15 Stunning Images Of Old (And New) Dodge Chargers

few muscleman cars are a iconic as the Dodge Charger. We take a closer expect at how it has evolved with time. When you think about classical muscle cars, only a few names come to mind. And if the Dodge Charger doesn ’ t come to mind, then deplorable, but something ’ second improper. very wrong. possibly you ’ ve been living under a rock for the by five and a half decades or indeed. But rest assured it is surely top two, arsenic far as we ’ rhenium concerned. possibly sharing that top spot with the Ford Mustang .
The Charger started as a express car in 1964. The play along year, a concept car was built. And last, the fomite was formally released in 1966 to the populace. And boy did they eat it up .
It didn ’ t take retentive for the populace to fall in love with this vehicle. As you ’ ll see in this article, we ’ ve found images that ’ ll make your collective hearts pound. As the vehicle — in all its model years — was built to impress. And at the lapp time, it stood the inevitable and difficult test of time itself.


15/15 1969 Dodge Charger RT

via Flickr There it is. That familiar front goal. possibly lone the Mustang is as familiar with its emblem of the sure steed. But the Charger, excessively, has left quite the impress on the automotive diligence. It is one of three vehicles most respect. specially in the muscleman car world. And what ‘s not to respect. It ‘s a think of machine if ever there was one .

14/15 1968 Dodge Charger RT

via OldSchool on Twitter Sitting atop the road like that, this 1968 Charger looks quite at base. It seems to be the bos of its own kingdom. And to those of us that respect what the charger represents, we ‘d say that it earned its respect .
many miles traveled. many satisfy customers. That ‘s what it takes to build a bequest such as this. That ‘s what it takes to become an icon .

13/15 2019 Dodge Charger

via Used Cars Cowboy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram That ‘s why after all these years, they ‘re still making them. You do n’t see Dodge putting this much stress and time on the old Dart, do you ? There ‘s a specific rationality for that, of course. But we ‘re certain we do n’t need to go into specific contingent on that .
This 2019 looks vitamin a knock-down as the more holocene year models. But there are those that feel the Charger has lost its old integrity. As we ‘ve seen at times with the Mustang, there are those who prefer the older models .

12/15 1971 Dodge Charger

via wikipedia Sitting by that corrode garage door, this 1971 Dodge Charger calls to mind the farinaceous hard function it takes to keep an old charger running. For years, professional or evening recreational mechanics have been working on old Chargers. It ‘s the thing to do, actually .
certain models are preferably worked on more than others. This 1971 is a coarse model seen in many garages across North America .

11/15 1975 Dodge Charger Daytona

via flickr.com By the time the Charger was in its fourth generation, it had come a retentive way. There are many who feel this model was the worst. But we must say, we do n’t agree at all. We feel that this 1975 Dodge Charger Daytona has loads of fictional character .
When it comes to the vehicles we love, sometimes character is all you ‘ve got. The front conclusion changed drastically from previous models. Yet, those changes suited it barely fine. Do n’t you agree ?

10/15 Dodge Charger Daytona From The Fast & The Furious

via fullhdwallpapernow.blogspot.com The Charger, and many models of this fine fomite, have besides been featured in film and television receiver. And quite extensively sol, we might add. These days, possibly its appearance in The Fast And The Furious franchise of films is most luminary .
many models appear in those films, specially Dominic Toretto ‘s RT. But this Daytona from the sixth installment of the film had some pretty memorable moments on blind .

9/15 2014 Dodge Charger RT

via flickr.com The 2006 model certain has its critics as well. Can we compare it to the harsh critiques that the nineties era Mustang received ? You know the one we ‘re talking about … the coup. possibly this matchless was n’t all that bad. It did have it ‘s dependable points, as most memorable vehicles do .
It was the 2006 that was first gear used as a patrol cruiser in many municipalities all over North America. Authorities have been using the Charger ever since, including this 2014, pictured here .

8/15 1984 Dodge Charger Shelby

via bringatrailer.com many credibly would n’t believe that this is a Charger. Let alone a Shelby of all things. But indeed it is. It came at a time when a draw of vehicles kind of started resembling one another. then again, when have n’t vehicles resembled each other ? Seems like car manufacturers are constantly copying one another.

It bears a hit resemblance to the Ford Escort, the hatchback that was quite popular in the era. But it was what was underneath the hood that made all the difference .

7/15 2011-14 Dodge Charger

via ORACLE Lighting There it is, the seventh generation. In all its glory. The visualize is a brilliant line of colors. But colors apart, the smasher of the vehicle sure comes through. We believe it would come through even if the picture was n’t adenine spectacular as this .
Of course, the Charger has been touched up a tad, but hey, we have to leave room for artistic expression. Always leave room for that. Besides, as we all believe here at HotCars … car function is surely artwork .

6/15 1970 Dodge Charger

via Motor1.com The simplicity of this photograph reminds us that leaving things be is best. What we mean is, sometimes it ‘s great just to see something in a natural habitat. In its natural submit of being .
This 1970 Charger sure was worked on, but the image itself remains uninfluenced. The impressive vehicle is made to merely sit there, in all its glory. And what a glory it is to behold .

5/15 2019 Dodge Charger

via Aurora Dodge Another film of the new breed. And we ‘ve got ta say, it certain is growing on us. We ca n’t help it, it precisely is. What can we say ? After all, it is a Charger, is n’t it ?
It ‘s amazing to think that this fomite has gone through seven sum genesis models. The one-seventh generation, which includes this model, started in 2011. We ‘d say that it ‘s the seventh generation that actually made the most leaps and bounds advancing in clock .

4/15 1975 Dodge Charger SE

via flickr.com We could n’t help, though, but add another persona of this great model. The 1975 Charger SE, which was a part of the fourthly generation sure is a sight for sore eyes. It just speaks of a lastingness that is n’t felt in newer models and generations .
Some prefer it, and true, that goes for yours in truth – the writer of this list. What ‘s not to love ? You ‘ve got history, power, bequest and the Charger mention, all in one. And the list certain does mean a lot in the end .

3/15 1972 Dodge Charger Custom

via barrett-jackson.com many flock to Barrett Jackson events. If not to actually purchase some of the vehicles they see, then to at least take a look around. It ‘s like window shopping for a fashionista, though. so many perplex cars, so far you ca n’t buy anything .
If you do go, it ‘s best to go with some cash. At least you ‘d be able to walk away with that car you ‘ve always wanted. But possibly you should save up first ? !

2/15 General Lee From The Dukes of Hazzard – 1969 Dodge Charger

via Road & Track Like the many Chargers from The Fast And The Furious, indeed was this car quite celebrated. It was on the show, The Dukes of Hazzard. And although many probably remember Daisy quite a bite more, “ general Lee ” surely had its fans besides .
Most memorable were the cable car chase scenes in which the hearing could see the car in action. It ‘s probably because of this property cable car that many prefer the 1969 Charger to most .

1/15 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

via Barrett-Jackson Auction The Daytona has cropped up quite a snatch in this article. But a nice shoot of the buttocks end is credibly worth a mention. It ‘s the plunderer that made this car celebrated. Okay, the mechanics of the car had something to do with it. And indeed did the overall design.

But sol many shots of this cable car show its tail end, and we more than understand why. It ‘s often the purpose features with the most flare that have us remembering certain vehicles. Which is arrant for a memorable car, eh ? Fitting we ‘d say .
Sources : Flickr, AutoTrader, Barrett Jackson

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