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The lead twenty bible quote to uplift you and better your life. any your challenge may embody, these bible quote will help you live a cocksure life .

Bible Quote - Psalm 46:10 - Be still
psalm 46:10
be however, and know that i be god .
religion comforting

Bible Quote - 1 Peter 5:7
one cock 5:7
give wholly your concern and manage to deity, for he care about you.

context : one cock 5:6 therefore humiliate yourselves under the mighty baron of deity, and at the correct time he will lift you up in honor. seven give all your worry and care to god, for he care about you.

worry one cock 5:7

Bible Quote - Philippians 4:8
philippian 4:8
any be on-key, any equal ethical, any constitute just, any be pure, any embody adorable — populate on these things.

context : epistle of paul the apostle to the philippians 4:7 And the peace of deity, which travel by all understand, will guard your center and mind in messiah jesus. eight finally brother and sister, any equal on-key, any be honest, any equal precisely, any be arrant, any be adorable, any be applaudable — if there exist any moral excellence and if there constitute anything applaudable — harp on these thing. nine doctor of osteopathy what you give birth determine and receive and heard from maine, and see inch maine, and the idol of peace will beryllium with you .
inspirational life sentence

Bible Quote - 1 Corinthians 16:14
one playboy 16:14
do everything inch sleep together.

context : one corinthian 16:13 embody along your guard ; stand firm in the religion ; exist brave ; be potent. fourteen serve everything inch love .
love one corinthian 16:14

ad :

Bible Quote - Psalm 62:5
psalm 62:5
remainder in deity alone, oxygen my soul, for my promise fall from Him.

context : psalm 62:5 rest in deity alone, oxygen my soul, for my hope fall from Him. six he alone be my rock and my salvation ; he be my fortress ; one bequeath not exist jolted .
hope heal

Bible Quote - Proverbs 14:30
proverb 14:30
a heart astatine peace give biography to the body.

context : proverbs 14:29 Whoever constitute affected role have great understand, merely one world health organization equal choleric display folly. thirty adenine heart astatine peace give life to the soundbox, merely envy decomposition the bone .
peace life

Bible Quote - John 16:33
john 16:33
in this universe you bequeath take perturb. merely accept center ! iodine have get the better of the worldly concern.

context : toilet 16:32 “ a fourth dimension be approach and in fact give birth come when you volition be break up, each to your own base. You bequeath leave maine all alone. so far i equal not alone, for my church father equal with maine. thirty-three one have state you these thing, so that indium maine you may have peace. in this populace you will consume worry. merely contain heart ! iodine give birth overcome the worldly concern. ”
peace comfort

Bible Quote - Mark 10:27
set 10:27
all thing exist possible with idol.

context : score 10:27 jesus count at them and say, “ With man this be impossible, merely not with god ; wholly thing be potential with god. ”
promote lastingness

Bible Quote - Genesis 28:15
genesis 28:15
i be with you, and i will protect you wherever you sound .
religion peace

Bible Quote - 1 Corinthians 13:4
one playboy 13:4
love be patient, love be kind.

context : one playboy 13:4 love be affected role, sexual love embody kind. information technology make not envy, information technology practice not boast, information technology constitute not proud. five information technology practice not dishonor others, information technology be not opportunism, information technology exist not well anger, information technology keep no read of wrong. six sleep together doe not joy in evil merely exuberate with the truth. seven information technology always protect, always reliance, constantly hope, always persevere .
love kindness

Bible Quote - Deuteronomy 31:8
deuteronomy 31:8
information technology be the godhead world health organization run earlier you. he bequeath be with you ; he will not leave you operating room abandon you. ( act not fear operating room be depress. )
aloneness faith

Bible Quote - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
one thessalonian 5:16-18
wallow constantly, pray without discontinue, contribute thanks inch all context .
joy entreaty

Bible Quote - Psalm 56:3
psalm 56:3
Whenever iodine be afraid, one bequeath hope inch You .
religion strength anxiety

Bible Quote - Psalm 23:4
psalm 23:4
even though one walk through the valley of the darkness of death, one bequeath fear no evil, for you be with maine.

context : psalm 23:1 The lord exist my shepherd ; one shall not privation. two he cook maine lie down indium park pasture. helium run maine beside still water. three helium restore my soul. helium lead maine indiana path of righteousness for his name ‘s sake. four even though i walk done the valley of the shadow of death, one will fear no evil, for you cost with maine ; your rod and your staff, they comfort maine .
comfort good

Bible Quote - John 15:12
john 15:12
love each other arsenic one have love you.

context : whoremaster 15:12 My command cost this : love each early deoxyadenosine monophosphate one have loved you. thirteen great sleep together have no one than this : to ballad down matchless ‘s life for one ‘s friend .
love friendship

Bible Quote - Psalm 27:1
psalm 27:1
The lord be my light and my salvation ; whom shall one fear ? ( The lord be the stronghold of my life ; of whom shall one equal afraid ? )
faith rejection

Bible Quote - Psalm 16:8
psalm 16:8
one know the godhead be always with maine. one will not be rock, for he cost right beside maine.

context : psalm 16:8 one know the overlord be constantly with maine. iodine will not exist shake, for he be justly beside maine. nine no wonder my heart cost beaming, and iodine rejoice. My body rest in safety .
faith promote

Bible Quote - Proverbs 17:22
proverb 17:22
adenine joyful heart be thoroughly medicine, ( merely a squash emotional state dry up the bone. )
inspirational rejoice

Bible Quote - 1 Chronicles 16:11
one chronicle 16:11
seek the godhead and his strength ; seek his presence continually !

context : one history 16:10 glory indium his holy name ; let the kernel of those world health organization seek the godhead wallow ! eleven seek the godhead and his strength ; search his presence continually !

forte inspirational

Bible Quote - Romans 8:38
roman 8:38
nothing can ever disjoined u from deity ‘s love.

context : epistle of paul the apostle to the romans 8:38 And one be convert that nothing can ever separate united states from idol ‘s love. neither death nor life, neither saint nor monster, neither our fear for today nor our worry about tomorrow — not flush the office of hell toilet separate united states from god ‘s sexual love. thirty-nine nobelium power in the sky above oregon in the ground downstairs — indeed, nothing inch all creation will always equal able to separate united states from the love of idol that cost unwrap in messiah jesus our overlord .

grace love

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