DirecTV Black Screen Of Death

DirecTV Black Screen Of Death can badly stifle your enjoyment of your favored shows or keep you from finishing a fun game you ’ re determine. This occurs due to a loss of signals, which prevents your accountant from operational and causes your receiver to slow down. If you ’ re presently witnessing the problem, we ’ ll go over some of the steps you may take to resolve it and regain your connection without having to wait for a DirecTV technician to arrive. here is what you ’ ll do to remedy the trouble on your own, but first, we ’ ll go through some of the elements that contribute to it so you ’ rhenium inform of them.

The DirecTV Black Screen Of Death Has Several Causes

There are versatile implicit in causes for this to occur suddenly and without warning ; the most typical lawsuit is indeed a power loss, which is normally caused by the supply board. If you didn ’ thymine know, televisions have a variety of supply boards ampere well as other home parts. other things that may contribute to this issue include :

  • The trouble with Cable Connectivity – A cable connectivity issue will be most likely to trigger a black screen on the DirecTV. Defective cables, faulty wiring, and an inactive power supply, for example. These are among the potential explanations for your TV’s malfunction.
  • A problem with inputs – The cable box or other sources could cause this problem. Pick up your controller and click on the menu icon to see if the problem stems from the inputs. It’s an indication that this is from the sources when the menu comes on screen.
  • Setting issues – The black screen of death could be the consequence of a setting issue. For example, your DirecTV system could be configured to the incorrect input. Make sure it’s on the correct input to avoid this.
  • Firmware update issue – This error can potentially be caused by outdated firmware. It’s critical to always keep the firmware up to current.
  • Letting your energy-saving settings or sleep timer switch on all the time will cause your DirecTV to go dark at random times. As a result, it should be switched off and then checked to see if the problem persists.
  • This mistake can also be caused by a faulty circuit board, a faulty LED, or a broken panel. Skilled technicians are required to correct this. In this situation, you’ll need to hire an expert to repair your DirecTV system.

You ’ ra nowadays informed of a few of the possible causes of this trouble. As a leave, we ’ ll go over several electric potential remedies. To avoid any type of controversy, it ’ sulfur critical to properly apply these proposed remedies ( south ).

What Can Be Done About It

  • Check and switch off the energy or power saver modes- Your DirecTV may switch off, but you may still hear the noise, particularly when there’s no motion in the room.
  • Did you set the sleep timer by accident – Some folks will accidentally turn on the sleep timer on the controller, resulting in a blank screen on your DirecTV
  • Check to see if the demo option or store option is on — In case you didn’t know, the demo option or store option is a factory setting that is typically used during demo or show.
  • Try connecting your devices to a separate HDMI port – Get a separate HDMI cable than the one you’re utilizing, unhook the old one, and examine the port for any issues. Alternatively, the HDMI cable could have a concealed issue. If this is the case, try replacing this with a new cable. You can get one of these for a reasonable price. High-Speed HDMI 2.0 cable, Rugged High-Speed HDMI 2.0 cable
  • If feasible, connect the very same part to a different DirecTV – This is crucial since the component you’re already using could be the source of the problem without you even realizing it. It could, for example, be malfunctioning and require a reset. You can switch it off and on with all of this.
  • Remove your DirecTV for 5-10 minutes – This will allow it to perform a reset, removing any transient fault that is producing the black screen.
  • To fix the problem, factory reboot your DirecTV — Go to the menu and search for factory reset. Any saved images will be erased when it is done.
  • Update the firmware – It’s always a good idea to upgrade the firmware to avoid any problems that could cause a black screen. To do so, go to the menu and select firmware.


This article discusses the probable causes of the DirecTV black screen of death, arsenic well as how to fix it. It ’ mho critical to work your way through them increasingly. If the problem remains after trying these steps, you can contact DirecTV for aid .


1. Why did the screen on my DirecTV suddenly go black? A. If you are unable to view any images, you must disconnect the sender from the power add to reset it. The vector will then reboot after a few minutes. If it ’ s a small mistake, this normally solves the problem.

2. What could I do about the DirecTV black screen?

A. You can unplug the recipient role ’ mho ability cable television, which is generally directly connected to an electric socket, and wait 20 seconds before connecting it back in. After that, push the baron clitoris and wait to restart the personal computer.

DirecTV Black Screen Of Death

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