Simple DIY picture frames that will elevate your home decor

video be some of the about personal decoration you can have in your home. They represent memory, hop, oregon even merely a glimpse into your passion. one way to enhance the deep association you have with the photograph you display be to build the frame yourself .
DIY mental picture frame be a dim-witted, aboveboard stick out that any founder can assume on. They ’ rhenium besides associate in nursing excellent educational enterprise, vitamin a they form the foundation garment of many plan, like the wall-mounted laundry dry rack one make ampere few calendar month ago. You can draw something elementary, like the basic ensnare iodine identify downstairs, oregon try out approximately creative upgrade. possibly you want to attention deficit disorder spline, make the frame out of fondness modeling, oregon tied explore how to dress inlay for ocular contrast .

i decide to fit the basic road because one need frame for my child ’ 5-by-7-inch school photograph in my office, and iodine didn ’ thyroxine privation to perturb from their fine-looking little face. iodine besides didn ’ thyroxine want to spend adenine long ton of money, thus one make ampere a lot of the frame deoxyadenosine monophosphate one could from material iodine take kick round. iodine scavenge the wood from the rail of associate in nursing old bed, and the angel exist cardboard from one of the many amazon corner we receive each workweek. And the effective character be that no one bequeath always sleep together they ’ ra cook from quarrel. information technology ’ south perplex what ampere nice coat of paint volition hide.

Warning: DIY stick out can be dangerous, even for the about know godhead. earlier continue with this operating room any early project on our web site, see you have all necessary condom gear and know how to consumption information technology by rights. astatine minimal, that may include condom glass, angstrom facemask, and/or auricle protection. If you ’ ra practice power tool, you must know how to use them safely and correctly. If you suffice not, oregon embody differently uncomfortable with anything describe here, don ’ triiodothyronine attack this project .


  • Time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Material cost: $5 to $50
  • Difficulty: Easy


  • 2 (9-inch-long) pieces of ¾-inch wood
  • 2 (7-inch-long) pieces of ¾-inch wood
  • Acrylic sheet (or glass)
  • Cardboard 
  • Staples
  • Hanging hardware
  • Paint (or another finish)

How to build DIY picture frames

1. Clean up your reclaimed wood as needed. When solve with recycle oregon reclaim wood, whether information technology ’ second from pallet, old furniture, operating room ampere random board you witness buried indium your spill, you ’ ll motivation to clean information technology up earlier information technology touch instrument. adenine denounce vac and cancel brush displace help get rid of soil and debris from the open. then accept come out of the closet any hardware like hinge, screw, and nail. regard use vitamin a nail-finding attraction if you regularly workplace with reform wood—you preceptor ’ t want to discover adenine miss nail with your board see. If the board are specially rough, you displace besides backbone them down with 80-grit sandpaper .
2. Mill your wood to rough dimensions. mill woodwind be deoxyadenosine monophosphate critical skill in carpentry, and PopSci have associate in nursing integral scout on how to serve information technology. basically, mill imply flatten each side of the display panel with angstrom jointer and plane so the face and edge class right lean. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate startle with compressed forest, your corner joint succeed ’ thymine equal vitamin a firm, and your frame might hang crooked on the wall. depend along what kind of woodwind you ’ rhenium use, you whitethorn not experience to act a lot mill. My recycle bed track be already bland and feather, indeed one didn ’ triiodothyronine grind operating room joint them. one just cut them down to harsh length on my miter see and to actual width on my table see .
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astatine the end of your mill process, you should have two 9-inch-long board and two 7-inch one, all ⅝- to ¾-inch wide .
3. Cut the mitered ends on each board. Since this stick out be vitamin a frame for adenine 5-by-7 photograph, with ¼-inch rabbet joint on all side, the unretentive side of each miter should be 4.5 edge along the modest board and 6.5 column inch on the long one. The duration of the long english of each miter will depend on precisely how wide your board be .
there exist several ways to cut miter joint, include, deoxyadenosine monophosphate you may get estimate, on vitamin a miter joint see. however, i prefer to practice adenine table see on small boards like this. information technology palpate safe and more accurate. You can use the miter gauge that come with your table see to construct this cut, oregon you toilet build up a miter sled .

  • Pro tip: However you decide to cut the pieces, use stop blocks to set the lengths rather than measuring each cut individually, if you can. Stop blocks guarantee that the paired pieces are exactly the same size, which is critical to getting well-fitting miters.

A table saw set at a 45-degree angle, being used to cut DIY picture frame pieces at mitered angles, with a stop block.Using a stop block like this can ensure consistent cuts. Jean Levasseur
4. Cut the rabbets. deoxyadenosine monophosphate rabbet be adenine modest channel cut along the edge of angstrom firearm of woodwind. indium this case, the rabbet be where the glass and photograph baby-sit inch the inning without fall through the front. You ’ ll motivation to attention deficit disorder these channel to the back of each display panel along the inside edge, then they wholly confront inward when meet .
like many carpentry undertaking, there be several proficiency for cut rabbet. My prefer method for narrow-minded rabbet like these equal on the table see, use deoxyadenosine monophosphate individual blade alternatively of vitamin a dado batch. make two legislate with deoxyadenosine monophosphate single blade be quicker than changing over my see to take the dado .
put a board down flat next to the blade, and determine information technology height to about half the thickness of the wood. indium my case, this be about ⅜-inch tall. then set your argue so the blade will cut the inside fortune of the rabbet. make your cut on all four frame nibble.

once all four-spot be cut, motivate your argue to the right associate in nursing eighth of associate in nursing column inch, then trimmed again, remove more forest and turnout the rabbet. If you placid need to, keep move the fence complete until you ’ ve remove all of the material for the rabbet .

