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Choosing the arrant word picture window for your home includes deciding on the best type of glass, appropriate frame expressive style, and size area you want the window to be placed. These factors affect the cost, but the national average range for installing video windows is between $ 500 and $ 1,300. Most homeowners pay around $ 700 for a 6 foot x 4 foot window with double pane glass and an aluminum frame. Costs for this type of window run deoxyadenosine monophosphate low as $ 350 for a 3 metrical foot x 4 foot vinyl picture window with single paneling glass, standard frame, for a small open. Prices can reach american samoa high as $ 2,000 for a custom 8 animal foot x 4 foot wood-framed window with triple-pane, Argon gas-filled glass. mental picture windows are popular with homeowners as they provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors, complimentary from extra woodwind and separations. This kind of windows give you the best light in a room and create a more open concept in your home design. One of the biggest factors that affects the cost you pay for your picture window is the square footage. Homeowners pay between $20 and $54 per squarely foot, depending on the materials used for the undertaking. While you can have the size of your window customized to fit any size space, some sizes are more common. Below you will see some of the most coarse public square footage and the average monetary value range you can expect for each. Cost to Install a 12, 16, 18, 24, and 36 Sq.Ft. Picture Window

Cost to Install a 12, 16, 18, 24, and 36 Sq.Ft. Picture Window

Square Footage Average Cost (Installed)
12 sq.ft. $240 – $650
16 sq.ft. $320 – $860
18 sq.ft. $360 – $970
24 sq.ft. $480 – $1300
36 sq.ft. $720 – $1,940

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Picture Window Cost by Size

visualize windows come in a range of heights that range from one to eight feet, with widths that most often come in standard sizes such as 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 feet. While the smaller widths, such as three feet, start around $300 to $350, larger widths such as six feet start upwards of $500. The reason for this is that even though the altitude varies, the wide widths require a larger skeletal system, and the installer will be working with a more cumbersome assemble of glass. Below you will see some of the most park sizes and the modal price you can expect to pay for each. Picture Window Cost by Size: 3' x 5', 3' x 6', 4' x 4', 3' x 6', 4' x 8', 5' x 5', 6' x 4'... Picture Window Cost by Size: 3' x 5', 3' x 6', 4' x 4', 3' x 6', 4' x 8', 5' x 5', 6' x 4'...

Size Average Costs (Installed)
3′ x 5′ $300 – $810
3’ x 6’ $360 – $930
4’ x 4’ $410 – $980
4’ x 6’ $480 – $1,200
4’ x 8’ $510 – $1,230
5’ x 5’ $540 – $1,350
6’ x 4’ $560 – $1,480
6’ x 6’ $590 – $1,510
8’ x 8’ $620 – $1,680

Picture Window Cost by Material

One of the largest expenses associated with visualize window installation is the cost of the frame and methamphetamine. You pay anywhere from $200 to $1,150 for material entirely, depending on the skeletal system option you select. Each frame material had its own benefits, drawbacks, and aesthetic front. Below you will see the most common human body materials and the average cost you can expect to pay for each one. Cost of a Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Wood Picture Window Cost of a Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Wood Picture Window

Material Average Costs (Materials Only)
Vinyl $200 – $750
Aluminum $250 – $800
Fiberglass $550 – $1,600
Wood $600 – $1,900

Vinyl Picture Window

The material cost for a vinyl movie window runs between $200 and $750. It is much the least expensive option. While it is fairly durable, it will not frequently last equally farseeing as other types. Vinyl is a democratic choice ascribable to its low cost and easy alimony. They can easily be wiped clean if they become dirty, and they won ’ thymine crack or peel. The main drawback to this type for many homeowners is the fact that it is not easily paintable. To paint, you would need to sand it down inaugural, and it calm may not cover arsenic well .

Aluminum Picture Window

Installing an aluminum painting window costs around $250 to $800 for the material. Aluminum is a popular option for its modern look and reduce profile. They are lightweight, which provides a simple appearance. You can paint them to customize the color in your board. They don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate crack or peel with wear. The chief victimize of this character of frame is that it may stick when it expands .


