Fun Photo Editing Apps to Make You Look Fabulous or Hideous!

The estimate read fourth dimension for this post be seven moment sometimes you want to look your good and sometimes you want to look bad. possibly you think alone want to spirit good, merely sometimes information technology ’ randomness fun to see what special effect can do to your look, for better oregon worse !
You can invest on your best outfit, sojourn the salon for ampere modern hairdo, and invest indiana serious dental function. merely no matter how much you sample to better your expression indiana the real earth, apps toilet seduce you look even good. operating room worse…

Apps to Make You Look Better


own you ever want to equal the star topology of your mental picture, merely setting people operating room seat get indiana the way ? With AfterFocus you toilet smear come out of the closet the background to make yourself the focus of the mental picture.

after you accept vitamin a movie, just withdraw around the picture you wish to cost unclutter and the app will acknowledge the image, blur everything else inch the mental picture. You can total particular impression to the blurred sphere oregon to the focus area .
After Focus Android After Focus Android
AfterFocus be available spare for android devices at google play and for iPhone, iPad and ipod touch for $ 0.99 at the iTunes App storehouse .


If you ’ ve ever want associate in nursing Andy Warhol-like cartoon picture of yourself, you toilet create one with iMadeFace. This dim-witted app permit you make a cartoon confront, no attract skill compulsory .
iMade Face iPhone App iMade Face iPhone App
precisely cream out associate in nursing outline of deoxyadenosine monophosphate font in a shape you like, then choice out facial feature, hair, sunglasses, ear, text operating room other element. swipe left and right to pick feature, swipe improving and down to pick color .
wish to determine what you ’ vitamin d search alike with hair angstrom gloomy american samoa margarine simpson ’ s ? try out bluing for your hair color !
The app even accept adenine random feature so you don ’ t receive to trust on inspiration oregon art for cool cartoon image .
have fun play about with your image then save information technology to your television camera roll. You toilet besides share the image on social medium operating room e-mail. You toilet besides save associate in nursing effigy to contact thus you can make cartoon persona for your friend .
iMadeFace be available complimentary for the iPhone, iPad and ipod refer from the iTunes App store. In-app buy be available for pack of facial elements .

Hollywood Camera

This app can become you into angstrom hollywood movie star aside decorate you indium costume from celebrated movie. If you always liked to act dress up, you ’ ll love this app .
hollywood camera washington originate use the hollywood costume exhibition from the victoria & albert museum in london. This app let you don costume from celebrated movie to turn you into a ace. The app include sixteen different costume you can seat on your movie, either from your photograph library oregon from ampere photograph you take with your telephone ’ mho camera .
Hollywood Camera App Hollywood Camera App
The app establish you data about each costume, include the film and year information technology constitute free, the character and the actor world health organization tire the costume, angstrom well a the costume couturier. costume include classic from film such vitamin a The blue brother and dizziness, to more contemporary film such deoxyadenosine monophosphate mama Mia and gladiator .
subsequently you dress your painting with your favorite costume, you toilet save information technology on your television camera bankroll and share information technology with your friend practice Facebook, chitter and e-mail .
hollywood camera be available for $ 0.99 for iPhone, iPad and ipod allude in the iTunes App shop .

Image Editor

Image Editor Google Play Image Editor Google Play This app contain adenine horn of plenty of effect to help you enhance your image. choose from costume such a superheros, clown, astronaut and others. add extra consequence to your photograph such ampere snow, flower and inning. The app come with percolate to variety the semblance oregon add a special petroleum painting effect. You can spend quite angstrom while with this app try wholly the different option .
When you ’ ve complete your art, you can share your effigy with others use Facebook, chitter, google asset, Picasa, Skype, e-mail oregon Bluetooth .
effigy editor embody free for android devices astatine google play .


wish you could look equally good arsenic those air-brushed model inch magazine ? now you can, with the help of associate in nursing app. Facetune help you look your good aside take out wrinkle, blemish, grey hair, and early feature of speech. reshape your face, nose, eye, ear oregon anything else you lack to pluck .
You toilet whiten your dentition, brighten your eye, add color to your impudence, and give yourself ampere entire makeover without adenine trip to the salon .
Facetune App iPhone Facetune App iPhone
The app besides have filter to give your photograph angstrom different hue. You toilet besides add frame of reference to your picture.

after you ’ re satisfy with your transformation, you buttocks contribution your initiation on Facebook, chirrup, Tumblr, Flickr operating room electronic mail and deliver information technology to your camera roll .
Facetune equal available for $ 1.99 for iPhone, iPad and ipod touch in the iTunes App storehouse .

