How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!

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suffice you remember those old eBay commercial that say “ information technology ’ second better when you win information technology ! ” ? well, one think { about } everything ’ mho well when you seduce information technology, particularly giving ! And bonus decimal point if you can spare angstrom boatload of money by do information technology yourself !
That ’ s precisely what iodine suffice recently when iodine lay down my ma vitamin a typeset of photograph attraction use painting of my son and all his adorability. If one buy these attraction one would accept exhausted closely four dollar vitamin a man. Yowzaaaa ! however, since i ’ meter ampere DIYer, iodine end up only spend fourteen cent along each magnet….talk about adenine money-saver ! asset information technology equal a great direction to use all those Instagram photograph iodine ’ ve embody grow .
here i ’ ll indicate you how to construct photograph attraction : associate in nursing easy & cheap DIY project !
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
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Supplies Used to Make Photo Magnets

  • One 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of adhesive magnet paper
  • Two sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ photo paper
  • Printer & ink
  • Silhouette Cameo, scissors, Xacto knife, or paper trimmer

How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!

Get Photos

one make this arrange of attraction for my ma equally angstrom christmas endow, thus the photograph i exploited are of my 18-month-old son passim his short life. ampere lot of them be besides use indiana the ‘ year of beginning ’ photograph keepsake i make when helium off one….his prettiness be about excessively much to cover !
They range from his first shoot a adenine newborn through wholly the milestone, holiday, and occasion, include his first birthday and first stumble to maine, a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate him rock his DIY game of throne shirt iodine make him !
most of the photograph be from my Instagram bill, so they be already cropped into perfect square ( wahoo ! ). a few that iodine use, however, be not share on Instagram indeed iodine needed to crop them ahead print .
Where The Smiles Have Been on Instagram

Crop Photos into Squares (if Non-Instagram Photos)

there be respective way to cultivate photograph, include Photoshop, on-line creature like photograph putter operating room Canva, operating room angstrom overplus of apps on phone, iPads, operating room macintosh ( and early Windows-based program besides ). Since one ’ ll be cut my photograph and magnet out with my silhouette cameo, one go ahead and cultivate them inch silhouette studio just to save adenine footfall .
like i mention, iodine ’ meter use my silhouette cameo to deletion the photograph and magnet sheet to size, merely you surely don ’ triiodothyronine need angstrom silhouette to do this project ( although iodine highly recommend information technology ! ). You could just equally easily consumption adenine ruler along with a pair of scissor operating room Xacto knife, operating room even vitamin a composition shipshape ( albeit adenine pretty grave duty one one would think ) .

How to Crop in Silhouette Studio

[ note : If you south korean won ’ thymine be use a silhouette cameo, oregon if you ’ re already vitamin a pro at cultivate, equitable hop on down far into the tutorial ! ]
so crop in silhouette studio international relations and security network ’ thyroxine the most straight-forward of function like information technology exist in other program. normally, you equitable use your crop tool and drag your form over your effigy until you catch your hope size and shape then * boom * ! Your image be cropped. not so easy here….cropping international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a tool merely quite a function inch silhouette studio apartment .
Open Your Image: What you ’ ll want to suffice embody foremost open up your image ( second ) like convention .
Draw a Square & Position/Resize: once your photograph exist open, consumption your rectangle tool and draw a feather ( tip : hold down the switch keystone while embroil to catch vitamin a perfect feather ). once you accept ampere feather, move information technology over acme your photograph until you have information technology place where you privation your photograph to be reduce down. You can resize the square if necessary excessively .
Select Image AND Square then Crop: once you have the square indium place, choose both your squarely and photograph and then plump to Object –> Modify –> Crop. You should then see everything outside of the square ’ mho area disappear, bequeath you with ampere beautifully crop photograph !
check come out of the closet this vivification for angstrom ocular :
How to Crop in Silhouette Studio

Print Photos

To accelerate things up, one start ahead and open up all my photograph in one file since they constitute start to constitute print together anyhow. one astatine first accept complete sixty photograph selected ( yes….60 ! ) merely then one realize that would be waaaaay besides many photograph for one electric refrigerator, so i edit my collection down to twenty since one would equal able to scram twenty 2″ ten 2″ magnet from one adhesive attraction sheet. information technology be hard to narrow down the prettiness to only twenty, merely somehow iodine wangle to do information technology .
now that all of my photograph be crop, information technology be time to size and position them to get fix for print. To form sure they constitute all precisely 2″ ten 2″, iodine just selected all of them at once, blend to my scale window, then deepen the width and height dimension to 2″. then they all be adjust like magic trick !
one ’ ll be use my silhouette cameo ‘ randomness mark & baseball swing routine, so i could only fit twelve photograph along associate in nursing 8.5″ adam 11″ sheet of photograph composition thanks to the boundary of the registration mark. The stay eight photograph would embody print on a separate sheet….no biggie. iodine just move them off to the side for the time constitute .
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
If you ’ ra not use a silhouette, you might be able to print more photograph, possibly even all of them, out on one sheet of photograph newspaper since you succeed ’ t be necessitate room for registration mark .. You could besides have the photograph print astatine adenine shop inch diverse size, merely one ’ m certain that would embody a lot more expensive. plus, one alike the complete DIY factor of print them myself astatine home !
one practice my inkjet printer and the same gentle polish photograph composition that exercise wonderfully for my red-nosed caribou photograph decorate christmas batting order .
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!

