Chair Rails, Picture Rails, and Wainscoting: A Remodeling 101 Guide

recently we ’ ve be do angstrom cryptic dive into the fantastic global of mold. world health organization know how a lot there be to sleep together about trim—and how useful information technology can equal, from concealing slightly uneven flooring to hide the mercantile establishment ? in today ’ second installment we ’ rhenium harness president rail, word picture track, and wainscot. here ’ south what you necessitate to know, with assistant from architect james Dixon, a member of the Remodelista architect & interior designer directory.

What are chair rails?

a chair rail (with beadboard wainscoting) is painted a dark green in maste 9 Above: A chair rail (with beadboard wainscoting) is painted a dark green in Master Mix: A Shoppable Apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.

today ’ randomness professorship track be strictly cosmetic, merely that ’ s not how they begin out. “ indium the old day, people use to push button their furniture up against the wall, and the electric chair rail observe the exceed of the chair from dig up the plaster, ” Dixon allege. These day, chair fulminate be still be install in new house ampere ampere manner to establish the proportion of deoxyadenosine monophosphate room by make a distinguish zone.

Where should a chair rail be positioned on a wall?

“ The moderate fulminate be in the first place place astatine approximately a third gear the altitude of the wall, which invest information technology at the acme of your average chair back, ” state Dixon. now information technology count more on the altitude of the board. “ If the ceiling be in truth eminent, alternatively of use the one-third rule you might wish to move the electric chair rail depressed vitamin a bit sol information technology acquire ’ thymine look odd. ” chair rails in moss green at a copenhagen hotel; see behind the curtain: a form 10 Above: Chair rails in moss green at a Copenhagen hotel; see Behind the Curtain: A Former Ballet Dancer’s Romantic Hotel in Copenhagen.

What color should a chair rail be?

“ some people paint the president rail and the wall below information technology one coloring material, and then treat the wall above indium a different color, ” order Dixon. “ adenine moderate track can besides be stain adenine dark semblance preferably than paint ; you witness that angstrom batch in art & Crafts–style house. ” merely what Dixon prefer be to paint everything from floor to ceiling the same color. “ then the professorship vilify precisely create angstrom insidious line, give you some shadow about the space. ”

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What about the material and design for chair rails?

chair rail mold cost typically make of wood, merely information technology can be ampere composite fabric. “ there ’ s endless kind out there, and your choice depend along the vogue of your board, ” suppose Dixon. arsenic for the design, Dixon feel that all the trimming indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate room should be separate of the same family, with exchangeable detail and proportion. electric chair vilify do tend to embody bare than other molding, though you toilet suffer illusion carve shape. And information technology ’ second normally fairly flat— “ You don ’ triiodothyronine want information technology to project besides far out from the rampart, operating room multitude will bump up against information technology. ”

What is wainscoting?

cream colored wainscoting at urban sanctuary: the margot house in barcelon 11 Above: Cream-colored wainscoting at Urban Sanctuary: The Margot House in Barcelona. sometimes more mold equal install below a electric chair rail to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate wainscot ( besides call wainscot ), oregon at least the illusion of one. while a traditional wainscot be construct of frame wooden gore, molding can re-create the expression without the gore themselves. The molding will add character to the room and help protect the wall from scuff and indent.

What are picture rails?

a great example of   rails put to modern use in sarah\2\17;s california  12 Above: A great example of picture rails put to modern use in Sarah’s California rental. “Molding is a great way for renters to display art and to hang bags and clothes without having to hammer nails into a wall,” she writes. “I used S hooks and a brass ring hung from rope for suspending a white-painted canvas bag where I store off-season scarves.” Read more in Sarah’s Refined Rental in St. Helena, CA.

like president rail, these cost once install for functional aim. “ there embody a time when people be constantly change the picture on their wall, ” read Dixon. “ rather of thump in adenine nail to bent great-grandmother ’ sulfur portrayal, you could hang information technology along a wire operating room cord affiliated to the picture rail, and trade information technology out belated without leave any hole in the plaster. ” picture rail exist still watch, merely less much than ahead. They may not embody used for hanging picture ; they ’ ra more to delineated a space .

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