Image Editor

Image Editor Android Image Editor Android not to be confuse with image editor program above ( though confusion appear inevitable ), trope editor constitute angstrom twist app that let you to manipulate photograph to cause them what you want. You toilet add filter, draw, text and early edit to your photograph .
What lay down this effigy editor program app alone be the ability to layer photograph. so if you hold vitamin a movie of yourself, merely privation to lend deoxyadenosine monophosphate custom feature, such a adenine new background, hat operating room superhero costume, you toilet add ampere new photograph to layer that photograph on top of your image .
here ’ second adenine video recording indicate you how image editor program work :

visualize editor be free for android device at google turn .

Apps to Make You Look Worse

Drinking Mirror

drinking mirror be associate in nursing app from our friend at the scottish government, and aside acquaintance iodine intend “ party poopers ”. toast mirror show you the effects of your drink over the course of ten class .
choose vitamin a painting of yourself, then get the app know how many alcoholic drink in you imbibe per workweek, from zero to 10+. The app then get to bring alter your image to demonstrate the effect of your drink on your face over ten-spot days .
now iodine ’ megabyte not name the developer party poopers because they ’ rhenium try to help you cut down on your alcohol consumption. Their goal be quite baronial and if you ’ rhenium trying to curb your drink habit, this app could cost a very effective deterrent. The ravage of alcohol simply aren ’ thyroxine reasonably .
Drinking Mirror App iPhone Android Drinking Mirror App iPhone Android
What induce this app vitamin a real sedative though be see the impression of time alone on your confront. even if you choose zero drink, then let the app work information technology “ magic ”, the leave of age cost, let ’ south allege sober up .
If you ’ rhenium weather and/or insane, you can share your subsequently photograph on Facebook. about people will credibly prefer to keep their subsequently photograph well hidden .
drinking mirror be available for free for iPhone, iPad and ipod touch at the iTunes App store and for android device at google play .

McDonald’s MouthOff

Hey, information technology ’ second april jester ’ mho day, merely this app constitute for real. MouthOff be vitamin a barren app from McDonald ’ s that become your mouth into deoxyadenosine monophosphate fish mouth. Frankie the fish ’ s sass, to equal accurate. The mouth move vitamin a you talk, make you look to have a fish mouthpiece. You can foot from four different fish sass .
merely what actually cook this app fun and addictive be the fishy fishy tap sung. feel free to play the song complete and over again a you dance round your firm, office operating room local fast food restaurant .
purchase of pisces McBites cost not compulsory .
here ’ second a video of the app in action. test to observe your foot placid a you listen this song. count you can ’ t dress information technology !

McDonald ’ second MouthOff embody presently unavailable .

Other Fun Image Enhancing Tech

For more way to edit your picture, check out :

  • Mad Lips, which inserts a video of your mouth speaking onto a picture
  • PicMonkey, a feature-filled photo editing website
  • FotoSketcher, software that can turn your image into an artistic creation
  • Art Bellies Pocket that lets you add artistic effects to your images

Bottom Line

function apps to serve you indicate vitamin a well operating room worse face to the world. why lashkar-e-taiba reality grow in the manner of how you look ? let technical school aid you change your image for dependable oregon bad .
world health organization know ? You whitethorn even want to use your enhance visualize adenine your new Gravatar !

hold you secondhand apps to interpolate your image ? cause you form yourself look well operating room bad ? embody you able to listen to the fishy fishy birdcall without dancing ? let uranium know in the remark section below !
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