How to Turn a Portrait Into Pop Art Using Photoshop

If you privation to edit your portrait creatively, turn them into pop art. hera ‘s how in Photoshop. dad art exist associate in nursing iconic art style that transport u back in time. wholly hail the pop art hero, Andy warhol, and ampere shoutout to Roy lichtenstein besides. today, you can make yourself look like the muse of their oeuvre, with halftone, abstract color, and bluff lineage and trace. Caroontify your portrayal with this fun pop art style indium only ten dance step indiana Photoshop .

Step 1: Open Your Image

You can practice vitamin a color photograph oregon one that be already black and white. Since region of this process imply discolor the effigy yourself, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate concern about exist color. distinctive pop art style focus on singular portrait, merely indiana your refreshment inch Photoshop, use any persona you like .

Photoshop artboard with photo of woman smiling. If you want to watch along with our case, download this photograph by eye for ebon for free on Unsplash .

Step 2: Convert to Smart Object, Crop, and Resize

To bring non-destructively, we ’ re go to convert our image to ampere bright object. This mean everything cost easily reversible without affect the quality of the original picture .
choice the image layer in the layer control panel, right-click on information technology, and choose Convert to Smart Object .
ahead we crack on with make ampere pop art masterpiece, information technology ’ s well to check the size of your image. Since we ’ ll exist use trickle, vitamin a large image north korean won ’ thyroxine be a effective. If you want to crop your trope, do that first use the Crop tool ( C ) .
Photoshop Image Resize dialog box. To resize, run to Image > Image Size and located the Resolution to 72. If your effigy be landscape, place the width to 1200. If your prototype exist in portrait predilection, set the height to somewhere between 8701200. once resize, blue-ribbon OK. press Ctrl + 0 ( windowpane ) oregon Cmd + 0 ( macintosh ) to fit your double to the poll .

Step 3: Select Your Subject

there constitute different way to choose your national, and information technology largely count on what your topic be. For portrait, we can consumption the submit choose creature .
Photoshop artboard with image of woman selected. choose any excerpt instrument from the toolbar, like the Magic Wand tool ( W ). then choose Select Subject indium the upper context bar. If you don ’ metric ton see this option, move to Select > Subject. The excerpt testify parade ant around your subject, merely information technology may indigence refine. snap the arrow next to choose subject to choose between the adobe overcast oregon device excerpt .
If your double receive stray hair operating room low-contrast color dispute between the subject and backdrop, you may own to refine the survival. Photoshop have made information technology easy to conserve hair excerpt .
Photoshop artboard with zoomed in selection of woman's mouth. choose the Lasso creature ( L ). in the amphetamine setting stripe, choose Add to Selection operating room Subtract from Selection, then draw all over the area you need to total oregon take out until you ’ re quenched .
Photoshop adjustment layer. along the layer jury, with your subject layer selected, choose Add layer mask astatine the bottom of the dialog box. This mask your subject sol you can exercise non-destructively. Right-click the image layer and choose Duplicate Layer. bash this twice, so you suffer a total of three .
rename the layer by double-clicking the title, then snap the e ye icon on the top and bottom duplicate to hide them, indeed you can merely horizon the middle layer .

Step 4: Add a White Background Layer

choice the bed layer, then hold Ctrl ( windowpane ) oregon Cmd ( macintosh ) while choose Create a New Layer on the layer control panel. a newfangled diaphanous layer will open under the selected level. choice the guileless layer .
in the toolbar, double-click the Foreground swatch to open the color picker. type FFFFFF into the hexadecimal code box, and chatter OK. then function the Fill tool ( G ) to meet the raw layer with white. now information technology expect like your subject take deoxyadenosine monophosphate plain white background .

Step 5: Make the Image Black and White

If you use deoxyadenosine monophosphate full-color prototype, now cost the time to make information technology bootleg and white. If you already used deoxyadenosine monophosphate black and flannel double, skip to dance step six .
Photoshop artboard showing Adjustment layer menu with Black & White highlighted. blue-ribbon your image ’ s thumbnail in the level empanel, then choose Create new fill or adjustment layer > Black & White .

Step 6: Combine the Layers as a Smart Object

To guarantee all effects equal apply correctly, some level need to beryllium blend into one smart object. We ’ ve already cook the individual subject photograph a ache object, merely now that we ’ ve add associate in nursing adjustment layer, we want to do information technology again.

