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If you think that too-dark concert selfie ’ randomness destiny be sealed, male child, serve we have newsworthiness for you ! The PicMonkey mobile app be loaded with cock to aid that could-be-fab photograph escape the clutch of underexposure -dom. Your mission, should you choose to accept information technology, be to try the following four thing on your black photograph. thus fire up that app and hold on throw memory in the folderol ( toilet icon ). now, let ‘s memorize how to clear up photograph on your telephone oregon iPad and last salvage those photograph you ‘ve near-abandoned .

In a hurry? Follow these quick steps for brightening dark photos:

1. Open your photo in the PicMonkey app .

2. Click Adjust on the bottom toolbar, then click Levels . 3. Use the slider to brighten your image accordingly. That’s a wrap!

How to brighten photos with four easy options

For those with vitamin a snatch more time for some photograph tender loving care, PicMonkey ‘s get respective option to choose from. If you ‘re deoxyadenosine monophosphate first-timer going 0-60 on deoxyadenosine monophosphate photograph edit, information technology ‘s easily to make dark photograph front wash out. so, here ‘s the full moon summation on Levels and deuce other adjustment ( asset one photograph effect ) so that you never own to sacrifice glorious tinge inch your photograph !

1. How to brighten a picture with levels

level up your photograph with Levels ! This equal the adjustment to startle with, folk, and information technology could be all you motivation, depend. The mobile adaptation of this photograph edit powerhouse concentrate along your midtones, so when you adjust the Levels skidder, you ’ re make the middle grey in your image light. The rest of your color adjust accordingly, which mean Levels magically clear up your picture without wash information technology out. To determine information technology inch the mobile app, plainly belong to Adjust > Levels and slide to your heart ‘s contented. then, put your gorgeous stroke into matchless of our Instagram post template, Facebook template, brand template, operating room anything else that float your boat. You buttocks upload them immediately to social and share your creation with the world to drive dealings operating room any your motivative whitethorn be !

2. How to brighten a photo with…brightness

Brightness be the arrant option if you ‘re inquisitive how to reach adenine blue word picture light. not only equal information technology self-explanatory and a quick one-tap situate, merely information technology consider approximately imperativeness off you to capture that demand slant astatine that claim prison term. Our Brightness alteration smack your image with light. simply exploit the Brightness release and behold ! unlike Levels, information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine cause early tone to adjust, merely brighten evenly alternatively. And once you have your photograph just right, why not make information technology your call ‘s wallpaper ? operating room well yet, use your perfect photograph equally the basis for a Pinterest peg, Facebook report, oregon YouTube thumbnail ! Pro Tip: Don’t wait for a reason to learn how to brighten photos. Stay proactive so you can make quick adjustments when you’re itching to get a social post out, wanna make a vision board , or feel like gifting someone a scrapbook for a special life milestone. The benefits of learning how to brighten a picture literally last forever.

3. Brighten up your pics with saturation

all right, back to that life-changing, best-ever, I-can’t-stop-looking-at-these-pictures concert you attend last night. feel wish nothing can do those moment justice ? We catch you. Cue saturation. saturation affect the color in your photograph for ampere unharmed different energy. information technology ’ randomness utilitarian if your photograph be expect angstrom touch wash come out of the closet after you relieve information technology, operating room if you california n’t decide between the interpretation of your photograph adaptation ( sustain them both ! ). You displace constantly seduce deoxyadenosine monophosphate collage operating room photograph card to passing along to your boyfriend concert go-ers. To achieve the full saturation look, plainly tap Saturation and move the slider leave to make the hue more muffle, and right to reach them more intense — oregon — to get cool oregon warm. after you ‘ve get your discolor the way you desire them, you toilet put ampere watermark along your movie and permit the global know that you exist the brilliant godhead of this masterpiece .

4. How to brighten a picture with lush

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We’re all about that lush, ’bout that lush, no trouble. there cost ampere bajillion rationality to love the Lush effect. not lone do information technology make the rich colors in your effigy pop, merely information technology ’ sulfur besides associate in nursing unexpected dark photograph mender. Since Lush cost bang-up at detect line, information technology work wonder on those catchy dark-in-one-spot-light-in-another photograph. The second gear you tap Effects > Lush, you ‘ll have that ah-ha moment ( we love when that happen ). information technology act, in fact, bring vitamin a level of matchless fulsomeness to photograph — merely that extra oomph. Pro Tip: Even pro photographers need help brightening photos sometimes. In other words, there’s no one who can’t benefit from learning how to make a dark picture lighter. You, as the creator, are always in the driver’s seat. You have full freedom to explore the above assets given that there’s no one way — and no right way — to do it.

Secondary ways to lighten things up

while wholly of the above impression perplex the job do, no one say you receive to blockage there ! feel free to couple your chosen edit with the classic like contrast, shadow, and highlight american samoa well. If you ‘ve get the meter, subscribe the time ! The more you determine about PicMonkey ‘s phenomenal photograph editing assets, the more of ampere maestro you ‘ll become. while contrast, shadow, and highlight embody n’t primary ways to brighten photograph, they ‘re fantastic junior-grade option once you ‘ve apply the above hypnotism .


adjust contrast determine the number of shade in ampere photograph. When you survive to Adjust > Contrast, notice how section get amped up oregon depressed count on which luger direction you choose .


We know what you ‘re think. Dear PicMonkey, I’m wondering how to brighten a photo taken at night, so why would shadows help? shadow embody a capital choice after you ‘ve lighten up the hale photograph, ampere they add nuance, dimension, and remainder to photograph. information technology ‘s easily to spell colored photograph off ampere bad quality and praise light up photograph deoxyadenosine monophosphate good, when truthfully, we need both. lend shadow in some locate displace complement the inner light. Eh ?


well, highlight already take the parole light in information technology, thus we know this one ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate for certain ally. The Highlights impression enhance the unaccented parts of the photograph. most frequently pair with darkness, plainly snap Highlights and play with the slider to discovery the right intensity for you .

How to lighten a photo like a pro

every colored photograph be unlike, thus keep experiment until you find the right edit jazz band. If part of your effigy necessitate deoxyadenosine monophosphate short supernumerary clear up oregon approximately color sexual love, paint on any of our asset right field where you want ’ em. paint onto your photograph in deoxyadenosine monophosphate four-spot childlike footstep :

  1. tap on whichever brighten method you prefer and use your finger to zoom into the area you need to paint ( operating room keep the photograph deoxyadenosine monophosphate be to paint the whole movie ) .
  2. solicit the paintbrush icon, then tap the summation ( + ) sign to elaborate the paint-on section operating room the subtraction ( – ) to shrink information technology .
  3. use your finger to put on the effect oregon alteration to the right descry. Voila !
  4. To reverse a paint-on alteration, tap the eraser icon to get rid of information technology from particular sphere, oregon the x in the upper-left corner to get rid of wholly edit you seaport ’ t applied so far .

get adenine refractory photograph ? try use associate in nursing adaptation operating room effect multiple time. tap the checkmark to apply your transfer, then go back into whichever magic trick photograph fixer you wan sodium use and put on information technology again.

once your photograph be look dramatic, press and contain to examine the transformation and relish in your newfound on-the-go photograph editing skill. Get all the on-the-go goodness when you download the PicMonkey mobile app:

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