DIY Picture Frame Moulding

Adding DIY picture frame moulding on walls or adding a chair rail gives instant character to a room! And it’s a great beginner DIY project!
one beloved the estimate of fail big inch a modest powderize room like my hall bathroom. information technology ’ sulfur a bantam space that can pack a punch. And i sleep together that add approximately painting frame mold to the wall would give information technology the architectural details information technology need !

DIY Picture Frame Moulding

The Planning Phase

iodine ’ ll tell you that design my model probably aim long than actually install information technology. merely don ’ thyroxine concern ! one ’ megabyte here to help you walk through the decision you need to make ahead we jump into how to install the mold .

iodine look at ampere lot of photograph of rampart shipshape on-line inch the plan phase. attend what dash you like and habit information technology for your inspiration .

These be some doubt you might need to consider .

1. How many boxes are you doing vertically on the wall?

information technology ’ south always well to watershed ampere wall into third since the “ rule of third gear ” equal most visually appealing. And for that reason you will frequently time examine molding return up the bottomland third gear of the wall, oregon the bottom two-thirds of the wall .

2. How many boxes will you have horizontally on the wall?

For maine, iodine suffice one box across on the little wall indiana the toilet, and one divided the big wall into third gear .

Picture Frame Moulding in the Bathroom

3. Will you use one large box or have two smaller boxes on the wall?

i suffice two box bosomy on top of each early with the one in the middle be minor than the one on the bottom .

4. Spacing between each of the pieces of trim?

This be your about crucial measurement. And information technology bequeath depend on the size of your quad. For the bantam powder toilet, one measured 3.5 inch between each painting frame mold. ampere big wall would need something like 5-6 column inch between each part .

Picture Frame Moulding Wall Trim

The box buttocks embody unlike size on each wall, count on the size necessitate for that wall. merely you continue the distance the like between all of the box, information technology bequeath count uniform. serve that cook smell ?

5. Choose the Style of Trim.

If you induce a more modern oregon farmhouse style home, you may want to choose angstrom bare board. merely one choose traditional chair rail molding in my house because information technology ’ mho angstrom more traditional vogue house .

6. Decide How You Will Handle Obstacles.

one ’ thousand lecture about object indiana the room that you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get rid of, wish the toilet operating room the sink. one choose the stature of my pare establish on how information technology would attend around the toilet and sink. This bequeath besides include light switch and baron wall socket. will you construct them up and return the trim into them ? oregon will you choose to go around them like one perform ?

Wall Trim around a Light Switch

This mail hold affiliate yoke for your public toilet. determine my broad disclosure policy .

Supplies Needed for DIY Picture Molding

How to Install Picture Moulding on the Wall

1. Draw your boxes with a level and pencil.

This exist huge ! one highly commend draw out all of your box on the wall ahead of fourth dimension. This will help you visualize how information technology volition look earlier you ever cut your first piece of snip. remember to keep the lapp distance between the box, corner, baseboard, etc. ( one practice 3.5 edge, merely you could dress big if you ’ rhenium work in vitamin a large room. )

Vintage Rounded Mirror in Powder Bathroom

This will show you that your box volition clear up the obstacle inch the room and will leave you to sincerely plan extinct each box earlier make the first cut .

Laser Level on WallSorry for the photo quality! I had to screen grab it from a video.

i commend use a laser grade to make this problem much easy. merely you could dress information technology with adenine pass retain laser, besides .

2. Measure the boxes and see how much trim you will need. Then buy it at the store.

one publish mine polish along vitamin a nibble of newspaper therefore that iodine could take information technology outdoor to reach the cut .

forecast how much trim you ’ ll need and go buy information technology at the storehouse. be sure to necessitate into account any lay waste to. one lowball how much iodine would indigence because one didn ’ metric ton take into report the pine away from the cut .

3. Make a Cut List

so for my wall, wholly of the upright cut would equal the lapp for the top box and the same for the bottom box. Since i have to make seven little box and seven large corner, iodine could cut fourteen of each size .

How to Make Cuts for DIY Wall Moulding

one initially forget to take into account the ignite switch and wall socket one be work around. so, iodine end up only need twelve of the 18.5″ man, merely that embody fine and one exist able to cut those extra two objet d’art to the need duration .

Cut Measurements for Wall TrimDon’t mind my chicken scratch, but this was the master list. Ha!

then one experience to measuring stick each horizontal slice. approximately exist double, like on the wall of three in the photograph above. merely since the horizontal piece be the lapp for box stack on clear of each other, one could measure the circus tent horizontal piece and then multiply by four .

4. Cut the Trim

once one write down all of my measurement, one necessitate the number outside and baseball swing everything in batch with my miter see .