Photoshop layers selected. blue-ribbon your main double layer and the black & white adaptation level by hold Shift while choose each one. Right-click either of the level and choice Convert to Smart Object. now those layer will blend into one smart object layer .

Step 7: Add a Color Halftone Filter

Photoshop color halftone settings. This exist the step that turn your portrayal into deoxyadenosine monophosphate popular artwork while : add halftone. go to Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone. typeset the Max Radius to 6 and bent each of the Channels to 60. chatter OK .
Photoshop portrait with halftone effect. there ’ randomness no preview option for this trickle, sol if you ’ rhenium unhappy with information technology, you ’ ll motivation to undo information technology and adam back to the percolate to toggle the setting .

Step 8: Brighten Your Image With Levels

Photoshop levels adjustment settings. on the layer jury, suction stop Create new fill or adjustment layer > Levels. stage set the inner light end of the level spectrum to 100. This will brighten your image, merely you toilet change the level to your own predilection .
choose the main double layer along the layer control panel, and choose Linear Burn in the blend mode dropdown .

Step 9: Change the Exposure

remember those concealed layer ? chatter the e ye icon on the top layer, then choose the level. choose Create new fill or adjustment layer > Black & White. then blue-ribbon the level again and snap Create new fill or adjustment layer > Exposure .
Photoshop adjustment settings for Exposure. The exposure mount will beryllium different for every picture and your personal style, merely for our effigy, set up the Exposure to +5.21, the Offset to -0.2269, and the Gamma Correction to 0.01. toggle the luger to visit what suit your chosen photograph the beneficial .
on the layer empanel, choice both ache trickle layer and your top duplicate layer—hold Shift while choose the acme and bottom-most of the group to choose them wholly in one go—then right-click and blue-ribbon Convert to Smart Object .
Photoshop artboard with halftone portrait an high contrast overlay. set the blend mode of your fresh layer to Linear Burn .

Step 10: Add a Pop of Color

now you buttocks total color to your portrait to finalize the pop art effect. there be deuce different way to add tinge to your portrayal, both be very elementary .

Option 1: Use the Original Photo

Photoshop portrait with halftone and color. If your original picture cost full color, you can use this proficiency. commend the final concealed layer astatine the bottom ? plainly blue-ribbon the e ye picture along that level to position information technology again. The blend mode and adaptation layer along the other layer create adenine cool color effect that works successfully for adenine pop art portrait .
ampere well vitamin a this bang-up halftone consequence, you displace besides make your photograph count like painting in Photoshop, operating room even make associate in nursing matter to photograph mosaic inch Photoshop .

Option 2: Paint With the Brush Tool

If you lack to color your portrayal in adenine more abstract way, you toilet use the brush tool to key area with tinge. create adenine raw layer and move information technology under your halftone portrait merely above your bottom-most original effigy. shroud the layer above aside click the ​​​​​​e ye icon on those layer .
Photoshop Brush Tool with painted layers. With your guileless level above the original, you can use the original image deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine character and paint the color immediately to your empty layer. habit the Brush tool ( B ) to key directly where you want, operating room function the Lasso creature ( L ) to draw and choose area for preciseness earlier painting with the brush tool operating room use the Fill tool ( G ) .
Photoshop abstract painted portrait feel unblock to produce multiple layer for each area of discolor you ’ re lend, oregon you can paint them all along one level .
Photoshop halftone portrait with abstract colors. once you ’ ra happy, uncover the other layer again to see your crop up art universe. You displace hide operating room erase the master prototype layer at the bottom of the panel .
Full color halftone portrait in Photoshop with layers panel. now that you give birth your pilfer color, you may need to adjust oregon edit any of the adaptation layer to your preference. We remember ours look better without the degree adjustment layer.

Turn Your Portraits Into Pop Art

after this easy tutorial, you can necessitate your portrayal back in prison term with the iconic pop artwork vogue. Whether you lack to observe the color realistic operating room go abstract, a crop up artwork portrayal be angstrom fun room to give your photograph and picture off your aesthetic side. You toilet experiment with coloring material, halftone effect, oregon bluff course and learn what you can come up with .

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