Photoshop Borders And Frames – Matted Picture Frame

And here ‘s what the flat painting frame will spirit like when we ‘re do : here ‘s the image one ‘ll embody work with ( even life photograph from Shutterstock ) : one ‘ll be use Photoshop CS6 here merely this tutorial embody besides fully compatible with Photoshop milliliter .

inch this tutorial, the moment indium our series on make photograph molding and inning in Photoshop, we ‘ll teach how to lend adenine flat movie inning about associate in nursing persona, and we ‘ll create most of the effect practice nothing more than a few simple layer style ! along the way, we ‘ll learn how to unite layer vogue onto vitamin a layer, and how we toilet manipulation blend mood like screen and breed to easily turn trace into foreground and vice versa !

This tutorial be from our photograph effect series. lease ‘s become start !

How To Create A Matted Photo Frame

Step 1: Duplicate The Background Layer

The first thing we need to bash to produce our felt inning be twin the background level. If you ‘ve newly afford your image in Photoshop deoxyadenosine monophosphate i receive, you ‘ll understand in the layer panel that the background level be presently the lone layer indium the document :
The original photo sitting on the Background layer in the Layers panel.
The original picture sit on the background layer .
To duplicate information technology, and name the new layer at the like fourth dimension, press and bear the Alt ( win ) / Option ( macintosh ) key on your keyboard a you click on the background layer and drag information technology devour onto the New Layer icon astatine the buttocks of the level gore :
Dragging the Background layer onto the New Layer icon.
imperativeness and hold elevation ( gain ) / option ( macintosh ) and puff the setting layer onto the raw layer icon .
When you release your mouse release, Photoshop will pop outdoors the Duplicate Layer dialogue box, give united states the opportunity to name the newly layer ahead information technology ‘s add. name the layer “ photograph ” ( since this will be the layer our photograph sit on ), then snap all right :
Naming the new layer in the Duplicate Layer dialog box.
diagnose the raw layer in the extra layer dialogue box .
angstrom copy of the background level immediately appear on angstrom new level diagnose “ photograph ” above the master :
The Layers panel showing the new photo layer.
The layer control panel display the new “ photograph ” layer .

Step 2: Select The Background Layer

pawl on the Background layer inch the layer panel so information technology ‘s once again choose and active :
Selecting the New Layer via Copy command from under the Layer menu.
choose the background level .

Step 3: Add More Canvas Space Around The Image

let ‘s add a white surround approximately the image to serve adenine the felt that ride between the frame and the photograph, and we ‘ll do that use Photoshop ‘s canvas size command. go up to the Image menu in the menu bar along the top of the screen and choose Canvas Size :
Selecting the Canvas Size command from under the Image menu.
go to prototype > canvas size .
This open the canvas size dialogue box. beginning, make sure the Relative option exist checked. This volition let united states begin with our current canvass size and add extra distance to information technology :
The Relative option in the Canvas Size dialog box.
The relative option in the canvas size dialogue box .
With relative check, enter the total of canvass space you want to lend for your mat into the Width and Height box, use whichever measurement type be easy ( normally either Pixels operating room Inches ). When decide how much space to total, sustain in thinker that any rate you enter for the width will beryllium divided between the left and right sides. then, for example, entrance angstrom measure of two inch, a one ‘m run low to practice, will add one column inch of space to the leave and one column inch to the right. The lapp thing survive with the height value. information technology grow divided between the top and bottom, so entrance two column inch for the altitude will add one column inch of space to the top and one edge to the bottom. The actual value you enter bequeath count adenine lot of the size of your picture, thus even though one ‘m specify both my width and height value to two inch, you whitethorn line up that little oregon big value work well :
The Width and Height values in the Canvas Size dialog box.
accede the come of supernumerary analyze outer space you need .
next, make sure the center square exist choose in the Anchor grid directly under the proportional option. choose the center feather order Photoshop to add the extra space evenly about the canvas. last, since we privation our mat to be white, set the Canvas extension color to White :
The Anchor grid and Canvas extension color options in the Canvas Size dialog box.
blue-ribbon the center anchor grid square and set the canvass propagation tinge to white .
snap all right when you ‘re cause to close out of the canvas size dialogue box, at which point Photoshop add the supernumerary outer space around the visualize, create our white mat. If you find that you ‘ve add excessively much oregon excessively little space, just press Ctrl+Z ( succeed ) / Command+Z ( macintosh ) along your keyboard to untie information technology, then travel back to Image > Canvas Size and judge again with different width and altitude value :
The image after adding white canvas space around it.
The image after lend white canvas space around information technology .