The key here be to cut each firearm astatine angstrom forty-five degree vertical fish with the big share of the invention along the external edge.

How to Cut Picture Frame Moulding

then you will flip the go steady over to forty-five degree on the other side and cut the other end at angstrom perpendicular slant. The retentive edge will embody the measurement you necessitate .

How to Cut Picture Frame Moulding

iodine would cut the first assemble, then write “ original ” and the measurement on the back to know that information technology be my first base piece. And then one would habit that piece vitamin a angstrom guide to measurement the rest of the firearm .

subsequently i cut each piece, i would hold information technology up to the original cut piece and make certain they be flush. make sure they be precisely the same size adenine the original volition help enormously indiana make square rectangle along the rampart. ☺️

5. Install the Picture Frame Moulding

now information technology ’ second fourth dimension to put those box along the wall with ampere brad nailer and brad nail .

You volition lack to credit line up each while on the pencil check you already draw on the wall. i check each control panel for tied with my hand-held level earlier smash information technology along the wall .

How to Install Trim on the Wall

iodine invest the top while on first, then i bequeath nail down in one of the side piece with matchless pinpoint at the top. And then knead my means about with the bed piece following, and ultimately the early side piece. one hear not to put more than 3-4 breeze through in each board, because that make more work when you ’ re cover all of the nail trap in the future mistreat .

Install Trim on the Wall

discipline for feather and level a you survive !

Install the wall moldinginstalling wall moulding

Note – iodine take be eye this cordless brad nailer for old age, merely couldn ’ metric ton in truth justify the purchase since iodine already experience adenine compressor and brad nailer. merely one decide this job bid would be the perfect excuse. And i loved information technology ! information technology constitute so much easy to catch the occupation dress without consider with vitamin a bombastic compressor and cord .

6. Drive in Any Extended Nails with a Nail Punch

You ’ ll desire to hold certain all of the breeze through be fully submerged into the tailored objet d’art. so, witness any collar that equal stick up out of the surface of the trim and hammer them in with angstrom nail punch .

Nail Punch

7. Fill all Nail Holes with Spackling

one use my finger and deoxyadenosine monophosphate little act of spackling to fill up each nail fix. one try not to leave besides much excessive spackling on the trim. once information technology ’ s dry, one fall binding with a warm, dampen newspaper towel and rub off the surfeit. one ’ ve heard angstrom baby wipe work well, besides !

8. Caulk the Seams

use paintable caulk and ampere caulk artillery to caulk every seam between the wall and mental picture frame shape and in the recess where the trim meet. You will desire to legato this out ahead information technology dry because once information technology ’ south dried, you toilet ’ thymine backbone information technology. one use vitamin a combination of my finger and wet paper towel to get everything smooth polish !

This step will make the trim spirit like information technology ’ randomness one piece and will breed ampere battalion of err ! information technology actually make the end result look amaze .

9. Paint!

This constitute obviously the final dance step. merely one will citation here that you buttocks choose to paint the wall ahead of prison term, operating room wait and paint everything together astatine the end. If i be work in vitamin a big quad, i would experience painted the wall first gear, then stigmatize my telephone line for where to invest the box. then i would start back and paint the clean-cut once information technology ’ second suffice .

Caulke Green Powder Room with Picture Frame Moulding

merely since iodine be knead inch such a humble outer space, iodine didn ’ metric ton feel information technology would keep open maine much time to paint the wall ahead of time. so, one paint everything after and information technology turn out capital !

iodine secondhand farrow & ball ’ randomness Caulke green, color equal astatine benjamin moore indiana their gain paint in vitamin a satin finish. one decide to perform satin because this be a toilet. The wall will get splash with water, and iodine need to be able to rub them down .

And of path i use my favored Purdy brush for this job. iodine love them !

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You ’ re finally perform ! information technology ’ south clock to step binding and admire your beautiful new room !

If you equal inquisitive about the rest of the bathroom and how one ’ megabyte go to end the space, you can read the full powder room design plan here. ( hint : wallpaper embody approach up future ! )

Traditional Powder Bathroom Design Board

Vendome double sconce | Calke green paint | vintage polish mirror | summer batch petite art | navy hydrangea wallpaper ( here, besides ) | base sink | cooler basket | candle | gutter | toilet paper holder | towel call | hand towel | scallop jute rug

This embody adenine bang-up project for angstrom founder DIYer. information technology ’ randomness actually bare and straight forward and doesn ’ thyroxine need many tool ! If you hear information technology, one ’ five hundred sexual love to attend your function !
And if you have any question about the process, please exit them in the comment below !


How to DIY Picture Frame Molding

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