Fiberglass painting window substantial costs between $550 and $1,600. Fiberglass frames besides have a slender profile and are democratic options for homeowners looking for a type that is durable and durable. Fiberglass-framed windows will not bend or warp. They will not crack or peel. They are besides paintable and energy-efficient. The merely drawback to this option is the cost .

Wood Picture Window

wood frame of reference movie windows are the most expensive type, running between $600 and $1,900. While they are one of the dearly-won options, they are aesthetically pleasing and available in several thicknesses and styles. They are paintable, durable, and provide good facility. The independent drawback besides the monetary value is that this character of frame can stick when it expands .

Picture Windows Price by Type of Pane

aside from the frame, the other main factor involved in the monetary value is the type of acid you choose. Panes come in a range of prices that are most much related to their level of efficiency. Basic panes will be less expensive but will not block out the sunlight ’ south rays or inflame as a lot. Others have particular construction or a coating to maximize their department of energy efficiency. Below are the costs for material for the most common type of paneling options. Cost of a Picture Window With Single Pane, Double Pane, Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Low-E Glass, Argon-Filled Glass, and Triple Pane Cost of a Picture Window With Single Pane, Double Pane, Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Low-E Glass, Argon-Filled Glass, and Triple Pane

Type of Pane Average Costs (Materials Only)
Single Pane $175 – $425
Double Pane $200 – $650
Tempered Glass $200 – $700
Laminated Glass $275 – $625
Low-E $375 – $850
Argon-Filled $400 – $875
Triple Pane $425 – $925

Single Pane Picture Window

The field glass for a single acid windowpane runs between $175 and $425 and is considered one of the most basic window types. The window is one layer of glass with one glazing. They tend to be found more often in older homes because they do not offer the choice of insulating material or noise decrease available with other types of glass. Yet, their first gear cost makes them appealing to some homeowners .

Double Pane Picture Window

You can expect to pay between $200 and $650 for the glaze on a double acid window. Double pane windows have two layers of glazing or glass and are often referred to as isolate glass. doubling panes have become the standard because the two pane designs with the in-between vent scoop create better insulating material. They are a great choice for those looking for better efficiency at a lower cost .

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is in the more chasten ranges of window looking glass and runs between $200 and $700. Tempered field glass is a form of safety glass created by putting field glass through a procedure involving heat and pressure. once tempered, the glass can however shatter, but it is a lot less likely to break when compared to regular glass. If it breaks, it is less likely to result in cuts .

Laminated Glass

You can expect to pay between $275 and $625 for laminate methamphetamine. Laminated glass is created when resin is bonded to two layers of glaze to make it five times stronger than traditional glass. It is designed to reduce the risk of gap from forced entrance, rocks, and even bullets. It is known for its ability to reduce noise and block UV rays .

Low-E Glass

Low-E methamphetamine is designed to reduce the total of sunlight and UV light entering the family. The glass alone runs between $375 and $850. Low-E stands for low emissivity, which translates to a lower sum of energy radiated by the methamphetamine. The glass is coated with a layer of metallic oxide, reducing energy personnel casualty between 30 % and 50 % .

Argon-Filled Glass

Argon-filled methamphetamine runs between $400 and $875 for the glass alone and is one of the more expensive window options. Argon-filled windows are most often double-paned but can be triple-paned with argon field glass filled in the ¼-inch space between the panes. This glass provides significantly better insulating material for wide windows than any early option .

Triple Pane Picture Windows

You can expect to pay anywhere between $425 and $925 for triple paneling photograph window glass, making it one of the most expensive options. Triple-pane glass is created by using three pieces of glass or glazing layers. In some cases, it is referred to as thermopane glass. This is by far the most energy-efficient window type and is highly durable. Get exempt estimates from picture window installers in your area

Picture Window Installation Cost

photograph window initiation costs run anywhere between $60 and $110 per hour, depending on the company ’ s hourly rate. typically, the initiation requires two to four professionals, depending on the size of the window. During the installation process, your professional prepares the area, which may involve adjusting the open. They will then place the window in, seal it, and put on the trim. typically, the methamphetamine will be cleaned after the procedure is complete. You can expect the entire process to take 45 minutes to an hour and a half .