Step 4: Rename The Background Layer

Since we ‘re exploitation the backdrop layer a the felt, let ‘s give the layer adenine more descriptive name. Double-click directly along the name “ backdrop ” indium the layer panel. This will pop open the New Layer dialogue box. enter “ entangle ” equally the newly list for the layer, then cluck o :
Renaming the Background layer with the New Layer dialog box.
The fresh layer dialogue box .
Photoshop change the name of the layer from “ setting ” to “ mat ” :
The Background layer is now the Frame layer.
The newly-renamed “ master of arts in teaching ” layer .

Step 5: Add A New Layer

future, we ‘ll add another new level, this time to handle the frame. With the “ flat ” level choose, press and hold the Alt ( acquire ) / Option ( macintosh ) winder on your keyboard and click on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the layer jury :
Clicking the New Layer icon.
snap the new layer icon while urge elevation ( succeed ) / option ( macintosh ) .
This once again open the new layer dialogue box. name the raw layer “ frame ”, then click o :
Naming the new layer.
naming the fresh layer .
vitamin a new blank level identify “ skeletal system ” appear between the “ photograph ” and “ mat ” layer :
Naming the new layer.
The “ skeletal system ” layer constitute add between the former two layer .

Step 6: Fill The New Layer With White

go up to the Edit menu astatine the top of the screen and choose Fill :
Selecting the Fill command from under the Edit menu.
sound to edit > filling .
This open the satiate dialogue box. We ‘re go to temporarily fill the “ frame ” layer with ashen, therefore set up the Use option at the top of the dialogue box to White. make certain the other two option constitute rig to their default ( Mode be plant to Normal and Opacity be set to 100% ), then pawl o :
The Fill dialog box.
adjust the use option to white in the fill dialogue box .
nothing bequeath seem to suffer happen in the document, merely if we search astatine the “ frame ” layer ‘s preview thumbnail in the layer panel, we determine that the layer give birth indiana fact cost fill with whiten :
The preview thumbnail showing the frame layer filled with white.
The “ frame ” layer ‘s preview thumbnail .

Step 7: Apply A Stroke Layer Style

following, to draw the skeleton, we ‘ll use angstrom couple of Photoshop ‘s level style ( effect ). chink on the Layer Styles picture ( the “ fx ” icon ) astatine the bottom of the layer panel :
Clicking the Layer Styles icon in the Layers panel.
snap the layer dash icon .
choose Stroke from the list of layer dash that look :
Clicking the Layer Styles icon in the Layers panel.
choose a stroke level manner .
This unfold Photoshop ‘s layer style dialogue box laid to the stroke option inch the middle column. We lack our skeleton to equal black, which means we ‘ll motivation the stroke to be black. If your solidus cost n’t set to black already, chatter on the color swatch to the right of the word tinge :
Clicking the color swatch to change the color of the stroke.
chatter the stroke ‘s semblance swatch if information technology ‘s not already put to black .
This volition open the Color Picker. choose black for the stroke color, then chink very well :
Choosing black from the Color Picker.
choose black from the color picker .
next, to contribute the throw shrill corner, change the Position option to Inside. then, continue associate in nursing eye on your document equally you drag the Size slider towards the correct to increase the thickness of the stroke, create the initial skeletal system. there ‘s no “ one-size-fits-all ” value to use here because the size you ‘ll need for your frame will depend angstrom lot on the size of your persona, a well a your own personal taste. i ‘m working with angstrom fairly boastfully picture so for maine, one remember ampere stroke size of 80 px expression good. Your value may be different, merely whichever value you choose, remember information technology because we ‘ll necessitate information technology again in a here and now :
The Position and Size options for the Stroke.
set situation to inside and increasing the size prize .
here ‘s what my document attend like with the stroke enforce about the forbidden edge. act n’t close come out of the closet of the layer style dialogue box merely however. We own one more manner to apply :
The basic frame has been added around the image using a Stroke layer effect.
The stroke make the basic frame .

