Are Cheese Nips Discontinued? (2022 Updated)

Cheese Nip Crackers

cheese Nips are a beloved cheddar-cheese-flavored, crisp bite that has become increasingly difficult to find on retail store shelves .
however, since 2020, a broad variety of products have besides become increasingly difficult to find with many companies placing the blame on covid-related shortages.

It has become unmanageable for fans to identify if the nosh has been discontinued or is experiencing a deficit due to supply chain issues, transportation problems, increasing demand, or other reasons .
Have Cheese Nips been discontinued, or can fans hope for a refund in the dear future to store shelves ?

Are Cheese Nips Discontinued?

Cheese Nips

Yes, cheese Nips were discontinued in 2020 after having been recalled earlier in 2019 due to harmful substances found in specific packages of the bite .
The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ), along with Mondelez Global LLC, announced the recall and stated that anyone should discard any merchandise they may have .
One informant of confusion regarding the discontinuance may be because Canada sells Ritz Cheese Nibs, the canadian translation of tall mallow Nips .
additionally, the packaging between the United States Cheese Nips and the canadian Cheese Nibs is very like, and after a agile glance, the consumer may not see a noticeable remainder between the boxes .
There is a request on to bring back the democratic bite, and as of the time of this spell, the prayer has reached 1,069 signers .
There are comments on the prayer from fans who have strong feelings for the nosh, with some comments even stating that their love for the nosh aided the individual during a time of depression, post-traumatic stress perturb, injury, and pregnancy cravings .

Why Were Cheese Nips Discontinued?

Cheddar Flavor Cheese Nips

It is indecipherable why Nabisco, under Mondelez International ’ mho steering, discontinued the bite .
There does not appear to be an official statement from Nabisco or Mondelez International regarding the merchandise being discontinued .
Although Nabisco ’ s social media pages did make an official announcement a year prior with the data about the recall .
In the lapp post about the recall, Nabisco responded to respective comments after the discontinuance stating that Cheese Nips are nobelium longer available, but that they would forward fans ’ comments to the Nabisco team .
In March 2020, before the product was discontinued, Nabisco responded to a comment on their Facebook cover photograph asking when tall mallow Nips would be second in lineage .
They stated that, at that bespeak, they were silent making the merchandise but due to the supply chain challenges of the pandemic and requirement, the handiness of tall mallow Nips was a bit limit .
The decision to discontinue the product may have been due to a disengagement from the recall bet on in 2019, combined with the challenges experienced during the Coronavirus pandemic, and a decrease in demand .

Mondelez International

Mondelez International

Mondelez International is a ball-shaped bite company, with operations in more than 80 countries .
Mondelez operates Nabisco, which was the owner of Cheese Nips .
The company operates iconic brands such as Oreo, Belvita, Sour Patch Kids sugarcoat, Triscuit, and Trident gumwood .
Their purpose is “ … to empower people to snack right. … That means delivering a broader range of delectable, high-quality snacks that nutrify life ’ sulfur moments, made with sustainable ingredients and packaging that consumers can feel estimable about. ”
They operate by their nosh Made Right motto, which is their commitment to leading the future of snacking by creating and distributing the right snacks, made for the properly here and now, and made the right way .

Cheese Nips Recall

Box of Cheese Snacks

In 2019, Nabisco voluntarily recalled choice boxes of tall mallow Nips due to potential credit card contamination .
In the FDA ’ s announcement, the contaminant involved modest food-grade jaundiced credit card pieces that were from a boodle scraper .
The company suspected contaminant after employees began to notice yellow formative pieces on the fabrication equipment .
The packages that were specified in the recall included 11-ounce boxes of cheese Nips that contained the exhalation dates May 18 through May 20, 2020, with the software UPC 0 44000 03453 5 .
The recall was for shipments of boxes that had been distributed across the nation .
The Food and Drug Administration stated on its locate that it had not received any reports of illness or injury that was traced to the recalled products .
It is important to note that the FDA ’ s web site on this subject is entirely current as of 11/20/2019 .

Other Notable Mondelez International Recalls

Mondelez International headquarters

Besides the recall of Cheese Nips products in 2019, the company has a history of voluntarily recalling a few other products from their brands .
specifically, Mondelez announced a recall of Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies in early 2019 due to an unexpected and unidentified coagulated ingredient in their 13-oz size cookie packages .
interestingly, the original press unblock from Mondelez International regarding this recall has been removed from their site .
however, Chips Ahoy ! confirmed the hark back on their chitter page .

One comment on the tweet was from an upset drug user who said she had purchased a package of the cookies a month before the official recall .
merely after the Twitter drug user ’ randomness son had eaten half of the box did she notice that there were cryptic ashen or clear substances in the cookie buffet that did not appear normal .
Another recall by Mondelez International happened in 2018 after choose Ritz Cracker Sandwiches and Ritz Bitz products contained likely traces of salmonella .
The whey powder that is used in the Ritz products was recalled by the supplier due to the potential for salmonella to be contaminating the powder.

