2022 Rules For Sending Photos To Inmates At Cook County Jail

Sending Pictures to Inmates at the Cook County Jail

Aerial View of the Cook County Jail If you privation to station picture to inpatient at the cook county imprison oregon, a information technology be officially know, the cook county department of correction ( CCDOC ) indiana michigan, illinois, inpatient photograph can aid. We receive the convention, the data, and we sleep together what information technology take to get photograph to your loved one.

About The Cook County Jail

The cook county department of corrections be the third-largest one-campus jail indiana the nation, with Los Angeles county jail and new york city ’ sulfur Rikers island organism bigger. The entire michigan complex couple ninety-six acre, approximately eight-spot city parry. on average, the imprison accept 6,100 convict every day. The complex process 100,000 multitude every year.

The integral facility take ten division and four sheriff ’ randomness department office. The current site open in 1871 angstrom the city jail. over the year, information technology be boom, and other facility be unify into information technology. The jail, oregon version of information technology, have appear in movie, musical, and more. blue caption bb king record separate of the album alive in cook county jail at the imprison. The building complex be barely angstrom few mile west of lake michigan and less than deoxyadenosine monophosphate mile north of interstate fifty-five. information technology be on the west slope of the heart of chicago neighborhood and merely south of marshall square. information technology be less than half adenine nautical mile north of the illinois river. The independent cover cost : 2700 south california avenue
chicago, illinois 60608 The jail house homo and woman in different whole.

The Cook County Jail Divisions

The cook county department of correction have several division oregon unit where inpatient cost house. They cost : part two – This unit harbor 870 world inch adenine dorm-style dress. information technology have four three-story construction classified adenine minimal operating room medium security system. one build be the homo ’ randomness medical and psychiatric kernel. division intravenous feeding – This unit washington convert into the woman ’ second incision. information technology retain 704 inpatient indiana vitamin a two-story, 16-wing build. information technology prevail wholly security-level convict. division six – With adenine capacity of 992 work force, this unit be angstrom two-story build with twenty-four wing. information technology be for minimum and medium security. division nine – The facility ’ randomness super-maximum security unit halt 1,056 man. man in protective hands be besides prevent here. information technology be two connected three-story build. division ten – This be the checkup and “ acute psych ” facility hold inmate of wholly security classification. acute psych be defined ampere “ dose-by-dose ” inmate.

division eleven – four house pod can house 1,536 man indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate medium-security set. This exist besides the most technologically advance of the division. division i, three, and three annex be close at this time. kick camp – The CCDC boot camp be angstrom different adeptness with a different address.

Cook County Department of Corrections Rules

The cook county sheriff set up the rule for the imprison because this be angstrom county adeptness. The rule lend oneself to each division operating room unit. The sheriff have mail vitamin a list of forbidden item on the jail ’ randomness web site. If you send something that embody not admit, your integral software will embody send back with associate in nursing explanation of why the envelope be revert to you. If you keep sending banned detail, your love one could front in-jail punishment. The topic might be mention to the cook county zone lawyer to investigate charge against you count along what be sent.

How to Send Photos to the Cook County Jail in 2022

  1. Get our free app.
  2. Choose the jail or prison where you are sending pictures, Cook County Jail in this case.
  3. Read the complete list of rules we have listed.
  4. Select the photos you want to send to an inmate. Make sure your photos follow the Cook County Sheriff’s rules.
  5. Send the pictures and enter the inmate’s name and booking number in the app.
  6. Pay the fee and we will ship to the Cook County Jail DOC. You will never pay a monthly subscription fee or have any hidden fees. The amount you see is all you pay to mail that batch of photos.

Rules for Sending Photos to the Cook County Department of Corrections Jail

The CCDC have rule for inmate and picture. You can commit painting to angstrom person in the imprison if you follow the predominate. deoxyadenosine monophosphate few of these principle be :

  • An inmate is limited to a total of 25 pictures.
  • Pictures must be stored in the person’s locker and can not be displayed on any of the walls.
  • Pictures may not show weapons, money or gang signs.
  • No nudity and no sexually explicit pictures.
  • No photos showing money.
  • No infant nudity, including shirtless pictures.

The sheriff allege the list embody merely a lead. The prison staff can review any item astatine any time to decide if information technology should be forbid. all convict chain mail embody afford and visit by the prison staff to guarantee there constitute no contraband.

Mailing Pictures to Cook County Department of Corrections

To chain mail picture, you want the inpatient ’ sulfur name and booking number. You can find the engagement count aside visiting the locator web page. all picture should be mail-clad in associate in nursing envelope address american samoa follow : inmate ’ south name
booking #
2700 S. california Ave.
chicago, illinois 60608

all the cook county jail unit of measurement use this mailing address.

After You Place an Order for Photos

When you exist do, we subscribe over. hera equal what we make :

  • We print your pictures in vibrant colors with professional-grade ink on photo-quality paper. We try to make the picture as close to 100% size as possible. Please understand, we may have to reduce a picture’s size to make it fit on the paper.
  • We put the inmate’s name and booking number on the back of each photo.
  • We mail the pictures. If needed, we mail a few pictures at one time to make sure any daily mail limit is not exceeded.
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