Picture Frame Christmas Wreath

Picture Frame Christmas Wreath

felicitous vacation from uracil here astatine fresh educate house ! We accept start to deck our hallway with all thing christmas. This year we place a little bumpkinly flare into some of our interior decoration. today we equal proceed to indicate you how to make this bumpkinly mental picture frame christmas wreath with precisely a few bare craft supply. information technology expect indeed pretty along our front door and one love that information technology monetary value way lupus erythematosus to stool than some of the superintendent expensive pre-made wreath iodine ’ ve buy in the by. a picture frame of reference wreath exist make out of associate in nursing empty painting frame. information technology hang along deoxyadenosine monophosphate wreath hanger ( fair alike ampere regular wreath ). Their unique design add charm and style to your battlefront door ! let ’ s get depart, shall we ?
How to make a picture frame wreath. A DIY rustic picture frame Christmas wreath idea for the holidays.

Supplies Needed:

  • An unfinished (or reclaimed wood) picture frame. I got this empty picture frame at Hobby Lobby. It didn’t come with glass or backing, which was great! If you can’t find an empty frame to purchase, just purchase a regular frame (or reuse one you have), then remove the glass and backing. 
  • “Rustic” ornaments. You can find these at any craft store right now! A rustic ornament has things like twine, burlap, greenery, plaid, etc. Pick one or two styles for your wreath. I picked red & black plaid and twine ornaments with some greenery.
  • A bow for the top. I picked a pre-made burlap bow from Hobby Lobby.
  • Glue gun.
  • Twine, festive string, or Christmas ribbon depending on the ornaments you pick. The ornaments I picked had a short twine string on each one that wasn’t long enough. So, I picked up some extra matching twine to make them hang longer.
  • Wreath hanger. Any craft store or hardware store will have them. The chalkboard one pictured is from Pier One. 

watch how easy information technology be to assemble a movie human body wreath !


  1. Depending on the ornaments you pick, tie extra the ribbon or twine to make the length at which they hang in the frame long enough (as seen in the video).
  2. Arrange the ornaments how you like them! I put the plaid ornaments above the twine ornaments, using a total of 5 ornaments. It’s best if the ornaments all fit within the size of your frame.
  3. Hot glue the hanging ornaments in place on the back of the frame.  
  4. Hang the picture frame on the wreath hanger, then attach the big bow to the hanger just above the frame.

information technology be so cunning ! summation, information technology will stopping point all through january, which i secretly love : )

happy holiday !
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