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To compare all the features and prices of our digital photograph frames click on this associate : Compare Digital Photo Frames. All Living Images Digital Photo Frames are designed and manufactured with senior high school quality screens and with the most advanced features. We have more than 75,000 meet customers and if you would like to read very testimonials from real people please look at our testimonials page .
We see a capital softwood of cheap Digital Photo Frames and Cheap Digital Picture Frames flooding into the UK grocery store but many of these are destined for the US grocery store and thus are not compliant with either the RoHS legilsation or are CE approved. They do not work identical well with our 240 volt issue and most will not have the promote features on their software that will allow pictures and videos to play endlessly and nor will they have our car start up functionality .


A Digital Photo Frames may besides be refered to as a Digital movie Frame, Electric Frame, Electronic Frame, Electronic Photo Frame, Electronic Picture Frames or we sometimes hear of them being referred to an LCD Frame, LCD Picture Frame ,. LCD Digital Photo Picture Frames, or an LCD Photo Frame. Whatever, you call them we sell the best quality digital photograph frames and the information below may be utilitarian to you.

Screen size:

Is the measurement across the solidus of the screen. A 7 ” digital photograph frame will allow you to view your digital pictures across a normal size room but you will notice a hearty dispute with an 8 ” digital photograph skeleton in comparison. Some, whether bum or expensive, 7 ” Digital Photo Frames have a 16 by 9 wide screen proportion which makes watching movie clips great. All other frames have a 4 by 3 proportion which is the “ normal ” photograph ratio. Our 10.4 ” Living Images Dark Wood and Black Wood Digital Picture Frames are the average sized digital photograph frames that Digital Frames Direct sell. These high quality frames are great value for money and are rightly among the agio Living Images products. We were the inaugural caller to sell 15 ” digital photograph frames and have frames with internal memory a good as wide USB capability .
Screen Size

Quality of Screen:

blind choice is absolutely imperative mood for digital painting quality and if you can not be certain that the quality of the screen you are buying is top quality do not buy it. All our ‘Living Images ‘ digital photograph frames have the best quality screens available and many are made by Sharp and Panasonic .

Memory Cards and Built in Memory:

very few digital photograph frames have built in memory and ascribable the high price of built-in memory this feature has been relatively expensive and the memory provided has been belittled. The flexibilty and low cost of memory cards has meant that the preference of most customers was to buy thier own memory and Digital Frames Direct sells a full range of memory cards. To View our memory cards follow this liaison : memory Cards
Number of Digital Photos on a Memory Card:

Megapixels 256mb 512mb 1GB 2GB
2 291 582 1164 2328
3 225 449 898 1796

136 272 545 1090
5 100 200 400 800
6 84 165 329 658

A Quick Guide to Memory Cards:

The nonpayment memory poster that fits all digital photograph frames and digital painting frame is the SD memory circuit board. This stands for secure data and with price of memory falling these have become very effective value for money. We recommend the SD calling card to our customers without fail. The XD poster has suffered a similar destiny the Betamax video recording in that its ‘ format and functionality is fine but the owners of the interlectual property ‘s insistance that a royalty be paid for every car that is manufactured to accept one. This charge is not levied for any other memory card and as a result the huge majority of digital photograph frames and digital photograph frame will not accept these cards faithfully. here at we do n’t specify the XD card for our frames and nor do we advertise this capability and we strongly recommend that people with digital cameras that use XD cards purchase a seperate SD card for their digital photoframe .
Another memory circuit board that is not highly thought of is the CF card which has 50 bantam sockets which locate onto 50 bantam pins in the card reading time slot. There pins are identical vulnerable to wear and we strongly recomment our customers to minimise the number of times a CF card is removed and replaced in either a television camera or a digital photograph frame. Again we strongly recommend that customers purchase seperate SD memory card for their digital photograph frame as this will significantly reduce the times a CF card is removed from a television camera. USB playpen drives fit many of our digital photograph frame and digital video frames and these are excellent memory devices. however, we do give one word of caution about using USB memory sticks with our digital photograph frames and that is that the USB drives are quite bombastic and so tend to be very visible when put into a digital movie frame .

The Best Way to Upload My Digital Photos:

With a digital photograph human body that has a USB port it is possible to upload photos directly onto the memory chip in the frame. This sport is very useful but is not imperative if one has a USB memory tease adapter such as our 17 in 1 memory calling card adapter available in our Memory Card section .

LCD Technology:

today ‘s flat-panel background monitors about entirely use liquid crystal display ( LCD ) -based panels. Almost all LCD monitors are based on active-matrix thin-film transistors ( TFTs ) to provide bright, crisp displays. Another type of LCD display called passive-matrix, used wide in early laptop computers, never made it into background displays due to the image ghost, express viewing lean and streaking associated with this character of LCD. TCT LCDs are made of several layers that are arranged in the follow club : polarize trickle, sail of glass, electrode, alignment layer, liquid crstals, alliance layer, electrode, tabloid of glass and polarize percolate. The cross-section of the TFT LCD jury looks like a mulit-layer sandwhich. A the outermost layer on either side are authorize glass substrates. Between the substrates are the thin film trasistor, colour filter panel, which providesthe necessary bolshevik, blue and k chief colours and the liquid cyrstal layer. Completing the LCD is a flourescent binding light that illuminates the screen from behind. See below :
In traditional active-matrix TFT displays and under normal conditions, when there is no electric charge, the fluent crystals are in an amorphous state. In this state, no trope is visible. By subjecting the fluid crystal layer to varying amounts of electric charges, the liquid crystal layer will allow different amounts of light to pass through as they orient themselves according to the control center for the liquid crystals. In basic terms, each pixel can be thought of as a vertical blind. When a appoint is applied, the liquid crystals of the pixel untwist to block the light from the backlight to not allow alight to come through. When an electrical charge is not applied, the blinds open up, allowing light from the backlight to pass and therefore illuminate either the red fleeceable or blue crystals .
The loss, greens and amobarbital sodium liquid crystal “ chambers ” make up one pixel ( picture element ). By subjecting the red, green and blue chambers to varying degrees of electrical charges, different colours can be achieved. An stallion TFT screen is made up of a power system of pixels, with each pixel having a transistor for each color turning it on or off. This is where you get your resolving power. frankincense, for an LCD to provide a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel ( XGA ), it must have that exact number of pixels.

Who is Selling Digital Photo Frames:

Digital Frames Direct is the lone specialist retailer of digital photograph frames and digital word picture frames that designs and brands their own Living Images products. Our care to detail and our exacting specifications ensure that all our surviving Images Digital Photo Frames are of worldly concern class quality. Our Living Images stove of Digital Photo Frames are now selling in most european countries and in New Zealand and Australia adenine well as in America. When considering purchasing a Digital Photo Framewe encourage you to buy from only those companies that know their products and put american samoa much campaign into ensuring you get a quality product as we do .
Please start browsing our range of Digital Photo Frames & Digital Picture Frames .
here at Digital Frames Direct we deal only with digital photograph frames and we are always happy to answer any questions that our customers have. If there is any have or any information that you would like know more about please good call us on 0117 330 2277 .

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