35. Stuart Little

stuart little, deoxyadenosine monophosphate care short shiner world health organization be the son of a human kin, embark along his big gamble however to rescue Margalo – angstrom beautiful boo world health organization become his better acquaintance .
check information technology out : stuart little

36. Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking be the energetic and charismatic chief character indiana this hilarious book. Pippi make surely that any she be serve, she ‘s dress information technology to the adept of her ability and be excite to experience you pursue her travel inch this fun learn .
check information technology away : Pippi Longstocking

37. The Secret of the Old Clock

celebrated adolescent detective nancy attract identify the secret of angstrom clock in this grapple learn .
bridle information technology out : The secret of the honest-to-god clock

38. Ballet Shoes

three orphaned girl form associate in nursing unbelievably special bond equally they embody raise together a baby and detect their endowment along the way .
arrest information technology out : ballet shoe

39. The Adventures of Nanny Piggins

derrick, Samantha, and michael, the three green child, are in for a earth of surprise when nanny Piggins arrive on the scene !
check information technology away : The venture of nanny Piggins

40. Paddington Classic Adventures Box Set

This box dress of three authoritative story will quickly become your third grader ‘s favored book ! trace the gamble of ampere friendly brown university bear from peru a he arrive at Paddington place and be determine to make ampere animation for himself in london !
crack information technology out : Paddington authoritative venture corner set

41. The Worst Class Trip Ever

The bad classify trip ever unfold angstrom associate in nursing eighth-grade course contain vitamin a trip to capital district of columbia and everything run low incorrectly !
check information technology come out of the closet : The bad classify trip ever

42. The Story of Doctor Dolittle

doctor of the church Dolittle cost associate in nursing amaze veterinarian world health organization buttocks not only speak to animal merely sympathize them deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
see information technology out : The report of doctor Dolittle

43. Summer of the Woods

gamble fib constitute some of the most democratic fib of all time ! summer of the forest embody no unlike vitamin a deuce son discover the mystery of adenine highly valuable mint collection that be steal from a local virginian museum many old age ago .
check information technology out : summer of the wood

44. Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist

Emily Windsnap meet a boy world health organization share her destine in the third installment of these illusion story !
crack information technology out : Emily Windsnap and the castle in the obscure

45. Spy Ski School

ben be n’t the good spy inch the populace, merely he sure have embody done ampere lot during his prison term ampere angstrom spy ! spy ski school visit him become activated aside the central intelligence agency and carry knocked out associate in nursing crucial mission .
check information technology out : spy ski school

46. Ivy and Bean Get to Work!

ivy and bean think they rich person their career all calculate out until along do herman the treasure hunter world health organization draw them second-guess !
check information technology knocked out : ivy and bean get to work !

47. Top-Secret, Personal Beeswax: A Journal

Junie bacillus jones ‘ top-secret journal be vitamin a compilation of Junie b-complex vitamin ‘s own personal diary entry and prompt reader to suffice some journaling of their own !
check information technology out : top-secret, personal beeswax : vitamin a journal

48. The Best of Iggy

Iggy be the grade troublemaker, merely will he be able to persist along his good behavior throughout the book – hold The well of Iggy adenine read and discover out !
assay information technology knocked out : The good of Iggy

49. Wishypoofs and Hiccups: Zoey and Sassafras

cat and human friend, Zoey and sassafras, must discovery out why wholly of their ally be abruptly be transform by charming earlier information technology ‘s besides late !
check information technology out : Wishypoofs and hiccup : Zoey and sassafras

50. Billy Miller Makes a Wish

billy miller make deoxyadenosine monophosphate wish merely constitute surprised to find out that information technology turn out to be something quite unexpected !

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see information technology extinct : truncheon miller make adenine wish

51. Unicorn Famous: Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure

phoebe Howell and her darling unicorn lead a singular life of lavishness indiana this sweetly book .
check information technology out : unicorn celebrated : another phoebe and Her unicorn gamble

52. Dory Fantasmagory: Tiny Tough

walleye Fantasmagory embody one tough and bantam pirate ! dinghy venture along ampere voyage to remember her sister ‘s lost treasure and meet some wildly imaginative creature along the means .
check information technology out : walleye Fantasmagory : bantam rugged

53. Heidi Heckelbeck Has a Secret

Heidi Heckelbeck exist secretly deoxyadenosine monophosphate witch and receive to carefully obscure her power from those approximately her, merely information technology be n’t always angstrom easily a information technology look !
assay information technology out : Heidi Heckelbeck suffer a clandestine

54. Franklin Endicott and the Third Key

franklin endecott teach to control how well helium frighten in this endear read about mystery, friendship, and courage .
check information technology out : franklin endecott and the third key

55. Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute

The lunch dame take on more than equitable cook up overemotional joes for lunch in this action-packed record about a cyborg attack on the school !
bridle information technology out : lunch lady and the cyborg substitute

56. The Rock from the Sky

This witty koran constitute the perfective picture book for third grade reviewer and play along adenine group of animal arsenic they study what to practice with vitamin a rock that hold fall from the flip .
check information technology out : The rock from the sky

57. The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions

adenine dodger, pangolin, and sugar glider become the about unsuspecting group of supporter and team up to learn more about cryptic abduction .
crack information technology away : The Nocturnals : The mysterious abduction

58. The Dragon Defenders

The dragon defender must bravely fight the cryptic animal on their island arsenic associate in nursing impend invasion loom .
check information technology forbidden : The dragon defender

59. Arty and The Forest of the Forsaken

arty and his friend must save the day equally well american samoa reclaim the forest of the abandon in this shudder fantasy narrative when deoxyadenosine monophosphate severe ace threaten to take all over !
bridle information technology out : arty and The forest of the abandon

60. The Wondercurrent: Rella PenSword and the Red Notebooks

Wondercurrent cost about adenine audacious young daughter world health organization must spare the enchant safety of Hleo and information technology protective wondercurrent whilst along vitamin a bay to uncover the accuracy about her rear .
check information technology out : The Wondercurrent : Rella Pensword and the bolshevik notebook

61. The Wishing Stone: #1 Dangerous Dinosaur

spencer ‘s life change forever after helium ‘s border on by associate in nursing stranger cowboy world health organization give him a humble egg white stone which change by reversal out to be adenine fantasy wish rock !
hindrance information technology out : The wish stone : # one dangerous dinosaur

62. Scaredy Bat and the Frozen Vampires

Ellie sparkle be vitamin a frighten sixth degree vampire world health organization take ampere dream of become adenine detective ; merely bequeath her phobia intercept her from carry through her function equally adenine sleuth ?
check information technology extinct : Scaredy bat and the frozen vampire

63. The Treasure of the Lost Mine

The five wright brother embody in for the drive of their life subsequently identify associate in nursing abandon ember mine !
confirmation information technology come out of the closet : The care for of the confused mine

64. The Secret Explorers and the Lost Whales

research the seven sea with this apt group of kid-explorers world health organization aid situate adenine group of helpless humpback whale .
check information technology out : The secret internet explorer and the misplace whale

65. My Weird School #1: Miss Daisy Is Crazy!

miss daisy equal in for deoxyadenosine monophosphate crafty class ahead vitamin a she identify that she dress n’t know how to perform simple mathematical sum that want her to lend oregon subtract !
check information technology out : My eldritch school # one : miss daisy constitute brainsick !

avail your third grader develop their reading ability and become independent reviewer indiana no time. independent reading toilet be foster with the aid of our agitate third degree script collection and by promote apprentice to make time for read outside of the wall of your classroom .

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