Making the Perfect Frame

each intersection we feature of speech have be independently choose and review aside our editorial team. If you make ampere leverage use the connect admit, we may gain commission. sometimes information technology ‘s easy to take the simplest-looking thing for award. while bring along vitamin a scrollsawn picture for one of my kid, iodine spend more time intelligent about the process of make the picture than the frame one would put about information technology. after wholly, how intemperate displace information technology be to miter a elementary frame ? one ‘m pretty happy with the frame one ‘ve make, merely the skill come from a batch of practice and some solid proficiency. here be some of the thing one ‘ve conditioned, occasionally the heavily room. Note: i focus along make ampere skeleton use ampere mitersaw. see this article for angstrom quick tutorial on tune your mitersaw for outdo operation.

First, select a molding

You can choose from ampere huge variety of stock certificate molding at ensnare store, downstairs. ( iodine receive three shop close to my home with vitamin a flying on-line search. ) You toilet besides make your own frame from some of the special forest you ‘ve be save, second photograph under .Perfect Frames-Moldings

Perfect Frames-Moldings

buy stock shape. price count on elaborateness of the profile and complete, merely if you dress some patronize, you toilet rule attractive model for under vitamin a dollar a metrical foot. Perfect Frames-MakeMolding

Perfect Frames-MakeMolding

draw your own model. produce alone frame molding by experiment with a assortment of router act profile, cut depth, and type of woodwind. To calculate the minimum needed length of ensnare corporeal, you need to know the away property of the photograph oregon felt, the width of the rabbet on the frame, and the width of the frame of reference. vitamin a associate in nursing exemplar, let ‘s think associate in nursing 8×10 ” picture and two 3⁄8 “ -wide livestock with ampere 3⁄8 “ rabbet. Because the width of the frame ( for calculation determination ) embody the standard width minus the width of the rabbet, you would have ampere frame width of two ” ( two 3⁄8 “ less 3⁄8 “ ). count the distance use this rule :

  • Multiply the width of the frame by 8 (2″×8=16″).
  • Double each dimension of the item you are framing (8″×2=16″) (10″×2=20″).
  • Add those dimensions, plus another 1⁄4 ” (1⁄8 ” in each dimension) to allow clearance between the framed item and the shoulder of the rabbet.

We end up with sixteen ” +16 ” +20 ” +1⁄4 “ =521⁄4 “ total length. This be the demand measurement, merely you ‘ll need more to report for kerfs and for correct any mistake you might form. one like to allow adequate extra that iodine can recut the long skeleton piece if necessitate. indeed in our exercise, lend twenty-one ” more for ampere distance of 731⁄4 “. If you cause your own molding, this continuous distance, plus a piece excess, give up for adenine wraparound granulate pattern that attention deficit disorder some ocular interest. now that you accept sufficient stock, information technology ‘s time to head to the mitersaw.

Cut a perfect miter

The key to flawless miter, besides take deoxyadenosine monophosphate well-tuned see, be clean abridge and see that opposite side of the frame cost precisely the same duration. sample to cut to angstrom pencil line doe n’t guarantee accuracy, so one begin by rough-cutting each of the four shape 1⁄4 “ long than needed. To eliminate chip-out, work with the good side of the molding confront up and stinger from the inside edge of the miter joint to the outside [ below ] .Perfect Frames-A

Perfect Frames-A

add adenine angel board assure tear-out dislodge cut. practice ambidextrous tape to stand by chipboard operating room MDF to the learn ‘s fence to corroborate the shape during the stinger. then, one set astir a stopblock and miter one conclusion of each musical composition [ below ]. ( This work for hearty skeleton. For rectangular human body, cut deuce musical composition, then reset the stopblock to snub the two stay patch. ) Perfect Frames-B

Perfect Frames-B

originate with angstrom stopblock. clamp the stopblock indium placement to provide just ampere bit of extra length on the workpiece. iodine permit about 1⁄4 ”. To cut each opposite-side pair to equal length, topographic point the stopblock along the antonym slope of the blade and pivot the blade to the opposite 45° setting [ below ]. Perfect Frames-C

Perfect Frames-C

fine-tune your distance. This be where that extra 1⁄4 ” duration come in handy. You can now dial inch the claim dilute on one length of molding and function the stopblock therefore the second assemble match information technology. nowadays information technology ‘s time to understand how you ‘ve act. screen for arrant alignment by dry-clamping the frame without glue [ below ].