This particular Ritz recall was for a big variety of their Ritz products, as listed on the FDA ’ s web site .
It affected their products in the one to 10-ounce size roll with “ best when used by ” dates ranging from January to April 2019 .
At the time of the FDA ’ s announcement of the echo, they had not had any reports of illness or injury due to consumers having eaten the product .
however, they warned that likely english effects of ingesting Salmonella-infected products included fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomit, and abdominal annoyance .
salmonella exposure may besides lead to more serious illnesses in the bloodstream, arterial infections, endocarditis, and arthritis .
While a recall is never an ideal site and much has negative impacts on the clientele entity, it is always the best decision to accurately and timely reputation the situation to the FDA for allow action .

Best Practices For Recalling Food Products

best practice

A food recall involves the removal of a particular food item ( s ) from the marketplace that are discovered to violate FDA regulations .
The FDA works with industry and submit partners to publish significant bid releases to the public see recalls that may cause significant risks to consumers .
If interested in viewing current or by FDA public statements, view the Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts page for an update list .
It is crucial to note that not all companies choose to work with the FDA to announce a recall, if the intersection is not an FDA-registered food item, drug, animal health intersection, biologics, medical device, or cosmetic, the company may still complete a recall on their own .
additionally, the FDA does not regulate meat, domestic fowl, or processed egg products .
These products are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) .

Why Should A Food Item Be Recalled?

thinking woman

There are a variety of reasons for a food detail to be recalled .
One rationality is that the item was contaminated with microorganisms that may cause disease, including bacteria, viruses, or parasites .
additionally, foreign objects, such as break glass, metallic element, or fictile fragments, found in the food or box will require a recall .
last, the failure to identify on the product ’ s label that it contains an allergen like peanuts or shellfish should be voluntarily recalled .
In some instances, if the trade name cooperates with the FDA, the irreverence may be able to be corrected, and items can be redistributed to retailers .
It is well practice for a stigmatize or company to contact the FDA when they believe an detail they have distributed contains a contaminant that should indicate the need for a recall .
If you, as the customer, believe you have purchased an item that was recently recalled, it is important to clean surfaces of your home that would have had contact with the contaminated food item .
additionally, recalled food can often be returned to the retailers where it was purchased for a refund. If the retailer is unable to process a refund, qualify of the food .
If you have extra questions, check out “ Food Recalls : What You Need To Know. ”

Nutrition Facts Of Cheese Nips

Cheese flavored small square crackers

If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, it is important to know what ingredients are found within the foods you eat .
According to Nutritionix, the ingredients in cheese Nips include :

  • Unbleached enriched flour
  • Canola oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Sea Salt
  • Malted Barley Flour
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Salt
  • Yeast

Alternatives To Cheese Nips

Small box of Cheez-It

If you were a longtime lover of Cheese Nips you may be looking for an option crunchy, bum nosh to fulfill that crave .
here are some alternatives that were recommended to this Reddit User :

  • Cheez-Its
  • Better Cheddar
  • Gold Fish
  • Ritz Cheese Crispers
  • Aldi Savoritz Cheese Crispers
  • Target’s Market Pantry Baked Cheese Squares
  • Amie’s Cheddar Bunnies

What Is The Difference Between Cheese Nips And Cheez-Its?

Cheez Its

tall mallow Nips and Cheez-Its are so similar in name, yet the flavorer between the two is very different .
Every person ’ s taste buds are unlike, consequently, what may be a tasty treat to one person is not american samoa enjoyable to another .
The main deviation appears to be that cheese Nips tend to be saltier and drier than Cheez-Its .
The argument about which nosh is best is wildly controversial .
The Tampa Bay Times did its own taste quiz, and the writer stated that Cheese Nips had a “ bitter, about burn taste and a flimsy texture that flakes alternatively of crumbs. ”
Bon Appetit ranked 11 brands of tall mallow crackers to crown its own darling cheddar-flavored nosh .
The staff at Bon Appetit tasted each sword and completed their rankings based on whether or not the crackers fit their platonic ideal of a tall mallow firecracker .
They besides asked themselves if the crackers had an addictive quality that would entice them to eat an entire box in one seance .
last, they considered salt, cheesiness, and crunch in their final examination rankings .
In the concluding rankings, tall mallow Nips came in at phone number seven .
Bon Appetit described cheese Nips as being acerb and having inferior cheddar spirit .
The texture was not appealing to the taste testers, as the bite fell aside easily.

Cheez-It Grooves came in third place, and the original Cheez-Its got first place in the final rankings .
Bon Appetit taste testers stated that Cheez-Its were the best crackers, with a superior blend of strategic arms limitation talks, artificial and real number tall mallow flavorings, and a full crush .
however, as Twitter reminds us, there are distillery many people throughout the United States who prefer tall mallow Nips and wish for their eventual fall to the store shelves despite them having been discontinued back in 2020 .

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