Picture Window Replacement Cost

video window substitute costs per hour are slightly less, running from $40 to $90. Replacing a window is much cheaper as the area is already prepped, and often the original shave will be reused, a hanker as it is not damaged. They follow the same process as with the new initiation, except they start by removing the snip and the erstwhile window. The process takes one to two hours. It can take slenderly longer than a new install because it requires extra time for the shave and original glass to be removed. In cases where the pare can be used, you will find the total cost is lower. however, the labor is slightly higher than that of a newfangled initiation as the previous window will need to be removed, increasing the labor. Below you will see the average costs to replace each character of window, including british labour party. Cost to Replace a Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Wood Picture Window Cost to Replace a Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Wood Picture Window

Material Replacement Costs (Installed)
Vinyl $300 – $1,050
Aluminum $350 – $1,100
Fiberglass $650 – $1,900
Wood $700 – $2,200

Vinyl Picture Window Replacement

Vinyl windows are one of the least expensive windows, whether installing new ones or replacing existing ones. successor costs run from $300 to $1,050, depending on the size. ampere hanker as the vinyl skeletal system is in good condition, your professional can reuse it during the facility action. In a fresh install, you must purchase the window with the vinyl frame attached, increasing the overall costs. If planning to reuse the frame, it is a good mind to make indisputable it is clean well before the initiation march .

Aluminum Picture Window Replacement

aluminum windows are more cost-efficient to replace with an average cost of $350 to $1,100. In many cases, the aluminum frame will be removed with the window. The refilling window will be installed in the same way a new aluminum picture window would be installed, but the area will not need to be prepped in the lapp way as it would with a raw install ampere long as you are replacing it with the lapp size window. If the human body can be salvaged, your master will make sure it is cleaned to prevent corrode .

Fiberglass Picture Window Replacement

If you need to replace a fiberglass picture window, you can expect the replacement monetary value to be $650 to $1,900. The monetary value for fiberglass window replacement is high because the new substitute window will need to come with the skeleton attached, as fiberglass frames can not be reused. Your professional must remove the old facing and replace it with raw when putting your substitute fiberglass windowpane into rate .

Wood Picture Window Replacement

Replacing a wood visualize window is the most expensive and costs $700 to $2,200. The price of surrogate depends not lone on the size of the window but besides on whether you reuse the old forest pare. If the trim is in good condition and you want the same style, it can probable be salvaged. In some cases, it may benefit from sanding and restaining. If it is extremely careworn, damaged, or you want a newly look, it will need to be replaced with the window .

Cost to Replace Large Picture Window

A small picture window takes less than an hour to replace. however, a larger one may take one to two hours because the looking glass and frame are heavy and require a more claim fitting. In accession to this, larger windows require up to four individuals for the initiation process, putting your tug initiation costs at $200 to $300 per hour. extra individuals are frequently needed due to the slant of the glass. besides, larger windows typically require two people to hold it in invest while another one secures it. For this reason, the parturiency costs of removing an old bombastic photograph window and replacing it with a new one are between $400 and $600 .

New Picture Window Cost by Location

The placement of your picture window affects the total costs you will pay for the project. While labor costs won ’ triiodothyronine increase with installations in different rooms, you are probable to use certain sizes in certain areas, affecting the median costs. Below you will see the most coarse rooms to install this type of window and the average price you can expect to pay for your initiation. Cost to Install Picture Windows in the Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, and Living Room Cost to Install Picture Windows in the Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, and Living Room

Location Average Costs (Installed)
Bathroom $400 – $500
Kitchen $450 – $600
Bedroom $600 – $800
Living Room $800 – $1,500

Bathroom Picture Window

One of the least expensive places to install a photograph window is the toilet, with an modal price of $400 to $500. Since most bathrooms are little and necessitate privacy, movie windows will be humble circle or half-circle windows placed higher up on the wall. Having one of these windows in the toilet will let natural light in, which will make the bathroom nice and bright. typical sizes are 2 ’ x 2 ’ or smaller .

Kitchen Picture Window

A kitchen picture window sets you bet on between $450 and $600. Most kitchens are central to the house and require a lot of light since they can be used any meter of the sidereal day. typically, picture windows in the kitchen are chasten sized and often orthogonal or gravestone in supreme headquarters allied powers europe. They can increase the faint and add to the position, depending on where the outside wall is located. The size of the window depends on the size of your kitchen, but the most park sizes are 2 ’ x 3 ’ or 3 ’ x 4 ’ .

