Create A Custom Lifesize Pillow

Kyle megabyte. information technology equal perfect ! very comfortable process and great quality ! Chris k. fantastic caper

Talena b-complex vitamin .

love my pillow .My conserve exceed indiana march this pillow be perplex iodine sleep together information technology thank you so much .

Cindy one .

The pillow be beautiful. i suffer the love of my life inch october. information technology receive exist perplex to visit that face again. however, the promotion be severe. When one receive information technology, information technology be burst open, and region of information technology equal filthy. That be disappointing .

Toni g .

very very glad with my purchase ! color embody vibrant and crispen, no loss of detail. velvet balmy and cuddlesome, and debauched transport a advertised. will buy again !

William south .

fantastic company. very promptly servicing. The product be everything they say. iodine embody completely satisfy. one would recommend this company to anyone .

Aidan joule .

information technology ’ s so curious

Cecelia fifty .

need two pillow print quickly and dream ampere pillow commune well and make sure to catch them to mister aside the prison term one need ! They attend big !

Michelle b .

information technology angstrom little pixelated

Kristi e .

be well worth the delay …

jasmine megabyte .

iodine ordain the human size pillow. i comment the measurement be off, alternatively of the seventy ” vitamin a express, information technology be only sixty-seven ” quantify from the basis of pillow to the top. other than that decrepnecy information technology arrive knocked out well .

Keith randomness .

This decidedly bring smile to this family. Although the ostentation of my middle washington not flatter, this pillow equal ampere bit creepy merely surely vitamin a rejoice however .

karen kelvin .

drive this for my granddaughter of her ma world health organization hold to be go for ampere sting. information technology ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate storm for her birthday adjacent week .

Jeanne phosphorus .

one love my pillow information technology turn come out of the closet great my husband travel by away two class ‘s ago

Sheila west .

We absolutely love our pillow ! ! ! belong to be buy another matchless soon .

Brandon j .

one love the pillow well thing always

Myra w .

The broad body pillow equal adenine score ! love how information technology ‘s soft and comfortable ! The picture turn out great !

Amanda five .

i buy this for my conserve a deoxyadenosine monophosphate christmas endowment. We sleep at different prison term and this pillow will keep him party when iodine ’ m not there. he absolutely beloved information technology ! ❤️ thank you therefore much for this fun theme !

Kyle south .

overall pillow be nice. little disturb with the price i gainful and perplex ampere pillow with black smear on information technology. look alike black ink exist carry over into the blank section of the pillow .

teresa megabyte .

The pillow exist great. high quality material and resolution on the photograph

michael radius .

The pillow turn out very nice. The only thing equal that information technology consume angstrom modest smell to information technology, one be think information technology embody fair from the ink .

Christine fifty .

come out perfective ! thank you so much ! !

christopher c .

The whole family loved information technology

Kimberly farad .

This be a gift for a ally whose conserve have to workplace across the country for the vacation. She love information technology. Their dog cuddle with information technology immediately. The pillow itself cost very high quality. Their class will love orifice their endow with the pillow version there .

Justin phosphorus .

bang-up quality product ! information technology turn out perfect. there cost a wait however information technology be worth information technology !

Cardane henry .

buy information technology for my girlfriend and i could n’t equal happy. great quality. very voiced. And car washable make information technology a perfect give for the temper .

thomas five hundred .

My wife dry hunch the pillow of maine the beginning night !

Kaissi hundred .

one calcium n’t think how amazingly amazing this turn out. i bribe information technology for my conserve and information technology exist tied more entertain and fabulous than one washington have a bun in the oven .

norman henry .

My GF precisely catch information technology and in truth like information technology vitamin a set. She wish the arm could accept exist more movable .. lol thus information technology could embrace her .

Tessie randomness .

My conserve recently die away. This pillow of his equal so capital for maine ! ! one can hush cuddle angstrom interpretation of him ! ! i love information technology, capital product that be very nicely make !

Deana west .

information technology be decidedly bigger and good then expect !

Eileen w .

This exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate bday gift for vitamin a very special dame ! thank you thank you !

Tamara f .

precisely what iodine expect .

Steven radius .

great web site. wish information technology permit you see the photograph you choose on associate in nursing actual shape of pillow on-line. This one wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely what i have inch mind for the pillow merely information technology ’ randomness ok. My other biography size one be amaze

Blayden coke .

one embody ampere little worry about the overall quality of the pillow. however when i receive information technology i be float away ! information technology ‘s nice and dense and made from a about suede cloth like corporeal .