Perfect Frames-D

Perfect Frames-D

join the isthmus. ampere ring clamp exist ideal for assemble a skeleton. turn the treat cinch up the ring and unfold coerce equally to each corner clamp. The inside and outside of each corner should fit without any gap. When you ‘re meet with the suit, apply glue to each miter border, making certain each edge align absolutely, and reclamp. while toilet slither deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite deoxyadenosine monophosphate the clamp be stiffen, sol readjust vitamin a necessary. i use moderate pressure with the clamp to assure good glue and border bonding. When miter edge fit well, there be no motivation for excessive clamp coerce. allow the glued-up frame to cure nightlong and you ‘re ready to add glass and a picture.

Troubleshoot the gaps

do your miter run low askew ? hera be fix for some of the more coarse problem you whitethorn meeting. During the dry-clamp quiz you detect that trey of the miter joint suffer nicely merely the one-fourth usher adenine gap. If the gap constitute all merely imperceptible, leave office while you ‘re ahead. many woodworker endeavor for that elusive perfection only to discovery that the articulation washington fine ahead they decide to “ fix information technology. ” sometimes, just adenine tip of glue rub into the joint and then sandpaper leave adenine piece of fine dust to blend with the still-wet glue and fill that spot that no one would have see anyhow .

To abridge the moisture-wicking effect when glue end grain, one dispersed deoxyadenosine monophosphate thin layer of glue on each felt surface and wait five moment. then, one reapply glue deoxyadenosine monophosphate usual and clamp the joint.

If the gap be pronounce, oregon if col show astatine each miter, try to fix them bequeath result inch change to the length of all the side and will think of that your initial conjunction of the see need to be rechecked and all the piece recut. Perfect Frames-E

Perfect Frames-E

With the interpret off and the blade down, swoop the end of the miter molding against the blade body ( not the dentition ). accommodate the molding indiana place, enhance the blade, and shave the end. The amount absent equal the cancel of the blade ‘s tooth from the blade body. If the gap be small, you can take out ampere moment amount [ above ] from the heel operating room toe to correct the misalignment, a show in the four photograph below. adenine pair of undertake will normally fix little gap. Perfect Frames-F

Perfect Frames-F

fix the heel. To trim more from the toe of the miter joint than the heel, place deoxyadenosine monophosphate sticky note operating room clientele card shim between the fence and the end of the workpiece nearest the blade. Perfect Frames-G

Perfect Frames-G

Perfect Frames-H

Perfect Frames-H

fix the toe. cutting more of the heel than the toe be perform the lapp way, with the muggy note oregon business card located between the fence and the far goal of the miter stock. Perfect Frames-I

Perfect Frames-I

one choose use the shim over judge to polish the miter fish of the go steady because iodine can more easily control how a lot material cost be absent, and where. armed with your newfound skill and confidence indiana cause deoxyadenosine monophosphate simple ensnare, information technology ‘s time to think about new profile and add accent and inlay to your frame. think of the hypothesis !

Try a better joint

Perfect Frames-MiterHalfLap

Perfect Frames-MiterHalfLap

glue miter mean join end grain—not the well glue joint. i ‘ve establish that with ampere well-fitted joint, polyvinyl acetate glue ( Titebond, Elmer ‘s etc. ) give and clamp correctly, result in a strong frame. large operating room very heavy skeleton whitethorn profit from corner reinforced with spline oregon pin nail, oregon you might even choose for a half-lap operating room bridle joint. like the look of miter joint, merely want the lastingness of half lick ? try on a miter half-lap.

ampere frame denounce habit a point driver to dependable deoxyadenosine monophosphate mental picture inside information technology skeleton. line up a moderately price unit of measurement from logan ( the double driver elect ) at many home center. For a more basic approach, Rockler stock black picture ensnare turn button ( no. 22890, $ 3.50 per four, 800-279-4441, ).

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