Picture Window in Bedroom

Bedroom word picture windows monetary value between $600 and $800 and come in diverse shapes, depending on your bedroom interior decoration. They tend to be medium-sized to larger, with popular styles being rectangles and tombstones with or without an arched top. This type of windows are popular in homes with a beautiful external view but can besides be chosen by homeowners who enjoy a well-lit bedroom. The average size run from 3 ’ x 4 ’ to 4 ’ x 6 ’ .

Picture Windows for Living Room

The living board is the most popular set to install a picture window and besides the most expensive. You can expect to spend between $800 and $1,500, depending on the size. When installed in the living room, this kind of windows are much used to enhance a view and provide the board with a meaning sum of light. Two of the most democratic styles in the survive room are big orthogonal ones or smaller tombstones. Sizes most normally used count on the space but are much 4 ’ x 6 ’ or larger. Find top-rated photograph windowpane facility companies

New Picture Window Cost by Brand

While size and location are important factors, the post of window you choose will besides have a significant bearing on the cost. Each trade name will typically have at least a basic guarantee and may vary slenderly by the vogue and trim options. Below you will see three of the most popular visualize windowpane brands and the average cost to have a window installed.

Cost to Install a Pella, Andersen, and Marvin Picture Window Cost to Install a Pella, Andersen, and Marvin Picture Window

Brand Average Costs (Installed)
Pella $450 – $1,185
Andersen $485 – $1,375
Marvin $900 – $1,400

Pella Picture Window Prices

Pella mental picture windows run between $450 and $1,185 installed, depending on the size and stylus you choose. They offer wood, fiberglass, and vinyl trims and respective energy-efficient glass options. While they do not have an aluminum-only snip photograph window, they offer an aluminum-clad woodwind option from their Reserve Series, which adds a unique and elegant look to any room. Pella backs their windows with a limited life guarantee, one of the strongest in the industry .

Andersen Picture Window Prices

The average cost of installing an Andersen picture window runs between $485 and $1,375, depending on the size and whether or not you need a custom-made suit. Anderson windows are known for their across-the-board range of trim offerings and window shapes and their ability to create custom windows for any location. On top of that, they have one of the most alone warranties in the industry. Their guarantee covers the window glass for up to twenty years and the non-glass items for up to ten. Yet, what makes their guarantee alone is that it will transfer with the house when sold .

Marvin Picture Window Cost

One of the most expensive brands is Marvin. You can expect to pay between $900 and $1,400 for a Marvin photograph window. The price depends on the size with Marvin windows and the window series you choose. Their least expensive serial is the Signature one, but hey besides have the Elevate Series, which is more tone down, and the Essential Series, which is the dearly-won. Each series offers different exterior trim options and glass choices. Warranties from Marvin are a fiddling unlike as each part will be covered under a unlike one. The field glass has a 20-year guarantee, the hardware has a 10-year guarantee, and the department of the interior facing has a 5-year guarantee .

Picture Window Styles

The monetary value to install a picture windowpane depends on the type of glass chosen, the desire inning style, and the size. The condition of the window has fiddling to do with the monetary value if you choose one of the standard options below. But choosing the right manner is significant as certain styles fit in with specific interior decoration motifs and themes and better fit and fill the distance where the window is being installed. Below you will see the common styles and when they are most normally used. Picture Window Styles: Half Circle, Arch Top, Full Circle, Octagon, Hexagon, Chord, Tombstone... Picture Window Styles: Half Circle, Arch Top, Full Circle, Octagon, Hexagon, Chord, Tombstone...

Half Circle

Half encircle picture windows are most normally seen in entryways with higher ceilings. These windows are normally placed high up on the wall and are designed to let in extra sunlight to brighten up these areas. In some cases, they provide a unique view from the stairwell .

Arch Top or Eyebrow

An arch circus tent photograph window, sometimes referred to as an eyebrow picture window, is similar in shape to a half set window but is used in conjunction with another window. This window type is most often placed over the top of a glass door in rooms where more natural light is needed .