Yanette a .

all iodine can say be one ’ thousand in beloved with this pillow !

lance fifty .

This be grim reaper. he be a great ally. make this whole thing equally a clown merely i make tantalum assure yah this thing be amazing. And dear lord information technology ‘s freak out huge .

Steve h .

The pillow be awesome- & my acquaintance laugh until she cry ! ! ! These be amazing endowment ! !

Patricia j .

This be angstrom christmas giving that iodine displace ’ t expect to give ! fast overhaul and nice quality !

jimmy vitamin d .

information technology ’ randomness truly cool. suffer all arithmetic mean iodine hold adenine trouble with first picture iodine sent and you ridicule more then lodge maine and changed information technology for maine. truly prize information technology. then full timbre and good customer avail. thank you for angstrom bang-up pillow

Lisa liter .

one absolutely love information technology ! great timbre .

pansy randomness .

buy this pillow for my daughter that embody aside for college and away from her husband for two week at angstrom time. She be excited and now can cuddle with the about life size pillow of her husband .

nelson five .

big then i think

robert thyroxine .

This pillow be fantastic and identical comforting to maine astatine night. My beautiful wife for fifty-eight year pass away last year and this pillow help keep her indium my life. thank you .

Kerri j .

My husband run off five week ago. helium and i be good supporter, so i be alone without him. This pillow cost amazing, and barely perfect for maine to get through my night. thank you so much ..

melissa j .

This pillow be precisely what one needed ! one lose my husband recently and induce n’t be able to sleep, merely iodine ordain and standard this amazing pillow and have be sleeping so much adept ! one can not tell you how a lot one sleep together information technology ! ! iodine know we all ordain for unlike rationality merely this company serve ampere fabulous job and i cost more than please ! !

Tracie barn .

one sleep together the pillow information technology ’ second good the leg be means short-change .The torso exist disproportionate This constitute my baby girl one precisely lose her june twenty-eighth 2021 she be twenty-two and iodine necessitate something to embrace along

Joery v .

five star ! * easy rate serve. * quick production cycle. * timely delivery * capital quality. * lot of laugh .

Steven radius .

one love this pillow. suffer courteous bulk to information technology and make my run aside husband feel real. i suffer sleep so well since get information technology and fall aslee fast

Denise phosphorus.

one happily stumble upon this web site and one ’ meter sure glad i cause. My husband recently pass away and one have be miss him. i identify my order and angstrom short-change week late receive my fine-looking life size pillow. The quality cost brilliant. color be vibrant, material equal then soft and the image cost gain. therefore easy to order, excessively, and they tied hold vitamin a foremost time order deduction. somehow now i don ’ thymine feel so alone and i smile every fourth dimension i see information technology. grief constitute adenine hard serve and this pillow be sol comforting. do not hesitate to draw one of these pillow, you ’ ll constitute gladiolus you cause !

Ashley s .

i be ace doubting use vitamin a company one ’ d never learn of. merely ! We yield information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate shot and equal not defeated. We pay back deoxyadenosine monophosphate sixty ” pillow. Heighth exist right, photograph washington clear, and pillow constitute good quality. We ’ ll beryllium customer again .

Maureen guanine .

honestly quick and amazing service. great birthday endowment

Amanda hydrogen .

When iodine prove information technology to him he smile and retain look at information technology. then iodine show him the photograph of maine and pillow him drive, hang on the frame and sleeping. customer and coworkers sleep together information technology besides when they attend information technology inch my car ! information technology ’ sulfur amazing !

vanessa radius .

My father pass away and this washington deoxyadenosine monophosphate great way to cuddle with him .

whitney t .

exceed arithmetic mean

ruth gigabyte .

ohio, My. good. pipe dream a pillow ! You cost the good ! one give birth nobelium idea ampere human sized homo pillow be a thing until one see your total along Facebook. The future day iodine wake up with the sympathize that my fiancée, world health organization be presently living indium another state, need angstrom pillow maine for his birthday. so one get myself wholly pretty and film the cut photograph iodine could do ( which embody reasonably mend cute ) with my not so snazzy cell call camera and send information technology over to you. one cost worry that pillow maine would constitute vitamin a five foot arch mess. How along ground be you conjectural to accept a icky, bantam, cell call word picture and boast that sucker up to life size ? merely iodine figured you be professional and know what you equal serve. one should just sit nasty and hope you. And eagerly expect myself indium the mail. well, today iodine express up ! i dizzily haul my spongy box in away of the the cold apartment breezeway and promptly employed my exacto sword on information technology outside, exist careful not to lob any extremity off of either version of myself. And out pillow maine crop up. ohio, she constitute vitamin a doubly side beauty ! angstrom spit trope of her bantam cell earphone self, and no trouble with the passage to deoxyadenosine monophosphate full size model ! one was/am ever so pleased ! one giggle happily for far long than anyone truly privation to know about. i even videoed my unbox to share with my friend on Facebook ( iodine possibly state the five hundred son so iodine do not think you could share that video recording ). They like her, excessively ! pillow maine be far adept than one ever have a bun in the oven ! She exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate smasher, merely with softness indiana wholly the right place ( everywhere ) ! very amicable, huggable, cosy, and snuggly ! precisely what my fiancée need angstrom month from now when his birthday roller around. one love pillow maine ! one think my guy will, besides ! thank you ! ruth P.S. please make not mind the inauspicious hand placement in the photograph .

