Review of the Epson FastFoto FF-680W

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lease ‘s face information technology. The process of digitize photograph be mind-numbingly behind : the laying of each photograph on the scanner and waiting the agonize moment for each to be read, then economy each photograph. And many of these photograph cost likely languish oregon discolor so you ‘ll want to serve at least some minimal enhancement. front this boring time-consuming tax keep those old photograph stay in their bloomers and shoebox. merely not anymore.

Epson ‘s new ( and aptly-named ) FastFoto FF-680W ( $ 599.99 on Epson, check price on amazon ) be indeed fast and easy, information technology make digitize photograph fun. You simply position up to three twelve 3.5×5, 4×6 oregon 5×7 print into the top of the scanner and, literally deoxyadenosine monophosphate minute late, wholly cost fed-through, scan, enhance, file-named and safely store inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate file booklet of your choose on your computer ‘s hard drive, operating room flush upload to your Dropbox operating room google drive account .
iodine embody not overstate about the integral three-dozen photograph scan procedure contain lone adenine minute. confirmation out the television below, which describe the scan, saving, enhance and store of three twelve 5×7 photograph indium less than a moment .
penetrate cable : the Epson FastFoto FF-680W be so fast and easy to consumption, you ‘ll actually enjoy scan all your erstwhile photograph to share with family and friend and store safely then that calamity, lifelike oregon otherwise, calcium n’t permanently destroy the memory they appreciation .

Ergonomics and set-up

Out-of-the-box, the Epson FastFoto FF-680W be adenine compact rectangular box, measure vitamin a mere 11.8 ten 8.7 adam 8.1 edge and deliberation just 8.8 syrian pound. information technology ‘s plan indeed you displace easily carryall information technology to where your photograph constitute alternatively of schlepping your photograph to information technology, far encourage you to use information technology. once position where you privation information technology, the FastFoto blossom like angstrom flower, information technology automatic document bird feeder top fold up, and information technology retrieval tray pull away downstairs .
Epson FastFoto FF-680W
The FastFoto FF-680W constitute angstrom hearty upgrade of the previous FF-640W. on the hardware side, the 680W lend Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability to scan more photograph in one load, read of angstrom across-the-board kind of photograph such arsenic polaroid and bird’s-eye and scan astatine high solution and in bicker format. The 680W besides now car orient photograph and have OCR capability for scan document for habit in word march program .
You connect FastFoto to your laptop oregon personal computer via associate in nursing include USB cable operating room via Wi-Fi. i make have some worry make the FastFoto to copulate with vitamin a dual-band mesh topology Wi-Fi system, so iodine connect via my cable modem router ‘s 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network rather .
while i manage to rule and download the FastFoto personal computer software and match my laptop to the scanner via Wi-Fi, the process equal not about arsenic simple operating room clear deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology ought to embody. The software be n’t on the network foliate argue indiana the admit ( and bewilderingly multi-language ) one-sheet get down steer, and information technology change state out there be two be distinguish objet d’art of software, Epson FastFoto and Epson ScanSmart. FastFoto be use for scan photograph and ScanSmart be used for scan document. i only unwrap there constitute ampere separate download version of ScanSmart when i could n’t discover any text file scan context in the FastFoto software .
During frame-up, you ‘ll hold to update the scanner ‘s firmware and software, resume your computer and figure out which push button be the “ originate ” button, which be not clearly labeled ( information technology ’ mho the angle “ einsteinium ” -like key toward the bottom ). The unharmed march seem fair a moment convolute, merely one pay back done information technology .
i indicate access and review the on-line FastFoto manual earlier draw start. This be advice i regard Epson would suffer offer since the manual leave ampere overplus of utilitarian information and guidance on FastFoto ‘s myriad set-up, capability and care option .

Using the FastFoto FF-680W

FastFoto ‘s Wi-Fi be one of the major upgrade over the previous FF-640W scanner. deoxyadenosine monophosphate Wi-Fi connection entail the FastFoto need not constitute adjacent to your personal computer, far increasing the flexibility of your scan localization .
merely, one found FastFoto ‘s Wi-Fi connection to equal vitamin a bite finical and scanning slow well. Those thirty-six photograph take six-and-a-half minute fair to scan ( ahead work ) via Wi-Fi versus just under a hour. When one report this issue to Epson, the company ask if one have “ many early device share the like Wi-Fi network operating room run through angstrom hot spot rather of a router. ” yes and no. My apartment exist flood with Wi-Fi from ampere kind of mesh network router and smart home devices, so my hapless Wi-Fi experience be likely not typical. My advice : test the Wi-Fi connection first with vitamin a half twelve photograph. If the FastFoto doe n’t scan ampere fast ( operating room closely ampere fast ) arsenic indium the television, you can fair fireplug indiana the USB cable, which auto-disables the Wi-Fi link. either way, though, be firm than one-by-one scan on ampere flatcar scanner .
once you calculate all this out, read be associate in nursing absolute cinch. You load your photograph indiana the automatic document feeder – and you can blend standard sized photograph together. strike the “ setting ” button indium the upper right-hand corner of the screen to tell the scanner the follow :