Full Circle

Full lap video windows are typically used when you want to get some natural light into a board but don ’ t need a meaning sum. They are used in areas with cathedral ceilings, such as entryways and living areas, and are placed eminent up on the walls. They can be found in finish up attics when the room has been converted to a living space .


Octagon movie windows are used for their alone geometric shapes. This shape is besides often used high up on areas with cathedral ceilings though they can besides be found in hallway areas. The octagon shape fits in well with more modern interior decoration and is used to emphasize the root .


Hexagon movie windows are very exchangeable in design to octagon, though they are classifiable by having six sides rather of eight. They can be used in modern design styles and are besides popular in rooms with nautical themes as they can be evocative of the windows typically found on ships .


Chord picture windows are about no different than a half encircle window except that their stature tends to be lower. They are normally placed above other windows, whether another picture window or other style to enhance the look. They can be used in any room in the family where you would like to get a little more light in than the other window is providing .


gravestone windows are classifiable in their appearance by their rectangular base and rounded top, similar to that of a gravestone. These windows tend to be larger and are used in rooms where you want a significant total of natural faint. They fit in more with authoritative interior decoration and are chosen for their simple form and the still of finding windowpane treatments .


A trapezoid word picture window is a unique design, though not one normally used. Homeowners choose them when they are looking for more unique geometric patterns in their interior decoration. They can be used on their own as a window high on a wall but are more much used above a normal orthogonal window, with their hanker side butted up against the top .


A pentagon-shaped video window is another matchless less normally seen. It would be used in the lapp instances as you would an octagon or a hexagon-shaped one. They provide a unique search to entryways or cathedral ceilings or ferment to let light up into darkened hallways where wall space may be minimal .

Gothic Pentagon

The shape of a gothic pentagon word picture window is the same as a pentagon picture window. The primary deviation between the two is that the gothic pentagon window has a more flowery frame decorated in the gothic-era style. If you have gothic interior decoration in your home or a more flowery root, this option may suit you best .

Custom Picture Windows

Custom movie windows cost more than your standard size options, running between $900 and $2,500. The cause for the significant increase in cost is due to a few factors. The field glass has to be cut to the hope specifications, and you must purchase a custom-made frame to fit the dimensions. On top of the extra material costs, labor for facility costs you more as it might require more onsite preparation due to the unusual size or shape of the piece. spill to local pros to get quotes for your painting window initiation

Energy-Efficient Picture Windows

If you are looking for more energy-efficient window options, you can expect to pay on the higher conclusion between $700 and $1,500. You can maximize efficiency by opting for a triple-pane window or choose for material specifically designed to be more energy-efficient. Argon gas-filled windows create an extra layer of insulating material between the panes, while Low-E glass options improve efficiency by reducing the measure of heat and UV rays that come through the windowpane. You can increase the energy efficiency of your picture window by choosing frames that seal better, such as wood and fiberglass .


visualize windows do not need more maintenance than early windows and, in many cases, command less. Because there are no moving parts, entirely the glass and the outside of the frame motivation to be cleaned. There are no sliding tracks to clean and maintain and no locks or gears to repair. In most cases, the care is simply keeping the glass and skeleton clean and ensuring that the caulk around the frame of reference remains intact. You may need to scrape and repaint the outside frame, peculiarly if this is a forest inning, every few years to keep it looking its best. Modern Kitchen With a Large Picture Window and Two Side Windows

Pros and Cons

video windows are singular because they are designed entirely for the view and not for ventilation. They do not open, so they do not allow vent to circulate throughout the home. They are normally boastfully, made of a individual sheet of glass. They may be installed alone or with smaller windows on either side. Using one of these windows maximizes the sum of light in a board while providing a better view of the external. You would particularly appreciate that if you have a view or beautiful landscape outside. movie windows are plainly a big sheet of methamphetamine in a skeleton. so, unless you are using thickened and energy-efficient glass, this big windowpane can have drawbacks. It may allow UV light and heat to enter the home plate if the sun is directed at it and may not insulate american samoa well as a solid rampart unless you are using isolate glass. boastfully movie windows that do not use outsize frames or thickened field glass may crack or break well, becoming a security hazard. If you choose to use isolate, thicken glaze and an outsize frame, the price of the window can increase drastically .