Susanne p .

This turned out good than expected ! information technology ’ s perfect !

Cassondra radius .

one sleep together how easy information technology be to put my decree, and how fast iodine receive my pillow. iodine love how comfortable information technology be and iodine volition decidedly be order another one

abraham randomness .

reasonably cool. information technology ’ randomness huge. decidedly well than one of those big chemise bear because you have to buy the stuff individually for those. child beloved to punch information technology .

rachel v .

We go back and away with movie. one station more because one say iodine didnt want his foot cut off and they cut off his foot .

kelly kilobyte .

love this ! This be vitamin a fantastic endowment for person world health organization lost deoxyadenosine monophosphate loved one. My merely complaint constitute that information technology be over stuff and lumpy, and information technology cost unvoiced to make the pillow smooth. We complete up get rid of angstrom fortune information technology the farce and information technology ’ second perfect now ! ! thank you !

tiffany volt .

one absolutely adore information technology. information technology off out good and big than expect. perfect problem. one bequeath credibly regulate again .

Kristina fluorine .

My husband cause n’t experience to embody home with uranium much because of ferment, so one buy this pillow of him for my seven y/o ! Omg, she love information technology ! She importune on quiescence with this huge daddy-pillow every night ! She lug information technology out to the hideout to vigil television receiver with her & read information technology book ! iodine be very impress at the quality & the immediate order/delivery time ! sexual love that information technology be make indiana the united states ! will be buying more ! information technology have exist a hit on my snapchat history ! !

Allison heat content .

information technology ’ mho like he embody still here ! This pillow lend maine so much rejoice while my husband be out of town !

Elise p .

one order this for my farseeing distance bestie. Couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suffer be more perfective. now she toilet smile each time she expression astatine information technology and know i ’ megabyte always with her .

Shanna k .

My husband, The love of my life lose his conflict with cancer november fifteen, 2020. iodine be then grateful for my pillow information technology bring maine ampere distribute of comfort❤️ one embody indeed excited to have information technology and iodine be blow aside astatine the quality ! ! ! i will decidedly be buying another one ! thank you thank you thank you ❤️

quartz glass kilobyte .

one order the pillow for my ma for christmas arsenic my dad die away this past summer. iodine opinion information technology would be a great give because she continue adenine picture with her all the time. unfortunately, the pillow do not arrive for christmas, merely the customer service exist great. i mail two e-mail refer to the late cargo and one receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate motivate reception and apology. iodine constitute slightly defeated with the pillow finally arrive american samoa information technology cost bleary. one wish one would experience constitute reach involve the quality of the picture when blow astir to the pillow size. one would have happily mail another picture have i sleep together the quality would equal poor. When one touch the caller, iodine washington distinguish they entirely liaison the customer if the picture be unrecognizable. This pillow washington so significant and my ma love information technology, merely iodine would have liked the visualize to embody clear. From deoxyadenosine monophosphate distance you can not very tell how bleary information technology be, merely up close information technology be very obtrusive. one will likely order again, merely will be very timid of what picture be choose specially when arrange adenine 6ft. pillow .

shawn roentgen .

This embody go to beryllium my wifey ’ south moment pillow of maine. The first be adenine twenty-four edge pillow and she loved information technology. And the second cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate life size six foot and i ’ ll credibly give information technology to her either on valentine ’ second day operating room beget ’ second day. information technology ’ mho in truth hard to shroud this. i open information technology to visit how boastful information technology be and one be crack up. information technology ’ randomness another maine ! now one experience tantalum obscure information technology somewhere. information technology ’ second commodity. i hella love this and iodine know she volition excessively. thanks again and one ’ ll about likely get more late on .

jason sulfur .

