The Evolution Of The Dodge Ram Captured In Photos

Join us as we take a spirit at the Dodge Ram from its humble first base generation to its beastly contemporary fifth. Some vehicles are so significant and beloved that they deserve a special article celebrating their every mannequin year. Well, that ’ sulfur precisely what we have for you here, and son is it ever a treat for you fans of the Dodge Ram pickup out there .
We ‘re laying down the changes made to this powerful hand truck throughout the years, and even we—who spend their days pining over vehicular information—learned a thing or two in the process .
Join us as we take a spirit at the Dodge Ram from its base first base generation to its contemporary fifth. And don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be surprised to discover a few surprises we couldn ’ triiodothyronine help but include.

so here ’ s to the Dodge Ram …in all its glory !

The Very First Dodge Pickup

via Although this especial prototype is n’t a Ram, it was one of the very inaugural pickup trucks built by Dodge. So we more than felt it needed to be included here. It was the startle of it all, or preferably, the many inaugural pickups built were. This one here set the tone of where Dodge would go. specially in terms of size and intensity .

The First Generation

via Diesel World It would n’t be until 1981 that the actual “ Ram ” name would be used, but it was well worth the delay. It was in that year that the Ram was unveiled and to many glad customers. here was a truck that boasted power and size, but delivered it deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
many have claimed that the original model, pictured above, was Plain Jane. But we ‘d ask you all to remember that it was a different fourth dimension. We preferably feel that there is a fortune of character in that front end and the lie of the body .
via Diesel World That first gear genesis changed slenderly over the years before we would see a moment genesis. But placid, the integrity of the vehicle remained entire. It would be 13 years or so before Dodge would unveil the second gear generation, but boy, was it worth the wait .

The Second Generation

via The 2nd coevals Ram was last unleash and in 1994, highly anticipated by everyone. And when it arrived, cipher was disappointed .
The new genesis brought with it a modern and better battlefront end. Modern comes to mind, of run. But then again, what was modern in 1994 is n’t actually modern today. Food for think .
back to the point … the mechanical changes were besides within the modern package. aesthetic differences were n’t the only new features, as was reported by The engine was hit with quite the upgrade, as was the transmission. People could n’t have been happier.

The Third Generation

via RYD Motorsports The third generation was released in 2002. however, tidal bore buyers had to wait an extra class to get their hands on a jam 2500 and 3500 models. The changes made for this generation of the Ram were bountiful – a modernized and upgrade chassis ampere well as the locomotive. It ‘s besides here that the smaller 1500 models first got their independent front suspensions. This is besides the generation that introduced the awful Ram SRT-10, featuring an 8.3L powerhouse taken straight out of a Viper and churning out 510 horsepower, which became the quickest truck in the populace .

The Fourth Generation

via Top Speed The fourth genesis was released in 2009. The model received numerous updates throughout the concluding decade, including ocular twerks, the accession of air abeyance options, and even the “ high fuel efficiency ” ( HFE ) models in the lineup .
In 2016, we got the mighty Ram Rebel, with the baron ( courtesy of a 395-hp HEMI V8 ) and off-road capabilities that posed a serious menace to flush the democratic Ford Raptor .

The Fifth Generation

via Motor1 The Ram that rolled out in 2019 is considered the 5th genesis, and it ‘s the model we presently enjoy. This cable car featured a free radical redesign from what Ram owners were used to in the past 25 years, with the updates besides encompassing many modern engineering features .
cleverly built, the newfangled model reduces overall slant by some 225 lbs from the fourth-gen Rams while its steel build simultaneously improves its tow capacity. today, it ‘s considered one of the biggest and meanest pickups, and a hard rival to the likes of Ford ‘s beastly F-150 .

An Honorable Mention, The Ramcharger

via Bring a Trailer When it comes to the great history of Dodge and the vehicles they ‘ve unleashed over the years, there are some that can not be left unmentioned. In finical, the Ramcharger pictured here is something that celebrates not alone itself but the Ram badge vitamin a well. A pivotal moment in the history of Dodge trucks and wholly deserving a mention hera.

interestingly enough, the Ramcharger came first. It was launched in 1974, but former versions were based on the Dodge D Series/Ram pickup. So the two are most decidedly related in Dodge ‘s retentive history of impeccable trucks .
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