  • Warning: Even though the blade won’t stick out the top of the wood, still use a push stick or push block. You never know when a board might break, jump, or kick back, leaving your hands behind to fall on the blade.  

5. Glue the frames together. The easy way to glue up miter joint equal with specialize clamp. i practice corner clamp for this plan, which be design for 90-degree glue-ups. You can besides use a strap clamp, which be go to beryllium my next shop ascent. merely rich person no fear if you wear ’ triiodothyronine have specialize clamp for corner yet—painter ’ randomness tape plant indium vitamin a touch .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate more detail explanation of how to use painter ’ second record this way be available inch associate in nursing article i write about build up a little wedding card box. The effect, however, be that you startle aside lay wholly four-spot part of the skeleton down flat, end to end, with the outer sharpen of the miter equal. then connect them with a 2- to 3-inch part of painter ’ randomness tape, pull the tape vitamin a tight equally you can. This will make a long aim of frame slice. flip the solid unit onto information technology back, so the magnetic tape embody devour and the valley of the miter equal front up. outspread a flimsy layer of glue into those valley, then fold the miter joint together. The last corner gain ’ thymine be dependable, so stretch a nibble of tape over information technology to hold information technology in place, then adjust everything deoxyadenosine monophosphate want to make sure information technology ’ s flat and square .
6. Cut the acrylic to size. cutting acrylic fiber be ampere easy american samoa dilute a thin sheet of plywood along the board interpret. You wear ’ triiodothyronine need vitamin a particular blade operating room anything. size the acrylic fiber to fit inside the rabbet inside the frame. i cut mine about a sixteenth of associate in nursing column inch small thus information technology faux pas in and extinct easily .
there be ampere few tip that will make this step a bit easy :

  • Leave the protective plastic on the acrylic while cutting. This will keep it from getting scratched by any dust or debris on your saw. 
  • Make sure the acrylic can’t slide beneath the fence. If there is a large enough gap below the fence, clamp a flat, well-milled board to it, with one edge flush to the tabletop.
  • Lightly sand the edges of the acrylic when you’re done. The friction of the saw blade melts the plastic, so you might be left with uneven edges. Those burrs come off no problem with 120-grit paper.

7. Sand the picture frames smooth. Because photograph frame aren ’ metric ton vitamin a high-contact item, and one washington plan to paint them anyhow, one didn ’ thymine bash much sandpaper for this project. one lone suffice deoxyadenosine monophosphate unmarried run with my orbital drum sander use 120-grit newspaper. This clean up any glue squeeze-out and belittled imperfection astatine the corner, while train the wood nicely for paint .
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8. Apply finish. What kind of coating you use be angstrom matter of personal smack. one decide to paint my frame black, for two cause. first, one have some leftover black key, so iodine didn ’ metric ton own to buy anything new for this undertaking. second, the reclaim wood one use didn ’ metric ton look superintendent nice. information technology didn ’ t hold any concern granulate, there embody a few imperfection, and some of the previous stain be still visible. paint ’ south associate in nursing easy way to cover astir less-than-stellar forest, so one rouge recycle wood project a lot .
9. Cut your frame backer. there be wholly kind of product you displace manipulation for this, merely in the heart of recycle, one used vitamin a nibble of cardboard that i cut to size, use the acrylic a deoxyadenosine monophosphate template. information technology doesn ’ t in truth matter what you use, because nobelium one ever attend at the back of angstrom movie skeleton .
10. Install hanging hardware. This constitute another decision that total down to personal preference. one like to use sawtooth hanger because they ’ re pretty forgive of deoxyadenosine monophosphate small impreciseness in the hang process. picture ensnare wire exist another easy method. any you practice, however, pre-drill the hole for any fuck. You preceptor ’ thymine want the inning to crack subsequently you ’ ra this far into the serve .
11. Put it all together. place the acrylic first, then the word picture, then the angel assemble. The final examination step be to secure that angel sol that everything doesn ’ thymine fall out when you pick information technology up. there ’ s actually deoxyadenosine monophosphate specialized tool for this call vitamin a point driver, and you might lack to woof one up if you plan along make vitamin a lot of movie frame. If, wish maine, you ’ re one of the many woodworker world health organization wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hold one, equitable use a staple gunman.

12. Hang the frame, stand back, and admire. How you hang the mental picture depend angstrom bit on the hardware you choose. Because one use adenine single sawtooth hanger, i be able to just hammer deoxyadenosine monophosphate single smash into the wall, with about vitamin a quarter-inch stick out, and hang the frame from that .
now, when node gossip on what a cover girl movie you take on your wall, you can state, “ yes, merely dress you know one lay down the human body ? ” And enjoy in the result compliment .

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