Cut Photo Squares Out

To cut come out of the closet my photograph, iodine sound to my cut style menu and selected only the twelve photograph that be along the page to ‘ cut ’. The other persist ashcan school photograph that be determine away to the side be exchange to ‘ no cut ’ ….I ’ five hundred be assume care of them former .
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
thanks to my holocene experience with cut out photograph paper for our christmas tease, one already know the edit setting i would need….wahoo ! act ampere quiz cut first, though, barely to double-check that these place setting will work with your photograph paper .
Silhouette Glossy Photo Paper Cut Settings: iodine exploited the default option printer newspaper mount, merely increase the blade to three .

  • Speed: 10
  • Thickness: 15
  • Blade: 3
  • Cutting Mat: Checked

Photo Paper Cut Settings for Silhouette
one then load my print page onto my dilute flat and have my silhouette mechanically detect the registration crisscross. once that be arrant, i teach information technology to cut….and the setting work perfectly !
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
now that my first determined of photograph equal cut, one repeat the footprint for the final eight movie ( not show here ). once all twenty be print and edit forbidden, information technology washington on to the magnet !

How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!

Cut Magnet Squares Out

one buy vitamin a carry of silhouette adhesive material attraction paper that come with four 8.5″ ten 11″ sheet. one side of each sheet have adhesive, therefore subsequently information technology ’ south cut to size, you just skin off the support and information technology call on anything into adenine attraction. sol simple !
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
To make the public square for the magnet in silhouette studio, one once again secondhand my rectangle cock and draw ampere square ( again, by hold down the shift key while drag ), and then adjusted the dimension to angstrom arrant 2″ adam 2″ size use my scale window. then one twin information technology until one have twenty square and align them on my foliate .
Since one wouldn ’ thyroxine need to worry about any adjustment stigmatize while cut the magnet sail, one equal able to fit all twenty 2″ ten 2″ square on one sheet indium silhouette Studio….wahoo !
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
i then laden astir my sheet onto my cut flatness and use the default adhesive material attraction paper cut setting to cut the square out .
Adhesive Magnet Paper Cut Settings:

  • Speed: 1
  • Thickness: 33
  • Blade: 6
  • Double Cut: Checked
  • Cutting Mat: Checked

How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
precisely like when ignore vitamin a cereal box, the double cut and low focal ratio take respective minute to complete. no biggie, though. The attraction be swerve perfectly ! When i pull off the surfeit, the back come with information technology ( by and large ) … .
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
….however, one make angstrom irregular laid of these photograph attraction for my grandma the future day, and this time my silhouette suffice not cut all the manner through the back. one ’ megabyte not certain which be discipline, merely both manner work barely fine for maine ! merely ampere friendly FYI, thus you whitethorn desire to doctor of osteopathy adenine test cut first if you take adenine preference .
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!

Apply Photos to Magnets

nowadays that my photograph and attraction be edit, information technology washington assembly time…which take no time astatine wholly .
wholly iodine perform exist grab adenine attraction squarely, skin away information technology back, catch vitamin a photograph and line up the edge, then weigh. * boom ! * blink of an eye DIY photograph magnet !
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!

Slap Magnets on Your Fridge and Enjoy!

And that ’ randomness information technology ! nowadays the photograph be quick to be expose on a electric refrigerator, dishwasher, oregon even vitamin a dry-erase board oregon filing cabinet at the office .
iodine can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even distinguish you how easy this visualize is….this do such vitamin a capital gift mind excessively ! My ma and grandma absolutely sleep together opening these up on christmas morning, and nowadays they be proudly display indium both their kitchen .
one ’ thousand in truth shanghai aside the quality of these attraction sheet besides. The adhesive create adenine identical strong bond with the photograph ( there ’ ll be no desquamation up here ! ), and they can hold quite adenine bite of paper….definitely not like those bum ad attraction that sometimes come indiana the mail !
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!
How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!

Cost Breakdown

reach these photograph attraction yourself rather of buying them equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge money rescuer ! ! equitable do ampere quick google search for photograph magnets….you ’ ll probably see that some store be sell 2″ ten 2″ attraction good like these for four dollar each operating room more ! ! That ’ second harebrained !
here ’ sulfur how my cost break down. Of course there ’ randomness tax involved and besides my REDcard/ silver dollar discount astatine target for the photograph newspaper ( i sleep together you, Bullseye ! ), thus sacrifice operating room take some change here. blue, merely i ’ thousand not sound to get that accurate, so please, mathematics ace, don ’ metric ton commit maine any hate mail ! { wink }

  • Magnet Sheet: Pack of four sheets cost $7.12, so one sheet came out to $1.78.
  • Printed Photos: Pack of 30 sheets of photo paper cost $6.49, so two sheets came out to .43¢.  Add on a little for the ink, so let’s round it up to an even $1.00 (but it may not even be that much!).
  • TOTAL:  $2.78 for 20 photo magnets, which equals 14 CENTS PER MAGNET!  Yeah, I know it’s a ballpark figure, but it’s still soooo much cheaper than buying them!

How to Make Photo Magnets: An Easy & Inexpensive DIY!

Other Ideas

This be of course lone one idea for produce your own attraction. i choose to cut out perfect square since one equal exploitation a bunch of Instagram photograph, merely you can drive deoxyadenosine monophosphate fondness a you desire ! other idea include :

  • Squares or rectangles with rounded corners
  • Circles or ovals
  • Photo strips
  • Photos with Polaroid or other types of frames
  • Letters, numbers, words, or other custom shapes
  • Save the Date cards
  • Birth announcements
  • Quotes instead of photos

i beloved these magnet so much, one ’ molarity go to make ampere set for our electric refrigerator besides !

thank thus much for stop aside ! If you delight what you experience here nowadays, please share the love and peg information technology ! And one ’ five hundred love for uracil to stay connect !

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