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jordan sulfur. amazing Shawn M. Loved the blanket !

Misty W. I ordered this as a Father ’ s Day give for my dad whose cad recently passed away, and the blanket turned out to be amaze ! I was tire after I ordered and saw so many negative reviews. I actually reached out to cancel the order. Customer serve promptly responded to me and even implemented a design suggestion that I had. My dad received the blanket within a couple of weeks, and it turned out so dependable. It is identical soft, and the photograph looks like a paint of my dad ’ south late cad. I love it then much that I want to order another one for myself ! mollie K. very fuzzed and cosy ! Brian S. My wife and I alone have furbabies this blanket made her smile then a lot she had some happy tears a well. I know I ’ ll be ordering again and everyone who has seen it wanted to know where I got it and you ’ ll be happy to know I told them all indeed I hope in a little room I ’ ve helped your company Julie H. I got this as a endowment for my buddy and he loved it. They did a great job with the layout and making the photograph look a draw better with what was not a very good movie to begin with. I wish the blanket had been a short larger but I was very glad overall with the leverage. Jordan S. Looks naturalistic ! But there ’ south random loss greens and purples in his face and torso. Plus I was envisioning 50 inches to be bigger which is my badly, it ’ south quite little for $ 50. crystal lambert. bang-up daniela second. Love the blanket, it looks bang-up ! Matthew S. The blanket is super nice. Great quality. Everyone loves it Rose K. great Margaret M. I am so please with the blanket of our beloved andiron. It ’ s like he on the sofa hanging out with us. Great cultivate thank you Summer C. I got this for my hanker distance girlfriend and I used a photograph of her frump and she absolutely loved it. I love the way it looks and the Christmas bag it came with made it even easier to have it put under her tree without her sleep together. I would wholly recommend this to a supporter. The alone problem I had was that the blanket was delivered the day before Christmas when I had ordered it A whole month in advance but I understand UPS can go amiss sometimes but other than that I am therefore beaming I chose to go with it. Jeff B. very felicitous with the concluding product….as advertised. Delivery did n’t take very hanker. Satisified with the purchase. Greg H. My wife enjoyed the blanket. The pictures were very realistic. Chris C. My wife and kiddos loved the blanket of our beloved Riley ! Megane D. Love it ! ! ! Great servicing Susan S. It was given as a surprise gift. The owners love it. Sarah B. It was perfect ! The blanket is so voiced and it turned out fantastic ! Perfect give for my nephew stopping point Christmas. Randy P. My wife ’ s computerized tomography passed a few months ago. This was a perfect memorial for her 17 year erstwhile fur pamper she raised from a bottle at a workweek previous. She loves her Meyer blanket and uses it day by day. Amy G. perfect job ! ! This was a endow to my daughter who asked for a blanket with her dog ’ s word picture on it. I can ’ t say enough good things ! The choice is great, it looks merely like our dog and the across-the-board is so easy. Thank you for making her Christmas arrant ! ! Alexia S. It ’ s so soft, the word picture is bang-up, and it doesn ’ t ruin when washed. Josslyne S. Both the blankets I got were amazing and precisely as I wanted for such a thoroughly price ! I ’ m so gladiolus that I used this site to get the perfect gifts for my family ! ! Cassie J. Both my blankets turned out exceptional. The photograph is clear even after being enlarged thus a lot and the framework it very gentle Christina W. This was a giving for my adopted puppy ma and she loved it ’ s the second photograph blanket I have given as a giving. The product constantly comes out nice and the blanket is constantly comfortable Armida C. Love it .. smaller then I expected but beautiful Scott S. I gave it to my best friend for Christmas and she loved it. I don ’ t how I am going to top this gift adjacent Christmas. Mark K. My daughter loves it. Ca n’t sleep with her vomit as she ‘s allergic so sleep with her computerized tomography on her blanket❤️ Brandon D. Bbjjn Deanna L. We love it ! Katelyn Y. The blanket is a little thin, but the double is great ! angela degree centigrade. great product, loved the way it came out ! ! Victoria P. The blanket is beautiful. Perfect Color. so identical soft. cover girl picture of my Rottie Lindsey P. Love it. The picture came out indeed much better than I thought. so soft. Get the biggest size. sol worth it Chelsea W. This is the third blanket I ’ ve ordered and they are all such thoroughly quality ! Colleen J. Great blanket. Ciera A. I love the photograph across-the-board ! ! I got it for my ma as her big present I got up about 2:33 am and she was on the couch with the blanket curled up. When she opened the blanket she about cried♡ I bought two dogs on a green blanket, this was a amazing purchase she said, “ now I do n’t even want to use it, I love it so a lot ! ! ” Thank you ! Thanks for making this possible this Christmas. from your customer, Ciera ^-^ Megan W. I am so pleased with the blanket I received of my beloved puppy who passed away. It is such a great quality blanket that I treasure everyday. Malacai C. The quality is therefore good and very strong ANNA J. Loved the blanket, it turned out beautifully. Got the package in the mail pretty promptly. Would decidedly ordain more items in the future. Nora S. The blanket was true to photo that was submitted but the size of the blanket was a LOT smaller than expected. I should have paid more attention to the dimensions but for $ 44, I expected more. Had to have it sewn onto a bigger blanket to enjoy. Mike S. Looks precisely like the picture ! Spyros D. big Avery so cute ! ! I ordered one with three dogs and it ’ s nicely spaced and the dogs are portrayed absolutely. so easy besides ! maria roentgen. Beautyful Elizabeth R. Got it for my ally who ’ second frank had passed recently before Christmas. It was the perfect Christmas portray ! Amy W. . Mary J. My sister loves this across-the-board so much and it brings her great joy and laughter ! Eric H. Yhh Arianna M. Love this blanket .. and the picture is even BETTER than I imagined. the across-the-board is huge and so comfortable and WARM for ordering the overcharge blanket. Thanks so much ! Paige B.

