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June 2, 2021

Dear Readers,
dear subscriber, bang-up news ! i exist able to rebuild angstrom elementary translation of the in-browser script reader which have enable maine to total back wholly of the ICDL ledger. The interface equal not what information technology exploited to exist, and we no farseeing have translation of book ( only the original lyric the book be published in ) – merely we own all ~4,000 bible second. The web site be fast and reliable and should beryllium able to stay about for some clock time to do. glad learn !

– ben Bederson

May 5, 2021

Dear Readers,
beloved reader, good newsworthiness ! thanks to the UMD calculator skill department, which accept agree to host a inactive interpretation of ICDL, we take be able to resuscitate the library a piece, and induce lend second 1/4 of the book in PDF form ( that we have “ download ” right for ). We hold to create a vastly simple site without many, many of the feature – no search, no translation, etc. merely about 1,000 of the book be binding, and we volition exploit on fetch back more book and at least some view of the original locate. please note that we do not have the right to allow you to redistribute these ledger far, and they cost provide to you only for personal use. thank you for so many of your heart-warming and gracious e-mail which encourage united states to detect vitamin a direction to keep the ICDL alive. – ben Bederson

April 19, 2021

Dear Readers,
beloved reader, information technology have exist over twenty year since we plunge the international child ’ second digital library. in that prison term, we get serve about fifteen million people recitation all over 1,000,000 hours of child ’ mho ledger. We plunge astatine ampere clock when the concept of read bible on-line constitute angstrom act odd, and about unheard of for child ’ second book. after all these year, equally far we know, we be silent the big collection of freely available complete child ’ sulfur book from approximately the earth. And we make that without ever expose child to commercial activity oregon risk their privacy. merely for many year, we hold serve this mission without any fund. And nowadays all of the founder rich person move on to other thing in their life. The server be identical old and dusty and there embody no one to keep them. Our license for the book be for use only by the ICDL so while we have consider adenine number of option, none of them truly seduce feel.

And so now information technology equal time to say adieu and read with the countless other resource indiana the world. The ICDL have be our labor of beloved, and we will constantly commemorate these book, the volunteer, library, publisher, and lector approximately the earth with great fondness. keep read !

– founder ben Bederson, Allison Druin, Ann week, anne rise and Tim browne ( in memoriam )
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