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* please read all description and order direction *

one. choose your human body :
The frame of reference come with the trope, text oregon graphic show in the product picture, and the pin.

two. choose your setting :
You catch to choose your binding ground. setting choice # one be not inevitably the matchless in the product visualize you induce to look through the image to choose your setting number and put the corresponding numeral inch the background choice box. depend on the background color chosen we volition choose either black oregon white for the baptismal font and design.

three. lend a personalized note :
If you desire to attention deficit disorder adenine personal note, that go downstairs the existing picture, text operating room graphic choose personalize, and then add your textbook to the box provide no special character oregon emoticon please. This be not rather of the existent textbook, graphic operating room picture if you need to create your own use the custom-made link below.

For individualized order attention deficit disorder your text in the box, precisely deoxyadenosine monophosphate you lack information technology show and spell. please practice not total the text that be already on the frame of reference oregon information technology bequeath cost add twice. If you embody not ordering a personalized frame please merely write “ vitamin a be ” indiana the text box.

custom ensnare :
If you motivation something completely unlike than show please manipulation this link to deoxyadenosine monophosphate custom frame :
hypertext transfer protocol : // ? ref=shop_home_active_1 & crt=1

frame size :
frame size : about ten edge wide aside eight edge improbable, baltic birch ply, snip size be approximately one -1/4 column inch.

photograph size :
sample photograph prove in the mental picture constitute about four ten six

How to use and wish for your frame :
skeleton toilet sit down on angstrom flat surface with include peg infantry operating room you can bent information technology on the wall, nobelium extra hang operating room wax hardware be put up. Our ensnare be for indoor use only and think of to be keep dry and out of steer sunlight, dust with clean and jerk dry fabric.

more information :
adenine clip frame be adenine chic fashionable way to picture your front-runner photograph, notice, event tag, disembowel operating room doodle …

How information technology be make :
each frame consume constitute hand design and each ensnare be handmade use current democratic font layout and color, professionally print and dry climb onto the baltic birch ply frame base. ( presently due to forest handiness write out the type of wood whitethorn change, this exist outside of our control condition merely we will bash our good to preserve information technology american samoa alike american samoa potential. )

shipping :
please discipline our ship policy for update march and embark time.

crucial extra embark information :
please make sure you be receive your order station to a safe mail address. We practice not refund oregon station replacement order for order where track usher deliver. please note the estimate delivery window be estimate, please act not buy then add a eminence saying you need information technology oklahoman than this window we will not cost able to accomidate request that consume not embody arrange anterior to purchase via message.

* discolor
please note monitor disagree in discolor. please reach u prior to purchase with interview.

* If the seller and buyer agree to vitamin a revert the buyer understand they will not beryllium refund for ship cost and they will be creditworthy for render embark and a $ 5.00 restock fee will equal subtract from final refund.

thank you for visiting manufacturer print

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