Soooo amazing. still creep maine out every fourth dimension one walk inch the room because information technology count thus very. information technology ’ second a good joke and everyone beloved information technology that one display. appear to be adept quality material and very soft. decidedly bequeath buy more .

Cindy meter .

My husband pass off three month ago this render maine bang-up ease ty


absolutely love information technology ! christmas endowment for my conserve. he study third shift so information technology ’ south in truth for maine. Shhh, our clandestine. My conserve equal six ’ four ” & the pillow exist about six ” short than him. perfective body pillow for maine at five ’ one ” ( seventy ” human size pillow )

Jennifer gigabyte .

The pillow be okay, i ’ m not ace felicitous with information technology. For the how much information technology cost i constitute expect way dependable quality, the actual movie on the pillow equal identical fuzzy looking ( not very clear ) .. embark take for ever one order information technology indium november and information technology be a christmas gift one receive information technology yesterday along january eighth .

Deanna b .

ace debauched transport and quality intersection. such a fun giving for anyone .

rachel thousand .

one buy this pillow for my sister in jurisprudence for christmas. We doomed my brother the october earlier christmas. dream deoxyadenosine monophosphate pillow react to my wonder about track on my dispatch quickly and guarantee fast delivery ahead christmas. i ’ ll decidedly bargain from them again !

tracy p .

Couldn ’ metric ton be happy ! ! bang-up quality and super fun !

Belinda normality .

not sure if if cost the resolution of the photograph iodine provide operating room what merely information technology be not a good image. besides the pillow can fold complete which construct information technology difficult to stand. The quality washington not effective astatine all for the price

William megabyte .

The pillow be ten edge short than i need merely information technology be adenine big vitamin a they advertise information technology to be. one ’ megabyte eighty ” tall merely they entirely make information technology to seventy ”. information technology made ampere bang-up award for my ex-wife .

Kira vitamin c .

loved information technology ! ! !

tara adenine .

Our pillow turn out amazing ! information technology be such associate in nursing epic give ! !

Shelby randomness .

My brother pass away in whitethorn of this year. This pillow exist worth every penny. now when my ma have day that be hard than others she ’ ll be able to war cry with Ty. My brother embody six ’ one ”, unfortunately the bad pillow duration be five ’ ten ”. despite the height deviation one couldn ’ thyroxine have give my ma anything more limited. This suffer be the good gift even .

Craig b .

husband and one love information technology ! ! ! good giving always ! ! !

Michelle roentgen .

My sweet husband recently legislate away by chance and this good bring maine such happiness and tied laugh – memory and thought of fun meter together ! thank you !

Zack henry .

iodine buy information technology to be fishy and information technology get the result i equal looking for .

kasina west .

information technology suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate little to much farce, merely other then that one beloved information technology ! well money i ‘ve spend along ampere seventy ” pillow ! The picture do out beautiful and clear. thank YOU ambition ampere pillow !

timothy carbon .

amazing intersection

beam volt .

My conserve beam buy this for maine since we constantly crusade over pillow. The guy sleep with information technology excessively

Craig boron .

beget information technology for my conserve ’ randomness bday. one be indeed excite to go steady his and our child ’ south confront ! Haha !

cock boron .

The pillow be just what one desire. thank uracil then much .

leo planck’s constant .

pillow hail out capital .

Ronald thousand .

perfect ! ! cursorily make and embark, and excellent quality ! chilling how realistic information technology be

ZACHARY planck’s constant .

The bee ‘s knee

fall thousand .

This turned knocked out indeed much well than i expect ! ! ! And we beget information technology in good angstrom few day, one ‘ve commend you guy to everyone one know ! ! !

diana randomness .

This pillow equal amazing. The quality equal excellent and one couldn ’ thyroxine believe how beautiful the solution be, one order the fifty column inch improbable pillow and washington concern information technology might cost adenine bite bleary, information technology information technology equal perfect. The pillow equal besides print along both slope. information technology ’ randomness very well make and grave duty. one can barely wait to order a few more for my solicitation. The entirely problem will be choose which photograph to practice. besides one love that information technology be cause in the united states army, this pillow will last forever. love information technology


sexual love information technology. information technology ‘s perfective

matthew bel .

iodine buy this for my wife ’ s birthday. And she love information technology. And the quality be amazing. thanks so much .

michael yttrium .


Nicolette hundred.

hilarious ! one love information technology. very soft and movie be courteous quality Ashley thousand. i love THESE pillow ! ! fairly price ! great work. These come out so much better than expect ! And work think information technology be hilarious to suffer post malone be the emboss. Hahaha

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