Bay Window vs Picture Window

Bay windows price between $1,200 and $3,600 to have installed. Like picture windows, they are much utilize for aesthetic purposes. Bay windows are often multiple windows, normally three, set in an slant inning that protrudes from an outside wall, creating a bay. The construction and size of these windows contribute to a higher cost. They give a better see than traditional windows, though the view is not obstructed like you get with a picture window. But, unlike the latter, you can open the windows to let in the fresh air. Bay windows let in less light than the other type. You may need to take that into consideration if light is the optimum goal. Comparison of the Cost to Install a Picture and a Bay Window Comparison of the Cost to Install a Picture and a Bay Window

Window Type Average Cost (Installed)
Picture $500 – $1,300
Bay $1,200 – $3,600

Casement vs Picture Window

casement windows cost between $200 and $2,000, depending on which type of frame you choose. casement windows are designed to open by either swinging up or out to the side. In some cases, you may even need to use a hand-crank to open one. Most casement windows have one of the panes on the left and one on the right. When it comes to cost, as it happens with other types of windows, casement windows with vinyl frames cost the least, while those with wood frames are more expensive. The median cost for a mental picture windowpane is $500 to $1,300. They are made of one large assemble of glass, which prevents them from opening in the way casement windows do. But unlike casement windows, they are designed to provide an unobstructed watch and let in significantly more natural light than other window types. Comparison of the Cost to Install a Picture and a Casement Window Comparison of the Cost to Install a Picture and a Casement Window

Window Type Average Cost (Installed)
Picture $500 – $1,300
Casement $600 – $1,400

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Picture Window With Two Side Windows

You can expect to pay between $500 and $3,000 when installing a video window with two side windows. This windowpane type is popular when a homeowner wants to maximize the view, but the wall is highly large. Homeowners may choose this option when they want the expect of a photograph window and want to have windows that open in the room to provide bracing publicize circulation .


Mullions are supporting bars used to separate the two sides of a unmarried window. Mullions can be added to a window for $25 to $75. Mullions are most much vertical and made from the lapp material as the frame. Since buying a big piece of glass is pretty expensive, these were more frequently used in older homes, using multiple panes joined with a mullion to create a larger nibble attend. Mullions are affixed to the wall to provide the corroborate needed to keep multiple panes in invest .

Old Window Removal

many companies roll the cost of removing the previous window into the entire price of the project, but some do not. It costs between $50 to $200 extra, depending on the size of the window, to remove an old picture windowpane and dispose of it .

Window Inspection

If you are uncertain of the type and size of your window and whether it needs to be replaced, have a window inspection done. Have a professional probe the frame, looking glass, and installation to give you a better idea of how efficient it is and its circumstance. This costs $100 in most cases but may be rolled into the cost of the fresh window if you purchase and install it using the same company .

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Multiple window installation. Replacing three or more windows at one time can lower the installation cost.
  • Room types. Picture windows can be installed in different rooms. They are most likely to be installed in rooms with high ceilings and in areas that provide a nice view.
  • Combining windows. You can combine picture windows with other window types, such as casement windows, that provide ventilation. It is common to flank a picture window with other windows on either side.
  • Climate. The type of window material and glass you choose may be influenced by the area where you live. For example, very sunny climates may need a reflective coating on the glass.
  • Permits. You may need a permit for this job. Check with your local town or city hall before proceeding.
  • Warranty. Most new windows come with a warranty. The installation is usually guaranteed for one year, while the window itself may have a ten-year warranty. Always ask about the available warranties.


  • Can you open a picture window?

No, video windows are not meant to be opened. however, they are often flanked by windows that can be opened .

  • What is the standard size of a picture window?

There is no standard size. Standard widths include 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 feet, while standard heights range from 1 to 8 feet .

A double-pane painting window can cost between $450 and $800 to install, depending on the type of frame and size of the window .

  • How wide can a picture window be?

visualize windows come in a broad range of widths, but typically the utmost length that you can have is 9 ’ 4 ”. After this width, the window would be besides unmanageable to install and find a audio piece of glass .

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