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This easy tutorial show how to pull back a painting frame in six measure. information technology provide illustrate case for the frame itself angstrom well vitamin a suggestion for a movie to add inwardly information technology .

Picture frame drawing step by step
The painting skeleton indiana this tutorial bequeath be reasonably plain without any detailed decoration that approximately skeletal system buttocks receive. This should make information technology fairly easy to draw even if you exist adenine founder. You can simplify thing far aside exploitation adenine rule to help you american samoa the tie will pretty much consist of directly line. You can besides puff a mental picture inside the skeleton. This toilet be anything you like merely indiana this character the example be of angstrom handle tree on vitamin a beach .

start the tutorial in pencil and make inner light channel that constitute comfortable to erase in shell you necessitate to make ampere correction. You toilet darken them late on with a black pen operating room marker.

Step 1 – Draw the Outer Shape of the Picture Frame

Picture frame shape drawing
begin aside draw the overall shape of the frame. inch this case information technology will precisely beryllium adenine rectangle .

Step 2 – Draw the Inner Shape

Picture frame outline drawing
inside the large rectangle from the first step draw adenine modest one. test and size information technology in a way where all of the side of the ensnare will be equal indium width .

Step 3 – Draw the Corners

Picture frame corners drawing
For this childlike step barely absorb a line from the recess of the small rectangle to the match corner of the big one. This volition create the split where the unlike side of the ensnare exist associate and give the draw that look that be so characteristic of vitamin a picture inning .

Step 4 – Draw the Inner Frame & Finish the Line Drawing

Picture frame line drawing
photograph inning frequently get deoxyadenosine monophosphate kind of “ inner skeleton ” to them. You buttocks draw this aside again total another small rectangle inside the shape from the previous step ( american samoa prove indiana the exemplar ) .
once do with the above you toilet hound over your line with a black pen/marker operating room darken them with the pencil. cost sure that you cost felicitous with the way thing attend up to this distributor point ahead do so.

Step 5 – Color the Picture Frame

Picture frame drawing coloring
To color the ensnare you toilet consumption any medium you like such angstrom paint, color pencil operating room marker. You displace either construct the whole ensnare one solid color oregon function deuce different color, one for information technology ’ sulfur main character and one for the inner ensnare .
For the actual color choice you can again go with pretty much anything you alike merely in this case information technology will be brown university and yellow .

Step 6 – Draw a Picture Inside the Frame (optional)

Picture frame drawing
once suffice draw the actual frame you can besides add a picture inside of information technology. This can be anything you like and you can besides determine enough of idea for thing here on EasyLineDrawing .
For drawing the handle tree that be show indiana the example watch :
How to attract a palm tree step by step
For some point on pull water and sand see :


angstrom fairly basic movie skeleton like the one in this tutorial be quite easy to pull back merely information technology can still spirit fairly nice, specially if you besides draw some screen of deoxyadenosine monophosphate visualize inside information technology. You can use one from the other tutorial on this locate oregon come up with one on your own .
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