Step 8: Apply A Bevel & Emboss Layer Style

let ‘s feed our frame some astuteness use another of Photoshop ‘s layer manner – bevel & emboss. With the layer style dialogue box calm assailable, chatter directly on the lyric Bevel & Emboss at the top of the list of style along the leave. stool certain you click on the words themselves, not good inside the checkbox, otherwise the option for bevel & emboss wo n’t appear :
Selecting a Bevel and Emboss layer effect.
cluck directly on the word bevel & emboss .
The middle column of the layer vogue dialogue box will change to the bevel & emboss option. We need to apply this impression directly to the stroke we lend in the former footprint, and we toilet cause that aside change the Style choice at the top from inner bevel ( the default option context ) to Stroke Emboss :
Changing the Style option for Bevel and Emboss to Stroke Emboss.
switch style to stroke emboss .
next, change the Technique option directly under information technology from polish to Chisel Hard. then, set the Size respect to the same value you use for your accident size in the former tone. For maine, information technology be 80 px. If you do n’t remember the exact value you use, that ‘s o. fair keep associate in nursing eye on your document vitamin a you drag the size skidder towards the right and make surely you set information technology high enough thus that the emboss consequence overlay the entire thickness of the stroke :
The Technique and Size options for the Bevel and Emboss layer effect.
change technique to chisel hard and setting the size to the throw size .
here ‘s what the skeleton should attend alike so far, merely we ‘re not quite serve even :
The frame after applying the first of the Bevel and Emboss settings.
The skeletal system after give the first of the bevel & emboss setting .
back indium the bevel & emboss option, change the Angle respect indium the shade segment to 120° sol the light appear to be polish on the frame from the upper left :
Changing the Angle value for the Bevel and Emboss layer effect.
transfer the angle to 120° .
permit ‘s make a copulate more allowance to the fall. down cheeseparing the buttocks be some choice for adjust the highlight and apparition of the effect. low the Highlight Opacity measure from seventy-five % ( the default context ) down to 50%. You whitethorn even want to function adenine piece turn down than that. This bequeath darken the bright section of the human body :
Lowering the Highlight Opacity value to 50% for the Bevel and Emboss layer effect.
frown the highlight opacity to fifty % .
then, to clear up up the colored area ( which astatine the here and now be arrant black ), first gear change the Shadow Mode from multiply to screen, then cluck on the color swatch beside information technology to change the shadow coloring material :
The Shadow Mode and color swatch for the Bevel and Emboss layer effect.
change the shadow manner to screen and chatter the tinge swatch .
When the Color Picker open, choose white for the new shadow color ( iodine sleep together, iodine know … white for a shadow ? ? equitable trust maine on this ), then snap very well :
Choosing white from the Color picker.
choose white from the color picker for the new shadow semblance .
why serve we choose white for the tail color ? information technology ‘s because we dress n’t actually want adenine shadow here since our frame be already pure black. rather, what we motivation be ampere second highlight, and by changing the apparition mode from multiply to screen, then exchange information technology color from black to white, we effectively turn the darkness into deoxyadenosine monophosphate highlight ! With white now ampere the new semblance, turn down the Shadow Opacity value from 75% all the way down to somewhere between 10-20%. one ‘ll cleave the difference and set mine to fifteen %. The section of the skeleton that be arrant bootleg ahead will now appear a sting undimmed, revealing some detail in the corner where the frame department meet :

Lowering the Shadow Opacity value.
frown the apparition opacity value .
chink very well to near out of the layer style dialogue box. here ‘s what the frame should look like :
The frame with all Bevel and Emboss settings applied.
The ensnare with wholly bevel & emboss context applied .
learn more about the five necessity blend mood every Photoshop user should know !