Was so fantastic, felt so piano. I was so suprised how dear it actually turned out highly recommend one of these Kimberly L. This was a give for a acquaintance and she loved it Roselle M. Love the blanket Kristina C. My friends dog passed away and i got this blanket for them and they absolutely love it. She takes it with her everywhere now. It was such a perfect give that good keeps giving ! Jade S. very soft and fantastic material used. I am very felicitous with the product. Thank you so much ! Mary L. My dog is ashen and the blanket has a brown andiron. I had asked for a refund since the most identify feature is how whiten my puppy is. Customer service apologized and said no refund but would try to make it right and redo the blanket. I received the like exact blanket with a brown frank. If your animal is pure white, you may want to barely do a photograph blanket as the art blanket didn ’ t come out as I had hoped. Very dainty customer service, flying to respond, and tried to make it veracious. Eric P. The blanket looks great ! I was a small worry about how it would turn out since the photograph I provided did n’t have the best lighting and the background was messy, but the prototype on the blanket turned out excellent ! It looks merely like my cats and the tinge background fits nicely. very quenched. Tara F. The blanket was so easy and the picture was absolutely perplex quality. Will decidedly be ordering more from them. Nicole S. I love this blanket ! Customer confirm was amazing and it came so quickly. adept timbre and sooooo soft ! ! ! Rachel M. The across-the-board is amazing. My daughter loves it Joe S. IT was a big blanket — -so detailed, thank you Megan P. It was a gift for my dad and he loved it ! Kelly H. We love this blanket ! so soft and detail is perfective ! Emily radius. This was a present for my dad. always since our cat babyshoes died he has not been the like and when I gave him that across-the-board he burst into tears and we all cried together. He sleeps with it every night Cindy S. Great giving theme ! Very personal touch. April My sister absolutely adores our frank so I knew this would be the perfect present. I opened it 5 minutes ago and even haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stopped smiling at how arrant it is. She will be thus happy ! ! Jade P. This was such an amaze confront for my boyfriend for Father ‘s day ! The blanket came out just like the picture and it ‘s so amazing ! I love this company ! ! Paul S. Loved the blanket and the photograph on it. The across-the-board is actually soft. This was a birthday portray for my daughter. My alone concern is the choice of the sewing. There were stings hanging from 2 if not three of the corners. I cut them off before gifting but I am concern what it will look like after she washes it. Michelle L. Bought for a acquaintance who had her very particular dog pass by chance. It was perfective and she loved it. Thank you ! ! LaDonna W. My bos loved it Veronica G. Love love loveeee this blanket ! It ‘s super soft and the quality of the print is excellent ! My aunt ‘s sweet little Rottweiler passed a few months ago, so I gave her this across-the-board and she loved it. ROBIN V. Love it. good quality and identical “ start arty ”, precisely what we wanted Karen C. person was identical excite with her birthday giving ! Regina S. equitable in time. My baby will always have her baby girlfriend with her Giselle O. therefore beautiful. It took my breath away and I instantaneously became emotinal honestly. Super soft and comforting. I highly recommend. Warren H. very happy with purchase. Thanks. Emily C. Shipped promptly Quality was amazing Rebecca V. We had a little trouble with embark but it was figured out very fast ! My fiancé is in love with her across-the-board with our beloved furred child who unfortunately passed. It doesn ’ thyroxine give her back to us but it makes us feel comfortable knowing how much she was loved. Thank you ! Jacob S. well worth it ! ! ! Highly recommend Christina F. The blanket was better than one expected ! thus lovely The ordain took very long, about 2 months Meghan M. Cesar Z. Awesome juliana randomness. my andiron loved it so much when he was here with us, he recently passed 3 weeks ago today and one have it as a keepsake of him and i love it so much. Amy Q. semblance ‘s and video was big ! Thank you very much. jessica B. J ’ adore très bonne qualité et l ’ image est très belle Robert G. I purchased this for my ma after her frump Chyna passed. It turned out then much better than expected. Mark T. I love it andrew B. capital Justin Z. The blanket is an amaze endow to give and the person who received the give loved it ! ! ! Rebecca B. This blanket turned out perfective ! LaShan R. beautiful results Bailey R. Turned out so great ! ! even showed my friend and she ordered one instantaneously of her dogs. Highly recommended Marissa K. Super soft across-the-board that now holds a distribute of memories for us on the front of it ! Shannon S. I bought the blanket as a give for my ally who lost her chase and it was fantastic – thoroughly choice and well done with accuracy to the visualize ! Looks precisely angstrom advertised on the locate and my supporter was so happy. Samantha B. SUPER cute. you need this one decidedly recommend this to anyone with a cad ! ! Jennifer R. They did a phenomenal subcontract. I got this for my sister as a graduation endow and she absolutely loved it ! The dispatch was done in two weeks. overall, fantastic blanket. I will decidedly be getting another one. Diana R. I ordered this beautiful blanket of my little fur baby Aurora. I ‘m wholly in love with it and I ca n’t wait to give it to my ma for beget ‘s sidereal day Kathie D. Perfect endow for a friend whose andiron passed aside. She always slept with her andiron indeed now she can wrap her blanket around her at night. Love it. good choice and identical soft. Thea E.

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It ’ south good and came in a decent sum of prison term. Dale R. Great choice and amazing print job. Thank you !

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