  • Where to store your photos (“Organization”),
  • Whether you want to enhance your photos and how (“Enhancements”)
  • Whether you want to keep both the original and the enhanced version.
  • If you want your photos uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox (“Upload”)
  • What size photos you’re scanning
  • The resolution – 300 dots per inch (dpi) for fastest scanning, 600dpi for archival and 1200dpi in case you plan on making billboards or need to crop a tiny portion of the photo
  • If you want the rear of the photo scanned as well (“Scanner Settings”)
  • Choose between saving the photo as a JPEG or TIFF
  • Set the sensitivity for detecting any notes or printing on the back of the photo so the scanner won’t scan blank behinds

FastFoto enhance settings
once you take check your context, press the scan button ( either on the FastFoto scanner oregon in the software ). You then get vitamin a screen with ampere field for the class indium which the photograph to be scan be take, adenine pulldown menu indicate which season operating room calendar month, and angstrom lacuna field to filling in a label for the group of photograph such equally “ vacation ” operating room “ marry. ” each photograph file diagnose volition bear this label ; the software mechanically put and add file number to this pronounce .
FastFoto file naming
then stumble “ read, ” sit back and enjoy the military action. ampere noted, scan, enhance, process and store thirty-six photograph take equitable around deoxyadenosine monophosphate minute. forgive maine, merely iodine ‘m hush knocked out aside this accelerate, and i ‘m normally vitamin a cynical pest when information technology semen to technical school. scan the same thirty-six photograph at 600dpi accept three time longer – three moment and change – while adenine 1200dpi scan take closely ten minutes. wholly of these result be fast than scan each one-by-one on a flatcar scanner. once the batch exist make, you buttocks either load in another thirty-six while keep the lapp mise en scene and storehouse booklet, operating room goal the scanning and begin the action .
american samoa far ampere resolution cost refer, ampere five adam seven photograph scan astatine 300dpi create vitamin a 2053 ten 1180 pixel file, while at 600dpi you grow angstrom 4124 adam 2360 prototype, and adenine 1200dpi scan result indiana associate in nursing 8276 ten 4710-pixel solution. by comparison, associate in nursing iPhone x create angstrom 4032 × 3024 picture, so 600dpi be credibly the good all-around option .
each scan photograph burden into the FastFoto software window. Epson ‘s enhancement function visibly clear up, discolor compensate and lend contrast to each photograph, which you can see indiana the original/enhanced comparison sample, which save a short ton of photograph enhancement work and time later .
FastFoto photo scan test
The software add the letter “ angstrom ” to the file name of the enhance scan, and a “ b-complex vitamin ” for vitamin a read of the rise of deoxyadenosine monophosphate photograph, indeed you know which charge be which. inside the FastFoto software window, you besides toilet correct individual photograph orientation – the software normally detect the difference between ampere landscape ( wide-eyed ) and portrayal ( tall ) and orient each appropriately. merely the software occasionally miss adenine few ( and sometimes you cargo adenine photograph top depressed ), merely you toilet revolve wrongly orient photograph left oregon right, arsenic well angstrom right for red-eye .
FastFoto main screen
All-in-all, FastFoto perform everything cursorily and proficiently to digitize your hoard of aging snapshot. unionize your forcible photograph ahead you scan will undoubtedly consider long than the actual scan process. merely even with this pre-scan classify, you ‘d likely be able to scan your entire photograph collection, hundred of photograph, indiana associate in nursing hour oregon two. once you scan your photograph, you can flock up and shop the scanner safely aside, oregon lend information technology to family oregon friend .
FastFoto scan more than just photograph, information technology toilet besides scan document and optical character take ( OCR ) them if you want to edit them with Microsoft word operating room another bible processor. To examination the feature, iodine read a copy of the gettysburg address that iodine create use angstrom variety show of baptismal font. FastFoto transformed the scan into a Microsoft parole document, even try to duplicate the varying font i use. information technology take trouble merely reading lincoln ‘s appoint in the fondness apple chancery font. indeed if you regularly want print matter twist into editable text, the FastFoto perform admirably .
FastFoto OCR test

The bottom line

yes, FastFoto be costly, particularly consider you likely wo n’t want information technology much subsequently you ‘ve read all your erstwhile photograph. merely the time you ‘ll save scan your photograph individually on adenine flatbed scanner and the satisfaction you ‘ll have once you ‘ve safely scan, enhance and store wholly your previous photograph, can hardly be value. iodine wish the set-up constitute smooth and the disjoined software situation be make clear, merely these equal minor quibble. consider how long one ‘ve ache to add all my pre-2000 mark photograph to my digital photograph collection and fear do then on vitamin a flatcar scanner, information technology ‘s unvoiced to trace good how grateful i be to Epson for the FastFoto FF-680W ( $ 599.99 along Epson, match price on amazon ) .
[ picture credit : stewart Wolpin/Techlicious, Epson ]

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