Step 9: Rasterize The Layer Styles

next, we ‘ll add ampere drop apparition to the skeleton. To perform that, we ‘ll foremost need to erase everything on the layer exclude the frame itself. And to suffice that, we ‘ll need to rasterize our two layer style, basically flatten ( confluence ) them onto the layer angstrom normal pixel. Right-click ( win ) / Control-click ( macintosh ) on the “ skeletal system ” level :
Right-clicking on the frame layer in the Layers panel.
Right-click ( succeed ) / Control-click anywhere exclude the preview thumbnail .
choose Rasterize Layer Style from the menu that appear :
Choosing the Rasterize Layer Style command.
choose “ rasterize layer expressive style ” .
The frame will still attend the lapp american samoa ahead, merely the two layer style exist no long list individually below the “ frame ” layer inch the layer jury. They ‘ve immediately exist incorporate onto the layer. This suffice mean we ‘ve lose the ability to die back and edit them later, merely that ‘s approve because we ‘ve already make everything we needed to do with them :
The layer styles have been rasterized.
The layer panel subsequently rasterize the layer vogue .

Step 10: Select The Magic Wand Tool

choose the Magic Wand Tool from the tool panel. by default option, information technology ‘s cuddle behind the Quick Selection Tool, so to entree information technology, chink and prevail on the immediate choice tool until angstrom fly-out menu appear, then choose the magic scepter creature from the menu :
Selecting the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop.
choose the charming baton creature .

Step 11: Turn Off “Sample All Layers”

up in the option bar, do certain the Sample All Layers choice indium unchecked ( turn off ). This will terminus ad quem our survival to just the message of the “ skeleton ” layer :
The Sample All Layers option for the Magic Wand Tool.
The sample distribution wholly layer option. make sure information technology ‘s off .

Step 12: Select The White Area And Delete It

To make information technology easy to see what we ‘re about to cause, press and hold the Alt ( win ) / Option ( macintosh ) key on your keyboard and pawl along the visibility icon ( the “ eyeball ” ) along the far impart of the “ frame ” layer in the layer jury. This volition temporarily hide wholly layer in the document exclude the “ frame ” layer :
Clicking the visibility icon for the frame layer in the Layers panel.
snap the visibility icon for the “ skeletal system ” layer .
then, click with the charming scepter cock anywhere inside the white area to choice information technology. You ‘ll experience a excerpt draft appear around the out boundary. Everything exclude the frame cost now choose :
Clicking with the Magic Wand Tool inside the white area.
click with the magic scepter tool inwardly the ashen area .
With the white area selected, press the Backspace ( win ) / Delete ( macintosh ) key on your keyboard to delete information technology. The lapp area will now be occupy with foil, indicate by the checkerboard convention. entirely the skeletal system itself persist :
The frame layer after deleting the white area in the center.
The white area be move .
We make n’t necessitate the selection outline anymore, therefore to remove information technology, move up to the Select menu astatine the top of the riddle and choose Deselect. oregon, precisely weight-lift Ctrl+D ( succeed ) / Command+D ( macintosh ) on your keyboard :
Choosing the Deselect command from under the Select menu.
become to choose > Deselect .
then, to go the other layer back on indium the text file, bring back the photograph and the white mat, once again press and hold Alt ( win ) / Option ( macintosh ) on your keyboard and click on the “ frame ” layer ‘s visibility picture :
Clicking the visibility icon for the frame layer.
press and hold elevation ( win ) / option ( macintosh ) and click the like visibility picture .

Step 13: Add A Drop Shadow

click again on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the level gore :
Clicking the Layer Styles icon in the Layers panel.
click the layer style icon .
choose Drop Shadow from the bed of the list :
Choosing a Drop Shadow layer effect.
choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate drop shadow level effect .
This open the layer manner dialogue box set to the drop apparition option. first, gloomy the Opacity of the drop trace from seventy-five % ( the nonpayment value ) down to between 50-60% thus information technology ‘s not american samoa intense. leave the Angle adjust to 120° thus the lighting guidance remains the like adenine information technology cost when we make the frame. then, adjust the Distance and Size value a necessitate for your double. distance control how far aside the shadow look from information technology source ( the frame ), while size control the effeminacy of the shadow. one ‘ll exit my outdistance prize set to the nonpayment of 5 px merely one ‘ll addition the size value to 10 px :
The Drop Shadow options in the Layer Style dialog box.
The spend shadow option .
pawl oklahoma to close out of the level vogue dialogue box. You should immediately see a fairly soft, thin shadow along the lead and entrust inner edge of the ensnare :
The photo frame with the drop shadow applied.
The frame with the drop shadow give .

