Types of diaper rash: Pictures, causes, and treatments

This article will cover the causes, symptoms, and treatments associated with several types of diaper rash. According to the american Academy of Pediatrics, a one-fourth of babies experience diaper foolhardy. Knowing which type of diaper rash a pamper has can help guide treatment. Most diaper rashes are relatively meek, but some can be quite austere, causing irritating loss welts and sometimes causing the skin to crack. These rashes normally occur due to moisture and aggravation from the diaper itself. however, some diaper rashes can indicate an underlie medical stipulate.

A diaper rash is any foolhardy that affects the area of skin a diaper would cover. There are many different types of diaper rash. The sections below will look at each of these in more detail .

Irritant contact dermatitis

Irritant liaison dermatitis is the most common type of diaper rash. It develops when something in the diaper, or sometimes the diaper itself, irritates the skin. This type of dermatitis tends to get worse when a baby sits in a wet or dirty diaper for a long period of time. Irritant contact dermatitis can cause crimson bumps or spots to appear in the area. If it gets dangerous enough, there may besides be welts that can crack capable and bleed. open sores make it easier for fungi and bacteria to get into the bark, increasing the risk of a secondary infection. Changing the baby ’ s diaper more frequently and using a diaper foolhardy cream until the foolhardy clears up can help treat irritant contact dermatitis .

Candidiasis, or yeast, infections

A group of fungus called Candida normally live in the hide and diaper area. When they grow in surfeit, however, it can cause a afflictive diaper rash called candidiasis, or a yeast contagion. The rash may look red and inflamed, and it may include egg white, fluid filled blisters or well spots with a white, scaly out level. sometimes, a child gets a yeast infection following austere diaper rash that cracks outdoors and bleeds. Applying a diaper rash cream can help treat some yeast infection rashes. It is besides crucial to keep the area clean and dry. If symptoms get worse or do not improve within a few days, a doctor may recommend using an fungicidal cream .


eczema can cause atrocious spots to develop around the diaper area. A parent or caregiver might notice that the skin looks very dry and irritate. There may be crimson patches or hard, lepidote areas of bark. many babies with eczema will besides have it on other areas of the body. It is rare for it to occur lone in the diaper area and nowhere else.

Moisturizing the sphere can help soothe eczema, but it may besides keep the diaper area damp, increasing the gamble of other types of diaper rash. A doctor may therefore recommend a steroid cream or another treatment, depending on the asperity of the eczema .

Bacterial skin infections

bacterial infections of the diaper area can cause red, swollen, and inflamed skin. Without treatment, these infections could besides spread to other areas of the body and become life heavy. Babies with bacterial infections may develop a fever or seem ghastly. however, some may show no early symptoms besides the diaper rash. In most cases, a doctor of the church will prescribe antibiotics. Because bacterial infections can enter the body if diaper foolhardy becomes hard and causes open wounds, preventing diaper rash may besides prevent secondary infections .


Intertrigo is a type of inflammatory skin condition that is more austere in clamber folds and warm, wet places, such as the folds of the thighs or a baby ’ mho buttocks. Intertrigo sometimes gets secondary yeast or bacterial infections that require extra discussion. Babies who get intertrigo diaper rashes may besides get other inflammatory rashes as adults. In most cases, it is possible to manage intertrigo by removing the source of the excitation. For babies, this normally means more frequent diaper changes .

Psoriatic diaper rash

Psoriatic diaper rash is a type of psoriasis. psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes the body to attack healthy cells, leading to thick, scaly patches of hide. These scales may itch, and they often look pink or grey. Children may besides have psoriatic patches elsewhere on the body, peculiarly the scalp. psoriasis does not get better with diaper rash treatment. however, some people may notice that certain irritants, such as a wet diaper, can trigger flares of psoriasis. consequently, preventing diaper rash from developing is however important when a baby has psoriasis. numerous remedies can help treat psoriasis, including steroid hormone creams and prescription drugs. Some people may besides find easing from phototherapy. Learn more about psoriasis in babies here.

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