Why Does My Directv DVR Keep Freezing?

does sully die on dr quinn Directv DVR is a device that is used to read shows using any device. It is with the avail of the DVR and the recipient, customers or the users of the merchandise can record their front-runner shows. This device can be used with a computer, tablet, and even on a smartphone. Read more Why Does My Directv DVR Keep Freezing ?

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Please enable JavaScriptStarbucks Rewards Hacks – Know More Directv DVR can be awesome for most users or customers who wish to purchase them but there can be some problems arising because of a couple of reasons. once you purchase such kinds of products make certain you read all the instructions regarding the guard feature of the intersection.

Directv DVR Freezing Issues

Most users who have purchased the product might have come across the freeze topic or heating issues or any other kind of exit. Well, there could be respective reasons why your device is lagging, freezing, not working, and heating up. Being a consumer of the product it should be your duty to make sure that the device is being maintained by rights. Some people brush up their device once in a while and send it for servicing which is a good thing because it will reduce the chances of heating system up. Given below are some of the issues that can create freeze of Directv DVR :

  • Freezing can occur if there is a poor signal or the signal is weak enough for the device to get frozen.
  •  Due to overheating of the device. Overheating can happen when the fan inside the device is not functioning properly because of the dust that has settled inside. It can also heat up if it is placed on a surface that traps heat.
  • Not keep away from other electrical gadgets that are producing heat.

What Should Be The Solution For Freezing Issues?

There are a couple of solutions that you can try out if you are facing such kinds of issues while using the Directv DVR device. Before doing anything else with the device make surely you wear safety gear precisely to be on the safer side. The follow are the tips that you can try out if your device is freezing :

  • Unplug your device and restart

Most of the prison term many devices freeze and however the solution for it is quite simple and easy. sometimes all you need to do is unplug your device and wait for 15 seconds and then start it again. Do the same thing if you are facing a freeze offspring. Make certain you wait 15-20 seconds before putting the fireplug back. By doing this procedure the device will automatically reset the liquidator and it will check for any kind of technical updates. If there are updates then make certain you update them because it will fix the issues that you are facing.

  • Place your device away from a soft surface 

You can not carry the device in your arms and carry it all around your house because it needs to be placed in a pay back invest. so, make surely that you keep it in a proper place off from direct sunlight and other inflame devices. If you are keeping the device above a table then make sure not to put a indulgent surface below it. The cushy surface will absorb heat and frankincense the device will get heated up. besides, make sure that your device is cleansed once in a while. This is because debris and dirt can get stuck in the fan which will slow down the cooling process .

  • Check for updates on software

Most of the time a little fasten and an update can fix issues that you are facing. Check for software updates and if you see an update make sure you update them. Software issues can besides freeze the device. If you are ineffective to fix it yourself then visit the store from where you had purchased it. The software needs to be installed properly then that your device can prevent itself from freezing issues.


If you are a new user of such kinds of devices then it is better to let the servicing center take care of it. All of the issues that you are facing will be fixed and once again you can use the device efficiently .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to unfreeze a Directv box?

associate in nursing : Try unplugging your device and expect for 15-20 seconds before putting the plug back in. This should resolve the issue.

  1. Does a weak signal lead to freezing of the Directv DVR?

autonomic nervous system : Yes, if the bespeak is faint then the DVR can freeze. Wait for a better signal and then you can use it.

Why Does My Directv DVR Keep Freezing?

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