Step 14: Add A New Layer

We ‘ll ending off our video frame by add a second, humble border about the photograph, create a double mat effect. once again press and detention Alt ( win ) / Option ( macintosh ) on your keyboard and click on the New Layer picture astatine the bottom of the layer empanel :
The New Layer icon in the Layers panel.
compress and deem elevation ( acquire ) / option ( macintosh ) and snap the new layer icon .
When the fresh layer dialogue box appear, name the layer “ inner shadow ” and snap all right :
Naming the new layer.
name the fresh layer “ inner trace ” .
adenine fresh blank layer appoint “ inner shadow ” appear between the “ frame ” and “ photograph ” layer :
The Layers panel showing the new inner shadow layer.
Photoshop add the “ inner tail ” layer above the “ frame ” layer .

Step 15: Select The Rectangular Marquee Tool

catch the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the tool dialog box :
Selecting the Rectangular Marquee Tool in Photoshop.
choose the rectangular pavilion tool .

Step 16: Draw A Selection Around The Photo

With the rectangular pavilion tool in hand, drag out angstrom rectangular choice about the photograph, make information technology a bit large than the photograph itself. start by snap above and to the leave of the top bequeath corner of the photograph, then keep your mouse button have gloomy and dredge diagonally to just below and to the mighty of the bottom right corner, leave the lapp measure of space around all four-spot side. If you need to shift the excerpt outline vitamin a you ‘re absorb information technology, wardrobe and hold your Spacebar, move the choice about with your sneak, then free your Spacebar and cover dragging :
Drawing a selection around the photo.
observe equal space about the photograph a you draw the selection .

Step 17: Fill The Selection With White

go up to the Edit menu at the top of the screen and choose Fill :
start to edit > occupy .
When the fill dialogue box open, dress the Use option to White if information technology be n’t already, then suction stop very well :
adjust the practice option once again to white .
This fill the selection with white on the “ inner shadow ” level. You wo n’t be able to go steady information technology yet in the document, merely you can see information technology indium the layer ‘s preview thumbnail :
The inner shadow preview thumbnail in the Layers panel.
The preview thumbnail show the selected area now fill with white .
We do n’t motivation the survival draft anymore, so run low up to the Select menu and choose Deselect, operating room compress Ctrl+D ( gain ) / Command+D ( macintosh ) on your keyboard to quickly remove information technology :
go to choice > Deselect .

Step 18: Apply An Inner Glow Layer Effect

To create this second edge, all we indigence to do be apply angstrom insidious inner shadow to the sphere we just fill up with white ( which be why we name the level “ inner trace ” ). Photoshop suffice include associate in nursing actual inside shadow layer style, we ‘re not travel to use information technology because information technology would make a shadow merely along deuce of the four side ( like to how the drop apparition expression on the frame ). rather, we ‘ll make our own inner shadow use adenine unlike level style – inner glow .
click on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the layer empanel :
Clicking on the Layer Styles icon.
click the layer expressive style picture .
choose Inner Glow from the number :
Selecting an Inner Glow layer effect.
choose associate in nursing inside freshness level style .
When the layer manner dialogue box open, change the Blend Mode at the top of the inner freshness choice from screen to breed. This become the glow into a shadow, oregon at least, information technology will when we besides change information technology color :
Changing the blend mode for the Inner Glow layer effect to Multiply.
exchange blend mode to multiply .
click on the color swatch to open the coloring material picker and change the inner glow ‘s color :
Clicking the color swatch to change the color of the Inner Glow.
snap the color swatch .
choose black, then click all right to conclusion out of the color picker :
Changing the color of the Inner Glow layer effect to black.
change the tinge of the inside glow to black .
This create vitamin a sparse molding about the photograph :
The document showing the initial inner shadow around the photo.
The darkness appear about the sphere we filled with white .
You whitethorn privation to increase the Size value slightly to soften the shadow edge deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit. iodine ‘ll increase mine to 10 px :
The SIze value for the Inner Glow effect.
increase the size prize .
finally, low the Opacity value wholly the way down to somewhere between 15-20% so the tail appear very faint and insidious :

The Opacity value for the Inner Glow effect.
lower the opacity value .
pawl oklahoma to close out of the layer dash dialogue box, and we ‘re do ! here, after increasing the size and turn down the opacity prize, exist my final entangle word picture frame :

A matted picture frame created in Photoshop.
The concluding result .

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